Week4 Post 2


I took this photo on a day when my heart was aching and through my tears when I looked up I saw this directly above my head. I quickly raised my cell phone to snap this picture and I felt the warmth of being loved flood and saturate all my senses.  I share this today as a reminder that when we need it most, God will send us a sign…We Are Loved!


Sending a huge hug to my MKE Fam! Your support has been incredible! And to Deb…you are such a comfort and encouragement to me! I thank you all for supporting me with your energy and hope! It is making a difference!!!

Week4 Post

I feel as if I’m writing a soap opera! I don’t mean to bring the community down with issues! I appreciate all the encouraging words. I’m going to use an ugly word here….BUT…! I was just informed a little while ago that my brother-in-love’s granddaughter was kidnapped from in front of her house (around the corner from us) on Monday night. Please pray for her safety and to return home She’s 16, name is LeiLei. I am sooooo done with all this heavy darkness! I’m singing this song in my head…Lord help me to hold out until my change comes!

Week3 – Post1

I am trying so very hard to stay positive. But I have just had 2 family tragedies in one week falling on the heels of a family tragedy 4 weeks ago. I have fallen behind. My mind is mush right now. Lord Help Me! Should I drop out? Right now I am not keeping up with the assignments and I don’t feel it’s fair to the community. I don’t want to drop out….Lord please help me!

Week1-First Post

Getting ready for the week 1 webinar! I’m excited! I have found that the adage “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” has come true in my life. I am fighting off a dark place in my perspective of self, and just the few webinars I’ve shared with Mark and the community this past week has given me once again a sense of expectation and potential. So ready to “giddy up”!