“……I hear voices in my head!”


I do hear voices….mine.  I’ve heard myself speak a billion times.  But I’ve never really listened  to me. The challenge for me was two things.

1) Not having an “opinion” about my voice.

2) Yet redoing my voiceover because this is a tool for my development and I needed to adjust the inflections and enthusiasm authentically so it truly benefited me and not hear myself as a caricature. Being truly honest to the assignment.

This week’s call to expression is so my calling card.  It’s like in grade school, when I wished the whole day could be spent in Art Class!      And now for a new discovery that I must not have an opinion about……..my voice!   I chose a song that I heard about a year ago.  It’s Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake. It get’s me on my feet, up and moving and gets me going.  It’s so perfect for my powerful declarations of my Definate Main Purpose in life!

“I can’t stop the feeling inside my bones. …..All through my city, all through my home we’re flying up, no ceiling, when we in our zone.”

I recorded my voice over the music track, downloaded it to my phone so I can listen to this every morning when I wake up and before I go to sleep after I read Scroll II.  Great thing about having no opinion is you are free….!    Free to be with my voice, my words, and my purpose.

I love this assignment!  I added a new dimension to an already multi-faceted new life with a new future self!

Being open to new things has given me access to new careers, people, and relationships that would never have been created had I not crossed that street, opened that door, or jumped off that diving board! (Yes, diving board–I am a former diver who once learned to do a triple somersault by trusting the single blow of my coach’s whistle.)

No regrets.

No opinions.

No rewind.

Just move forward and push “play”! 

I love you, Charles Snowden.


week 6- “…..what’s RED and ROUND and all over TOWN?”


Squint hard.  You can do it.  Can you see them yet…..focus?!

Every time I see red, round, and shimmering shapes, I see a relative of mine. They look familiar enough I guess.  We’ve never formally met…..yet.  But I heard about them on Sunday.  And now I can’t wait to meet them!  They are an example of fitness and health yet they have a effortless casualness about their lifestyle.  Now, when I say lifestyle I’m really saying global enterprising multimillionaire with a slew of businesses from financial education, healthy food and lifestyle branding, a men’s clothing collection, a best selling book, and an independent movie in the works!

Did you guess it yet?  It’s my stranger!

You read it correctly.  I said my stranger.  And the mystery person above represented by all of the beautiful red, round, blinking, flashing, and shimmering circles …..is my future me.

One of the most profound “jewels” I took away from this Sunday’s webinar was the fact that the reason I “feel” stopped, fearful, and in an almost constant procrastinative state was the fault of SCIENCE!   Thank God, Buddha, and the LA Dodgers it’s not my fault!

You see, the “fault” is within something known as the functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI’s) for short.  Here’s the short of it.  Groups of people were asked only 3 questions:

1) Describe your “present self”

2) Describe “a stranger”

3) Describe your “future self”

The outcome was crazy!  The subjects from this study saw their future selves as ”a complete stranger!” There was no emotional link between their “current self” and their “future self”! Nodda… Zippo…. This would explain why most people quit on their dreams, sabotage their jobs, finances, relationships, etc.

It is now slowly starting to make sense, ok “link” together. Why would I bust my hump, get up early, work harder than I’ve ever done before, for a person I don’t even know or worse yet….not even completely and authentically love!

The new relationship I have this week is with shapes and colors..and RED is it!   This is the “link” between my current self and my future self.  I am off to create an new intimate friendship with my future me and the red round circles are my DMP, my Press Release, the Blueprint Builder, and my newest love of my life…..SCROLL TWO!

At Mark J’s suggestion, I wrote a phrase that best captures Scroll One onto the first page of SCROLL TWO.  I wrote “Nothing retards my NEW LIFE’S Growth!”

I gotta get going soon….you see I have a date.

A date with destiny you could say.

And that destiny is with me.

My future self.

I can’t wait to meet him!

I can anytime you know.

All I have to do is look into my mirror.

And say “I Can What I Will To Be”,  followed by

“I Love You, Charles Snowden”





week 5- “…..empty handed, but not empty HEARTED!”


I always thought that what I had in my hands, pockets, wallet, and bank account created the man!  Boy was I wrong….if this was true, I’d be known as “flush and full” on Monday, and “broke and busted” by Friday.    I had a really unhealthy relationship and understanding of money.  My father once told me “……you’ll never make enough, it’ll never go far enough, and it will be hard to come by”.  These were the “wise” words from my College History lecturing PhD of a father.  And they stuck.  If I had money I couldn’t get rid of it fast enough, like I was satisfying some sort of “mysterious curse”…..that I wasn’t supposed to have it or worse….ever deserve it!

Fast forward about twenty years, ok…..thirty years.  And my experience around money has been damned if you do, damned if you don’t. And I was sick of it!  “Knock Knock.” “Who’s there?”  “IRONY!”  You see I’m now in the realm of Financial Services.  How better to “get a grip around money.”  It’s laughable and poignant.  All that is required for my success in this arena is a shift in mindset.  And the “curse” I was sentenced to was a belief I created many years ago when I was just a little glimmer in my father’s “broke and busted” mindset.  When they say “….the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, they meant “it plummets to the earth like a two ton boulder!”

In week 5 of the Master Key Experience, we started delving into the LAWS…..!   The Law of COMPENSATION, GIVING and RECEIVING, ABUNDANCE, and ATTRACTION!  Whew! Wait, there’s more…. along with the daily readings of The GREATEST SALESMAN, and the BLUEPRINT BUILDER.  I’m surrounded!  And I LOVE IT!  These words are my new family!

When I last read Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, I was in high school taking a summer college course, Transcendental Thought in Self Reliance.  I enjoyed it immensely, but nothing like I’m getting now.  You see now I’m adding the new secret ingredient,  my being,  into the recipe….and it tastes a whole hell of a lot better this time! 

I read the LAW of COMPENSATION, took a break and then read the LAW of GIVING and RECEIVING. This was so perfect and beautiful, that when I went for my 15 minutes meditation, I decided to make it 45 minutes instead.  Boy what a journey.  Within minutes I started crying. I mean really painful tears. I discovered that I was being selfish to family and friends throughout my life.  Now I’m a nice guy….but what I got present to was I wasn’t being genuine and authentic with those closest to me. I always held something back. I wasn’t giving the full “Charlie”, just a “half-Chuck!” I got that who I am being is more valuable than anything I wore, owned,  rented, or drove.  Tough words to see on my laptop’s screen, but so grateful I can now detach from them and release myself of their shallow existence. Next I experienced the opportunity I was to the world…….in service. And the biggest smile came across my face. There I was…..beaming with my eyes closed and semi-dried tears on my face.  I finally got the value I am to others, and even though I go in and out of my inner demons  “….am I doing it right, knowing enough, being smart enough, will they like me…etc”.  Mark J speaks of everything I need to be as successful, I already have.  I just need to be present to it as a shift in my mindset, and then go create the actions.  Wow! So that means that this Armani wearing, Martini swilling, philanthropist has been rehearsing for this role for years…..and all I had to do was step into it!  I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Januszewski!  During the final 15 minutes of my meditation I experienced all of those who I cherished in my life that passed away in recent years. Their presence was felt and known and they let me know two things.

I am loved.

I am needed in the world.   (My face leaked again, but this time these were tears of joy….)

I’ve been circling the airport for a while and it’s time to land this plane!  My biggest expansion and growth this week was realizing that whatever I ever had as possessions were never going to create me.  The biggest gift I ever had to give…was me.  Whew! Looking at this on the laptop screen sends chills down my spine. (Good chills by the way) And even though I’m working very hard shifting my mindset and retraining my subconscious, I am so so good with making a BOATLOAD of MONEY from my businesses.  I have no more shame around having it or not having enough.

I love this from the LAW of GIVING and RECEIVING,  “….wherever I go, and whomever I encounter, I will bring them a gift…….each time I meet someone, I will silently wish them happiness, joy, and laughter.”  And the best part is I can be anonymous and humble…not expect anything in return.

I went on a trip this week.  It was a short journey.

It was only 18 inches in distance.

I went from my head to my heart.

Who wants to go on a roadtrip?

Forget the passport.

This time you can walk there.

Your travel guide,

the whole Charlie

week 4- “….and then there was LIGHT?!”


Ever felt like you’re being tested, punished, or simply abused by the universe? Well I can honestly say hell yeah!   Yesterday I was informed that Uncle Dennis collapsed and was flown to a hospital in San Francisco. Condition not good.  Also my newly selected PPNs are TRUE HEALTH and RECOGNITION for CREATIVE EXPRESSION. Both of which I’ve been avoiding in the last few years.

OK, let me be clear.  As I journal I dig deep I express my feelings.  Feelings as we know fuel the subconscious and after being truly honest (topic of my last blog) I can say that I am being tested!  I really don’t feel punished or abused like I stated.  That was drama, and if I want a good play, I’ll go to the subconscious experimental theatre on Melrose Ave.

“The world without is a reflection of the world within.” If this is my mantra then the following is a huge eye-opener:

Once a week I care for a 93 year old retired surgeon who is legally blind; drive him to the doctor, pharmacy, lunch, errands etc.  He told me he looks forward to these days because it’s fun, exciting, and gets him out of the house for a few hours with the “Renaissance Man”, his nickname for me.  I pick him up as usual and within the first 20 minutes, my new-ish cell phone was shattered in the car door, the car itself started making loud metal grinding noises, and since it’s West Hollywood, what’s a little drama without smoke pouring out from under the hood.  This is followed by, after pulling over to a curb, no one allowing me the use their phone to make an emergency call to AAA.  Perfect!

There I am, sitting in my car (which at this point smells like a freshly tarred roof) with a medical walker sticking out of the top of my convertible with my pal, Doc Herb. I am now powerfully present to the fact that I have no phone and presently no car.  Since it’s noon I reach for my tote-bag from the backseat, and pull out The Greatest Salesman and start reading Scroll One for my midday read.  Doc says “what are you doing now?”, I reply “removing us from this situation”.  Og writes “…failure is no longer my payment for struggle.” And my favorite part (I highlighted it in hot pink) “…Now I REJECT IT and I am prepared for wisdom and principles which guide me out of the shadows…”  Brilliant!

I jump out the car again but this time with the biggest smile on my face, I approach a group of doctors coming up the sidewalk and say “How would you like to be the one that makes miracles happen today? All I request is the use your phone for an emergency call to AAA”.  One of the six men offer his phone to me. Brilliant!!  Now for some more fun….as I’m connected to the representative for AAA, she informs me that my Super Duper Gold Platinum Membership had expired one week ago.  Brilliant!!  I request to renew right then and there without any lapse in coverage by immediately paying the renewal fee.  She agrees and membership is instantly reinstated.  Before I can be connected to the claims department to dispatch a tow truck, the doctor from the sidewalk informs me that he must go. I didn’t get upset instead I got present to how grateful I am for everything life has presented me.  I graciously thanked the gentleman and give him back his phone.

I leave Doc and walker in car and walk to Hospital which is one block away to use a courtesy phone.  I’m able to get through to get a tow truck.  Things are turning around. Tow truck shows up and I assist Doc Herb into the front seat and place his walker on the back of truck among all of the gears etc….and I proceed to straddle the middle hump of the front seat between the driver, Orlando, and Doc.  We get to my mechanic, Ronnie, who shakes his head upon our arrival.  “Boy, this is not going to be a fast repair, I’m booked up and I’ll call you later this afternoon.”  I not so jokingly say “Can I email you as I don’t have a phone?”  He replies, “You’re kidding, right?!” I wasn’t.

There I stand at the garage parking lot on Sunset Boulevard with my eyes closed, looking up to the sky doing my slow breathing exercises, in through the nose….hold it…..out through the mouth. I slowly lower my head and open my eyes. I walk over the Orlando, the tow truck driver, who has just lowered my car to the ground to leave it for Ronnie for closer inspection when he’s free this afternoon.  I say “How would you like to be apart of a miracle today?”  He replies, “How?”  I reply “By just taking the two of us two more miles down Sunset Boulevard where the Doc lives so he can be safe and comfortable and I can walk home from there.”  After a few seconds of contemplation, he let’s out a firm “Sure!”  Doc gets home and I get him situated and I start my walk home.  Within a few hundred feet I hear a “honk”.  There’s Orlando in his tow truck, he opened his door and says “Get in! I’ll take you home!”  This generosity and contribution that I’m experiencing is because I allowed it grow out there, in the world “without” by allowing Orlando to be present to his own generosity and contribution. Brilliant!

When I get home there is an email.  Uncle Dennis is pronounced brain dead, and was taken off of life support.  There is an opportunity within all of this…….somewhere. I’ll find it.

Two hours later I receive another email.   There is another death.  This time it is my car.

If the “world without is a reflection of my world within” then I have the responsibility of creating feelings that positively contribute to my thoughts and beliefs. Being intentional and genuine with my new beliefs and thoughts fuel my new actions.  I will experience an abundant “world within” of endless possibilities which will create an abundant “world without”. This has been missing in my life and the good news is I rediscovered it.   It wasn’t lost–It was always there.  I just overlooked it.

My DMP has been intentionally trimmed down and now it gets a “word-lift”.  Good things are always on the horizon.   I also just got an email that one of my friends will give me their old phone to use as well use of their car when they’re not using it!  Look Mom!  Now I’m creating miracles….because I allowed others to discover miracles for themselves first.

What did I sacrifice this week:

Being first. Being selfish. Being a “know it all” and “I’m fine just the way I am” kinda guy.

What I learned this week:

Giving others the access to their own expansion and greatness results in recognition of their own self-expression.   When I’m being selfless I allow myself to expand.

This was a long one….and thanks for sticking around.  I needed this. And thanks for your generous listening.

your Renaissance Man,



week 3- “Honestly, that’s not what I meant….”

Cross finger guy

It’s funny how I think I can outsmart myself.  I believe everything I tell myself because I’ll never find out.  This has been the battle of the “minds” in my head for decades.  I’ve talked myself into restaurants I never wanted to go to, a “committed” relationship that I wasn’t ready for, and even a car that I purchased that I truly didn’t want or need!  Top that! Please don’t……by the way do any of these things.

Since starting the Master Key Experience, I come to love many new things in my life. For example, I love the 15 minutes I get to spend with myself……in silence!  This is when I discover the hidden gold within me. One of the biggest gold nuggets I found recently was TRUTH.  I’m not some big crazy liar, but I did get that I “embellish” and sprinkle “little white lies” around my life like a 7 year old excitedly experimenting with glitter for the very first time.  When I did the PPN selection exercise, I circled 2 words, then immediately said in silence “….what are you doing that for?!”  I immediately fell into the OLD blueprint of selecting something that did not honestly serve me.  Granted, all 7 PPNs are brilliant, and like Mark J said “they all feed from each other and will manifest eventually”. So why could I not honestly pick the 2 that meant the most to me?

Put on your sunglasses, here comes more gold!  I consciously didn’t select the PPNs I truly wanted because of fear of commitment.  I’ve discovered it was easy to quit or stop trying for something if I don’t have any “skin” in the game or a true passionate commitment.  I eagerly my grabbed my noise-canceling headphones and closed my eyes for 20 minutes in pure silent bliss. I then opened my eyes and grabbed my black permanent marker and circled “TRUE HEALTH” and “RECOGNITION for CREATIVE EXPRESSION”.  Finally, this resonated as MY TRUTH.  I got really excited!  I was done with hiding from my incredible self!

I NOW have the DRIVE to go and be healthy, wealthy, and funny!  I have started an honest exercise regime with a trainer at my GYM.  I say “GYM” because the joke with my friends has been that in the past, I went to the “JAMES” and not the “GYM” because I didn’t have a close enough relationship yet to be able to call him by his nickname!  And as for  RECOGNITION for CREATIVE EXPRESSION, this blog is my testament that I am contribution and a stand for self-expression for everyone. As long as I’m honest and truthful in my creative expression, the recognition will come.

PS:  I took the speed reading webinar….WOW!  If you haven’t watched it yet, DO IT!

with love……and truth, 


week 2- “How am I not still in DIAPERS?!!”

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 9.36.55 PM

Well if I was, I wouldn’t be riding this rollercoaster right now.

I don’t walk, talk, cry, or sound like a baby. Yet, after my last 15 minute meditation, I was present to one. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I mean really looked at myself in the mirror, I discovered the sad, helpless child within my eyes. I felt him again. This feeling was familiar and not invited.  I do not want to loose my inner child. I cherish him. I was tired of felling like a lonely warrior fighting to be understood. I just wanted my inner ‘mini me’ to be the happy, giggling, laughing one I remember……..not just some of the time, but all of the time.

It’s been ONE week and it seems like a month! That’s because “subby” has been in charge of the guest list and catering for all of those sad parties in my mind.  Then after all of the continuous reading and assignments, I understand that my “subby” is only reinforcing what I allow him save in his hard-drive. This is such a simple solution! By repeating the words of the Scrolls, my DMP, and the Blueprint, I am training my “subby” to be the positive, inspiring, happy, joyous, Charlie that everyone loves and wants to be around!   No, seriously I’m a Leo. This is important to us lions.  We are the center of attention and that spotlight better be following us!

Then I discovered the other childish diaper-wearing thing I do. Being selfish. In the passages of Scroll One, Og writes “….I will lose not a day from these readings for that day cannot be retrieved….”  This was as subtle as a slap in the face with a velvet hammer!  When I think of the number of days I wasted being unproductive, sad, and feeling helpless as if my “days” came from some endless vault. I realized I should start now. Not tomorrow, not 10 minutes from now, but NOW! Not because I don’t want to waste another day, well—yes, that too, I just didn’t want another moment NOT being with my happy, loving, generous INNER ME. And when I say me, I mean WORLD.

When I look out I see a hungry world. This is the world without, and it’s starving.  My focus is my inner world—because like Haanel says, “The world without is a reflection of the world within.”  It’s time to feed the world within.

Dinner is ready! Who’s hungry?

By the way there is a dress code for dinner.

Lose the diaper.

be you.



week 1- “Dusting the 6 inches between my ears……”

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 6.45.05 PM

Have you guessed it yet?  It’s the thought and feeling maker called my MIND. Before I was introduced to the Master Key Experience I thought I was lazy or unmotivated. It turns out, it was a lot worse!  I had sentenced myself to a future life of mediocrity and just getting by.  Do you remember “getting by”? That’s the apartment building where “good enough” and “I’m fine” signed a life long lease.  But here’s the good news….I’m the landlord!  And the MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE has given me the power to start eviction proceedings!  Just picture it, these things called “feelings” that filled the neighborhoods, high-rises, and cities in that 6 inches between my ears are about to have a big moving sale! And here’s the GREAT news…..I can create whatever “feelings” and thoughts that reside in this endless universe known as my extraordinary life.

And I don’t have to wait.  It’s a choice. I can have it all right now.

Go dust and create.

See you soon,