Master Keys Week 23

I truly believe this weeks message is the foundation core of our MMKA course. I did not see this truth 23 weeks ago and I now see it very clearly. The more you give the more you get!

23-9 state “The average person is entirely innocent of any deep thinking:” This totally cracks me up because we all have been there docile and parrot others and follow the leader. Hence, Creative thinking requires attention! We can use this power of attention to create anything material in our lives. However, the idea of money is service. When you help others through your work, to create and give something of value to other’s lives we in turn get more value in ours!

Master Keys Week 22

I love, loved this weeks message! I learned this profound lesson many years ago when I wanted to lose 20 unwanted pounds.I found a book called “The only diet there is” by Sondra Ray. It was an instructional manual on using affirmations to reach your ideal weight. “I, Cathy, Deserve to be my ideal weight of 120 lbs no matter what I eat.” “Everything I, Cathy, eat turns to health and beauty.” The first time I read it through, I keep telling myself..”yeah, right!!” I found it very hard to believe. I kept on with my mental diet and physical workouts and what do you know… it was easy and effortless to reach my ideal in 3 months. I now teach this to most people I know when they want to lose weight as I did, and they don’t believe me.

This so ties into this weeks message and everything we put into our minds reflect in our bodies. 22-15 Every cell in your body is intelligent and will respond to your direction. The cells are all creators and will create the exact pattern which you give them. It takes mental work to keep out bodies healthy. We can change our vibration and produce any condition which we desire to manifest in our bodies! The entire MMKA course is a mental labor to build our believing so we can take our dreams off the shelf. It’s working favorite health affirmation(and I have several is ..I, Cathy, have a 24″ waist!

And I do!

Master Keys Week 21

Haanel once again writes of The true power in Life is to hook up your thoughts to that of Universal God Force Energy. All of these chapters or “Parts” are sounding the same. I still appreciate reading them and know quite unequivocally that the repetition is the way to cement into our thought, right thinking and influence the sub-conscious mind.

I like how Haanel, this week states that our ability to think and act upon Universal Substance is nothing less than MARVELOUS!

He used the analogy of God being a “Live Wire” and we being “an ordinary wire” and when we come in contact with the “Live Wire”, we will possess the exact same energy as the “Live Wire”!! It is then up to us to use our mental abilities to eliminate imperfect conditions and to substitute petty and annoying obstacles by thinking BIG, or having Large Ideas! To do so, is using one of the secrets to success!

It is no easy matter to change one’s mental attitude. It takes determination, talent, ability, courage and spiritual power to draw the things you want to you. To mix well with positive feelings and the Universal Mind Forces are ever ready to lend themselves to your WILL to manifest your highest aspirations!

It must be done over and over again. Thank you, MMKA, for teaching me how to do this!

Master Keys Week 20

We have been given magical powers. They are thoughts and consciousness. The secret of these powers is to understand the principles and forces of the mind. Our mind is a part of Universal Mind, which is God Omnipresent. I align with God (mind) and I am able to feel this power which in turn fuels my imagination, which then gives me inspiration and vitality! To harness this power I must meditate and visualize my good over and over again. From this method, I start to recognize that not only in my life but in all things persons and circumstances I bring about the state of “the kingdom of Heaven”. I see it within me and it is manifested in my world around me (without).

This is a beautiful understanding, that wisdom, inspiration, love and beauty flow to us as we choose to visualize and feel. This is what infinite power is. The ability to see, think and feel. I believe this is what was meant in the biblical scripture “we are to live move and have our being” in Him, one who was God made manifest. It is the quality of our thoughts which manifest constructively or destructively.

The energy or power to create is given to us freely through the air we breathe. We can consciously breathe in this light and love and make a connection to all Life all Intelligence and all Substance. This “breath of life” is a superconscious reality. It is the essence of pure “Beingness” and Iam/ness, our connection with God energy or life itself! Whoo-hoo!

Master Keys Week 19

Haanel, in his opening page, tells us that if I put into practice this lesson 19, I will develop the distinguishing marks of a Genius! Root word Geni! Whoo-hoo!

Here Haanel at the start of this lesson speaks of the yin and yang of everything that has an opposite. Up & down, good & evil, light & dark, with cleared insight it is evident that there is but only one operative principle here, not two. It is my choice which end of the same stick I choose to manifest.

The creative principle of one Mind, one Power it all depends how you choose to think. It is your choice how you harness this power. It is infinite in quantity. It is the raw material of the universe, present always. It is up to me to harness this vital energy, thus expressing the highest possible degree of mental, moral and physical and spiritual efficiency in my Life.

I wrote the word choice here many times! I believe that is the key to a more abundant life!

Master Keys Week 18

I just love Charles Haanel. I think Mark is the reincarnation of Charles! Ha!

Charles starts out here stating 18-4 “A new civilization is being born. Any bonds of tradition are being melted off of Humanity.”Omg, this was written around 1910ish before any of the World Wars and before and of the electronic age was upon us and we all still birthing a new world and change is so much happening to us right now!

I guess our intelligence keeps getting greater and greater through the years. Man has not only been given the greatest omnipotent intelligence in creation but has been given thought which is the invisible link to the Universal. With thoughts that have been proven out to be true comes understanding. With understanding, humanity has continually progressed in methods to communicate with the God-mind to produce infinite possibilities!

With this understanding, we have discovered the Law of Attraction and the Law of Growth. What we continually think about we bring about. The use of our conscious thoughts rightly determines our power. The power to live a better life. What we give our attention to is cultivated with practice.

Therein lies the reason I am here today in the MMKA for mastermind = the power of attention.

Master Keys Week 17

Hey, another favorite weeK! Keyword this week is Concentration. Haanel used an example of concentration with an actor who immerses himself in the character he is portraying that he becomes the identity of this character and sways his audience in how realistic his performance is. Concentration does not mean to merely think thoughts. It requires the mental and physical control and added intensity to fasten your thoughts so steadfastly to your desires that they can help but manifested in your physical realm.

Concentration to me, another word for meditation. In the silence of regular meditation, you hear and receive intuition which is a power beyond our mental reasoning faculties. The more intuition is regularly received the faster it will come to you. Intuition is guidance from the higher realms of the non-physical.

All mental discovery and physical attainment are the results of desire plus concentration. Add to that Persistence an Intensity (a burning desire) and voila… Manifestation.


Master Keys Week 16

All 300 of us in this experience focused on Kindness this week. We did random acts of kindness and we were also, to observe random acts of kindness around us. I found it truly amazing as what I was observing was taking place in front of me on a continuest basis.

Lesson 16 teaches that Wealth in and of itself is nothing. The value of wealth is a medium of exchange. True success is the man who possesses great spiritual understanding. The power to create depends entirely upon spiritual power. There are 3 steps to this power 1) Idealization – to have an idea in mind 2) Visualization – to concentrate with mental thoughts on the condition we want. 3) Materialization – what we want shows up. Therefore to control our thoughts is to control our destiny.

There is no such thing as good or evil. It is the process of universal mind working within to produce the quality of our lives. Thoughts are either constructive or destructive.

It is our work to allow only happy and harmonious thoughts in our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual lives. Then we shall have found the “Truth” which makes us “free from every lack or limitation of any kind.

Master Keys Week 15

Insight was my key focus this week. Insight to me is the quality of the thoughts we entertain and examine to make our own.

Insight is a product of the world within and is developed in Silence, by meditation.

In order to possess high thoughts, we must add love to them. We manifest more and more life as our thoughts become cleared and take on higher planes.

Haanel shows us that WORDS are so very important to creation. They are compared to Mathematics because they are just as precise and bring about either lack or abundance.

The teaching is about growth towards higher planes of thought, mixed with Love, bring about our dreams.

Master Keys Week 14

To surmise week 14 would be to state that God is Universal Mind, Power, Wisdom and Intelligence. An individual produces all manner of life by his thoughts which are in harmony with the Universal Mind and they become manifest. You must have clear and definite thoughts and allow nothing to interfere with your decisions. You must Decide unwaveringly.

I watched ‘Door to Door’ with William Macy, about a man with cerebral palsy who wanted to get a job and work because his mother had taken care of him all his life and he had a Definite Major Purpose that he could find work. He found one and then took care of his aging mother. He had a very positive mental attitude that of a winner and was very discipline daily at his work. His plan of action was to sell home and personal care products door to door and delivery them in a timely manner. Against the odds with his crippled hand and limp, he was given awards again and again in his company. He had a Master Mind Alliance with his mother, his boss, his customers and eventually an assistant that he hired. His tenacity and persistence to obtain his DMP keep him going for over 35 years with the same company. Truly an amazing story of Glory!