Week 4 – What’s Bugging You Subby?

How many days can I get by on three hours sleep?

I started working with a personal trainer last week. This entails me waking up in the 5 o’clock hour three times a week. I get up and do my readings and eat breakfast and head downstairs to the gym for thirty minutes of exercise (i.e., torture). Then get ready for work.

I’ve had very productive work days and I’ve been following the course requirements daily. I’m tired, but around eleven I’m suddenly wide awake. I take some melatonin and do my bedtime reading and go to sleep around midnight.

Now, for the third night in a row I’ve woken up around 2:30 in a bit of a panic. I’ll probably fall asleep again around 4:45.

Somehow, I think something weird is s being worked out in my subconscious that’s scary.

During the day I’m making progress. For the first time ever I’m prospecting daily. I’m solving problems at work and coming up with some good creative ideas.

Stay tuned. Thanks

Week 3 – Keeping up the Pace

Subby Seems to be on the Job

I’ve had a very busy week. Among other things, for some reason I decided to start a personal training program three days per week at 6:00 or 6:30am. This has put some pressure on my time to do my homework, but I’m doing OK with that.

I’m not great with time schedules beyond the next day or so. I’m going on vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina soon. Right after I filled out my chore card I thought “are you crazy? You’re going on vacation next week so you’ll have to do both this week.”  So what did I do? I did next week’s chore first. Took a day off and did this week’s chore. Then I looked at my calendar to see that vacation is two Saturdays away, not one. So I’m ahead of the game on one front.

During Saturday’s reading class the instructor talked about how she has gotten better a finding things. I have, too. It’s wild three things that I thought were lost for good suddenly popped into my mind and I went right to them. This kind of thing is happening in other ways, too.

Random thought of the week

We are not separate from the universe. We’re part of it. Our life is attached to all life. Just like the water in this upside down glass is not separate from the water in the sink. I’ve held this belief for the longest time. Perhaps this group will understand this point of view. I looked for a video that illustrates this concept, but couldn’t find one so I made one. Check it out. I’ll make one with higher production values later!


Now it’s time for me to read my bedtime stories to myself.

Week 2 – Now this is more like it!

I have been all in so far this week.

Saturday we attended a wedding in Annapolis and enjoyed the festivities. That was my last day of distraction. Sunday morning we had brunch at the wedding hotel and, for the first time in decades of brunches, I did not have a Bloody Mary (or two).

Sunday when I got home I decided to buckle down and do this MKE thing. I re-read the material (and read some that I didn’t before). Later in the day I participated in the Sunday webinar. A strange thing happened.  I didn’t have a drink. I didn’t feel like it. It was not work; there was no struggle. It just was.

Monday I followed the prescribed pattern. Doing all the reading; that which was read aloud was read with gusto. Work was good. A weird thing happened at lunch – I talked to somebody about my new side business – and I  actually asked him to check it out! I have been noodling around the edges of network marketing for about three years; I had what I thought were great offerings, but I could never bring myself to ask people to join/buy. It just came out easy peasy. What’s up with that?

The weirdness continued. When I got home I didn’t have my usual drinks. I just didn’t.

Every day this week has been the same thing. I just naturally talk to at least one person about my business and I’m getting a positive response. And then no drinking.

I’m already seeing changes in my life; I thought it was to be at least week four or something where I was supposed to see this kind of change.  I am making habit changes I did not expect to make.

One thing that may have set the stage for this is that I read (listened to) Stealing Fire, by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal. The book is about achieving flow and how people has been striving for that through the ages. I was very surprised to hear how much Burning Man was featured in the book. I’ve been to Burning Man seven times. It helped me articulate some of what I feel from the process of delivering art installations in that temporary city. Check out my About page for some more information on my participation.


P.S. I started this weeks blog post with “I’m a man of few words so most of my posts will be quite brief.” Ha!