The Master Key Experience – Week 16

It Keeps Getting Better!

“Capital is an effect, not a cause:  a servant, not a master;  a means, not an end”.  Beautiful!  Each week the lessons get deeper and more profound, with simplicity and power.  Week sixteen of the Master Key Experience hasn’t disappointed.  I’m blown away by the power each successive weeks lesson.  It consistently drives the principles of the program deeper, and with more clarity.  It feels like veils are being removed each week, and wisdom of the ages is being revealed at the exact time that I’m able to take it in.

I’m also very challenged by the revelations each week, as I’m confronted with the gap between the man I’ve been up until  this moment in time, and the future me.  The good news is I’m now consciously creating the future me, instead of continuing to unconsciously create more of the old me.  I can hear my wonderful father’s voice, who left this world almost ten years ago, saying as he always would “Patience son.”  What a gift this journey continues to be!


The Master Key Experience – Week 15

In The Beginning Was The Word…

This week in the Master Key has been an amazing reminder for me.  I’ve often shared with the groups I’ve spoken in front of, the awesome power of the spoken word.  Jim Rohn often shared from the opening lines in the Bible, “In the beginning was the word, and the word was God.”  One could interpret that opening line as saying that words were God-like, and had the power to create.  This is ever present in Part 15 of the Master Key.  Thoughts are Spiritual and therefore creative, and the first form that thought finds is language, or words.  

This journey has been one of continually waking up to truths, that at some core level, I’ve always known.   The past 15 weeks have been a process of remembering these truths.  I feel like the Master Key Experience has been shaking my soul, waking it from a deep sleep that has had me living life in a very limited and  safe way.  Each week as I wake up more and more, I feel myself shedding fear, concerns, and thoughts of limitation.  I’m growing daily and waking up to the possibility that life is, and it is exciting.  To live life fearlessly is liberating and filled with the possibility of miracles!  I am natures greatest miracle!

The Master Key Experience – Week 14

What Do Ya Think?

Fourteen weeks into the Master Key Experience and I’ve finally gotten hypersensitive to the thoughts that are occurring in my mind, and I’m at last beginning to quickly substitute the negative ones with one’s I consciously choose.  Fourteen weeks in and I’m pleased to report that I’m also realizing that the amount of thoughts that just randomly occur are becoming less frequent.  I’m becoming more aware, more conscious, and choosing my thoughts.  I am actually thinking, instead of being thought by my old blueprint.  Well, I guess my subconscious is still thinking me, but now I’m consciously feeding it the right ingredients and raw materials to create the life I desire.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 9.01.40 PM

This week has all about harmony, being present to and experiencing harmony.  It’s truly been a gift.  I’ve noticed less struggle in my day to day, moment to moment life.  There has been a flow and effortlessness to life this week, and I like that!  I’ve always said that perception if powerful, and I’ve consciously chosen to perceive and experience harmony in everything.  I’ve been willing to have faith and certainty that even when things look less than harmonious, that by shifting my world within, my thoughts, the harmony will ultimately reveal itself in my world without!

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!

Peace out.

The Master Key Experience – Week 13

Separation vs Connection

This past week was one of extreme contrast, at least that’s what I thought.  Until I had a very powerful realization just a day ago.

I had been enjoying the fact that my immediate family, consisting of my two boys ages 26 and 23, and my daughter age 19, were all together with my wife and I for the Christmas holiday.  It’s the first time we’ve all been together since my daughter’s graduation from High School last June.  I had just sat down for a cup of coffee early in the morning at Starbucks and was ready to handle some emails that needed taken care of when the phone rang, it was my wife telling me to come back to our apartment.  I could hear the upset in her voice, and the sound of a woman wailing uncontrollably.  A young man who lived in the building had taken his life.  His girlfriend found him hanging from a rope in his apartment.

I arrived to police cars, fire and rescue trucks, and a handful of people who were in shock.  My wife and I stayed with the girlfriend, and did our best to console and comfort her in what was an inconsolable situation.  She tried to tell us through her strong Russian accent what had been going on for him.  He had been in a custody battle for his daughter with his ex-wife, and it was ugly.  She said he didn’t have any friends, other than her.  I never saw him at our building, only his car parked in the back of the building with his magnetic sign for his business on it.  In 3 hours it was all over, the police had left, the coroner had left, the crime scene lab was gone.  The only thing left was the memory of a young man who felt so separated from people, life, and love, that he chose to leave the world and his young daughter behind.

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 9.42.29 AM

Later that afternoon as I was thinking about what had happened, it hit me.  Something I read a long time ago about death and immortality.  That separation was the energy of death, and connection was the energy of immortality.  The more space we can remove between us, the closer we can come to immortality.   The more space we can remove between us, the closer we can come to returning to that time when we were all connected to each other before physicality and the illusion of separation took over.

So my commitment is to pay attention, to do all I can and connect with everyone I encounter in some way.  Do do my best to remove the illusion of separation.

“Wherever I go I bring a gift.  I may bring a compliment, a prayer, a trinket, a flowerbut I promise I will give something to every person I encounter!”

Wishing you all a happy and connected holiday season and miraculous New Year!


The Master Key Experience – Week 12

What The Hell Happened?

Well week eleven of this journey is ending, and I feel like I’ve completely been ambushed by my old blueprint.  “Too busy”, “too many people needing my attention”, “traveling too much”, and all the other very logical reasons I can come up with for getting behind when I just recommitted to buckling down and hyper-focusing!

But I know better… Every time I truly commit to something, the Universe seems to send me tests to see if I really mean it!  This week has been a great example of that.  I haven’t gotten everything down that I said I would.  I haven’t caught up on the things that were lagging behind for me in the program.  But I’ve made to choice, again, to not fall back into the old pattern of beating myself up and making myself bad and wrong, (something that I’d truly mastered over the past 1o years) but instead I realize I have to option to recommit, this time with an awareness that the challenges are coming just as they always do.  But this time I will greet them with a smile, and a knowing that, as Og says, “I will persist until I succeed!”  I know that I closed my last blog post with that line, and I don’t care.  I will say it and use it as often as needed…until I succeed!

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 9.58.29 AM

While I know it would be “logical” to use the excuses that showed up this week to somewhat derail my plan to get it all together, I have know interest in living a logical life.  I’m up to having a life that’s miraculous, and logic and miracles don’t reside in the same space.  There’s nothing logical about a miracle.  Recommit and refocus, never resign.


The Master Key Experience – Week 11

Resistance Is Futile!

This week has been fascinating for me.  While I’ve been excited to re-commit to all components of the program and really dig in, the part that has been the most enjoyable and clear for me has been very challenging this week.  My daily reading of Haanel’s Master Key has always been a component of the program that I’ve been eager to plug into  This week, however, it has been difficult to say the least.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 6.41.04 PM

I’ve actually had difficulty staying awake while reading it on multiple occasions.  This, for me, has always indicated that I’m resisting something at a very deep level.   The old blueprint has risen its ugly head once again.  But my commitment is to continue reading part eleven until I’m excited to read it… I will persist until I succeed!!!

Have a miraculous week!

The Master Key Experience – Week 10

Focus Bobbyson

Week 10, like all the others in this amazing program has provided its own unique set of challenges and opportunities.    Last Sunday, without a webcast felt a little off, and coming off of the holiday weekend made it even more challenging to stay connected to the job at hand.  The power of having set up my world to constantly be impacting my subconscious got extremely clear throughout the week.  And while I’m sure I didn’t get everything done that I would have liked to inside the program, I was able to not beat myself up about it, but instead I was able to acknowledge how far I’ve come and recommit to continue on this path not only for the balance of the program, but for the rest of my life.


I’m so grateful for all of this program, the work, challenges, the results, all of it!

The Master Key Experience – Week Nine


This week on the journey has been one of catching up, and feeling deep appreciation and gratitude for the amazing gift that participating in this program has been.  Having clarity about the power of all the things we are doing each day, throughout the day, puts a smile on my face and reinforces the transformation that is occurring!  I can’t walk into a room, see a shape or hear my favorite song without feeding my subconscious mind exactly what I want to see in the world without… magical!

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 10.25.14 AM

So let me say here how grateful I am to be a part of a group of individuals  who are consciously self-directed and committed to extraordinary lives!



The Master Key Experience Week Eight

The Humor Of It All…

Well, this week has been a really powerful experience with regard to the current me getting to know the future me.  First of all, it’s been extremely eye-opening for me to leave the fantasy of who I think I’ve been showing up as, and really seeing the gap between who and where I am today versus the future me in my DMP.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 8.46.03 AM

Maybe the most impactful introduction came while early Thursday morning when I had to clean our cats litter box.  The pad that held the urine hadn’t been changed and it was quite full.  As I removed it, cat urine spilled on the hardwood floor, my pants, and my hands.  As I began to react, it was almost like I had an out of body experience.  I was watching the present me on my hands and knees, just before sunrise,  cleaning cat urine from the floor and from myself.  The present me had tears running down his cheeks as my wife gently placed her hand on my shoulder to comfort him.  Then, miraculously the present me began to laugh as he remembered his DMP, and how the future me’s mornings look, excitedly springing out of bed to greet the sunrise from the sanctuary of his well organized home office that overlooked the city lights.  Filled with gratitude for the gift of a new day, my personal assistant hands me the days’ schedule, and my chef serves the first of the days healthy and nutritious meals.  The gap between the two scenarios was comical!

The awareness was beautiful, and the clarity continues to come.  The work needing to be done continues to be shown to me in so many ways.  And now I have the Master Key, to actually create the life of my dreams.  So very grateful!

The Master Key Experience – Week Seven

The Roller-Coaster Ride Continues!

Wow, this week has been by far the most challenging for me thus far.  I believe the realization of how often a negative thought enters my world has been both a curse and a blessing, there it is again, that paradox thing!

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 11.54.08 AM

The curse,  seeing the shear numbers of negative thoughts that show up in my life, (and I thought I was a pretty positive person, Haha!)  It was actually physically exhausting!  The blessing, having the awareness and a strategy and system to change it all!  A daunting task, but in truth, a choice.  Taking responsibility and choosing to actually use my conscious mind pro-actively to create a different world within, and thereby, a different world without.  The world that I consciously co-create, the world of my dreams and greatest desires… Heaven on earth!

What an awesome journey this is!  Bring on week eight!