The Master Key Experience – Week 23



The concept of Defenselessness has been such a powerful way to move myself from being reactive, to becoming the observer.  It has become so much easier to walk through my week not having to defend or justify, but to just allow.


Allowing people to be who they are, where they are, with respect to me or life is amazing.  I never realized how much energy and effort it took to be defending ideas, positions, beliefs…  Wow, a real game changer.  This idea may be one of the most practical tools I’ve received to assist in really freeing me to become the observer in life.  Thank you!


The Master Key Experience – Week 22A

The Shift from Empathy to Compassion

This week I was traveling, and with a bye week, I had time to read an article that was sent to me by a dear friend who is an emergency room physician making a huge difference for health care professionals.  The article was about the power of moving from the feelings of empathy to compassion.


Let me first say, that I really didn’t have a real strong distinction between the two.  But when I got it, I had to share it with you.  This will be the cliff notes version, so for more detailed info I’ve included Dr. Frank Gabrin’s website at the bottom of this post.  You see, Dr. Frank shared that empathy was a state of shared suffering.  In fact, human beings are hard wired for empathy as a survival mechanism.  In other words, our subconscious is feeling someone else’s pain, even if we aren’t conscious of it.  Wow, know wonder so many caregivers struggle and look for ways to escape the pain they may not even know they are feeling!  And get this, in a state of empathy, nothing but negative neuropeptides are getting released.  That’s right, feeling empathy creates nothing positive neurochemically in the body.

So the key is to shift from empathy to compassion.  And the way to do that by asking a simple question.  “I wonder what it would be like to be in that exact situation?”  By asking a question like that, we move from the emotional/feeling part of the brain, to thinking.  And as Dr. Frank says, “Thought trumps emotion!”

In a state of compassion, massive amounts of positive neuropeptides are released, and in the same way we were automatically drawn into the state of empathy by the person in pain, we are now vibrating at a much higher frequency and through our conscious thought we now elevate them at an unconscious level!  And for ourselves, moving to a state of compassion allows these positive neurotransmitters to augment everything we do as humans from enhancing our physical strength, our immune sytem, spacial perception, calculation, problem solving and more!  That’s right!  Just by being who we choose to be we can elevate everyone, including ourselves!

Check out more from Dr. Frank Gabrin at


The Master Key Experience – Week 22

Immortality… Why not?

This past week in the Master Key Experience was a strong reminder about the idea of health and the mind body connection.  This has always been one of the most profound ideas and principles I’ve ever studied.  I know get it at a much deeper level now, some 22 weeks into the MKE. It is also one the most freeing and empowering principles I’ve ever studied.  Some 30 years ago when I worked with Tony Robbins, my favorite seminar to deliver was a program that recorded called “Living Health”.  It touched on the idea that a cell can live forever, so why don’t we? 21082814_10156984432069852_4120170066634856808_o In a book by the late Rav Philip Berg, titled Nano, he discusses the idea of immortality, and why it’s not only possible, but it is our purpose.  He states that separation is the energy of death.  Our job is to actually develop our consciousness to a point where we create a level of connection that will remove the illusion of separation between us.  Where the distinction between you and I will vanish, and we experience total unity.  This is what he calls the messiah energy, or heaven on earth. As Hanell writes in 22-5: “Everything is the universe is what it is by virtue of its rate of vibration.” We know that love is the highest vibration, that the vibration of love draws us close and removes space.  By raising our vibration to the vibration of love, immortality is possible.  I say, “Why not?” Peace

The Master Key Experience – Week 21

You Mean I Might Not Live Forever?

This has been one of my most challenging weeks of this amazing journey, for many reasons.  But the most challenging has been dealing with the concept of my own mortality.  In fact, since we did the exercise of reading a random obituary once a day things haven’t been quite the same for me, I just haven’t been able to put my finger on it…until now.

You see, for about the past 10 years I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to live forever.  Like really, I believe that this physical reality is the illusion, and that we can create Heaven on Earth when we realize that there is no separation, that you are me and I am you, and we are here to create and play.  I believe that immortality is not only possible, but why we are here.  But this week I came to a realization when we had to euthanize our little teacup Yorkie, Lucy.  Lucy was the last of our family pets that have been with us during the childhood of our kids.  Goldie our greyhound, Blaze the Malamut-Huskey mix, Maggie our Jack Russell, and finally Lucy.  Lucy’s passing represented the end of something, a finality that I haven’t experienced before.  It represented a definite end to something, a passage of time.  Our pets that were such a huge part of our family’s life were gone.  Our children are young adults.  I’m 58, with silver hair  (I still can’t say gray).

On Tuesday morning I woke up knowing we had to take Lucy to the Vet, and I started to read the Scroll Marked V.  “I will live this day, as if it is my last”.  And it was my last, my last with Lucy…



That morning, when I was taking Lucy out for what would be our last short walk together, I realized that I was using the idea of immortality as a freakin’ excuse to be lazy.  Wow is the ego a sneaky thing.

Thanks to Lucy, I realized that I can use the current reality, where physical death does exist, as a tool.  And OG’s final paragraph in the Scroll Marked V has become my new mantra…

I live this day as if it is my last.  And if it isn’t, I shall fall to my knees and give thanks.

Thank you Lucy!  Your little soul is immortal, and on your last day you’ve helped transform me forever.

The Master Key Experience – Week 20

A New Word… Why Not?

I was sharing some of my insights of this week with a friend, and the words compassion and patience kept coming up in the discussion.  Upon looking at how I hold those two words, I discovered something interesting.

For me, compassion was a feeling of deep empathy and connection with someone or something, but it had a sense of “that’s just the way it is” there was a feeling of finality about it.  On the other hand, patience, for me, carries a feeling of something is NOT right, but in time it can and will change….  I found myself not liking how I held compassion with a finality about it, and patience like there was something not right about the present moment.

Big sister comforts and embraces her little brother to alleviate fears and anxieties



So how about a new word, Compatience.  A feeling of deep empathy and connection, blended with everything is perfect in the moment and getting even better!

Would love your thoughts!


The Master Key Experience – Week 19

Well, This Was Late…Week 19

And for the first time in what seems like forever, I’m not beating myself up about something that I didn’t get done that is very important to me.  I’m trusting that everything is perfect, and happening for me.  I’m learning more about myself, my former way of being and realizing that the person I intend to become doesn’t have time for guilt.

Yesterday is buried forever and I will think of it no more!

So there!



The Master Key Experience – Week 18

A Life Well Lived

During week 19 of the MKE, I feel like the connections I was seeing were literally like observing the invisible matrix revealing itself to me.  The week before, the process or reading various and random obituaries had a very profound effect on me.  I’m still processing the different feelings and emotions that came over me during that process.


Then, on the first of the month we moved into reading the Scroll marked V.  “I will live this day as if it is my last.”  The next morning I found myself in New York City at the memorial service that was held for celebrity gossip columnist Liz Smith.  It would have been her 95th birthday.  You see, my wife had the good fortune to become one of Liz’s thousands of friends, and we received an invite to the service.  It was held at the Majestic Theatre, and it was packed.  Over two thousand people showed up to celebrate Liz’s life, and what a full life it was.  A huge contrast to the many obituaries I had read the week previous, and a shining example of someone who lived each day as if it were their last.

Someone shared with me years ago, that our lives are nothing more than a hyphen.  I was confused at first, then they explained.  You see, on your gravestone it will read

Bobby Rometo

Born December 30, 1959 - Died (Insert Date)

Our lives are the hyphen in between those two dates… How do you want to fill that space?

The Master Key Experience – The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey, The Only Real Journey

This week has been a really fascinating experience for me.  The concept of The Hero’s Journey has been front and center.  I’ve been reviewing much of my life in terms of this whole idea, noticing in my own life when the calls to action showed up, and whether or not I stepped up to answer the call.  For me, looking at my life in these terms has been extremely useful.  It’s been the difference between an expanding world versus a shrinking one.  Fortunately, more often than not, I’ve chosen to answer the call.  But there have been times when I didn’t.  And the results, though not always obvious, never added anything of value to my life other than creating more pain that would ultimately have me answer the next Herald’s Call!

So why bother wasting time, hiding out, pretending we are anything less than Nature’s Greatest Miracle?  Just step up and answer the call, be the Hero you came here to be.  Live the life you were born to live.  Make the difference you came here to make.  Do it now!



The Master Key Experience – Week 17

Who, Or What, Is My God???

Week 17 of this Journey has been a powerful one for me.  From the very first sentence of Part 17…

“The kind of Deity which a man, consciously or unconsciously, worships, indicates the intellectual status of the worshiper.” 

 Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.55.25 AM

That one sentence caused me to reflect deeply on what I was making my god.  And after 17 weeks I realized I was still worshiping something that truly was not that significant to me… achievement.  Achievement, still a freaking effect!!!

The Franklin Makeover is driving this home for me.  It’s the attributes of the Creator that I’m after, the ultimate CAUSE!  Love.  Those 13 attributes ultimately lead me to that place of love.  Love is what I want to give, feel, and be.  This is what will provide me access to connect with that creative force, and allow me to co-create the reality I choose.  Sometimes I can be a slow learner, but I believe that it’s the lessons that require the most work are the ones that provide the biggest payoff.




The Master Key Experience – Week 16

It Keeps Getting Better!

“Capital is an effect, not a cause:  a servant, not a master;  a means, not an end”.  Beautiful!  Each week the lessons get deeper and more profound, with simplicity and power.  Week sixteen of the Master Key Experience hasn’t disappointed.  I’m blown away by the power each successive weeks lesson.  It consistently drives the principles of the program deeper, and with more clarity.  It feels like veils are being removed each week, and wisdom of the ages is being revealed at the exact time that I’m able to take it in.

I’m also very challenged by the revelations each week, as I’m confronted with the gap between the man I’ve been up until  this moment in time, and the future me.  The good news is I’m now consciously creating the future me, instead of continuing to unconsciously create more of the old me.  I can hear my wonderful father’s voice, who left this world almost ten years ago, saying as he always would “Patience son.”  What a gift this journey continues to be!