Master Key Experience Week #3 (Believe)


As we continue our journey down the path of our new life the one word that encompasses the lessons presented now and forthcoming is BELIEVE.

Maybe we don’t understand the “linking” or the “sacrifice” or the “best you can” needed that will pull it all together but the foundation has been laid with the daily rituals we have been performing. We must continue to Believe that it will all come together.

Like most masterpieces, it is not about one or two parts but the entire package coming together for the full life-changing experience. Apparently, the one foundational feeling missing from so many of our life plans is emotion, myself included. Obviously, EMOTION is a cornerstone for your dreams to become reality. It can be internalized as the difference between the “girl” you like and the girl you want to marry, that’s emotion, that’s the burning desire to be with that ONE special person.

Mrs. Webster says, Emotion: a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. Easy to see the relationship between one’s emotion and their burning desire to achieve something MUST be one in the same.

Now, for all you history fans, I KNOW, Websters Dictionary WAS-NOT founded by Mr. and Mrs. Webster but “Uncle Andy” would always say, “Let’s see what Mrs. Webster say’s” when calling for the dictionary. Not Merriam as in George and Charles, founders of the company, but Meriam the “star of the sea” or Noah Webster’s wife, according to “Uncle Andy”.

It is the consistency of our actions that will determine how not when we cross the finish line with this new found zest for the manifesting of our dreams. It is the belief that all our daily actions will make complete the vivid picture of our future life, the life we so deserve. We must believe that repetition of our “chores” and daily actions will trick subby to move out of the way of change, change for the better.

Afterall, it took many years of programming to bring us to this point, surely, if it only takes a few small tasks performed in a certain cadence in a routine manner to “switch” to a crystal clear purpose in life, selling out and Believing is a small price to pay for ultimate life enjoyment.


Keep Educating  Yourself

Keep Educating Yourself


“Let’s make today a prosperous day!”

5 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week #3 (Believe)

  1. Bo,
    You mentioned on Marco Polo that you hoped your blogs and comments are helpful to others.
    Well, I for one, found your week #3 blog exceptionally helpful!
    You really seem to have the blog thing down, bro!
    Thanks for what you wrote. I know I’ve become rather phlegmatic with my emotions…just sort of dull and mundane. I am beginning to “feel” again since starting MKE . Next comes expressing it. PS…love how you struck through the word “will” here…brilliant!

    1. Bobbi,
      Thank God I have never found it hard to express myself.
      I think what is to come through the MKE is mind-blowing, to say the least.

      Have a Prosperous Day!

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