The Fun is in the Journey

For 23 weeks we have been forming new habits, becoming un-opinionated observers, opening our thoughts to new opportunities, new insights, discovering our future and most importantly, discovering our true selves and this creative world we live in, that so many have isolated us from for so long.

I’m a better person

No doubt, I’m a better person.  Oh yes. New, good habits are formed; bad habits are mostly gone.  Seeing opportunities clearly replaces the death-grip of holding onto the old.  Seeking new influential friends, making public presentations, replaces idle chit-chat.

Seeing “it” in others

We have studied Mandino, Haneel, Hill, Chopra, Waddles, Franklin, Wooden to name a few. When I meet successful people, little do they know I’m seeing these qualities in them.  And little do they know how they got successful, but I now know.

On the flip side, I see where others fail to achieve their greatness.  For now, I have to remove their lifestyle and pity.  Once I start applying my new knowledge, getting understanding, and ultimate wisdom, I will be able to bring these people up.  Similar to how Coach Wooden.

Great leaders

Great leaders are not people who “cut-the-fat” and replace it with compatible minds to theirs.  Far from that.  Those are very weak leaders indeed.  They live in a lack and limitation, impoverished mindset, so weak they can only trust to surround themselves with people they trust.

You see a great leader is someone who takes a “rat pack” and motivates them to World Champions, as Coach Wooden had the talent to do for 40 years.

Similar so, that is what the great minds behind Master Key Mastermind Alliance have done for us.  Taking regular people, brought up in other people’s dreams, to think for ourselves, to learn in 7 ways, solidifying new neural nets, forming new habits, new tendencies while paying acute attention to the details of our true selves and our true aspirations for ourselves and learning how we best take actions toward achieving our dreams by identifying our natural tendencies to action.  Thank you Mark Januszewski.

Yesterday I thumbed through a book I’ve had for some 18 months but never read.  It is called “Screw it, Lets Do it” by Richard Branson.  I browsed to a later chapter and read what I thought was 2 pages, but it was really about 10.  I started taking notes all over it.  I really wasn’t learning much from Sir Richard.  What I was taking notes on was Richards account of how he overcame struggles and pushed forward with ACTION.  My notes were all one-liners from the authors and lessons we have studied in MKE.

I see how successful people get where they are.  It is not a mystery.  It is not a luck thing at all.  It is mindset and action.  They have the mind to achieve, and they tirelessly take ACTION, ACTION, ACTION, tirelessly.  They never get exhausted like underachievers.  They keep on going, pushing, in the services they render.  And the more services we give, the more we receive in form of payment and future opportuinies.

Alas, I see what’s really going on and what it really takes.

This week, a week of least effort (sort of)

Our lesson in week 23 focused on the fact that it takes less effort to become successful than to fail.  We studied Chopra.  Specifically: Acceptance, Responsibility, Defenselessness.  We made flash cards of these to be read daily.  In summary,

Acceptance – Accept things as they are right now as being exactly the way they are because of universal laws.  Sure they may not be the way we want them, but the situation is a result of universal laws and principles.  So don’t fight the universe, you won’t win.  So how do we change the situation?

Responsibility – Taking responsibility means taking charge.  There is no blame.  The situation is a result to work with.  Actually, quoting Og, the situation is the seed of tomorrow’s success, right?  When we take responsibility, we are exerting our confidence.  We are well versed in realizing, recognizing, relating, assimilating and take action with our newly formed good habits.  The more responsibility we take, the more effort we put into this “opportunity in disguise”, they more we receive, and the service returned to benefit others is due back to us in goodness and payment perhaps.  But best of all, less stress!  Right?

Defenselessness – So many hold themselves back by defending their opinion.  Well what is their opinion?  It is the sum of outdated things they learned decades ago.  They argue, stress themselves, and that’s not healthy either.  In Defenselessness, we do not defend.  It is as it is, and we seek other points of view.  When you do that, not only do you release the banana that’s holding you captive to the cage you are in, but you lower stress, get more free time, look like a hero, and are rewarded.

It’s all about becoming harmoneous.  The Law of Least Effort solidifies that it takes less effort to become successful than to fail.

What a week!  What a semester!  What a future!

This week we learned how to take less effort.  For this 23 week long semester, we have  formed new habits, become un-opinionated observers, opened our thoughts to new opportunities, new insights, discovered our future and most importantly, discovered our true selves and this creative world we live in, that so many have isolated us from for so long.  Life is bliss now.

The CONFIDENCE I have is PURE.  It is the fact that I know I am creating a new future, FOR MYSELF that benefits all.  I am of service.  I am Nature’s greatest miracle.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, (prosperous), loving, harmonious, and happy.  I am the greatest salesman in the world.  I realize that I am a spirit with a body.  My spirit is creative and likened to the great creator of this magnificent universe that gives us our every need.  I realize every thing has a spirit in and of itself.  Everything is alive, us, plants, dust, wind, planets.  All alive!  All ever changing.  The soul of money is service.  Service in essence is a form of giving.  And people pay us money for services rendered.  The more service we give, the more we get.  The more love we give, the more we get.

True Confidence for the future comes from our innermost spirit connected to the Universal Laws, connected to God, and all answers to every question we can possibly conceive is within us.  This is awesomeness.  This is what I live.

Thank you God, Jesus, and all the authors we study, and all my mentors I surround myself with.

Next Steps

Action.  We will conclude our final lesson Sunday, then have commencement (meaning beginning) the Sunday after.  Who will I invite?

For myself and achieving my SMART goals in my DMP, requires action.  True, confident action I have in myself.  I must be of service to people whether they realize it or not.  I must make new friends, friends of influence and friends of service.

The fun is in the journey, and I’m totally ready for it!

I always keep my promises, Blake Corley

Week 22 – Revelation Week

This post is late.  No worries.  I had to evaluate events of last week before I could write about it accurately.  This week marks my Revalation week.

Shock, Confusion, etc.

At my job, I received startling news that will change my future.  Shock, confusion, fear, anger, trying to save the past; all emotions that went thru me all week–and it impacted my homework and sits with all that baggage.  Thankfully with Week 22 we learned to use these as tools.  Though challenging, I did use them as tools.  Tools to achieve greater.

I had to learn how to use these new tools.  It helped to reflect on Haneel, that everything is in motion, everything is changing, an ocean once covered this landscape, etc.

Revelation Week

I was charged from yesterday’s week 23 webinar.  Had a good evening wrapping myself in my DMP and exercises.  Though I did not sleep well.  However, I now realize last week was that revelation that the Hero’s Journey talks about.

I could hold on to the past and fight myself, or I can use the tools working with spirituality to excel (with ease).  Easy decision.  It did not take me long to make this decision, but the emotional attachment held on for some time.

Mandino definitely helped me master my emotions here.  I did wear new clothes.  I spoke with more enthusiasm, feeling, and intensity reading my Blueprint Builder and Og.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, I feel confident.  It helps more to write this article.  I am embracing the future.  It will be easier.  And like the Australian athlete I admire says, “we use these adversities as fuel for the next challenge!”

I realize a successful person is not a person who holds on to the past.  A successful person is a person who knows deep down he is himself with his skills and spirituality and not miss a beat.

Be well my friends, and use those tools to your advantage!

Recognition of Miracles

This week’s exercise is to recognize miracles all around us.  Either you see everything as a miracle, some things as a miracle, or no miracles at all.

Do you believe the air you breathe is a miracle?  Or do you take it for granted?  Do you give thanks for each time you inhale a breath of fresh life giving clean air?  Or do you take it for granted and complain how your day is going?  Does it amaze you that you can breath the same gasses that great leaders breathed centuries ago?

One thing that strikes me is that knowledge is transferrable.  Obviously we can read or witness a skill being shown to us and clearly understand that knowledge.  But consider how we receive and actually comprehend knowledge that was given to us.  Whether by spoken word, writing, sight, touch, etc, that’s all a miracle.

Actually the stars billions of miles away are sending scientists knowledge.  They tell us their size, weight, distance, speed, disposition, their age.  Inanimate objects, seemingly lifeless, have a spirit of themselves because they can actively send us information.  They all have their place, keeping us safe, and in equilibrium.   Amazing.  Inanimate objects are a miracle.

Our bodies are made of trillions of cells, all working together for a definiteness of purpose….to keep us healthy and productive.  Now that is a miracle.  Consider the makeup of a cell itself.  They have many parts inside.  The cell wall and all of its components have a life of their own, and they work hard.  We reward them by giving them thanks and happiness.

Mathematics, language, diversity, skills, gravity, light, computers, conversations, love, kindness, strength, community, masterminds, music, youth, wisdom, parents, miracles everywhere.

The most successful people I know see miracles everywhere.  They shed a positive light on their surroundings.  They express gratitude for the sun and the rain no matter what.  They use adversity to their advantage.  They always win.  Because they see the miracles in front of them when others do not.

There are miracles everywhere.  You just have to open up your eyes to see them!

Positive Mental Attitude – Choice of a Champion

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 8.42.13 PM copy

Full video on YouTube:

Caroline Buchanan is an world champion BMX rider.  I myself got into BMX 2 years ago and fell in love with the sport.  I recently discovered Caroline, and what I see in her is everything  we are learning in Master Key Experience!

Positive Mental Attitude

The first thing I see is Positive Mental Attitude.  Such a great interview.  Even when she faces challenges, she consistently delivers a positive, winning message.  She always maintains her smiles.  Even in the photos as a kid she was always smiling.

“Learning from adversity, I use it as fuel for the next challenge.”

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 8.41.14 PM copy

She has a DMP

Since age 5, Caroline knew she wanted to be a world champion.  She earned the striped rainbow world champion jersey.  She qualified for the Olympics.

Persistence, Desire, OATS

From age 5, she has been involved with BMX.  Her entire family picked it up.  Her calendar of the year is filled.  She travels internationally competing.  In the off season, she is training.  Improving her game to seek the winning edge over the competition.


She loves her family and they are all involved in supporting her at events.  She loves her fans immensely and corresponds with them through social media.  She loves her sponsors.  She even loves her dogs.

Giving Back

Caroline gives back in big ways.  Visiting children recovery hospitals, giving bikes to kids to make them happy in the healing.  Creating coaster bikes with her sponsor to help really young girls learn how to ride.  Creating a new team for young girls BMX.  She gives back immensely to the sport she loves.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 8.36.47 PM copy

A Mastermind

Caroline’s family is her life long mastermind, supporting her since age 5.  Her boyfriend is also a BMX competitor.  Her team: coach, therapists, strategist, nutritionist, fitness coach, sponsors all work together for the definite major purpose of creating the champion that is Caroline.

Sits aka Meditation

We learn the value of sits in MKE.  That is exactly what Caroline does before races.  She visions herself as the champion she is, winning the race.  She sees herself as the champion she is.  A huge example of FAITH in herself.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.07.23 PM


Caroline gives thanks an gratitude for her sponsors and to the tracks that give her the track time she needs.

I’m a big fan

I have become a big fan of Caroline.  She is so positive, so exciting, full of life, full of love for her passion, and she does what we do in Master Key Experience.  She is “whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

Week 19 – Obituaries & Cancer

This was a touching week reading obituaries.  Two obituaries touched me in particular.  Both gentlemen accomplished big things in their lives.  Both gentlemen I had an affinity for.

Benjamin Orr

October 3, 2000.

Though this is dated, it came to me through re-acquainting myself with the musical group, “The Cars”.  I was a fan in the 80s, and had forgotten the group in decades after.  For whatever reason, I found them again on YouTube recently.  I love the song, “Drive” which was one if their biggest hits.


As a bass guitar player and singer myself, I noticed Benjamin Orr of the group.  He played bass and sang many songs.  I love his style.  The videos I see on YouTube were obviously not available in the 80s.  All I had was over-the-air local TV back then so I did not see the group, and I was too young to go to concerts.  I watched his Live Aid performance and others.  What a confident voice, relaxed bass playing style.

He was the performer I strive for.  I even played my bass guitar while watching these videos.  Yeah, I’m a reborn fan again.  And yes, the band is a successful MASTERMIND, working together, writing songs, performing them for over a decade together, working in HARMONY.

Out of curiosity, having become familiar with the group again, I wondered where the members of the band are today.  For some reason, do not ask me how, I knew I would read sad news about Benjamin…

Benjamin Orr passed away October 3, 2000 from pancreatic cancer.  I was shocked but my subconscious knew before I Googled his name.  He fought for six months, still performing live music.

Obituary questions for the week:

  1. What would that person give to change places with me and have just one more day?
    I believe Benjamin would perform live music in a town square.  He would rock!
  2. Who can I let know how grateful I am for their presence today?
    I really appreciate special relationships I have developed through my MLM company.
  3. How will I behave today to finish the masterpiece of my life elegantly.
    I will not get upset if things do not go as planned.

John Anthony West

February 6, 2018

For the last 3 years, I have been deeply interested in the pyramids of Egypt, and in the work and discoveries of John Anthony West.


(John Antony West, right)

John was the first to notice the Sphinx weathering patterns were not explainable by historians.  It had to weather from water erosion and not wind erosion.  Further, the erosion could have only come from a time when the area was wet.  This theory dates the Sphinx at least 6,000 years older than history tells us.

John sought the expertise of a Harvard geologist, Robert M. Schoch.  in 1995, John showed Robert some cutouts of photos of the Sphinx and asked Robert if this was caused from wind or water erosion.  Robert quickly said, thousands of years of “water” erosion.  Then John showed Robert the whole photo of the Sphinx, and Robert’s jaw dropped, knowing this invalidates all recorded history of Egypt.  A culture, 6,000 years older than “the Egyptians” built this monument.

John confidently stood his ground sharing this conflicting theory to the world.  He gained many fans worldwide.  His persistence never wavered when standing up to historians and so-called “experts”.  He and Robert formed a MASTERMIND, visiting the monuments and giving tours.  They worked in HARMONY publishing books and working with NBC and Charleston Heston on a ground breaking documentary.

John spent his last years giving personal tours of the monuments of Egypt, educating hundreds of curious students.  He passed away from advanced cancer.

  1. What would that person give to change places with me and have just one more day?
    I believe John would give one more tour of a famous Egypt monument.
  2. Who can I let know how grateful I am for their presence today?
    I am proud of the people I work with and family for coming together for successful endeavors together.
  3. How will I behave today to finish the masterpiece of my life elegantly.
    I will not get upset if things do not go as planned.

Health and Cancer

Health is a personal pivotal need of mine.

Both Benjamin and John died of cancer.  I know each struggled and I wished I could have done something.  I am  witness to many cancer recoveries and know many living today, cancer free.  I promote healthy living by handing out 1-page brochures I have created, backed with a Nobel Prize nomination, and two qualified FDA health claims in regards to anti-cancer effects.

My task this coming week is to complete my brochure for “Immune Support”.  Because you fighting cancer is futile–the medical statistics are sad but accurate.  The only way to “fight” cancer is by supporting and promoting the immune system, because the immune system naturally kills cancer cells every minute of the day in healthy people (and animals).

Yes, ask this computer programmer (and aspiring network marketing professional) how to support the immune system.  I have photos and x-rays.  You will find unique information not found in any doctors office.  I promise, and I always keep my promises.

Spending Habits Changing

One thing that has become apparent in my credit card statement is I’m spending less!  40%  less this last month.

This began to happen, immediately, when I began focusing on building my dream home.  I had always played around with the idea of building one, but never was serious.  But since this home is a key player in my DMP now, not only am I thinking about it, I am imagining what it will look like, inside and out in vivid detail, with feelings I experience.  I even have the move-in date: June 30, 2019.


So how can focusing on this home cause me to change my spending habits?  Easy.  I have a DEFINITE PURPOSE for my money now.

See before, I made good money, and saved some, but spent a lot on unnecessary….junk as most Americans do.  Junk that would keep me occupied for a time, thinking I really needed it, play toys, gadgets, etc.  The downside to all that junk, is it clutters your mind and takes focus away from life goals.  That’s how people end up with a garage full of stuff (that they have to throw away someday!)

When money has a PURPOSE, like my dream home, I begin to see each dollar, literally being subtracting from the cost of that home.  I see my dollars today paying off that home in cash before I actually move in!

Surprise Money

Money shows up in surprising ways now.  Like during the holidays.  I went to the mailbox and discovered an $816.00 dividend check sent to me.  I had no idea I had that money coming to me.  Instantly, I knew where that money was going: the dream home.  I saw the digits decrease off the purchase price of the dream home.    Additionally, I took a second side job last year, and they have plenty of work for me there and they pay well.  I am very grateful for this opportunity as this is making a significant impact in the dream home too.

Paid In Full

So to wrap up, when money has a definite purpose, it is focused on that purpose.  If money does not have a purpose, it will get spent of stuff you cannot account for.  I believe Proverbs mentions this.  Also, Haneel wrote of this similarly in that focused conscious is accumulative conscious, and scattered conscious is loss conscious.

I will continue to make payments on this house, and pay it off in full, before the plans are ever drafted!

Witness to a Mastermind

I had the honor of attending the first meeting to form a new shooting club in my area.  It was uplifting  to count 30 visitors in attendance because it was not widely publicized other than on Facebook. Little did the organizers know, they are forming a mastermind alliance!  I am glad I witnessed it!

Definite Purpose

Their definiteness of purpose is clear: a non-profit social club, who gather for their love of shooting, acting in harmony to build a new convenient shooting facility to the community which educates advanced safety taught by some of the best teachers in the state.


Acting in harmony: The main initiators gathered their friends with similar interests.  Word has been out for less than a month now.  One couple donated their shop to be the first meeting place.  Others have been researching how to organize this, and define it’s purpose.

One act of disharmony was witnessed in the congregation: one man strongly suggested the social club become politically involved.  Not that anyone disagreed with the opinion of the man, but the collective whole does not wish this club to become a political club.  It is for social, education and shooting.  This was also good to witness.  The meeting organizers met with the man afterwords and had a discussion to clarify objectives.

They asked for people to consider serving as officers.  They welcome all input, whether it be there at that meeting or in a one-on-one in a coffee shop.

Visioning the Future

This will be fascinating to see develop and what great things they bring to the community and the safety they will teach the community.

“Cool Runnings” and Persistence

I just watched the movie, “Cool Runnings” and what a pleasant experience.  It also taught me a lot about persistence.


A couple of Jamaican race athletes had a burning desire to compete in the Olympics.  They trained hard, but during tryouts, one fell and knocked the other out of the tryout.  Both lost their chance to compete in the Olympics… they thought.

Purpose and Burning Desire Finds a Way

These men possessed something called burning desire to compete in the Olympics.  After a few chance encounters (subby naturally bringing this man resources) lead him to create the very first Jamaican bobsled team, so they could get into the Olympics!


Taurice formed his mastermind.  He sought a former bobsled coach that just so happened to live on the island.  Reluctant, he decided to become the coach.  Team was formed by some chance too because no body else showed up. Nonetheless, the mastermind was set: Coach and four athletes, all who wanted to compete in the Olympics.  Though not all were in harmony to begin with, eventually they all harmonized.  The entire team came together and impressed the public on television.

Plan of Action

There was a need for a large sum of money to get going: the rich kid, sold his car (and disobeyed his dad) to raise the money.  They practiced on their push cars on the hot island, learning the skills needed to launch.  The coach secured a used practice bobsled when they arrived in Canada.  They practiced and sang as they launched.  They practiced with flash cards of the turns, the way we do in MKE.


Most laughed at the idea of a Jamaican bobsled team. Everywhere they turned, they were discredited.  But the team persisted thru the end.  Often times facing the most extreme odds, they would sing and get into their Jamaican spirit, pride, and that would pull them through.


The movie is based on a true story.  It proves that those who come together, to harmonize in their efforts, succeed in reaching their goal.  It was a fun movie for the whole family.  Highly recommended.

DO IT NOW – Turning off Distractions

A change is happening….I’m turning off distractions because time is super valuable to me now.

Technology: The biggest distraction

Technology has become a big time killer and an elusive distraction in modern life.  Since starting MKE I’ve practically turned off Facebook…I haven’t missed anything in 2 months and all but one person has noticed I’m off Facebook.  Interestingly, Facebook started sending me emails telling me what’s happening, so I unsubscribed those!

Though they ask us to install Marco Polo, I’ve uninstalled that a few times from my phone because it keeps dinging me when there is someone “on” to potentially talk to.

My Mac computer email program will “ding” me when new mail is received, so I turned the bell off that.

I unsubscribed from emails I will never intend to use.  I kinda think like this: if I fully promise to use this email or service from this company, I will be subscribed.  Otherwise if I am uncommitted to them, I unsubscribe.  Less email frees up tons of time!

Seek silence often.

All these dings and distractions only pose to shift my attention off concentrated thought.  In health we have a simple formula: eliminate the bad, add the good.  Similarly to managing your day: eliminate the distractions, add concentration on the priorities (DO IT NOW).  It is difficult to have concentrated thought when technology keeps bugging  you.  So like the TV (which I turned off years ago), I’m turning off technology.

Creative mind

And I’ll close with a last though: Our creative minds are the same like and kind as they great Creator.  What we think, we create.  We create our own micro universe around us as the Creator created the big universe.  The great inventors and businesses people of modern time, create their creations with concentrated thought, masterminds.  Distraction-free.  So here I go…