Master Key Experience Week #2 (The Manifest)

We begin week two’s teachings with a journey, a mission to find our PPN, Our Personal Pivotal Needs, seven of them in all, We discover that each one relies on the other. I’m in search primarily of Legacy and True Health.

I find that SO telling in relation to what has already been put into motion over the last six months BEFORE the MKEMMA came my way. Just six months ago I made a decision that it was time for a change, just six months ago I decided to begin changing my health for the better, just six months ago I came to the realization that I MAY only have another twenty-five years to enjoy my life. I made a decision to LIVE those last twenty-five (or so) years.

Let’s break these down, the first “Legacy”.



  • 1) An amount of money or property left to someone in a will.
  1. synonyms: bequest, inheritance, heritage, endowment, gift, patrimony, settlement, birthright;

    formal benefaction
  1. denoting software or hardware that has been superseded but is difficult to replace because of its wide use.

I can immediately discount the “Computing” aspect or definition as an adjective and focus on Legacy as adjective that describes the noun. The word legacy is much more than an adjective anyway, leaving money or “riches” may be a big deal for some but the “Legacy” of your name is more than money, more than riches. The Legacy I long to leave is that of a different way of life a different way to look at what we are here for, a “Better Way”. The mold breaking way, the way that we are learning in the Master Key’, the way of reprogramming the mind to think and move in the direction of the thought and manifest my true potential. I came to this realization six months ago and it has now presented itself in the lessons of the MKMMA. Coincidence? I think not.


Secondly “True Health”


One definition I found was “the meaning of ‘True Health’ is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Well, I like the idea of “absence of disease or infirmity” but we never know what life will deal us, so preparedness for these obstacles and unknown is difficult at best but making the right decisions and choices will be the correct path to take. Having a “complete physical, mental and social well-being” is a very tall order with many caveats and hurdles but here again we never know what cards we will be dealt by the game of life. So, once again,  making the right decisions and choices will be the correct path to take.


Just six months ago I decided that I MUST start trimming the fat, literally. After weighing in at my lifetime highest wight of three hundred and ninety seven pounds in April, YES, a biscuit short of four hundred pounds. I made a decision that it was now or never. After a consultation with a Bariatric surgeon I decide to have the weight loss surgery known as the “Gastric Sleeve”. After months of preparation and testing to insure I had a “cooperating” anatomy and weeks of a “special” diet, the date was set for June 16th. The week leading up to the surgery was mentally agonizing and excruciatingly apprehensive to say the least. I truly was not mentally prepared to get back my physical well being through a minimally invasive surgery. Thankfully I had a “Guardian Angel” appear to me from my past. A person with the expertise I was looking for, someone who would say the right thing at the right time to me. After a few days of complete confusion and lack of comfort to move forward I postponed the surgery at the “eleventh-hour” on June 15th.

That leads me to the other “decision” I had made for my life to change.
The old teaching says that “for things to change, you have to change”, I knew without me changing my bad habits I would not succeed in my journey to a healthier life. On June 15th, I decided to completely overhaul my stinking thinking when it came to my daily intake of food and beverage and lack of exercise. The days of the two cheese-steak’s and a pizza for lunch were over, forever. The days of the four Shaboola’s and a bottle of wine dinners were over, forever BUT only If I could make that change first mentally and then physically.

So here we are on October 1st, 2017, the journey continues, here I am fifty pounds lighter from May 31st, walking two and half to three miles a day  with the goal weight only one hundred pounds away and I’m studying in a Master Mind that I did not even know existed six months ago, learning how to manifest my Legacy and True Health so that I WILL LIVE a healthier lifestyle with ease. The “Master Key” word there being LIVE!

Keep Educating  Yourself

“Let’s Make Today A Prosperous Day.”







Master Key Experience Week 1 (The Master Key)

Keep Educating  Yourself

So we begin a new journey this week. It is time to reprogram, rethink, retool and start a new. It is time to erase so many years of “stinking thinking”.

After anxiously awaiting the start of the “Master Key Experience” we are finally up and running and sometimes feeling totally overwhelmed.

Personally knowing that this feeling will pass with the “new” education that is coming our way is the calming force behind all the nervousness. Once things get rolling for myself and my new MKEMMA family things will come to light easier, quicker and with more depth than anyone of us realizes.  Once it is rock solid in our minds that THIS experience will delight our souls to a new higher purpose for happiness and fulfillment.

As I thought of things to write about today I came across the “KEY” image above. It is so profound as we read the teachings of Haanel and the story of the transformation of Hafid to shape and mold our own transformation the overlying message to me was “EDUCATION” IS the KEY.

As we go, so shall we grow. The fantastic feeling inside can sooth all the jitters we have on the outside. So we move from week 1 of not knowing to week 2 of hopefully some comfort and relief that shall keep us focused and primed for a breakthrough.

“Let’s make today a prosperous day!”