18th Week Master Key Training


So, we’re into the beginning of February already.  Time just flies(as I’ve mentioned before).  It seems like Christmas was just a  week or 2 ago.  Lent begins in another week & a half.  Then about 6 weeks later is Easter, already.  & Easter always reminds me of Spring.  So we’re not to far off from Spring & warmer weather.

Although, I’m still holding out hope that we’ll get a big snow fall.  I just love when we get a couple/few feet of snow & it closes everything down.  It SO nice to be able to stay in your pj’s all day & not have to worry about going out anywhere.  But we haven’t had a big snow fall for a long time.  At least 7-8 years or more.  I think the most snow we’ve gotten at a time is a few inches.  Maybe 3-4 inches.  So we probably won’t get anything to big.   But even if we did, it would probably warm up in the next day or 2 & melt it any way.

wk18-3Yesterday it rained ALL day & evening.  If it would have been just a little colder we would have gotten a good bit of snow.  But it didn’t change over to snow until it was just about done, until the line of precip was almost past us.  So we barely even got a coating of snow. Although there were some pretty big snowflakes at times.  But they’d melt as soon as they hit the ground from all the rain.

This week we are learning about growth.  & in order to grow we must obtain what is essential for our growth.  To receive only as we give, conditions reciprocal action.   Thought is the energy which the law of attraction is brought into operation, which eventually manifests in abundance.   The use of this power depends upon attention; the degree of attention determines our capacity for the acquirement of knowledge which is another name for power.


We are to concentrate on our power to create, seek insight, perception & try to find a logical basis for the faith in us.  That no effect can be produced until the seed is sown & the fruit will depend on the nature of the seed, so the results will depend on our perception of the law in the mighty domain of causation.  We also move to the 5th scroll now that we are starting a new month.

I hope you’re having a great week!

17th Week Master Key Training


So, its mid January, half way through the first month of the new year.   & we finally have some snow, yay!  I love snow.  But I hate the cold.  I know that probably doesn’t make sense.  Maybe if I put it this way … I love watching the snow from inside.  The blanket of white brightens up the gray, gloomy days of winter.  Only thing is, if we get a bright sunny day, its blinding with the sun reflecting off the snow.

The past 8-10 years or so we really haven’t gotten much snow.  When we used to get snow from Nov./Dec. & you didn’t see a blade of grass until the end of March or April.  This is the first year we’ve gotten a decent bit of snow.  But we get several inches then it warms up a couple days later & it melts.  But we’ve had some really cold weather the past month.  Temps in the teens & single digits.  It was -5 the other night.  But then we had a couple days that were in the upper 50’s & 60’s too.  Crazy weather!!!


The past couple months have seemed like one thing after another kept happening.  They say when it rains it pours.  Well, it was a torrential down pour.  First, I got a nasty flu.  Then a couple days before Christmas, a lady hit into my car with her car.  We were both going the same direction.  She was beside me, to my left.  She said she didn’t see me & was coming into my lane.  & she hit right into me, pushing me up over the curb.  Thankfully, it wasn’t all that bad.  Just some dents & scratches on the drivers side.

I started feeling better.  But then I got another bad flu.  Which I’m still getting over.  We had some really cold weather & had gotten some ice that encased my whole car.  So I missed some really important appointments.  And there were quite a few other things that happened too.  But, to much to go into now.   Its just been one thing after another after another.  I guess it could be worse.  But, I sure hope things start turning around & getting better real soon.

                                                   (From Mark’s Hugs Video)

We were asked to share the link to the video of Mark giving out hugs for our success of all the “Kindness” we posted in our group.  They were posts for last week for “kindness” that we either gave or saw.  We were told that if we posted 4,000 posts, Mark would go & give 100 hugs to strangers.  Well we over doubled that.  Wooo hooo!  Way to go class!!!  There were over 8,000 posts as of 5:00 pm Saturday.   So if you’d like, you can check out the Hugs Video here ….  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdubjsNiiak&feature=youtu.be

This week the lesson was mainly about concentration & consciousness.  A couple key points were …  Concentration does not mean mere thinking of thoughts, but the transmutation of these thoughts into practical value.  & Desire added to concentration will wrench any secret from nature.  For the exercise were to concentrate on the method in the lesson.  To remember that power comes through repose.  & to concentrate on the ideal as an already existing fact.

I hope your week is going good.  & you have a wonderful weekend!!!

16th Week Master Key Training


So we’re over half way through the class now.  Gosh, that time went really fast.  I’m still a little behind but slowly catching up.  I’m caught up with the lessons & have done most of the reads, sits, index cards, etc.  But I still haven’t had a chance to make my movie poster/vision board.  Or put a shape on the gratitude cards yet.  & I’m a few days behind on adding gratitude cards.

This week we’re to do & see acts of kindness, without getting caught or others knowing, & we’re to post them in the Mastermind group.  Although, not getting caught isn’t always easy.  If we get to 4,000 comments of kindness then Mark will go out & hug a bunch of people he doesn’t know.  If we double that, he’ll double the amount of hugs.  About half way through, there are A LOT of comments there already.  We’re supposed to add at least 1 comment there a day.


The other day I was at Aldi’s.  Its a discount grocery store here.  You have to bring your own bags or buy them at the store.  I was in line to check out & a lady with a full cart of groceries was in front of me putting her items up on the belt to be checked out.  I noticed she had her arm in a sling & was taking 1 item at a time out.  So I just started helping her.  I told her that I’d just put it all up for her because she looked really tired.

I asked her what happened to her arm.  She said she just had her shoulder replaced.  Ouch!  The check out lady scanned her items & placed them all back into another cart singly since she didn’t have any bags.  I only had a couple things, so I checked out pretty quick.   When I walked outside to put my things into my car, I seen her at her car again taking 1 item at a time & putting it into her trunk.  So I went over & helped again.


She had  some reusable bags in her trunk so.  I put the groceries into those for her.  Then I took her cart back up for her.  She kept thanking me & saying “bless you”.  She was really sweet.  It probably only took maybe 15 minutes of my time.  But I felt SO good after helping her.  This isn’t a 1 time thing for me.  I always try to help when I can.  So this kindness” week fits right in for me.

This week we learn in the reading that the power to create depends upon 3 steps, idealization, visualization & materialization, all spiritual powers.  That thought precedes & determines our action.  To control thought is to control circumstances, conditions, environment, and destiny.  So it goes back to the saying, what the mind conceives & believes, it can achieve.

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

& Remember, its kindness week.  Be kind!


15th Week Master Key Training


Its back to a regular schedule or routine now that the holidays are over.  Some how I missed a week.  I thought we were on the 14th week.  But we’re actually on the 15th week.  I think I missed the week between Christmas & New Years.  Since we didn’t have a class webinar that week & I was sick(still am), I think it threw me all off.

The past few weeks has been exceptionally cold/freezing here.  But we haven’t gotten much snow.  Only a couple inches the past few weeks.  I think its been to cold to snow.  Quite a few days were just in the single digits, going below 0 at night.  Most days have been in the lower to mid teens & around 0 at night.  There were a couple storms that just missed us.  That seems to be the case here the past 7-8 years or so.


I’ve been wanting a BIG snow(a foot or 2 of snow).  I just love when everything shuts down for a day or 2.  When you can stay in your pj’s & not have to worry about going out(hibernate) for a couple days.  I could just sit & watch the snow fall for hours(if I had the time).  Its just so peaceful & pretty.  I love the blanket of white over everything.  I think it brightens it up outside.  & it makes everything less noisy.  Until the plows come around.

We haven’t gotten much snow the past 7-8 years or more.  It seems it either just barely misses us or its just a few degrees above freezing so we get rain instead(hate when that happens).  But the past few weeks have been extremely cold here.  When its that cold the clouds don’t hold moisture like when its warmer.

I hope your holidays were very nice!  I can’t believe they’re all over with now.  The last few months have gone SO fast.  As they usually do any more.  All the decorating, planning, prep, etc.  & Christmas day itself just flies by.  So now its time to take all the decorations down & get packed & put away until next year.  I probably leave my tree & decorations up a little longer then most, since my b-day is a week after New Years.  So I like to leave everything up until after that.

Having to take down all the decorations is always a depressing time for me, since I still love the holidays, especially Christmas.  I just love all the lights & decorations & what a magical time it seems to be.  & I love it even more when we get/or have some snow for Christmas(like we did this year).  Just makes it seem more like Christmas, for some reason.


For this week we are to think more about harmony.  And becoming more in harmony with the natural laws.  I have a general idea of what harmony is.  But to be sure I looked it up just to see if I could get a better understanding of it.  First I kept seeing harmony as in musical chords.  But as I looked further, its definition is the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.  Which still really doesn’t explain it to clearly.  I looked at the synonyms & it has, balance, symmetry, peaceful & flowing.  Those help make it a little more clear & understandable.

For the exercise we are to concentrate on “Insight”.  It means to have or get an accurate & deep understanding of someone or something.   It says to dwell on the fact that knowledge doesn’t apply itself.  But I think we already know that.  That the way to get ourselves to apply the knowledge is with a determined conscious effort.


I hope your having a great week!  & have a fabulous weekend!

14th Week Master Key Training – Happy New Year!!!


So we’re already just past half way through the class already.  As I’ve mentioned before, the time has been just flying by.  I can’t believe how fast the past year went.  The beginning of the year started out normal.  But as Spring & Summer came & went the time kept going faster & faster.  Then as soon as Fall hit & the holidays started, it just really flew then.  & so here we are at the start of another new year.

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas!  & I hope you have or had a nice New Year too!  I think this is the first year in a while that we actually had gotten a little snow that covered the grass for Christmas day.  It made it look & feel more like Christmas.  I love the snow(looking out at it from inside) but I hate the cold.  I love how the snow makes for a nice back drop for the Christmas lights outside on the houses.  It makes the lights stand out even more.

But with SO much going on/happening, this Christmas season came & went SO quick.  I really didn’t have time to enjoy it at all.  I was really late getting all the lights, tree & decorations up(so that shortened it).  & with so much happening, I didn’t even start Christmas shopping until about 4-5 days before Christmas.  Which didn’t leave me much time to shop & get everything packed & wrapped & under the tree.  I did get some pretty good deals waiting so close to Christmas to shop.  Although, I spent more than I really should have, not having much to spend to begin with.  But, everything was just so rushed & not really enjoyable at all this holiday season.

Christmas day itself goes so fast.  Before you know it, its over & done with.  Then New Years comes & goes.  & now its time to take everything down & put it away.  So nothings left but the memories.  Its so depressing when I have to take down all the lights & decorations, pack & put them away.  It makes me really sad.  I know other people look forward to getting everything down & put away.  But I just love the holiday season.  Its still magical some how to me.  I just wish it didn’t go SO fast.

In the Master Key Training we’re taught not to make New Years Resolutions since we usually don’t stick to them any way.  But to continue the mind building we’ve been doing, reading the scrolls, the weekly lessons, the Blue Print Builder, our DMP, the index cards, etc.  Adding to the cards, things we are grateful for(3 each day) & putting a color/shape with them.  So we link the colors/shapes with our goals in our DMP.  Its all about linking.  & the thought & feeling we put into it.  Or well, everything really.

This week in the Master Keys we are to concentrate deeply on Harmony.  To concentrate so deeply in our sit that we are conscious of nothing but Harmony.  We are reminded that it is in the practice of doing that we learn.  Its one thing to read to get information to learn something.  But we need to put that information we learned into action.  Which is true of a lot of things.  We can wish, hope & dream of anything.  But until we “do” something about it, nothing will change.  I just wish I knew what to “do”.

So for example, if we read how to make a recipe for a cake, it isn’t going to make itself.  We need to get up & get the ingredients, measure them, put them into a bowl, mix them, put them into a pan or dish & bake it on a certain temperature for a certain amount of time.  Following what the recipe tells us but actually doing the work to make it.  & I understand all of that.  I just wish I had a recipe that would tell me what I should do so I could make a lot of money online.   "</p

13th Week Master Key Training – Merry Christmas!


Wow!  I can’t believe Christmas is in a few days already.  & then the New Year!  And we’re half way through the course already.  This time has gone so exceptionally fast.  And I still haven’t gotten caught up yet either.  There’s been SO much going on that I just haven’t had the time.

I’ve been doing as much as I possibly can.  But I can only do so much.  I only get about 3-4 hours of sleep each night as it is.  So I really can’t get any less or I won’t be able to do function.  I keep telling myself I’ll get to bed earlier the next night.  But the next night comes & it happens all over again, I say the same thing.  So then it never happens.  You probably know what I mean.  I could probably sleep for 3 days straight & still not get caught up on sleep.  ”</p

12th Week Master Key Training


So its the middle of December already.  I’ve been falling behind on the class work & even further behind on my home/house work.  I don’t even have my Christmas decorations all up yet.  I finally just finished putting the lights up outside.  But now I still have the whole inside & tree to do.  Not sure when I’ll find the time to do that.  But with Christmas only about a week & a half away, I better get it done real soon,  some how.

As I said, I’m behind on the class work.  I’ve been trying to get caught up, but haven’t had much success lately.  With more & more work to do, it makes it harder to get the past work caught up.  But I’ll keep trying!


This week the reading seems to have more to do with the “laws”(law of attraction, law of growth, etc.).  Which some parts were a little confusing to me.  But not nearly as much as the read last week(week 11).  This weeks reading is about, the intention governs the attention.  & power comes through repose(tranquility, concentration).  Meaning that we need to take action & concentrate on what we’re thinking about.  & to think or concentrate in quiet.

The OG Scroll 3 reading, is about persisting until succeeding or “I will persist until I succeed”.   To not give up.  To keep trying no matter how long it takes.  To learn from our mistakes.  But to keep trying.  If something doesn’t work, go back to the drawing board & think of something else.  Then take action & try it.  Again, if it doesn’t work, try, try & try again.  You just never know when one of those tries will lead to success.  Hopefully sooner then later.  But you never know unless you try.

With this day & age of the internet we don’t have to think as hard as we used to.  Our good friend Google is right there just waiting to lend us a hand.  & there are other people out there we can connect with online(even if they’re on the other side of the world) who we can get help from.  However, just starting out & not knowing what to do doesn’t make it any easier to get started.  How can I get started when I don’t even know what to do yet?

I know I want to be able to do something online to be able to make good money.  But I’m just not sure what to do.  They say to do something you like or have a passion for.  But the thing is, is that I don’t really have any set thing I’d like to do(other than being online).  I’ve raised my kids for the past 30 some years & always put my attention towards them.  I never really had time for myself or to get involved in anything that I might like.


Lately I’ve been thinking on getting started in doing something with Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.  Since its still fairly new & becoming more & more popular, I thought of getting into something to do with that.  But I’m not real sure what I could do with that.  I’m still pretty new & learning about it.  So, I’m still now sure what I could do.

I’m sure if there was something I could do that I’d make good money doing, I wouldn’t mind doing that at all.  If by chance you might have any suggestions of something I could do online where I could make good money doing it, I’m all ears.  & if by chance you might happen to have any suggestions on getting some help to get started, I’d very much like to hear that, too.  Thank you very much!

I hope you’re having a great week!!!


11th Week Master Key Training


I can’t believe we’re almost 3 months in to the Master Key Training already.  This time has gone SOOO fast.  Time in general seems to go faster as you get older.  & year by year, time has been going faster & faster.  But I guess since I’ve been even busier with all the work from the course on top of everything else, that’s making time go even faster.  Time is just flying by light a strike of lightening.  I wish I had an additional couple days every week.  Or really I’d need twice the amount of time, so 48 hours every day instead of 24.

With so much going on & happening now with the holidays coming up, I haven’t even begun to get caught up on the work I’ve fallen behind on.  I’m staying up a little later tonight to get this blog post in and I plan on getting up an hour earlier in the morning.  But I’ve only been getting about 4 hours sleep as it is.  & I think its all starting to catch up to me since I feel tired almost all the time.  I think I need a whole day(& night) where I do nothing but catch up on sleep.  But no time for that, not now at least.

This weeks Lesson 11, the first 3 pages or so of the read didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  It sounded like a bunch of jibberish or almost like another language.  But as I got further along into page 4 and through the remainder of the reading, I understood those pages & I liked most of the rest of it.  But the few at the beginning, I just didn’t really comprehend it.

The quote I have at the top is taken from the bible (Mark 11:24) & is in our lesson this week.  I’ve heard this saying, although said differently, many time before.  “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them”.  Said another way(more current) by Napoleon Hill, “What the mind can conceive & believe it can achieve”.

So for this weeks exercise we’re to concentrate on that saying.  & notice there is really no limitation on the “whatsoever things”.  Only our ability to think. & to remember that Faith is not a shadow, but a substance, “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

I couldn’t decide on which quote to use for the caption in the picture above.  I was undecided between “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them” &  Faith is not a shadow, but a substance, “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  But I finally decided on the first one since it seemed to fit more on what we’re learning here at the Master Keys.

I hope you’ve started to get your Christmas decorations put up & having some time to go shopping for those Christmas presents.  I’ve been trying to put up some little things here & there but I haven’t really had any time yet.  & I haven’t even thought about starting to shop yet.  I guess I better get moving on that too, huh?  But I really gotta get some of this work I’ve gotten behind on caught up.

Any way, I hope you’re having a good week!!!

10th Week Master Key Training


So, we’re 2 & a half months into the Master Keys now.  The time has just gone SO fast.  I’m not sure if you’ve read any other of my posts lately, but I have gotten a little behind in the lessons.  The 7th week was really crazy & I had missed the Sunday class webinar.  That started to week of on a bad note.

That week more & more kept happening & before I knew it the week was over & I hadn’t done any of that weeks lesson.  I did however still keep up with the readings, blueprint builder & my DMP & I did manage to get a blog post in.  It was mainly just the lesson & exercises that I didn’t have time to do.

I figured with Thanksgiving holiday coming up that maybe I’d have some extra time & could get caught up then.  Even though we didn’t have a class webinar for Thanksgiving week we still had the next lesson & exercises to do.  So much for having any extra time to get caught up.  I guess I’ll just have to try & do a little bit at a time to get caught up.

On top of getting behind in week 7, I had gotten behind in writing my movie trailer, my movie poster & my recording since I wasn’t sure of my DMP since it still wasn’t right.  However, my DMP was recently approved(Yay!!!)  So now I need to get caught up on those things now too.  Its just trying to find some extra time to get caught up.  I really hate being behind & always trying to play catch-up.  Once I can get caugt up I know I’ll feel a lot better.

This week we are learning that …  Thought is an active vital form of dynamic energy which has the power to correlate with its object and bring it out of the invisible substance from which all things are created into the visible or objective world.  The law by which all things come into manifestation.  Sounds pretty deep, huh?  ”</p