Week 17

A little late with this post, but it’s here now.  Still seeing Kindness at every opportunity.  Doing Persistence this week and seem massive examples of that as well.  This is a great exercise to make oneself more aware rather than just drifting through the day.  Still reading every day but have found that if I read paragraphs out of order in the DMP, Blueprint, Press Release, and a few other things I read regularly, it injects a new freshness in to the reading.

Found an electronic flashcard app for my phone as well.  That makes it easy to just flash through some cards on the phone anytime, anywhere.

Week 16

I like the Kindness exercise….makes you focus on what really happens around you rather than just “sliding” by basically ignorant to what is really going on.  Again and again I am reminded just how kind my wife really is.  Thanks for this exercise.  Will keep reminding myself to look for kindness in the weeks and months and years ahead.

Week 13

Working away at it still.  Love the Sit (most peaceful part of the day).  Thought the cards were a corny idea at first, but like the idea of flooding my mind with good thoughts, grateful thoughts, and just positive input.  No real breakthroughs yet but see the value in the course and material.  I see the potential….just wish it would coalesce a little bit quicker.  One of my cards says “I Will NOT Quit”.  That’s the plan…..

Week 11 Post

Not having a great week.  Don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but much seems to be going in reverse these days.  Hanging in reading, doing the sit, listening to recordings and such…and working to maintain (regain) a positive attitude.  I’m sure this is temporary, but don’t like where I’m at just now.  Who knows maybe something is improving, a few weeks ago, I would have just said the Hell with it, not not posted at all.

Week 9

I missed the blog post for week 8, well not really.   Honestly blogging is just not my thing.  My guide Chiara sent me an email telling me to get going with the blog stuff so here I am.

Enjoying the course very much….learning a lot.  Actually what I’m really learning is just how little I really know.  Trying to chizzle l down more on the Golden Buddha.  It’s pretty thick I.  Might need a jack-hammer to do the job right. ;-)

Week 7

Missed posting for Week 6.  I think I have my DMP finished.  We’ll see what my Guide has to say in a day or two.  I have to thank Chiara for pointing out my weaknesses, that guidance has helped me very much, and was obviously much needed.

Still not real comfortable with the blog stuff.  Frankly I’m just doing it because it’s a requirement.

Very happy with the course so far and expect great things to result from it, but I know the work to be done will be done by me and me alone (with help).   Frankly I’ve never been this focused on my life or future, something I regret very much.   But hey, better late than never, right?

Week 5

I missed Week 4.  Sorry.  On to Week 5.

Still working on my DMP.  I’m getting closer and I think I’m about 90% there.  Something feels like it is missing but I’ve not nailed that down just yet.  Keeping up with the readings and that’s getting easier.  I find myself thinking more throughout the day about my DMP and the terms I’ve set out for myself.  In the past, I’d listen to all the gurus about setting goals, set some goals, write them down….and pull a Ron Poppeel……”Set it and forget it.” Years later I’d run across them and say to myself, “Hell, I didn’t accomplish any of those.”

Those days are done.  The Master Key Experience is a great program….only wish I’d found it years ago.  BUT,  I did find it eventually.  Looking forward to more growth and success!

Week 3

Not too comfortable with this blog stuff just yet…no real reason, just not used to it I guess.  Anyway, getting more into the reading and the sit.  FEEL like things are starting to come together in this process.  The DMP is a work in progress as I don’t think I have ever put this much effort into a thought out goals process, but glad I am finally tackling it now.  Right now I’m thinking to myself… “it’s about time you did this right – you’ve tried umpteen time before with no result.”  I have a strong feeling that this time things will be different.  Have come to the final conclusion that I don’t really care what this ends up costing….I’m going to complete this process and blaze a new path forward….PERIOD!

Had to vent there, just a bit…..

2nd Week Post

Love the readings and the 15min sit time much more than I thought I would.  Helps you to focus and calm the mind for the job ahead.  Struggling a bit with squeezing everything into the day along with work and other obligations…but getting there and this change in routine is finding its own place in the daily flow, so to speak.  Happy with my progress and looking forward to more of the same!  New daily motto:  DO IT NOW!  (Of course I’ve heard it before, but never REALLY applied it.)