About Me

Writing a blog is a new experience for me. I began this blog as a way to document my journey with the Master Keys Master Mind Alliance and changing my thought patterns.

I am a 53 year old mother of three beautiful adult daughters and grandmother to 5 boys and 3 girls. I have been married to the love of my life for 35 years. I live in California and enjoy camping, fishing and organic gardening. I am also a home winemaker, entrepreneur and lifetime learner.

I recently graduated as an Integrative Nutrition Coach and sell plant based nutrition products.

I enjoy a simple life – enjoying the company of friends and family, camping and fishing,  being in nature, being creative. I love rising early when everyone is asleep to greet the sunrise and spending that time in contemplative thought as I start my day.

Thank you for reading and being with me on this journey of rediscovery.

Desire and Resistance

As a child my desires were crystal clear. I dared to dream that anything is possible. I  would make big forecasts of what my future would hold. Where I would live, how much money I would have, the kind of car I would drive, the great things I would accomplish.

Growing up in a broken home wasn’t different than a lot children of the time but it set the stage for many of the circumstances that caused me to live in scarcity. I lost touch with my deepest desires. All mattered was survival. In the process I lost my self, the part of Me that dared to dream. I lost confidence and belief in myself.

For many years I have been trying to break free of scarcity. I refuse to live in survival mode any longer!

Yesterday I wrote out a Definite Major Purpose to identify those things that I desire in my life. I thought it would be easy but I was surprised how difficult it actually was to put my desires in writing. It was as if my mind would not allow my fingers to type the words. I could feel the resistance of my old thoughts creeping in and even questioning myself. I know I will be going back and refining what I wrote and those desires may change as I do. However, the process of working through this exercise has freed me to the extent that I finally was able to get it written after trying over the last 5 days.

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