Master key week 10

Week 10  The law of cause and effect  That for every cause the is an effect so you can plan things once you know that there is no effect with out a cause so once you know the cause you will know the effect. I am falling  behind I have to get back on track. I am doing better with the mental diet still have a long way to go for seven days. I am doing better with the options having less but still having them

Week 9 of the Master Key

The importance of self talk . Week 9 lesson what we tell are self’s  is what we become. We must control are self talk because bad or good  will manifest  it’s self in the world within which  will be manifested in the world without. So must think and say good things to are self. For me I know I have criticized my actions in negative thoughts. I have to change that. I am still having to many opinions still  mostly in my mind but they are still  opinions. Still working on getting  my first day of the mental diet. Now I understand how my self talk is a big part of the mental diet for me.

Masterkey week 5

This week learning to understand how important  to guard you subconscious mind from negative thoughts. Working on not having any options is hard seems I have so many about thing that really don’t matter anyway. Reading Emerson’s essay on compensation hard to understand the words spend more time using the dictionary them reading for me.

Masterkey Week 2

I finally finished the revision of my DMP. The old blueprint was working on me  but I pushed through. I was able to keep up just missed i reading of OG  Still have to get to the blog roll but will get to it . Feeling very good about everything so far this time through because I am a different person then the last time. I feel I am building on the person I was last time growing is the name of the game.

Week 1 masterkey

I am being reminded all that’s appears from without is only a reflection of  whats within.  I must do a much better job this time though the course. Right now my thoughts are all over the place I definitely need help  with this. Reading OG three times is a must for me. I know for me I must do all the work with out fail this time. I am feeling better already it’s week one hurrah. Looking forward new things happening for me