The Master Key Experience – Week 22

Immortality… Why not?

This past week in the Master Key Experience was a strong reminder about the idea of health and the mind body connection.  This has always been one of the most profound ideas and principles I’ve ever studied.  I know get it at a much deeper level now, some 22 weeks into the MKE. It is also one the most freeing and empowering principles I’ve ever studied.  Some 30 years ago when I worked with Tony Robbins, my favorite seminar to deliver was a program that recorded called “Living Health”.  It touched on the idea that a cell can live forever, so why don’t we? 21082814_10156984432069852_4120170066634856808_o In a book by the late Rav Philip Berg, titled Nano, he discusses the idea of immortality, and why it’s not only possible, but it is our purpose.  He states that separation is the energy of death.  Our job is to actually develop our consciousness to a point where we create a level of connection that will remove the illusion of separation between us.  Where the distinction between you and I will vanish, and we experience total unity.  This is what he calls the messiah energy, or heaven on earth. As Hanell writes in 22-5: “Everything is the universe is what it is by virtue of its rate of vibration.” We know that love is the highest vibration, that the vibration of love draws us close and removes space.  By raising our vibration to the vibration of love, immortality is possible.  I say, “Why not?” Peace

3 thoughts on “The Master Key Experience – Week 22

  1. Thank you for this week’s share – so well expressed that I got excited when I read it. It is a pleasure to be introduced to others who can help me, help all of us, on this journey.

  2. Beautiful thoughts. Thanks for sharing!…..’death’ is ‘but’ transformation, indeed, from one vibration into the next. And up to us to choose what and where that one is, and ‘outer world’ mirrors that back to us in physical shapes. It’s all ‘us’ indeed. Everything an aspect of that same One.
    Beautiful thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

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