Week 13 – Why Dreams Come True

Dreams come true, without that possibility nature would not invite us to have them1-2-2018 12-00-06 AM

Sometimes it takes hearing the same thing again and again, but sometimes said in a slightly different way to really get it.  I have been reading OG and have been reading my DMP ( Definite Major Purpose) and reading my cards religiously.  Tonight I listened to Earl Nightingale talk about “The Biggest Secret”  It was the same material I have been hearing from MarkJ and the reading from Haanel.


How did I hear it tonight?  The belief in what I want has to be with such conviction and intensity that I will not be denied. Remember as it was said by the Great Carpenter, “Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened to you. Everyone who ASKS, SEEKS AND KNOCKS, it will be given to you”


Do it with intensity and  Single Focus and many times a day. Use the cards, to remind of our single focus. Do the Work with your whole being for 30 days and see the difference.  Do it again for another 30 days.  You will see the difference.


Do the Work!

Believe in yourself 11-16-2017 8-34-35 PM

Week 12 – Love is all there is

Heart symbol into sky 12-17-2017 5-29-43 PM

When I went to Sunday School, as a child  I was taught that God is Love, and “he”  loved me. I felt so small in a big world, I questioned if I was worth it.  Why? Don’t know.    Gratitude was a concept that I learned from my mom.  My mother taught me that God is in all things and in all life, it was not to be found by just going to church.  God is in nature, life is all around us and we have been given a gift to be alive.


We as a civilization have known this for a long time that Love is the ultimate law which has created diversity in all things and individuation. The Omniscient, Omnipresent, Infinite Power in the Universe loves and provides in abundance for all our needs.


What is interesting is that there are laws that have to do with our personal power. Knowledge does not apply it itself.  It takes us as individuals to fertilize our  thoughts  with a living purpose. If we keep changing our mind about what we want, it will be for naught because there is no concentration and focus to give direction.  It’s as if you were a sculpture and every 15 minutes you changed your mind about what you wanted to create,  Nothing will come from the attempt at the creation if there is no focus.


In our Master Key class this week we went through an assignment  of taking our DMP (Definite Master Purpose) and putting it into one sentence.  Then we were to to say it in the mirror while looking at ourselves for 50 minutes.  I didn’t think I could do it. What I discovered is that there was a shift in me the last 10 minutes where I was able to see myself and  I became much more comfortable with myself.  MarkJ, teacher of the Master Key pointed out that we need to make friends with our future self, that the future self is most often thought of as a stranger. This exercise helped me see that I can and do  love myself.  Why is that so difficult to recognize?  We are God’s creation, and are as unique as all the elements in nature.

1hand with heart above it with wings 2-17-2017 5-30-46 PM

It is through the quiet “sit” where we can experience complete relaxation.  Here is where deep thought, intention  guides attention and has a high potential that the Universal forces can work.  It is in the Silence that we can get in touch with the Omnipotent power of the subconscious mind where all the power is developed.


Ultimately to have permanent success with what we desire and  have access to this power, it only comes from within ourselves.  This is an unfoldment process.  From my own experience over many inconsistent years,  true silence is not easily reached.  It is only in this state where we are able to connect with Divinity itself.  This is where consistent, persistent, practice and concentration leads to having the experience we seek.  This is pure Love.


Scroll II from Og Mandino, “I greet this day with love in my heart.”  I woke up loving this way to start my day. This dynamic power of love gives us the capacity  to deal with any adverse situations that we encounter. This eternal and fundamental principle is in every system of Philosophy, in every Religion and in every Science.We can’t get away from the law of love. It is a feeling that gives vitality to our thoughts.  Feelings is desire and desire is love.  When we are impregnated with the thoughts of love we are invincible.

“Why is the power of love so dynamic?  The Law of Attraction rests on this vibration, which in turn rests upon the law of love.  Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.”  Haanel


Do the work.

Week 11 – The Watchman at the Gate

Can't change what is going on until you change what is going o within you12-16-2017 7-11-00 PM

This idea of the Watchman at the Gate comes from Jeremiah 6:17 “Also I set watchman over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet”  got my attention.  We had been given an assignment in the Master Key to go on a  7 day “Mental Diet” where we were not to allow any negative thoughts for a full week.  If we had a negative thought we had to start the 7 days over again. The Watchman at the Gate is our super conscious, objective mind that is the watcher of our thoughts..


This  7 day Mental Diet is not an easy thing to do and I have had to start over many times.


These negative thoughts are the ideas of being less than, jealousy, anger,  I can’t do it, ideas that slam you down and don’t lift you up.  The Watchman at the Gate is the objective  mind that has the power of choosing our thoughts. We have had rushing thoughts go through our mind forever. Just as a sheep dog can corral the sheep into a pen, we can control our thoughts with gentle determination, not force.


In the Master Key we have taken the time to write our DMP,                 ( Definite Master Purpose). Reading this DMP. repeatedly,  enthusiastically will have an impact on the subconscious mind. This also needs to contain our Burning Desire of what we want.  When this happens we are then the master of our situation.


The Law of Growth when the thoughts we hold are for our good and also for the good of others will make a cleaner path to success.  The Law of Giving is the leavening agent.  It is pure with the intent of bringing Love and Goodness to any situation.  When you are in service with no expectation of reciprocity, only good can come from that.


All of this is done to change the world within.  The change within changes the world without. Using objective reasoning and a plan of action through the Law of Environment and the development of good habits,  our deepest desires will show up.


I read a piece about The Watchman at the Gate, with a story about Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”.   I found it to be illustrative of how our thinking is manifested.


What I learned and have experienced myself is that  we can’t run away from issues because they will just show up again. I’d like to tell the story of Dorothy from Kansas from the “Wizard of Oz” here, because it gives us a great illustration of the importance about making the fundamental change in our thinking, this Inner change with our thoughts will make the difference along with the Plan of Action in what happens in our life.


Here is the story of Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”.
Wizard of Oz characters12-16-2017 7-13-33 PM

“The little girl, Dorothy, is very unhappy because the mean woman in the village wants to take away her dog, Toto.


She goes, in despair, to confide in her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, but they are too busy to listen, and tell her to “run along.”


She says to Toto, “There is somewhere, a wonderful place high above the skies where everybody is happy and no one is mean.” How she would love to be there!


A Kansas cyclone suddenly comes along, and she and Toto are lifted up, high in the sky, and land in the country of Oz.


Everything seems very delightful at first, but soon she has the same old experiences. The mean old woman of the village has turned into a terrible witch, and is still trying to get Toto from her.

How she wishes she were back in Kansas.


She is told to find the Wizard of Oz. He is all powerful and will grant her request.

She starts off to find his palace in the Emerald City.


On the way she meets a scarecrow. He is so unhappy because he hasn’t a brain.


She meets a man made of tin, who is so unhappy because he hasn’t a heart.


Then she meets a lion who is so unhappy because he has no courage.


She cheers them up by saying, “We’ll all go to the Wizard of Oz and he’ll give us what we want”—the scarecrow a brain, the tin man a heart, and the lion courage.


They encounter terrible experiences, for the bad witch is determined to capture Dorothy and take away Toto and the ruby slippers which protect her.


At last they reach the Emerald Palace of the Wizard of Oz.


They ask for an audience, but are told no one has ever seen the Wizard of Oz, who lives mysteriously in the palace.


But through the influence of the good witch of the North, they enter the palace. There they discover that the Wizard is just a fake magician from Dorothy’s home town in Kansas.

They are all in despair because their wishes cannot be granted!


But then the good witch shows them that their wishes are already granted. The scarecrow has developed a brain by having to decide what to do in the experiences he has encountered, the tin man finds he has a heart because he loves Dorothy, and the lion has become courageous because he had to show courage in his many adventures.


The good witch from the North says to Dorothy, “What have you learned from your experiences?” and Dorothy replies, “I have learned that my heart’s desire is in my own home and in my own front yard.” So the good witch waves her wand, and Dorothy is at home again.

She wakes up and finds that the scarecrow, the tin man, and the lion are the men who work on her uncle’s farm. They are so glad to have her back.”. This story teaches that if you run away your problems will run after you.”

This is taken from  http://www.sacred-texts.com/nth/shinn/sds/sds08.htm

The change that is necessary has to come from us to change our thinking from within.  I thank the Master Key Program for helping me to lay out a plan and put it into action  to manifest my heart’s desire.

Till Next time,

Week 10 – The Law of Cause and Effect

Person in Lotus position with Divine Energy12-15-2017 9-33-24 PM

This week our focus has been about the laws of Cause and Effect. How do we build Character and self Confidence? “You can’t build a reputation on what you’re gonna do.”  Henry Ford


Our actions and our habits are what drives Cause. We have created a “chore’ or “service” cards to stay on track to do the things that we have committed to do..  “Do it now” is our mantra to stay on task to get things done. Getting things done builds Self Confidence and Character.


There are laws in nature.  Abundance is the natural law of the Universe.  We can see it everywhere in nature with the millions and millions of trees and flowers, plants and animals.  Each continent has its unique plants and animals and insects that  thrive in that environment.


There are natural laws that govern in our physical world.  There are also laws regarding  mental power and there is also moral and spiritual power.  Spiritual Power is superior because it exists on a higher plane. This Spiritual as well as Mental Power has enabled man to discover the wonderful laws of Nature.


So what are these Laws of the Mind from which all things we do comes from.  Let me go through them with you.

  1. Law of Substitution – We can’t think of 2 things at the same time.  If a negative thought enters our mind -try to think about God instead.  If that’s too far a rech think about a fond memory or something pleasant.  Jesus as a Master Teacher, said, “Resist not evil” , which means to turn your attention to something positive.
  2. Law of Relaxation – A relaxed calm state of mind, is the only doorway to progress mentally.  Relaxation of thought is the only access to Infinite Intelligence.  (Here we have the importance of meditation and the need for stillness to receive new ideas and receive through the power of imagination.)
  3. Law of Practice- Practice  makes perfect. The.5 Ps – Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance.  With practice of doing the right things we improve
  4. Law of Forgiveness- we can’t access the Divine and connect the subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Creator if we don’t forgive everyone and and anyone that we need to forgive.  We need to open up the channel.  We won’t be able to connect to the Divine mind where anger or resentment against a brother or sister, whether it is justified or not.
  5. Law of Dual Thought -  We can’t have 2 thoughts at the same time.
  6. Law of Subconscious – As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works 24-7, to manifest demand- this accesses a reservoir of infinite resources.
  7. Law of Growth -  Whatever we think about grows.  What we forget atrophies.


When we look at the law of Cause and Effect, how does the power of the mind affect what we want and how to get it.  It starts with a Burning Desire and then applying the Laws of the Mind with persistence and continuous action along with intention.  The subconscious will create circumstances where things will come together.  These laws put to work will work with intention, and persistent action. This will enact the Power of Growth and the Power of More. The Universal Mind can be depended on to bring about anything necessary to make things happen on our behalf.

Our continuous and persistent action and completing our To Do Chore cards and the Persistent use of the Laws of the Mind, we can manifest our deepest desires.

I find this process is changing me. I have a quiet confidence that all is well and unfolding into my DMP because I know whatever I write and believe will happen.


Believe in yourself 11-16-2017 8-34-35 PM

Week 9 – The Value of Persistence

I love this topic,…the power of persistence and what it takes to be successful at well,  anything.

Persistance gurantees the results are inevitable 12-7-2017 7-49-50 PM

This month we have started to read from Og Mandino’s book, “I will persist until I succeed.” One of the principles of persistence is that there may be pain in the process or that you don’t see the results of your effort right away.  No matter the goal, it is usually Not in in the time frame that you would like it to be. I call it “God’s time”.  “The Universes” works its magic to put the circumstances and the people in place.  Sometimes the coincidences seem uncanny that they happen effortlessly because of intention. Intention comes from a desire within.


In my own case, I had Rotator-Cuff surgery over 5 years ago that led to some other physical difficulties.  I have persisted in going to the gym 3 times a week, in 2 hour stints for 5 years consistently and the difference I feel and other’s see.  Persistence has been the key to making progress.  The body needs the nourishment as well as the consistent workout to make the muscles stronger. I know ‘no pain no gain’ in pushing the muscles to break down and rebuild.


In the process of persistence, doors open to learn more, develop new skills and become better at what you pursue.  If the intention to persist is not there, it is easy to not move forward. The consequences of not holding to the promise you made to yourself, is that you have a feeling of failure and the opportunities to learn and get better do not present themselves.

Everything comes from the “world within” The desire to have more and to be better is as old as time. There are 3 things that mankind desires to become the highest expression of themselves and they are Health, Wealth and Love.  If any of these things are lacking in our life there is a sadness and pain that comes with the not having enough.

Alladin's Lamp 12-7-2017 7-47-28 PM

In the” Master Key” is the teaching that we have the “key” to the “Aladdin’s Lamp”.  To have this “key” is to be confident, to be sure and to know the truth is to be in harmony with the Infinite and Omnipotent power. It is to have Faith. Our job is to “connect with this Omnipotent power which is irresistible and which will sweep away every kind of discord, inharmony, doubt or error of any kind away.”  When these thoughts or feelings come up we must substitute these thoughts with courage, power, self-reliance and confidence.

How do I make this personal?  It’s through the quiet “sit”  where I become quiet and notice the thoughts zooming in and zooming out.  To take time to “Visualize” the future I desire and  to see it in the present tense. I know through love, to give it away the more comes back to me.  Through this persistent daily work with right action and loving thoughts the magic of connection with the Omnipotent, happens.  “With God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:23-30


Week 8 The Power of Imagination

Focus girl with eyea closed on Nountain 11-26-2017 5-11-16 PM

This week has been learning about how necessary and powerful Imagination is for anything to move forward in the world.  Everything we see or touch outside of the wonders of nature has come about because someone, somewhere had an idea that was then brought to our reality.  This goes from the smallest things to landing on the moon and our exploration of space.

Humans are naturally curious creatures and when we look back through time, we can see how new ideas have been built on the then current knowledge. We often experience change incrementally.  We also have experienced  leaps that  were made by the most Brilliant of Humans.

In the time I’ve been alive we came from the first mobile phone that needed to be carried in a small carrier box like a small suit case to the iPhone. The iPhone revolutionized mobile phones, where we had a touch tone screen that resembled a small computer in the way we now use it with many APP’s. This picture is the first iPhone in 2007. The iPhone also disrupted the music industry.  The iPhone also disrupted the entire camera and picture taking industry.

first iPhone 11-26-2017 7-42-00 PM

Leonardo DaVinci had sketches of things to come that some didn’t show up for 400 years.  His imagination was  far beyond most on our planet at the time and still now his genius is appreciated. He designed the first propeller which now has a different design but is used for Helicopters. That was real vision.

leonardo Propellar Invention 11-26-2017 4-38-57 PM

The work we are doing in the Master Key is to influence ourselves through our imagination and our belief in ourselves will change the path we are on.  This new future, we may have thought at one time  was an impossible future for ourselves. We can actually visualize and change the Blueprint for the Future Me.


Have you ever watched Star Trek where they have scenes that take place on the Holodeck?  These scenes are what has played out in the imagination of the participant.  They no longer feel like the impossible has happened because they have had a real experience..  To change our Blueprint, we must visualize with feeling for it to become real.  Our imagination of what is to be will be accepted by “Subby” or the subconscious as fact.  “Subby” doesn’t know what’s real or imagined.

Holodek Star Trek 11-26-2017 7-47-55 PM

Our imagination and focused thought through our visualization makes it real to “Subby”.  “Subby” then goes to work along with our effort to put the pieces in motion to make it happen. “Imagination is the light by which we can penetrate new worlds of thought and experience.” ( from the Master Keys.)


This week I have been on “The  7 Day Mental Diet” of no negative thoughts.  I have yet to complete 7 days.  I can see that only allowing the positive 100% of the time is transforming.  I am close, but haven’t achieved it yet.  All the work I am doing in the Master Key is to change the internal landscape of myself.  I see changes in the way I am perceiving things. I see progress.

woman meditating full pic 11-26-2017 5-26-20 PM

Repetition is key for “Subby” to hear the new imagined path often and with positive emotion.  I heard today the experience of a young man who has diligently been reading his Definite Major Purpose 3 times a day for 3 ½ years and his life has been transformed.


If we truly want change in our life, it is an “Inside Job”.  Our imagination to make the future real is key to our success.  The Universe will come to our aid if we ask for what we truly want and have a loving heart to receive what is our heart’s desire.


Till next time,
Johanna Baker


Week 7 – The Journey Continues

lady blowing bubbles being positive and happy 11-16-2017 8-31-24 PM

For most people ‘Faith” is believing in what is unseen. It is trusting that things will turn out alright.  What I am learning in the Master Key  is a similar idea.  We are learning to trust that what we  want to see in our future will come true. This is to have  faith in the unseen, that is not yet manifested.  The work out is to reach “Subby” or our  Subconscious.  This belief  in who we are and what we want, when charged with Feeling  will become our reality . This is the Universe, conspiring in our favor and helping us achieve.  How do I do this, by  Charging my thoughts with FEELING!

This has been written in Scripture and has been around for a long time.

Mathew 7:7

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Matthew 17:20

“And He said to them, If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.


This truth about Belief has been taught to us through the ages.  So how do we get through our own doubt? Our subconscious or “Subby”  doesn’t know what is real or a vision of what we see as real.  Imprinting on “Subby” and making changes in our life to coincide with the person  we want to see is crucial.


Visualization, using  pictures and sound  to imprint on “Subby” through what we listen to, hear and read with intention and FEELING is the way to get through to “Subby”. I am bombarding “Subby” with who I am and what I want.  Any old programming or negative experiences are substituted with the new “Real Me.”


This week my focus has been Be More, Give More.  What does that mean?  Every connection is greeted with love, gratitude, a smile, giving a compliment and bringing positive energy to every encounter. I am a positive influence in the world,  a ray of love.


Be of Service and keep our thoughts positive.  We had an assignment this week to not have any negative thoughts for 7 days.  I have to admit, I started over and over again. Not hearing any news on TV has been a  key to this success. Life happens and sometimes things happen to the people in our lives that need to be dealt with.   Emmet Fox writes in his 7 day Mental Diet  that when this happens,  take a couple of days and then start again.

Dr to patient your tests came back negative don't worry we will keep looking 11-16-2017 8-28-21 PM

It is important to be aware of the things that can trip up this 7 day diet. Negative thoughts are thoughts of failure, disappointment, or trouble, any thought of criticism, or spite or jealousy or condemnation of others, or self condemnation; any thought of sickness or accident; or in short, any kind of limitation or pessimistic thinking. Emmet Fox emphasizes that our brain might deceive us, but our heart will whisper the truth.


I have had fun this week and am excited as I continue on this journey of learning about myself and others.


The Journey Continues
Believe in yourself 11-16-2017 8-34-35 PM

Week 6 – My Dreamboard

Dream Bd IMG_4281

This week has been one of putting many visuals together to help “Subby” get clear on the picture of what I desire in my life.  What I’ve learned is that “Subby” or the subconscious is that part of us that carries out our belief and will about what we want.  It goes to work for us  when the message is very clear.  The conscious mind can send  “Subby” messages through repetition along with emotion and belief which will then go to work to make connections in our life to make it happen. This needs to be consistently maintained to accomplish results.


Focus like you would hold a magnifying glass to sharpen the edges and see more closely.  Just as holding a magnifying glass with the sun shining through it can ignite paper to burn, our burning focus and attention to what we truly want in life is crucial to making change.


Using visual symbols to represent what we want in life are cues to the subconscious to remember the intention and desire of what you really, really want.  This is like preparing the soil to be receptive for the seeds we want to grow. This week I put pictures all over my house for my “Subby” to see visually what is desired so that “Subby” can go to work to create the circumstances to have things happen.

My Treasures for this week:


My Dreamboard:   using pictures is a representation of what I really, really want.Using Symbols to give myself the message of my heart’s desire is a way for “Subby” to get the message over and over again.


Reading  Scroll 2.  Love is the answer, love is the way.  We certainly have heard that message before.  In Jesus’s teachings,  he was the new way of being in the New Testament . To  come from a place of love and to be love to others, a kind word, a compliment, a gift, to love life in all its phases, the light, the dark, the sun, the rain, all of it is crucial for internal change to manifest.  A refreshing way to be and look at the world and be conscious. Being conscious in all moments is a commitment to being what we want to see in the world.  I feel good about letting grievances go and becoming more harmonious with what is going on around me.


The Guy ( Gal) in the Glass  Reading this daily and realizing that we are most accountable to ourselves.  Are we in alignment and have we acted in integrity where we can look at ourselves in the mirror and be honest. Be that person that can see yourself clearly for your mistakes and all the good that you are.  Love that person in the mirror.


The Compass  is a symbol for the Power of Attention.  When this is done by the mind in thought, the results of attention will be manifested.  Live by the compass and not the clock.


For those who are not familiar with this line of thinking it may seem far-fetched.  It may be because if you tried but did not keep a consistent focused mind long enough, it wasn’t realized.  It takes energy and persistence along with your emotional belief to make it so.  Without the emotional component of ENTHUSIASM embracing the new you, it can’t come into being.   Many may give up before the results can be manifested.


Thank you for your attention.

Week 5 Who is running the show?

Conventional Wisdom is that a person who makes good decisions and takes good actions  will be the core reasons as to why a person will have success. If they have good parents and go to College and study hard they will ensure a good future for themselves.  The question I’ve heard and maybe you have also heard, why do people who take advantage of others and have no scruples as to what is right or wrong become more successful than the person who has worked hard and done all the right things, but is not as successful.  Why is this?

picture of the mind 11-2-2017 8-47-10 PM

I didn’t have a clue about this before my week 5 lesson of the Master Key.  Now I understand that it has to do with the belief and intention that is so strong and held as fact that it will happen, has influenced the subconscious to make it happen.  In the case of the good person, who has done everything right, but doesn’t have the same results, most likely has had issues of deserving that have gotten in their way.


What I now understand is that ninety percent of all of our mental life is in the subconscious.  If we fail to make use of this mental power we live within narrow limits.  A belief that is held for long enough and a person who has controlled their thoughts has had their subconscious solve any problem for them.

Human body mind in the body 11-2-2017 8-48-13 PM

We know the mind never sleeps.  Our subconscious is always at work.  The question is are we allowing it to be passive or are we directing it to work for us?  The mind is in more places than just our brain.  It is in every cell of our body.  Can this be passed on through heredity?   Some say that, that might be the cases unless we consciously repress and refuse to allow this to be the reality.

light rays coming out of man's body 11-2-2017 10-01-53 PM

I have heard stories of consciously using props and intention and belief that it will be so that it becomes manifested as true reality.  An entire new reality was created by the conscious intent.  I find this very hopeful that all of us have the capability to change the future through conscious intent and bringing the symbols into our life to create the fertile ground for the subconscious.


We have choice as to whether we do the work of retraining the subconscious.  The requirements are that we earnestly desire it,  We assert our claim to it. We must take possession.


We can have our heart’s desire.

Week 4 – A time for gratitude and moving forward

This week has gone a little better with being able to stay on top of my cards.  I figured out that I needed to put all the things I need to do daily are listed on my “Service” card so that I don’t miss the daily readings of the Blue Print Builder, the reading in the Master Key, my DMP and my movie trailer.

Life is a beautiful place and I want to enjoy and experience the richness that life can offer me.  As the world  is within it will manifest in the world.  A world of thought and feeling and power of light and life and beauty and even though the forces are invisible, its forces are mighty.

Orange flowers & butterfly 10-19-2017 10-16-48 PM

Getting all my prospecting in and going to my gym classes has kept my schedule very full.  Keeping on top of all my Master Key reading and the all the items that need to be read several times a day and  making the quiet time for my 15 – 30 minute sit, reading my DMP, Blue Print and movie trailer doing with the lesson is becoming easier.

This week has been a time of being more conscious of bringing a compliment wherever I go and continually being in a state of gratitude.  It is not out of character for me to do this naturally, but I am in a state, because of my reading, in Scroll 1 of Og Mandino’s Books, to be more aware.  I find my sit time has left me more relaxed and calm. I feel empowered and my belief is growing that real change will happen.  I seem to be more aware of the great people that I bump into every day in my life and I  want to compliment them to let them know what I like about them.

I find reading the pages in Scroll, that I notice various sentences pop out now and have more meaning even though I have been reading them 3 X a day for weeks. I find there is a deepening of understanding about what I really  want through the rewriting of my Definite Master Purpose.  This process of focusing on me and what I want  has been new for me.

My daily habits are becoming easier. I know this process of learning and continually creating good habits will make me a better person and will create a better life for me and my family.  Dreaming of a better and more fulfilled life.