Witness to a Mastermind

I had the honor of attending the first meeting to form a new shooting club in my area.  It was uplifting  to count 30 visitors in attendance because it was not widely publicized other than on Facebook. Little did the organizers know, they are forming a mastermind alliance!  I am glad I witnessed it!

Definite Purpose

Their definiteness of purpose is clear: a non-profit social club, who gather for their love of shooting, acting in harmony to build a new convenient shooting facility to the community which educates advanced safety taught by some of the best teachers in the state.


Acting in harmony: The main initiators gathered their friends with similar interests.  Word has been out for less than a month now.  One couple donated their shop to be the first meeting place.  Others have been researching how to organize this, and define it’s purpose.

One act of disharmony was witnessed in the congregation: one man strongly suggested the social club become politically involved.  Not that anyone disagreed with the opinion of the man, but the collective whole does not wish this club to become a political club.  It is for social, education and shooting.  This was also good to witness.  The meeting organizers met with the man afterwords and had a discussion to clarify objectives.

They asked for people to consider serving as officers.  They welcome all input, whether it be there at that meeting or in a one-on-one in a coffee shop.

Visioning the Future

This will be fascinating to see develop and what great things they bring to the community and the safety they will teach the community.

“Cool Runnings” and Persistence

I just watched the movie, “Cool Runnings” and what a pleasant experience.  It also taught me a lot about persistence.


A couple of Jamaican race athletes had a burning desire to compete in the Olympics.  They trained hard, but during tryouts, one fell and knocked the other out of the tryout.  Both lost their chance to compete in the Olympics…..so they thought.

Purpose and Burning Desire Finds a Way

These men possessed something called burning desire to compete in the Olympics.  After a few chance encounters (subby naturally bringing this man resources) lead him to create the very first Jamaican bobsled team, so they could get into the Olympics!


Taurice formed his mastermind.  He sought a former bobsled coach that just so happened to live on the island.  Reluctant, he decided to become the coach.  Team was formed by some chance too because no body else showed up. Nonetheless, the mastermind was set: Coach and four athletes, all who wanted to compete in the Olympics.  Though not all were in harmony to begin with, eventually they all harmonized.  The entire team came together and impressed the public on television.

Plan of Action

There was a need for a large sum of money to get going: the rich kid, sold his car (and disobeyed his dad) to raise the money.  They practiced on their push cars on the hot island, learning the skills needed to launch.  The coach secured a used practice bobsled when they arrived in Canada.  They practiced and sang as they launched.  They practiced with flash cards of the turns, the way we do in MKE.


Most laughed at the idea of a Jamaican bobsled team. Everywhere they turned, they were discredited.  But the team persisted thru the end.  Often times facing the most extreme odds, they would sing and get into their Jamaican spirit, pride, and that would pull them through.


The movie is based on a true story.  It proves that those who come together, to harmonize in their efforts, succeed in reaching their goal.  It was a fun movie for the whole family.  Highly recommended.

DO IT NOW – Turning off Distractions

A change is happening….I’m turning off distractions because time is super valuable to me now.

Technology: The biggest distraction

Technology has become a big time killer and an elusive distraction in modern life.  Since starting MKE I’ve practically turned off Facebook…I haven’t missed anything in 2 months and all but one person has noticed I’m off Facebook.  Interestingly, Facebook started sending me emails telling me what’s happening, so I unsubscribed those!

Though they ask us to install Marco Polo, I’ve uninstalled that a few times from my phone because it keeps dinging me when there is someone “on” to potentially talk to.

My Mac computer email program will “ding” me when new mail is received, so I turned the bell off that.

I unsubscribed from emails I will never intend to use.  I kinda think like this: if I fully promise to use this email or service from this company, I will be subscribed.  Otherwise if I am uncommitted to them, I unsubscribe.  Less email frees up tons of time!

Seek silence often.

All these dings and distractions only pose to shift my attention off concentrated thought.  In health we have a simple formula: eliminate the bad, add the good.  Similarly to managing your day: eliminate the distractions, add concentration on the priorities (DO IT NOW).  It is difficult to have concentrated thought when technology keeps bugging  you.  So like the TV (which I turned off years ago), I’m turning off technology.

Creative mind

And I’ll close with a last though: Our creative minds are the same like and kind as they great Creator.  What we think, we create.  We create our own micro universe around us as the Creator created the big universe.  The great inventors and businesses people of modern time, create their creations with concentrated thought, masterminds.  Distraction-free.  So here I go…

Leverage Fears for Maximizing Gains

Weeks ago, I wrote about “find what’s missing” to capitalize.  Whether you can offer an unseen solution or just a mere suggestion, you become valuable the person or organization.  Most people cannot see what’s missing because it is not there–it’s not easy to see yet. And that turns into a discussion on faith…

This week, my thought is “Turn Fears into Opportunities”  and I suggest you make a flash card for that.

In mathematics, the difference between 1 and 2 is one.  But the difference between -1 and +1 is 2–twice as much!

So if we let 1 represent where we are today in life, when we apply effort to accomplish something easily, we can get to 2 without much effort really.  But if we let -1 represent something we are are slightly fearful of (and reluctant to do), then if we merely remove that fear, we stand to get a gain of +2–twice as much gain!

What I’m saying is there is more to gain when you have fear in a situation and we can represent it in simple math terms.  No risk no reward kinda thing.  Of course, the more fearful we are of something, the more reward there is to be had (and the satisfaction of overcoming that fear too!)

As I said, consider “Turn Fears into Opportunities” on a flash card and maybe an example of something you did long time ago that you gained significantly from. With that, you may also consider “Find What’s Missing” on a flash card too.  Two simple thoughts.  Huge gains ahead.

Exhaustion and the Law of Relaxation and Faith

I’m exhausted. Flat out exhausted. I started MKE so energized, last September. I would stay up every night to midnight or 2:00 AM vocalizing my DMP, and Og readings. But exhaustion has set in and it’s affecting MKE….

A full time job. A second high-paying job I’ve already promised to. Taking care of home. And taking care of both parents. Add to that MKE and the drill I do every day. Phew! I have had to quit my MLM gig—-there is literally no time for it.

Symptoms of Exhaustion

Starting MKE, I was charged. My service card had items to clean the house, and I made it spick and span! I was proud of that. Now, as exhausted as I have been, my house is a mess. Finding two minutes to sweep the floor when you are exhausted is like the straw that broke the camel’s back. I just can’t do it.

It’s so hard trying to do the drill with true emotion when you are exhausted, so MKE is suffering. I feel some doubt creeping upon me. Law of Relaxation.

I sleep in late. It is nice doing that. I am so tired. Breakfast in bed is a bad habit, but it is a luxury too when you are exhausted.

Planning a vacation, I want to escape! I want a log cabin in the snowy mountains and I want to ski, and tend to the fire in the cabin.

Although I have a list of productive to-do’s, I find myself wanting to do other things. Some are important, but others are not. I watch the rise of bitcoin and chat with people about it—non-productive, but entertaining….its escape. Stuff like that creeps up upon me.

The Epifamy

The world within creates to the world without. Most deal with the effects to trade one set of woes for another. Being exhausted, violating the Law of Relaxation, has happened to me. In order to change, we must change within.

I have to find relaxation to excel in MKE.

I have been telling myself for the last two months, “I do not have enough time”, and I have not had enough time. So I tell myself, “I have plenty of time to get these tasks done.” It’s a struggle, but at least I make an attempt.

Forging Forward.

I just past 20 years in my primary full time job. It serves me well. And I have lots of flexibility there. I was recognized this week for 20 years. Although I went on stage in excitement for the crowd, the event meant little to me. I got a nice plaque, but I really do now want it. It serves me none. I cannot use it to advance the future.

All I really want to work on is my MLM gig. It’s my DMP. I am so full of ideas. I see billions of dollars there and millions of people achieving better. But for now I’m committed to MKE, parents and that second job. I always keep my promises. These will get taken care of. MKE is over in months. And Hopefully I can tackle MLM gig.

I have to get rest, law of Relaxation, in order to perform MKE properly. I have to realize there is plenty of time. I have to imagine what it is like having completed the requirements. I have to have FAITH to see the bright future. I know what the future is. I’ve met my future self, and he’s the most awesome guy I’ve ever met.


Two Phrases for the Week

Two phrases have kept popping up in my mind all week long:

Be careful how you waste your time!

If you are part of the Master Key Experience, you know how most people really waste their time on television, Facebook, shopping for stuff that does not fulfill them, and generally just doing things which do not support their DMP.  Well they do not have a DMP and thats why people roam in all directions without a purpose, living a cluttered life.  Once you have a clearly defined DMP, everything in life changes, and it’s terrific what it does to you owning that DMP for sure!

I dropped off Facebook at the beginning.  I stopped watching TV completely two ago–too many commercials, and the news made me feel bad. (and I discovered how much DirecTV loved me when I stopped their services–lots of junk mail)  None of those supported my DMP (which I had not consciously defined, but now I know I had always had it subconsciously, if that makes sense).

Now I swear I do not have a second to spare.  Waking up at 6:30, and retiring well after midnight every night.  Whether I’m doing Master Key, doing the “drill”, keeping up with homework deliverables, performing my “services” (which I tend to way over do), working second job, taking care of parents.  Before all of this would exhaust me.  Now doing MKE, I look forward to these challenges.  They strengthen me!  I have been awarded confidence and it shows!

Find what’s missing!

We read the Master Key, and it states nature is lavishly abundant.  What spurred this phrase this week was at my computer programming job, I was tasked with fixing a issue and my feet being held to the fire for fixing it.  I duly stressed about it for one day (bad thing, bad bad bad), and I swear I will never stress about another work thing again.  It’s not in my DMP anyway.  Not that I won’t love and be a professional, and respect,  yes I will. Now I realize how abundant nature is.  I inquired for outside help, and I’m getting it.  I also asked around outside my area, and found the resources necessary as a flower finds the resources it needs to blossom and bloom in abundance.

When I realized this, “find what’s missing” came to my mind.  I have not the expertise to fix that problem—way out of my league.  But as the law of attraction states, the more we think about a thing (fixing the problem) the more related things will come to that thought, and that is exactly what happened after that first stressful day.  The second day I vowed not to stress, this is not in my DMP, and natural resources were awarded to me.  PROBLEM SOLVED, and I still have not the expertise to actually do it myself

Confidently Seeking Cirrus SR22 Airplane

It is thrilling that this airplane and the Colorado landscape live prominently in my DMP.  I think about it constantly.  I even took sits flying it.  I’m watch YouTube videos experiencing what it is like.  I even signed up with the manufacturer to join their family.

I am a pilot, though my currency is out.  I confidently am looking forward to renewing so that I may land this beautiful bird at Salida airport.

Click photos for BIGGER view.






Extremely Enthusiastic Words


Looking for the right energizing word to use?  Well, here’s a list.  And be jubilant using them!








Making a Deposit


For the past two weeks I have been envisioning with great intensity my dream coming true: flying my airplane to luxury cabin in Salida Colorado.  Last night even, I watched hours of YouTube watching snow skiing videos nearby that location.



I work 2 jobs….well 3 actually.  My main computer programmer job, a second contract job, and my dream job I am building at home on my own.


So while depositing my paycheck from my second contracting job at the bank today, the teller commented, “I thought you worked at PEC?”  And I replied, “I do.  I also this one too!”

And to that she added, “You’re gonna retire soon!”  And I replied,

“I intend to!”

I smiled and walked away happy.

Thoughts that fire together wire together.  My dreams of my second home are that much closer.  I will keep making more deposits, and growing my third job, and learning #MKMMA.