Week 3 – MKE reminds of a quote by Robert Collier, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”…

Wow, what a week. Busy, but it seems like I’m moving in slow motion. This reminds me of the athlete that’s training for the marathon….you’re broken down and slowly built back up. Completing the tasks are getting to be a little tough, but thanks to a great guide along with excellent teachers and my motivation and self-determination within, I’m completing this regardless of the sacrifices I’m making.

I have an amazing story to share with you in this blog. While sitting in church listening to the message on Sunday about “How To Get Victory Over Depression”. Suddenly, I perked up and it sound and felt like I was in our MKE webinar. My ears could not believe what I was hearing. I heard things like, “You can’t function on your emotions”; “Emotional reasoning is dangerous”; and that “Feelings are not always true”. As the message went on….all of a sudden I start recalling things from the webinars, and like a bright light bulb going off on the top of my head ….it HIT MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Blueprint: Thoughts —> Charge with Emotions IMPACT your BELIEFS which produces an ACTION to get a RESULT! So I suddenly and unknowingly said out loud …WOW! and people began to stare at me. So I looked down and thought to myself…I heard this in Go90Grow, but the dots didn’t connect like now in the MKE course.

I never thought a class of this magnitude would have such a strong influence on me, but the habits I’m establishing have awaken deep down within a craven to break out of the shackles of everyday life and equip myself with new skills to succeed in my passions. The time has come to shape and train mentally for a battle, that I’m about to take on like no other in my life. I’m digging in deep, so I can remain stable when the storm come as I progressed to the top of my network marketing company.

In closing, I will state what Mark Twain once said, “To succeed in life, you need two things; ignorance and confidence”.

Week 2 – The MKE Experience is so “Unique”!

Howdy Everyone,

My experience with the 15 minute has been so interesting I can’t wait to describe it.  On Monday, around 5:30am the alarm sounds off and I proceed to get out of bed and sit quietly to read scroll 1 from the “The Greatest Salesman in the World”.  After reading, I softly placed the book on the table, closed my eyes and sat still for 15 minutes in my small soft velvet green lazy boy chair.  Suddenly, I saw a small me jump out of my body  and into my brain.  In the beginning I was a little puzzled.  So as I started to walk,  I saw two little figures.  Guess who?  I met “Conscious” on my right and “Sub-Conscious” to the left.  I couldn’t help to hear and see both of them arguing who has the most power….  This went for a while and suddenly the little me spoke and they began to listen……after that my 15 minutes was up.

I’m not sure what just happened, but it was exciting and a little scary.   It was like I was starting to play a movie about my life and the movie stopped as though I have grown up to that point in my life…

MKE unlike no other course I’ve taken, through the tools, preparations, key thoughts, and meditations has enthusiastically painted very vividly on the canvas of my “BEING” as well as, happily reinforced in my “SPIRIT” that “Nature has truly and already supplied me with knowledge and instinct “FAR” greater than any beast in the forest!”

Until later let the principles endure and the laws lead.