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Master Key Experience Week 1 (The Master Key)

Keep Educating  Yourself

So we begin a new journey this week. It is time to reprogram, rethink, retool and start a new. It is time to erase so many years of “stinking thinking”.

After anxiously awaiting the start of the “Master Key Experience” we are finally up and running and sometimes feeling totally overwhelmed.

Personally knowing that this feeling will pass with the “new” education that is coming our way is the calming force behind all the nervousness. Once things get rolling for myself and my new MKEMMA family things will come to light easier, quicker and with more depth than anyone of us realizes.  Once it is rock solid in our minds that THIS experience will delight our souls to a new higher purpose for happiness and fulfillment.

As I thought of things to write about today I came across the “KEY” image above. It is so profound as we read the teachings of Haanel and the story of the transformation of Hafid to shape and mold our own transformation the overlying message to me was “EDUCATION” IS the KEY.

As we go, so shall we grow. The fantastic feeling inside can sooth all the jitters we have on the outside. So we move from week 1 of not knowing to week 2 of hopefully some comfort and relief that shall keep us focused and primed for a breakthrough.

“Let’s make today a prosperous day!”