Week 6 – a new month and a new focus

I love November’s focus of love!!  I have been given the ultimate example by my mentor of this philosophy in practice.  He loves everyone and he really does.  His mantra is to love everyone and then love more.  And he does this every time we interact or I see him interact with others.  What an example of life! He is consistently putting others before himself and he is always more interested in them than in himself.  And he is super duper successful.  I am so grateful to have him in my life to see this work in action.

Yesterday morning I woke with a heaviness in my heart. Something overwhelmed me. I can’t exactly say what it was except that I am behind in my work in the clinic for patients and I hadn’t achieved as much in my network marketing business over the past week as I had hoped.  In fact, I felt heavily overwhelmed.  It felt like everything had become a chore and people were moving away from me.  I sat in my car and really focused on the Master Keys, my DMP, this entire process and I suddenly felt anger at my subby. How can you let me down like this,  I thought? But then I realized we are only in month 2 of this program and that’s why it takes time. It is a process. The feelings I had were in such stark contrast to what I had been experiencing and thinking over the past 2 weeks.   What was I thinking?  Was I distressed because I have more clients in the clinic than before? Was I distressed because I recruited 3 people into my business and I haven’t got back to them in the way I want to?  Was I distressed because I haven’t yet done my poster, printed out the shapes or written a blog post for the week?

I had to pull myself towards myself. I reminded myself of our readings.  I reminded myself of the girl in the mirror and all the teachings I have been working on for the past month.  My old blueprint was yelling at me – come back!!  It lasted an hour or so as I worked to focus on my new way of thinking.  By lunchtime I was feeling much better.  The afternoon turned out to be very sunny and I had a  totally different perspective on life and then positive responses from people I was interacting with.  It was as if in the morning I was living a different life to the afternoon!

I became aware of how selfish my “poor me ” thoughts were. They were not about other people, just about myself.  Is this the way I used to be?  Perhaps!  Certainly these feelings came from within. No one in the outside world did anything to me to produce these thoughts.

No wonder I wasn’t achieving as greatly as I believe I deserve to be.  I always considered myself to be a positive thinker and action taker but this episode came crashing down on me and brought back many memories of sullen periods in my life when I was in a “woe is me” state. Now I realize that was selfish. Perhaps this is the foundation of the inconsistencies I experienced in my life. Periods when I would produce and do well and then periods when my actions would be sabotaged and my results would flounder.

These past 2 weeks I have been more consistent in my readings each day. And perhaps this is a contributor to my personal crash yesterday morning.  I am so much more aware of how I am responding to everything and everyone.

Here’s to a new month and a new focus.



Week 5 – I stand in awe

My title this week is “I stand in awe” because this is exactly  how I feel  about my life today.

I am in awe of this process.  I feel a new life emerging from within me . The negative thoughts that previously overwhelmed my days appear to be fleeting and don’t hang around for more than a few seconds. They drift in and I immediately replace them with positive thoughts from my DMP.   I realize that negative thoughts may creep back into my mind if I am not staying on top of my daily exercises.   I promise to remain fully engaged in the process of becoming  the person I am meant to be.

I watch myself  ( yes, it is like I am appearing in a movie) make decisions, take action and move forward not knowing how I am going to achieve the goals I have set myself.  I focus only on the moment and the day I am living, keeping up with my daily activity and forming habits that will inevitably lead me to the place I am desiring to go.

It is still too early in this process to know without a shadow of doubt that my subby is fully on board and that I won’t creep back into my old blueprint habits.  I still feel the undercurrent of self-sabotage but it isn’t taking hold anymore.  Yay!

When I started this journey, I said that I wanted to achieve consistency in my work.  I had no idea that I was being controlled by my subconscious.  I thought I had released the negative patterns of my part.  My ego was not letting me see the real me.   I believed that I had a positive mindset.  What I didn’t understand is how intensely I must work to change the pervading thoughts of my mind.  When I began the daily exercises, my ego even thought they were silly. Read Scroll I three times  a day? Why? Who has time for that?

I had this seemingly impenetrable mask hiding sadness, disappointment and betrayal that lay within. I am now shocked at how embedded those emotions were.  I couldn’t trust myself to finish anything and yet, I enthusiastically embarked upon courses and courses of personal development, motivation and marketing hoping that outcome would be different.  The money I have spent “trying” to become successful is staggering when what I really needed was to work on my mind.  I have been part of many masterminds but still nothing really changed.

Okay, I now understand Einstein’s words:  “Insanity is doing the same things over and over, expecting different results.”

My subconscious knew that I would never be consistent. It knew I would start projects and seldom finish ( yes, I was a habitual liar according to my subby) and I would disappointment myself over and over when the results were seldom what I wanted. Occasionally I would win despite my greatest efforts to sabotage the outcome of my desires.

I have written vision statements, mission statements and goal statements that all sounded great but I knew when I wrote them that I would never manifest them.  Why did I bother writing them?  I did because I knew there had to be a way that would results in different results.  This determination led me  to the MKE in summer of 2017. This is the first time in my life that I know my actions are changing, my feelings are changing about myself and ultimately my results are changing.  They are becoming congruent with my heart’s desires.  My heart has always known what I have wanted to do, however my mind took control and stole my joy.

Yikes!  Today I am diligently working on the exercises and focusing on my daily habits.  Scroll I is embedded in my mind.  I can speak these words every day without even seeing the book.

The words I will carry into scroll II are:

“I will form good habits and become their slave”.  Daily actions and habits are changing my life.  I am incorporating these exercises into my health coaching with clients.  How can you change your health if you don’t form good health habits?




Week 4 – Profound experiences

Clare and Jason at Snoqualmie FallsThis week has challenged my inner strength to get the MKE exercises done.  I was not at home for 2/3′s of the week.  My family flew to Seattle for 5 days to explore and research relocating back to the Pacific Northwest.  Is this part of our destiny?   It has been 5 years since any of us has been to Seattle.  And we picked the worst weather the region has had in over a year for our trip.  It rained buckets for the entire time we were there. As I drove the highways, I couldn’t see the vehicle in front of me, let alone any scenery. But the rain did not dampen my spirits. I loved it.

Regarding the Master Key Experience, I learned that this process goes with me wherever I am. I think about it constantly as I go about my daily business. It is creeping into my mysterious mind!  I was able to do my reading twice a day and I did record the GS which I listen to several times a day.

Did we make the decision to relocate?  Not yet, our decision rests on my husband being offered the role he is being headhunted for.  My children relish the opportunity to live in a place where they can kayak, water ski, fish, snow ski, and hike.  It is an outdoor paradise.  I went with a stubborn attitude of not wanting to make another change for my business, my circle of friends or my family but returned with a renewed sense that life is an adventure and we only get to experience this once!  We would live in Gig Harbor which is a delightful island with a relaxed lifestyle of ocean living and hiking.

Chehuly chandelier in Murano Hotel Tacoma, WAWe stayed at the Murano Hotel in Tacoma, a unique boutique hotel representing many artists’ work.   Each floor represents a different artist which is impossible to ignore – their work is sometimes outrageous and definitely bold. Tacoma is an artsy place with great museums.  Who knew that they are famous for their glass work?  They have an incredible Museum of Glass.  Chihuly glass is featured in many places including his famous bridge of glass he created for the City of Tacoma.

I had a profound experience choosing a realtor to work with.  I reviewed the realtors online and I picked Jennie for the energy that surrounded her photo. She radiated and when I spoke with her on the phone, she was just as energetic.  Meeting her in person was not a disappointment. She radiates energy, enthusiasm and professionalism with a warmth that is infectious.  I felt like I had known her my entire life.  We hit it off instantly. She has experience in her past in functional medicine so our conversations revolved around real estate and health!  It was a lot of fun.

This experience was revealing to me.  I discovered that my intuitive abilities are kicking back into gear. How exciting!

Jason at North Bend houseOn Thursday I took my son, Jason for a tour of the homes we had lived in from 2008 to 2012.   I decided to take a trip down memory lane for both Jason and myself.  As we drove up to our old North Bend home, I had an intense experience.  I felt an intense sadness rise up within my gut and I became quite emotional.  I felt tremendous sadness and grief but also mixed with a happiness along with it.   I was taken by surprise because I thought those feelings were gone! You see I was widowed during our time in this home  so no wonder these feelings crept up on me as my cell memories replayed those dark days.  The happiness was there because my boys loved playing in the home and after being widowed, I met my husband, Dan and we lived there for a year before moving to Kentucky.  It was a home that carried us through darkness and then light.

North Bend WayI took photos of the area, blessed the memories and left feeling lighter  and recalling the joy for the good days we had while living there. I felt the release of that emotional stored up pain.

We thoroughly enjoyed our hike in the pouring rain to the Snoqualmie Falls, a local attraction. Jason enjoyed learning about all the local trees and fauna that he can now teach his class about.Snoqualmie Falls

This journey is helping me to become more aware of life, my feelings, my experiences and giving me permission to enjoy life in greater color than before. I am so grateful for Mark J, Davene, the Guides and everyone else that makes this program possible.

Week 3 – Struggling to keep up

This has been a challenging week for me.  I have been struggling to keep up with everything. When Mark said today that everyone will quit tonight – I totally related with this message. Either quit or stop doing 80% of the exercises and start doing 100%.  I intend to be a 100%er!!

I did rewrite my DMP for the third time and  I felt that I am on the right track. My guide agreed that this version is close.  Just a few tweaks and it will be done.  I can feel my DMP coming to life.  And creating the movie of my DMP was a super simple exercise, now that it is real to me.   Reading GS three times a day is one of the exercises I struggle with most.  I find that I don’t get in the lunchtime read, I am fully engaged in my work each day. However, it is not scheduled and that will change tomorrow.

I have taken action this week that I doubt I would have done previously. I made phone calls to people I wouldn’t have made. Why was I fearful of the phone?  Only my old blueprint knows!!  I met at least 20 new people this week. Prior to MKE I would have met 2 – 3 new people per week maximum and usually not even that. When I used to attend events, I would sit with friends and not even reach out to meet new people!

I have followed up and offered suggestions of collaboration between various members of my network. I love being a go-giver.  I met many of these new people at Ewomennetwork monthly lunch.  I became a member on Thursday. I love their relationship focus of networking.

On Friday I spent 1/2 the day with a network marketing legend.  It was a humbling experience to spend time with someone who has achieved excellence and is earning over a Million Dollars a year.  However, he quickly made me realize that success has less to do with money than making the people you meet in your life feel better about themselves after your meeting than before.   When I thanked him for giving me so much time in his busy schedule, he corrected me and said that he is not busy.  He has designed a life where he has the pleasure of doing exactly what he wants. He showed me his phone and how few people call on him.  He has mastered pointing them to tools so they don’t need him.  Lots of lessons there for me.

On Saturday I attended a Super Saturday meeting.   It was  awesome listening to leaders of different backgrounds and ages talk about their transformation from failure to success.  And then we celebrated my son’s 16th birthday. It is amazing how fast kids grow up and I am proud that my son is becoming a wonderful young man.  He wants to pursue a career in entrepreneurship rather than a formal college education.  I am totally supportive and look forward to seeing him achieve success early in his career.

This coming week is going to be big for our family.  We will be visiting Seattle to determine whether we want to re-locate back to the Pacific North-West.  It is 5 years since I have visited Seattle where I lived for four years. I am excited to see how I feel and what decision my family makes about our future home.  We love living in Denver but there are opportunities in Seattle that could capture our hearts.   I’ll keep you posted.



Summer roses from our garden

Week 2 – Saying goodbye to summer

I have had a great week following our homework.  I don’t fully understand this process, but I don’t need to understand it.  I trust the process,  I am following it diligently and enthusiastically.  I do find it challenging fitting in my existing over-committed life – family, work, friends and seasonal tasks.

Enthusiastically, I am doing the work, at least 85% of the exercises.   I am digging in and doing the work. I intend to get myself up to 100%. As a result, I have attracted several new clients this week.  Amazingly they are my ideal clients – those I can add value to who are ready to do the work that it takes it change and who are ready to invest in their lives.  Is it related to this work?  I believe so.  The mysterious source is starting to make decisions on my part.  How exciting.

Re-writing my DMP is challenging.  Why?  Because my old blueprint continues to attempt to rule my life!  I am working on writing in the present tense and removing words of possibility instead of reality. Examples of these types of words are “will”  and “can”.  It is amazing how these words slip into my life.   Imagination is the only path to enthusiasm. Belief will come off my imagination.  I am working on using words of emotion.  Years ago, I always wrote with emotion but then corporate speak got the better of me and emotion was eradicated from my written words.    It is exciting to consider how I am feeling and expressing my emotions in my writing.
So why did I title this post – “saying goodbye to summer”? End of Summer Herb GardenBecause here is Denver we are expecting our first winter storm tonight. Due to this prediction, yesterday we harvested our tomatoes, basil and other herbs that won’t survive snow.  It was the first time I had harvested my own grown crops in a decade and it was exciting reaping the rewards of my efforts over the summer. The crop was bountiful!!

Jason, my 10 year old son loved picking each of the tomatoes he felt responsible for creating.  He had overseen their growth as I fed, watered and nurtured them over the past 12 weeks. It is important that our kids realize where their food comes from.

Green Tomatoes end of summerAnd now what to do with all the green tomatoes?  Any ideas?  I think I am going to make beautiful green tomato chutney.

Basil leaves from summerAnd then we have a huge bag full of basil leaves picked from the largest basil bush I have ever seen.    We process the basil leaves with olive oil before freezing for winter long flavor.

After harvest, we winterized our home and our yard in preparation for the first snow flakes of the season.   I’ll let you know how it goes!



Last night my 16 year old son, Harry was baptized at our church. What a wonderful spiritual experience.  I am so proud of him.  Harry BaptismOur pastor is teaching a series on how to change ourselves.  And he outlined that it requires us to form a robust vision, have intention to change and having a strategy of change.  Seems like we are learning the same material at church as here.  No coincidences, right?

After church,  my family went out for a meal in old town of Louisville, Colorado.  It is a quaint place with character.  The food was delicious and we had a wonderful time together.

This week,  I am focusing my attention on my time. How am I using my time?  Am I using it wisely?  I am getting honest with myself about the periods of time I allow needless distractions and unimportant activities to occupy my time.  Instead, I am using my time more carefully with intention. I am moving into my destiny.

Week 1 – From the Beginning

I am super excited to get started with this program.  And I know my life will never be the same.   In fact, it is already changing.  This week I have met more people than I have in months.  I am feeling super charged.  Reading the Scroll Marked I in “Greatest Salesman In the World”  three times a day is having a profound effect on me and I can’t explain exactly what. I felt intense energy swirling around as I wrote out my Blueprint by hand.  I am carrying my book, Master Key and Blueprint with me everywhere.

My 10 year son is also reading “The Greatest Salesman in the World” and he is reminding me to read it 3 times a day.  I am focused, clearer in thinking and getting  more stuff done than I have for a long time.

Challenge of the week


I do find the 15 minutes of silence daily very challenging, I don’t think I have yet managed to attain 15 minutes but it will come!!  Silence is quite the novel experience. When I meditate I listen to a recording so it is never silent.

I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few weeks and then months!!

I look forward to hearing from others about their experiences. This is certainly an experience that deserves to be shared and I haven’t been part of a mastermind community for a long time.

I am about to make a quantum career change and I am excited to make changes that will not only impact my life, the lives of my family but also all those that I share my journey with over the forthcoming years.

My heart is filled with gratitude for everyone who has brought this program together and for those who have chosen to participate.  There are no accidents, only perfect synchronicity.