Week 20 Wake Up

This week is time to wake up  I have been doing the work of the Master Key, reading my DMP, writing and reading my gratitude cards, writing and doing my service cards.  Reminding myself to Do it now, Do it now, Do it now. Reading from Og Mandino’s book.And of course doing the “sit” for at least 20 minutes.


There is a progression as I go from one lesson to the next.  It is also a time of wonder at realizing my at one with all beings.We are all so connected. To all of life.  We are so small in the Universe, yet each of us is important and unique. We would be nothing without the Spirit within us. Recognizing that and becoming the Observer of what is going on within me and what is going on around me, puts me in a place of being more at peace with myself.


Everything we have around has come from someone’s idea.  Their thought. The computer I use to to write this Blog.  The mouse I use to move the cursor. The computer screen that transforms what I write to be able to see it on a scree, that is powered by the tower that has the brains of this computer.The chair I sit in.  The glass I drink from. The plate and silverware I use to eat. The lamp that gives me light after the sun has gone down. The glasses I use to give me better vision.

 Everything starts with Thought

Everything we can name and see and use has come from Thought.  What I have been learning in the Master Key, that the concentrated effort, the intention and thought and being in the stillness can be the projection of what is to come in my future.  We are beings that have Power to manifest, if we do the work. All the daily things we’ve learned to do through repetition to reach the “Subby” gives us the opportunity for real life changes to manifest.

I am grateful for the process I have been going through.  It has been overwhelming because there is so much I do daily.  I am grateful to know what the tasks are to make the internal changes.I believe the “sit” is the opportunity to connect with Universal Mind and listen.  So hard to get the monkey mind to stay quiet.Perception only comes in the Silence. It is also the time to visualize and see what will be the Now. in the future.  I treasure this time to wake up.


I am going to reiterate Haanels words her. Because I think they are of the utmost importance. This comes from Haanel 20:23.  “ We are told that “In Him we live and move and have our being,” and we are told that “He” is a Spirit, and again that “He” is Love, so that every time we breathe, we breathe this life, love and spirit.  This Pranic Energy, or Pranic Ether, we could not exist a moment without it. It is the Cosmic Energy; it is the Life of the Solar Plexus.”


“ Every time we breathe we fill our lungs with air and at the same time vitalize our body with this Pranic Ether which is Life itself, so that we have the opportunity of making a conscious connection with All Life, All Intelligence and All Substance.”



Johanna Baker

week 19 Your Last Day

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 Your last day

Thinking about “your last day” came from  reading  Og Mandino’s scroll “Live each day as if it is your last”.  As a result, I now try to make the most out of every day.  This becomes especially relevant because I’ve read this scroll so many times, three times a day for a month.  The importance of  it is to  be mindful and to be present always. If I can remember to be mindful, this puts me in a state of feeling alive in every moment of the now. What I have found in my experience is that I remember,  then I forget and then I remember again. I find it hard to stay in the remember to be mindful all the time.

Live in the Moment

Live in the moment, for I no longer have yesterday and tomorrow is not a given. All I have is Now. I was asked in the Master Key class, to buy a newspaper every day and read the obituaries that were posted that day. Why?

It was an exercise  that emphasized the fact that our lives are finite. I bought the paper daily and  looked at the picture in the obituary and read the person’s story. It strikes me that many people are blessed to live a long life.  The wrinkles on their face are well earned and also tell a bit about how hard their life was. Children and people whose lives were taken early, gave me pause and gratitude for how long I have been lucky to be here.

Most of us have a sense of the miracle of our own life. But, so much of the time, we find it difficult to think about the end to this journey we call our life, our last day. Reading this chapter three x’s  a day brought it home for me, Live each day as if it were your last.  “I live this day as if it is my last. I avoid with fury the killers of time. Procrastination I destroy with action…….”  This makes me grateful for every day.

Be mindful

First of all, I live my life with purpose and make the decision to be happy. I decide to be happy and to be present. Writing down the things I am grateful for daily, is making my awareness grow for all the little and big things that make my life so enjoyable.  I am so happy to be alive and have so much to be grateful for. I no longer take anything for granted.   I am especially grateful for my beautiful family who I love so very much. They are everything to me.

Being still and focusing on my breath helps to quiet and calm the mind. This quiet time also gives me an extended sense of gratitude for all that I have. Being mindful creates heightened awareness. Being mindful helps us appreciate the beauty in others. Mindfulness allows us to be in the present, in the Now of the moment.

NOW is all we ever have. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is hoped for.  Being in a mindful state is to notice what is going on in my life.  What must I do next is to be responsive in the moment. This is very empowering. Gives me freedom to be more of myself and go for what I want and what is important to me.

Think and imagine the life you want

The Master Key Process has been a lesson in the power of our mind and the power of thought.

  • Meditation is the time to be still and listen
  • Be present and in the moment.
  • Be who you are to be.
  • Be the most of who you can be.

I am so grateful to go through this process. The Master Key Process has led me through  this process of discovery of who I am and what is possible for my future. Use the Power of Thought to get what you want.


Johanna Baker

Week 18 – Be in the Moment

We have been taught by the Greats “To be in the Moment”. This week has been one of discovery and being more present.  This month we have been reading from Og Mandino’s book the Chapter about savoring each day as if it was our last day. This awareness has brought me to the understanding to treat every moment as if it was my last.   How can I make the most of every day. All connections and the connections I have with my family are so very precious. (see www.JohannaBakersBlog.com)

Can Sand flow upwards in an hourglass?

Some thoughts from Og Mandino:. Can we have sand flow upwards in an hourglass?  The sun doesn’t set in the same place it rises.  Do I right the mistakes, yesterday that I made yesterday?  Is it possible for us to become younger than we were yesterday?  The  hurtful  words spoken, blows that were struck, or any pain I caused  be taken back yesterday?  No, yesterday is gone and can’t be righted because it was yesterday?

What about tomorrow? Can tomorrow’s sand flow through the glass today? Will the sun rise twice tomorrow? Can I do the things today that are in tomorrow’s path?  Tomorrow’s baby can’t be born today?  Tomorrow’s  death can’t cast its shadow backward and darken today’s joy?   Should I torment myself about something that might never come to pass?  I can’t do anything about  what has already happened or will happen..

Thich Nhat Hanh teaches Mindfulness

Another teacher about  living life in the moment is Thich Nhat Hanh.  He calls it  mindfulness and has  exercises to help us live with happiness and joy. Being in the moment is all we ever have.  Being happy in the moment  is our choice.  No matter where we are in the universe, no matter what situation we are put in, we will always have the option of being happy. We don’t need to be unrealistically optimistic about our situation, but accepting it as it is, and choosing to be happy.

In Thich Nhat Hanh’s words he tells us that many of us are alive but don’t know it. But when we breathe in, and are aware of our in-breath, we touch the miracle of being alive. That is why mindfulness is a source of happiness and joy..  We don’t need to wait 10 years to be happy. Just as Og is teaching,  we can’t be worrying about what was.  We shouldn’t live in a state of forgetfulness where we are not living in the present. We lose out of the joy of being in the moment.

Be in the Moment

Taking time every day to be quiet and breathe in and out is a way to recenter us and bring us into the present .  It is in the present where we can experience joy and happiness.  Using concentration on what we want is a way to quiet the mind and exercise focus.  I have found the “monkey mind” often is running and it is a distraction for me to stay focused.  I find this is where my workout is.

When I am at the gym, I find it easier to be in the moment because I focus on the physical exercise I am in.  I have found that the time I am in my “sit” and I focus on my breathing is a way for me to become more present and in the moment.

The main points that Thich Nhat Hahn makes to have the “sit” or meditation or the quiet time we give ourselves, can be broken down into a few things to focus on.

  1. Focus on the breath.  Do Belly breathing like a baby.
  2. Concentrate on your breath
  3. Be aware of your Body.
  4. Release Tension
  5. Focus (what I’ve added)

Becoming more Mindful

We are our body as well as our mind  The best way for us to feel more fully alive and present is when we keep our attention to being present in the moment. Be in the moment to experience more of the wonders of life.  We do this when we are present with ourselves and the people that we have around us.  Each moment we stay present brings us more peace and joy. This allows us to see and experience the miracle of being alive.

We are the miracle that we are alive.  We come from a long line of successes. To become happier, and more joyful  is a byproduct of  experiencing more gratitude.  Happiness comes  when we bring our minds into our body and become more aware. Be in the moment. Become present and in the moment.  We become a happier being in this miracle of being alive.


~Johanna Baker

week 17 HJ- The Hero’s Journey

What is the Hero’s Journey?  Why do we go to the movies?  In every movie we find a protagonist or 2 that run into difficulties.  We become captured by the dilemma they find themselves.in. We are drawn into their story.  They along with some helpers have a challenge a struggle and they decide to take on the challenge.  Deciding to become the victor of your own journey is the basic premise of the Hero’s Journey. We go to the movies to live vicariously through the characters being a champion in their life.

As an example, during the Depression in the 1930’s when times were so tough, Hollywood was making movies and people went to the movies, often with very little money..  Shirley Temple movies were Big in the 1930’s because people found them hopeful and she was always able to make a bad situation better.  Shirley was the Hero in all her movies.  She gave people hope for a better time and portrayed the innocence of a child with a bright and giving Heart. Her kindness and goodness prevailed.

People went to the movies, because there own situation was bleak  and they wanted to see a person become the hero of their own life.  People go to the movies now to be entertained, but also to live vicariously through the character to see them become the hero of their own life. It helps us also feel like a victor through the experience, because we identify with the protagonist.

Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey

Joseph Campbell – Author of the Hero’s Journey

I was introduced to the Hero’s journey a long time ago through the work of Joseph Campbell.      Joseph Campbell wrote The Power  of Myth and the Hero of a Thousand Faces among many other books.

Bill  Moyers did a number of interviews with Joseph Campbell.  Joseph Campbell answers the question, “ 05. Are movies fulfilling the role of creating our myths”  He has given new meaning to all stories since the beginning of time of how we as humans have used the myths to give our lives more meaning.   He’s also explained the deeper meaning to the stories of who we are.

When I was introduced to Joseph Campbell, he gave me another outlook of looking at the stories taught through religion.  He calls them Myths because they are so universal through all the religions and every culture. Movies give us insight into what it means to be the hero of our own life. He does a brilliant job of going through the many stories of many civilizations.  All the stories end up being the story of the Hero’s journey.  Will I jump out of what I know to jump into the unknown. In the beginning I didn’t really know what it meant in my own life.

What do I pretend not to know?

Growing up, I always felt that there was something I was to do that would be a contribution to others. At six years old that is just a feeling, but I felt it strongly.  Of course, I had no idea what that could be  or would be.  What I do now know is that when distressing times with obstacles have shown up, I have always chosen a more difficult path of facing up to the difficulty and  I hold myself accountable. My choice was to work through it to and come through it on the other side. I had chosen the path of the Hero’s journey without knowing it.

An example of this happened early in my marriage when we were kicked out of a group where I felt a lot of connection and purpose.  All of a sudden, my husband Jim and I were totally on our own feeling we no longer had any friends or community.  I  soon discovered through this distressing time that I needed to die or give up how I thought it was going to be to have something better.  It was a painful cathartic experience for me. It felt like a death to me.

At that time, I kept playing a song on an album I had, that sang about the seed needing to break  open to push through the earth so that it could grow.  That is how I felt.  I needed to break open to leave behind  the way I thought  things would be so that I could become more of my true authentic self. I didn’t anyone else to give me validation.

So Why Don’t People Answer the Call to the Hero’s Journey?

We are all reluctant Heroes.  Many refuse the call, Campbell calls it the personal fears, he calls it the “Dragons”.  We feel we need supernatural aid to deal with what has happened to us.  These things look like, loss of a job, injury, a terrible diagnosis, divorce, a bankruptcy, a  betrayal of our belief system.  It often feels like a death and we don’t know how to come out of it.

It takes courage to overcome the blows we are dealt.  In my own life the blows and the determination to get up again and fight has happened many times. I needed to figure it out or  allow the Universe to guide me to answer that I didn’t know was there. What is worth dying for?  It feels like a death, because the ‘Old Self’ has to die for the ‘New Self’ to be able to live.  ‘Our Subby” takes direction from the Conscious self. .To have The Old Self  die is usually very hard.   The new self  can become the new Authentic Self,  a transformed self. A self to connect with others and with God., our divine self.

Joseph Campbell has said the snake that can not shed his skin will die.

It takes courage to Slay our Dragons

If one has the courage to slay the dragons in our life, the Best and Most Rewarding time comes after the struggle, We also develop more courage after we see what we are capable of.

We all live with our own Hero’s Journey.  When we make a decision to become the hero in our own life, we surrender and are no longer the victim in our life.  When there is no death, there is no transformation.  We are the ones to resurrect our own life.  There is a blessing in the death that lets you live a better life. It is not what happens to us but what we do with it that gives our life meaning,  The most rewarding time comes after the struggle.

As Joseph Campbell has said, “ Life has no meaning.  Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life.  It is a waste to be asking the question, when you are the answer.”


~Johanna Baker.


Week 17 – Go for Gratitude

Go for Gratitude!


Every week we have assignments in the Master Key course. Each assignment is to focus on a subject that moves us forward. We have focused on persistence,  kindness, self discipline, enthusiasm, courage, gratitude, and many others. Our focus for several weeks has been to write 3 gratitude cards a day on 3 X 5 index cards.

What are gratitude cards?

How has writing these gratitude cards made a difference for me. Every day I find things big and small that I am grateful for. I wrote my DMP  (Definite Major Purpose)  and my daily actions are being done with more focus and determination.  Some of the gratitude cards were for things I did in my past or what other people did for me in the past.  Many times I realize I take things for granted. I am now more aware of how these things are creating a better quality of life for me.


The feeling of being happy and that all is right in your world, happens when we are in a state of gratitude. Many of us are in search of happiness.  Little did I know that being in a constant state of gratitude is really the key to happiness. This was an aha moment for me. When we are grateful, the world feels and looks different to us.

Shawn Achor Harvard Graduate did his Thesis  on being Happy and the Happiness Advantage

Shawn Achor spent his life in research about the state of gratitude.  He gave a Ted talk that explored happiness. If you haven’t already seen it, check out Shawn’s popular TED Talk here: The happy secret to better work is,  yes, happiness pays off!

Video Shawn Achor

In the following article I found the same exercise of writing down the 3 gratitudes for each day that I have been doing. This can be a life changer.

From Shawn Achor : Those who are happy experience 31% higher productivity, 37% higher sales, 3x greater creativity and 23% fewer fatigue symptoms. Happy people are also up to 10x more engaged, 40% more likely to receive a promotion, and 39% more likely to live to age 94.

I find the gratitude cards are making a difference for me.  Everything that happens to me both positive and negative, I am grateful because I know everything will be for my highest good. My state of mind is definitely changing. What is wired together fires together and the focus on kindness and gratitude are key in this process of change.

I challenge you to do something for yourself

I challenge you to write 3 gratitude cards a day and to notice kindness in yourself and the people around you.  It takes 21 days to change a habit. Even the things you don’t think are good at the time, you will find were a turning point, a lesson that you needed or something you needed to overcome. Gratitude teaches us to appreciate the rainbow and the storm.

Do this for 21 days and you will notice that you have changed and that the people around have also changed.  It may only be the way you look at them has changed. They may even tell you that you have changed. Watch how you start to feel.


Johanna Baker

Week 16 – Be Kind

To be kind is something I learned early on in childhood. This week in the Master Key we were given the assignment to notice at least 2 acts of kindness. every day for a week. These could  be acts of kindness that we did, or kindnesses others did. The Power of Kindness has an immediate positive affect. Doing these acts on a continued basis has far reaching affects as you will discover in this blog.

Make America Kind Again

Kindness makes the world a better place.  I recently read a sign, “Make America Kind Again.”.  It touched my heart. This made me keenly aware that living in the present time, it often doesn’t feel that way.

Being kind and thinking about the needs of others creates an entirely different feeling for everyone involved.  I have had  many people be kind to me this week.  I have an immense sense of gratitude for the many people who are in my life.

My family is particularly kind to me and I love them so very much and am so very grateful for every family member.

Worldians Peace Through Kindness

The following Video is a great  one on Kindness.  This video is sponsored by Worldians. This video shows us  how we  make the world a better place. These actions can bring about more peace in the world.


Organization that promotes Peace begins with Kindness Click Here to support Peace through Kindness.

Huffington Post on Kindness

Making a more conscious effort to be more kind and to be more aware this week made seeing the results especially rewarding. I wanted to find out what others have done on the subject of kindness. Sean Achor in an article in the Huffington Post was interviewed for his expertise as a Happiness researcher.  He found that performing random acts of kindness for just 2 minutes a day for 21 days actually retrains your brain.  This retraining of the brain caused a person to be more positive, more creative, intelligent and productive.  Wow!


Achor found that this was actually a ‘quality of life’ attribute that caused greater job success, wealth, healthy relationships and better health. He found that Happiness breeds success.  In the US we value hard work and competitiveness, thinking that success leads to happiness. Being Happy as a priority for success  is not widely understood by by most.

More from Sean Achor on Kindness

He continued on to say that  the kindness we afford each other create  better work places and that empathy and kindness actually make people more productive and happier.  The world is currently in a state of political chaos and strife that is high. Just being more kind can put us and the world in a better place. Surprisingly, being kind will have an effect on ending world hunger,  suffering at the hands of war, human rights violations and injustice.  These acts of kindness make our families more harmonious.  This also gives us a sense of well being that radiates to our families, strangers, friends and acquaintances. He pointed out that Kindness also creates better schools,  neighborhoods and communities.


I am so glad to have Kindness  become a more conscious effort on my part and  have it be a part of my life forever. I challenge you to become a part of the Kindness movement to make our surroundings and the world a better place.


Johanna Baker                                                                                                                                                               


Week 15 – The Law of Love

This week I have focused on love  Love is a product of our emotions. We know that what we focus on expands.  It is the law of give more get more. What’s guided me daily is to be aware of that I needed to follow my heart.   Everywhere I go I say silently to the people I meet, I love you.  It feels good being in the place of  gratitude  and love for all that I have and all who I meet.  A smile goes a long way to change the mood and express kindness.  What I discovered is that the Law of Love is really the Law of Attraction.


Picturing in my mind that all will work out and the good of all will be for the highest good. Keeping my thoughts for all people for their highest good is one of the things that is very important to  me.   Social Justice is something that is very important to me.  All people should be treated fairly.  I hold the people I know and the people I don’t know in the light for their best outcome.

The Law of Attraction- The Law of Love

During this week I’ve experienced a change in the people I know and see often, in the way they relate to me.  Something is changing within me and also with the people in my life.  I am living in a state of gratitude and writing 3 gratitude cards daily.  One of our assignments was to go back through our life to write down all the things we have done in our life.  Do this for yourself. Take 3 X 5 cards and write down all the positive things you’ve done in your life.  It will change your day.  I was surprised and pleased to remember  all the positive things I’ve done.  It’s all about experiencing some love about who you are and how you have made contributions. I believe this is an example of The Law of Attraction.


The Law of Love  is also the Law of Attraction which brings what is necessary for growth and maturity.  Love also brings about vitality.  Our thoughts of love and abundance are so important to bring that about in our life. It all begins with our thoughts and our words, they are the invincible power that will give it form in the future.  I am excited about the changes I am making through conscious thought and intention.

Johanna Baker


Week 14 -Cool Runnings The Value of Persistence

This week we were given the assignment to watch a movie from a list of movies.  I chose “Cool Runnings” to watch. The focus for the week was Persistence, the Jamaican team in Cool Runnings  demonstrate the value of Persistence.  Cool Runnings is the story  about a Jamaican team that tried out for the winter Olympics in the sport of Bobsledding.  As we all know there is no snow in Jamaica. This is the story of incredible determination and persistence against all the odds of having success.  The movie is a version of the true  story of what actually happened when Jamaicans tried out and entered the Olympics in the winter of 1988.

Derice Bannock is Determined

Derice Bannock  a top 100m runner from Jamaica tried out for the 1988 summer Olympics. Because of an accident where one of the team members,  Junior tripped and fell, he and another team member Yul fell into each other near the finish line and they all became  ineligible to qualify for the Olympics that year.

Derice was headstrong and wanted to compete in the Olympics that year. He had an idea that he would put a bobsledding team together to compete in the Winter Olympics of 1988. This seems impossible, because how will they train  with no bobsled or any snow?  Derice recruited his friend Sanka Coffie,  who was a champion push cart racer to build a mock up bobsled to practice with on the dry ground and hills of Jamaica.  He also  went to his father’s friend Irv Blitzer (played by John Candy)  for his help.  Irv was friends with Derice’s father Ben who had recruited  sprinters for the bobsled team for the Olympics in 1968.

The Coach was in Trouble

Irv Blitzer  was a two time Gold Medalist at the 1968 Winter Olympics.  In the 1972 Winter Olympics Irv was disqualified for cheating and he moved to Jamaica in disgrace. He lives an impoverished life as a bookie. They eventually recruit two of his friends Junior and Yul from the track team; even though Yul is still upset over Junior’s mistake of tripping and falling in the 100m  try out. It disqualified the three runners.

They created a  makeshift bobsled out of wood and took to the hills to practice, many mishaps but they were determined and persitent.  They were going to do this. Hurdles did not deter them. Adversity and disappointments did not deter them. They just kept practicing.

No one believes they will get to the Olympics

No one takes them seriously that they will really compete in the Olympics and they have a very hard time raising money. They tried many fundraising ideas, singing in the street, arm wrestling, kissing booths, nothing worked. Things change when Junior sells his car to give them a great start on what they need.  Junior also had a lesson for his teammates that he learned from his father.  Junior let them know that his father struggled for many years.They were not always in good financial shape.  He became rich because he never gave up and was persitent.  Junior’s father had a goal and he kept working toward it.  It needed to be the same for the team. They needed to keep going and not give up and give it their all.

They arrive in Calgary for the Olympics

The Jamaican bobsled got to Calgary, Canada where they got their first real used bobsled.This is where the Winter Olympic Games were held in 1988.  The team was doing their best but they were copying the the arrogant East German team who told them to go home.  They continued to practice and continued to get better at their technique.  The Jamaicans  finally qualify for the finals but the Olympic Committee  disqualifies them on a technicality.  This was retribution for their coach Irving’s prior cheating scandal.  Irving confronts his former coach from the 1972 Olympic Winter Games and apologies to the committee for the scandal he created in 1972 which embarrassed his country, the USA.  He asks the committee to punish him for his transgression but not the Jamaican team.  The Olympic committee reverses their decision  and allows the Jamaican team to again compete. They are thrilled for the opportunity to continue moving forward toward their dream.


In the Olympic race it looked like the Jamaican team would medal until tragedy struck. Because the bobsled was old and it couldn’t handle the high speed, one of the blades come off, and it flipped on its side leaving them meters short of the finish line.  They were determined to finish the race and they put the sled over their shoulders and walked over the finish line, to a rousing applause from the spectators and Junior’s father. They held their heads high.

The team came home to Jamaica to a hero’s welcome and vowed to return to the Winter Olympics 4 years later. Their persistence paid off.

Trailer to Cool Runnings.

The 4 tiny attributes of Persistence

Cool Running is an example of the 4  tiny attributes of persistence that are taught in the Master Key:

  1.  Having a Definite Major Purpose
  2. Having a Positive Mental Attitude
  3.  Having a Plan of Action
  4.  Having a Master Mind Alliance

The Master Mind Alliance was their coach and the 4 team members.


To be successful in your endeavors, this film includes all the elements necessary for success.  It is an example for us all to apply the principles and do the things that it  takes to succeed.  Must have a  definite major purpose, a positive mental attitude where you won’t let any of the obstacles get in your way and move forward with your plan with persistence.  You will probably need to revamp when necessary and figure out what needs to be refined to make the path clearer and more successful.   Have a definite plan of action and work with others in a Master Mind Alliance to make it happen. There is more power with the Alliance than trying to do it all by yourself.

Johanna Baker

Week 13 – Why Dreams Come True

Dreams come true, without that possibility nature would not invite us to have them1-2-2018 12-00-06 AM

Sometimes it takes hearing the same thing again and again, but sometimes said in a slightly different way to really get it.  I have been reading OG and have been reading my DMP ( Definite Major Purpose) and reading my cards religiously.  Tonight I listened to Earl Nightingale talk about “The Biggest Secret”  It was the same material I have been hearing from MarkJ and the reading from Haanel.


How did I hear it tonight?  The belief in what I want has to be with such conviction and intensity that I will not be denied. Remember as it was said by the Great Carpenter, “Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened to you. Everyone who ASKS, SEEKS AND KNOCKS, it will be given to you”


Do it with intensity and  Single Focus and many times a day. Use the cards, to remind of our single focus. Do the Work with your whole being for 30 days and see the difference.  Do it again for another 30 days.  You will see the difference.


Do the Work!

Believe in yourself 11-16-2017 8-34-35 PM

Week 12 – Love is all there is

Heart symbol into sky 12-17-2017 5-29-43 PM

When I went to Sunday School, as a child  I was taught that God is Love, and “he”  loved me. I felt so small in a big world, I questioned if I was worth it.  Why? Don’t know.    Gratitude was a concept that I learned from my mom.  My mother taught me that God is in all things and in all life, it was not to be found by just going to church.  God is in nature, life is all around us and we have been given a gift to be alive.


We as a civilization have known this for a long time that Love is the ultimate law which has created diversity in all things and individuation. The Omniscient, Omnipresent, Infinite Power in the Universe loves and provides in abundance for all our needs.


What is interesting is that there are laws that have to do with our personal power. Knowledge does not apply it itself.  It takes us as individuals to fertilize our  thoughts  with a living purpose. If we keep changing our mind about what we want, it will be for naught because there is no concentration and focus to give direction.  It’s as if you were a sculpture and every 15 minutes you changed your mind about what you wanted to create,  Nothing will come from the attempt at the creation if there is no focus.


In our Master Key class this week we went through an assignment  of taking our DMP (Definite Master Purpose) and putting it into one sentence.  Then we were to to say it in the mirror while looking at ourselves for 50 minutes.  I didn’t think I could do it. What I discovered is that there was a shift in me the last 10 minutes where I was able to see myself and  I became much more comfortable with myself.  MarkJ, teacher of the Master Key pointed out that we need to make friends with our future self, that the future self is most often thought of as a stranger. This exercise helped me see that I can and do  love myself.  Why is that so difficult to recognize?  We are God’s creation, and are as unique as all the elements in nature.

1hand with heart above it with wings 2-17-2017 5-30-46 PM

It is through the quiet “sit” where we can experience complete relaxation.  Here is where deep thought, intention  guides attention and has a high potential that the Universal forces can work.  It is in the Silence that we can get in touch with the Omnipotent power of the subconscious mind where all the power is developed.


Ultimately to have permanent success with what we desire and  have access to this power, it only comes from within ourselves.  This is an unfoldment process.  From my own experience over many inconsistent years,  true silence is not easily reached.  It is only in this state where we are able to connect with Divinity itself.  This is where consistent, persistent, practice and concentration leads to having the experience we seek.  This is pure Love.


Scroll II from Og Mandino, “I greet this day with love in my heart.”  I woke up loving this way to start my day. This dynamic power of love gives us the capacity  to deal with any adverse situations that we encounter. This eternal and fundamental principle is in every system of Philosophy, in every Religion and in every Science.We can’t get away from the law of love. It is a feeling that gives vitality to our thoughts.  Feelings is desire and desire is love.  When we are impregnated with the thoughts of love we are invincible.

“Why is the power of love so dynamic?  The Law of Attraction rests on this vibration, which in turn rests upon the law of love.  Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.”  Haanel


Do the work.