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BY: Darrel B. Moretocome of Entrepreneur Magazine


We recently caught up with the very humble and humorous Network Marketing Professional, Bo Bowidowicz at his beach house in New Jersey.


“I’m grateful for living a free and abundant lifestyle. Sharing the fruits of my labor with my wife, my children, their families and our Boxers” was the way he described his life. “We live debt free in our beachside community home in Seabright, NJ, our home is a haven of abundance and enjoyment. It is our family’s sanctuary.”


After spending over Thirty-Five years in the wholesale food industry Bo found a place where he could be himself and flourish while helping others achieve their dreams. The sometimes-misunderstood business model of Network Marketing has given Bo and his family more than they could have imagined.


Growing up in the streets of Jersey City, NJ he was always taught by his parents and surrounding family to get a “good job” with “good benefits” and the rest will take care of itself, that’s the way life works for most people, but Bo is not most people.


He tried that “route” and it only gave him bills and a lack of fulfillment. After graduating from Hudson Catholic H.S. in Jersey City, he found himself “literally” bouncing from job to job in the night-club scene in Hudson County.


In 1984 he was recruited into the “route sales” business for Roman Ice Cream, he spent almost four years there helping them become the largest ice cream distributor in New Jersey. After seeing the brighter side of the industry, he interviewed with many product sales and distribution companies finally landing a Route Sales Representative job with Thomas English Muffins.


In 1990 he and his bride, Cathy, “tied the knot” and have been together for over 30 years now. They have three boys, all grown men now, and the family has grown together and shared their lives with their Boxer’s. According to the Bowidowicz family “Boxers are the best breed, we won’t live without at least two.”


“My time with Thomas gave me the opportunity to “work for myself” but under the company’s huge umbrella, we grew our business every year and would be recognized 14 out of 21 years as the salesman of the district, agency and even the entire state”, he said thinking back. “Even though we were at the top of the game we still had no equity in our business growth”.


It was while he was at Thomas that he was introduced to Network Marketing. Over 25 years of working on and off in the “multi-level marketing” business he knew he had the passion but was continually looking for the right vehicle to achieve his worth.



Eventually, things changed and an opportunity to go into business by himself presented itself in 2008. There was a route for sale with Pepperidge Farm and it was a “now or never” time frame in his mind. So, with caution to the wind Bo cashed in his life savings to buy the first route where he would actually “OWN” the equity of his labor. Building routes was a very profitable way to earn a living. After realizing a 37% growth in business he knew it was time to start focusing on the next stage of his life. Nine years with “the farm” had allowed him to almost double his investment and it was once again a “now or never” time in his life.


Even though Bo had been earning in the 1% of all distributorship business nationwide he did not have the freedom to enjoy the income he earned. Once again, he turned to Network Marketing.


All the time in the food industry had taken its toll on his health as well so he was faced with another decision, get your health in control or die. In 2017 he reached an epic weight of 397 pounds. This was a problem. He knew if he didn’t do something he would die a young man with so many unfulfilled dreams and goals.


So, in 2017 he took control of his life, first making a commitment to live a “healthy lifestyle”. Gone were the days of eating whole pizzas and drinking twelve bottles of his favorite beer. His overeating had to stop. Once he had the weight problem in control and moving in the right direction he started to build his MLM business. The unique thing about his business model was the customer-centric basis of the company. I-Markets Live was an educational subscription company that allowed success driven people to make money from the Forex Industry without selling a product or recruiting a sole. He has built a team of over 5000 “customers” and has built an equally impressive monthly Forex trading income.


Once he made the decision to take control of his health everything else fell into place.


“I have gained this freedom because of the time I have given in service to others while exuberantly amassing a team of over five thousand partners working in harmony for their betterment. My purpose is defined by what I give not by what I get.” It sounds like a novel, a concept but his actions have made it happen for his wife and family and the legacy he leaves will carry on for years to come.


Bo looks at it like this, “My Legacy of service is reflected in the change I have affected in others’ lives. My efforts teach my sons and business partners how to flourish in their own prosperity from the knowledge and example I have shown them.” Pretty simple when you think about it. Plainly said… you get what you give.


“The Universe has commissioned me to enthusiastically share the talents God has blessed me with to help others. My ability to communicate and nurture from my heart is what attracts people to me. Adding six new partners every year has allowed me to share my thoughts and work ethic with like-minded entrepreneurs, so they may build strategies and philosophies to create a life lasting residual income. Helping others achieve THEIR GOALS is my legacy, my purpose and is the most satisfying part of my life.”



It’s easy to be around such a positive fun-loving guy. We spent many hours just talking about where he has been and how he wants to help his teammates get to where they want to be. It is about giving.


When you talk strategy and philosophy with someone like Bo you should be ready to be taught the how-to and what’s next about your plan of action.

Just think about his weight loss alone. In April of 2017, he was 397 pounds and he now lives around the 240-lb. mark, still a big man but nowhere near the “heart attack waiting to happen” of a “biscuit shy of 400”.



“I live a healthy lifestyle, first by resting my mind and body regularly and by eating low-calorie foods and by practicing good portion control because I know it is the only way to live longer and enjoy with passion this gift of life that was given to me.” He opines by his seaside resort like pool.  “My time is well spent enjoying daily physical exercise, walking more than five miles daily and spending five hours weekly in a muscle toning and firming routine. I celebrate my decision to live a healthy lifestyle forever.”


It’s never been about the money to him even though he has earned over $300 annually for the last 5 years and has been able to help hundreds of people achieve financial freedom. “It’s all about OWNING YOUR TIME”.


“It’s about the Legacy we leave and the true health we feel while we are here sharing this life with the world.”


“I AM the example to others that want to live better lives. I’m confident of this because of my actions. I positively affect others’ lives. It is my desire to live healthy and happy in my True Health and help others on their journey too.”


If you haven’t picked up on it yet, here is a guy that knew his time here was not going to last forever. He decided to control the rest of his life and LIVE.



“I realize that the gift of life is immeasurable, and I enjoy every day that has been giving to me. I LIVE my life with purpose.”      


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