Master Keys Week 16

All 300 of us in this experience focused on Kindness this week. We did random acts of kindness and we were also, to observe random acts of kindness around us. I found it truly amazing as what I was observing was taking place in front of me on a continuest basis.

Lesson 16 teaches that Wealth in and of itself is nothing. The value of wealth is a medium of exchange. True success is the man who possesses great spiritual understanding. The power to create depends entirely upon spiritual power. There are 3 steps to this power 1) Idealization – to have an idea in mind 2) Visualization – to concentrate with mental thoughts on the condition we want. 3) Materialization – what we want shows up. Therefore to control our thoughts is to control our destiny.

There is no such thing as good or evil. It is the process of universal mind working within to produce the quality of our lives. Thoughts are either constructive or destructive.

It is our work to allow only happy and harmonious thoughts in our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual lives. Then we shall have found the “Truth” which makes us “free from every lack or limitation of any kind.

Master Keys Week 15

Insight was my key focus this week. Insight to me is the quality of the thoughts we entertain and examine to make our own.

Insight is a product of the world within and is developed in Silence, by meditation.

In order to possess high thoughts, we must add love to them. We manifest more and more life as our thoughts become cleared and take on higher planes.

Haanel shows us that WORDS are so very important to creation. They are compared to Mathematics because they are just as precise and bring about either lack or abundance.

The teaching is about growth towards higher planes of thought, mixed with Love, bring about our dreams.

Master Keys Week 14

To surmise week 14 would be to state that God is Universal Mind, Power, Wisdom and Intelligence. An individual produces all manner of life by his thoughts which are in harmony with the Universal Mind and they become manifest. You must have clear and definite thoughts and allow nothing to interfere with your decisions. You must Decide unwaveringly.

I watched ‘Door to Door’ with William Macy, about a man with cerebral palsy who wanted to get a job and work because his mother had taken care of him all his life and he had a Definite Major Purpose that he could find work. He found one and then took care of his aging mother. He had a very positive mental attitude that of a winner and was very discipline daily at his work. His plan of action was to sell home and personal care products door to door and delivery them in a timely manner. Against the odds with his crippled hand and limp, he was given awards again and again in his company. He had a Master Mind Alliance with his mother, his boss, his customers and eventually an assistant that he hired. His tenacity and persistence to obtain his DMP keep him going for over 35 years with the same company. Truly an amazing story of Glory!

Master Keys Week 13

What I got this week was that each era or age of discovery, it’s the scholars, scientists and philosophers who bring greater understanding to the teachings of old, with their science of analyzing and expanding our mental, physical and spiritual awareness is how we evolve.
These new observations of the scholars and scientist have brought untold good unto our planet by eliminating diseases, longer lifespans, increased the fertility of the soil, engineering to build bridges to go where no man has gone easily before. Our evolving thoughts have increased an elevated all manner of life.

13-10 In past times this progress on the planet has been stopped by the unbelief of the people or a tyrannical leader that object to the science of the new and unknown. It has always been that every individual who has ever advanced a new idea was subject to ridicule or persecution. New ideas take a while to spread, because of old thinking.
In contrast, I read in the news that the month after Donald Trump took office, he asked for the release of scientific patents for the new future longevity medicine and gadgets for the betterment of mankind.

So induction has shown that happiness an harmony are truly the only way to bring about all we desire. However, thoughts will create nothing unless it is consciously, systematically and constructively directed, which is the difference between idle thinking and constructive thinking.

The best of week 13 that sent me soaring were 13-26 & 13-27. To surmise is when we understand and realize the tremendous fact that the Universal Mind and our minds are the same, just to varying degrees, that I may know that “the Father and I are one” is when we will see all beauty and grandeur in our lives.

Master Keys Week 12

Week 12 has been my favorite week so far!
That man’s creative power is infinite because his power to think is infinite.

What Haanel has announced in 12-3 is that fear, anxiety, and discouragement will push the things we want further away from us. So we must practice constant vigilance over our thoughts to succeed.

!2-9 is freaking awesomeness, that the Divine can not come to you until you adjust your thoughts to cooperate with like Universal thoughts! Herein lies the ability to change and maneuver your thoughts with the Divine and when you do this will determine your degree of success. Haanel said in 12-15 that the crazy thoughts of his era were floating around and I totally deleted these paragraphs in my reading as I don’t give any credences to those fake spiritual worlds.

In 12-18 I totally loved that there is no getting away from the law of love. Thoughts filled with love become invincible.

My favorite is 12-19 that the law of love is the creative force behind every manifestation. Those thoughts are energized atomic particles that draw together molecules that eventually become form. Here in 12-22 Haanel states that educated desire is the most potent means of bringing into action the law of attraction. So by good thoughts, will, desire, intentions are all educated thought that draws to you the law of attraction. All the forces of infinite potential are drawn to you through silence and the meditative practices to get you touch with the Omnipotent Power.

I was overwhelmed with emotions when I went into my ‘sit’ several times this week as I contemplated my UNITY with the Divine. I was one with Universal Mind and it was mind-blowing! Sooooo good!

Master Keys Week 11

Hey, this week was way more funner that last weeks read!

Haanel took six pages to write what I sum up as “Thoughts are Things”!

My favorite passage that had me cheering was 10-31. “Thought reaches its loftiest activity when plunged into its own mysterious depth; when it breaks through the narrow compass of self and passes from truth to truth to the region of eternal light, where all which is, was or ever will be, melt into one grand harmony.” Whoo-hoo! Great description of those brief moments of inexplicable joy! Which I am experiencing more and more of with the help of this course.

10-34 All that is required is an understanding of certain definite fundamental principles and their proper application. Which I am exercising daily!

Mark 11:24 What things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.


Master Keys Week 10

This week was challenging for me. I think I had trouble because I did not fully grasp the turn of the century English that Haanel uses.

Wealth is the offspring of power. Possessions are only valuable if they confer power. How do you get this power? By study? Haanel says by exercise. So exercise applying knowledge, because knowledge will not apply itself.However by developing the law of attraction by using certain definite thoughts, i.e. intentions you will find that the things that you seek are seeking you! Love it!

The “hermetically sealed” 2 passages threw me for a loop, too! Goony goo-goo.

The passages that I did understand basically boiled down to “thoughts are things. So the right use of your thoughts is compared to the right use of electricity. That electricity is an invisible power and the right connection is to our benefit and the wrong use could kill you. Our thoughts are invisible and they can produce wisdom, strength, and courage. Or lack adversity and limitation.

I liked the sit and imagining the lines on the wall, that was a cinch for me! I saw the cone in every single color! Therefore, I can hold tangible objects in thought!

Master Keys Week 9

This week is about 3 things that all of mankind desires and which are necessary for his highest expression.
1) Health 2) Wealth 3) Love

I have always known that I had within my grasps all three. During different periods of my life more or less to varying degrees each of these are always present. Although this week I was hit pretty hard with the lack of Health “card”. I was very sick and had an extreme time of living a normal life. I have an allergy to Mold and it hit me hard. I consider myself to be a healthy person and this invisible cause showed up and wreaked havoc on my health. So scary because I had no control of my health or life for that matter. I lied there only thinking about how good it feels to be well.

So what is the proper mechanism to consciously connect with Infinite Supply to be “all health”?
What was my master key that I was not visualizing to feel better?
My “Truth” was not showing up for me as perfect health.
I was not in harmony with truth.
It is so difficult to live sickness.
Was I manifesting it in my thoughts somewhere?
Where though?

My only answer is to use the affirmation here in week 9 to manifest perfect health.
“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”

I am woking it, Baby!

Master Keys Week 8

This week I took an in-depth look at Imagination.

All the exercises and reading have reinforced the mental use of my imagination. The mental habit of substituting a positive thought for a negative is of great assistance to me. The meditation is a very constructive way for me to keep the positive thoughts at the forefront of my mind. As I constantly remind myself to imagine my Movie Poster as showing up in the physical is really beautiful and powerful use of my imagination. The shapes have been a huge reminder of using my imagination whenever a see one of the shapes.

I know without a doubt that by remaining faithful to build my imagination with the best and highest thoughts I will hear the call when circumstances happen in my life to materialize my deepest thoughts and plans.

I enjoyed taking the creative process backward from inception to manifestation. Where I could imagine my apartment building I now live in, rising out of the wilderness of an overgrown empty plot of land to become what is now my beautiful home. I drove by the empty plot of land for years and it is now assembled into a lovely home for me and many others!

Wow, it’s a miracle to build my life out of the ethers!