Oscar’s Blog Week #22

Time goes so quickly and I seem to never have enough of it.  One of our pastors brought a message this morning that was very helpful when we are dealing with life.  He said the most important thing was to, “Fear God- Make God and His purposes the center or our lives.”  Then the second thing was to, “Fully enjoy the abundant blessings God has given for our pleasure.”  I have been abundantly blessed over the years to have been with many wonderful people, and been mentored by so many of them.  As I have watched and listened to the Billy Graham memorial services and the many wonderful things said about him, I am blessed by his life.   I remember back 55 years ago when we had the opportunity to help him with a dinner and then I got to carry his luggage to his room.  Then later to be in Bill Bright’s (founder of Campus Crusade for Christ) home and have conversation with both he and Ruth, how blessed I was.  It is hard for me to believe that these years have passed so quickly.  The moral of this short story is, I have feared God and He has been the center of my life for many years and I am so blessed.  As I think of this week’s lesson, I think and am so grateful for all of the knowledge that I have learned from all of these people.  It has so enriched my life but the most important thing, I do believe is the abundant blessings of the experiences I have enjoyed with these men.  Solomon said that all of the knowledge, wisdom, wealth, pleasure, things, and whatever else we may attain is of little value unless it is used by God to enrich our lives and the others we come in contact with.  More of all of these things is NOT the answer.  Solomon tried all of these things and discovered this was not the answer.  What he did find though was, to ”Fear God”, in a good way, allow Him to control all of these things in a balanced life given to Him.

I am just a sinner saved by God’s grace.  Jesus is my best friend and the life He has allowed me to enjoy is beyond amazing.  Yes, all of these things I have enjoyed are thoughts placed in my sub conscious mind by the experiences I have had.    When Haanel says in 22:7-8, these should produce good vibrations and they have, and that is why I am so grateful.  I am so thankful I have not had to endure many of the bad days he talks about because my heart is filled with Him.  Please don’t misunderstand, I have made mistakes which I regret but like breathing, we exhale (confess) impure air and inhale fresh air (His blessings).

Haanel in 22:10-14 talks about the healing of the body by our thinking and I do believe God wants to bring healing and the body is amazing at how He heals us, but even more importantly is His spiritual healing.  Once we have invited Christ into our lives, He is there to love and take care of us when we fall.  I have fallen many times but what a blessing to have my Loving Heavenly Father pick me up and tell me He still loves me and because of what Jesus did on the cross for me I am OK.  That is the great joy I have because I know Him and am so blessed.  WOW!!!

Last week I shared the difference in a self controlled life and a Christ controlled life and you can go back and look at the two diagrams to see the difference.  I also shared that there is a Christ shaped vacuum (missing piece) in the heart of every man that can only be filled by Jesus Christ.  Haanel talks about building a perfect body in 22:16, which we can not do, but with Christ in our lives we have the hope that some day when we get to heaven we will have that perfect body and life.  That means we need that missing piece  to make us whole.  We were created in the image of God, hence we have the mind of Christ but it will not reach it fullest potential until eternity.  Then God will be with us every step, and we will always be and do what He wants, and really what we want to do.  So everything he talks about in 22:17-23 will happen in the future if you have given your heart to the Lord.

When I was in the hospital the doctor told me I would get well because I believed I would, so the mind does play a part but then it is up to the Lord to bring healing.  I have talked to many people since who say they are not sure they are going to get well.  Don’t tell yourself that, because you will bring what you don’t want upon yourself,  because as Haanel says we do have some control of our lives and our thinking is some of it.  He wants us to think on Tennyson’s lines.  I would suggest to think about God and talk to Him.  He is closer than you think and stands at the door of our hearts and would love to come in.  All we have to do is say, God I have messed up my life, I want you to come in and bring order and Love and He is waiting to hear your call and He promises to come in.  Then omnipotence will come to reside in your life.  Try it, you will like it.   God does NOT cause sickness and suffering, life does.  Yes, some is caused by sin but not all.  God created beings and gave them the ability to choose and we chose sin.  He is not willing that any should perish and not come to know Him, but many have chosen to not choose Him.  Today we live in a broken world, but you can have JOY and ETERNAL LIFE.  It is your choice.

I am not sure what Haanel is trying to convey in 22:30  I hope he knows what he is talking about.  I will agree that “religious talk” has done more harm than we can imagine.  Christianity is not religion but a relationship with Jesus Christ, and that will change your life and secure you a home in heaven for all eternity.  Many people have NO idea what that is but trust me and what the Bible says, then we will have that perfect body and our minds will be unencumbered with thoughts of what our minds can think because then we will know God and His perfection.  Let Christ control your life today and you will never be sorry.  If you choose the other way you will be sorry and that is a fact.  Please choose His way.  He (Jesus) says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life”  There is only ONE way, not many.

Oscar’s Blog Week # 21

I want to thank many of you who have shown concern about my health and your many kind things you have said.  Thank you!!  This week I have had many doctor appointments and discussions of what is happening etc.  After many tests it has been determined that I have had brain shrinkage which was a new term to me, but it does make sense after the doctors have explained it to me.  (The body, in my case the skull, shrinks in size and when this happens the brain is thrown into confusion and then like an earthquake sometimes there is an after shock which I also had and then it will probably be ok) I am in my “Prime” years (79) and they say that this can happen to people of this age and I have discovered some other people who have had this happen to them too, so I am not concerned about it anymore at all.  God knows best and He is in control  of my life so all is good.  One of the side effects of this is weariness and I have had that to deal with, which I don’t enjoy but it is what it is, as they say.  Hopefully the brain will soon settle into its new routine and all will be good again.

My direct selling business is growing and there is a lot of excitement going on there too, so I am a little behind  but all is good.  The home going of Billy Graham also occupied some reading time.  I am sure this brought great celebration in heaven as he was welcomed home from a life well lived.  I had the privilege of spending some time with Billy and Ruth many years ago when we were on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ in Bill Bright’s home.  Since then we have supported his work for many years, plus my oldest son came to know the Lord through one of his crusades.    We had helped with the crusade so we were watching it again on TV and Jon, my oldest son said , dad what are all those people doing and I told him they were going forward and inviting Jesus into their hearts, and he said I want to do that too.  We talked through it and I explained the plan of salvation and he was all excited to come to know Jesus.  So we have a lot of history and many good times.  If you have never been to the Cove, you need to put that on your bucket list to do.  It is very neat and inspiring place.

As we think of our lesson my personal view of this is like a jig saw puzzle.  I have often put a puzzle together but if there is a piece missing, until we find that piece, the puzzle is not complete.  Also there is only one piece that will fit that opening so to have a complete puzzle we have to have that one piece.  This is what Pascal said years ago.


“There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of each man which cannot be satisfied by any created thing, but only by God the Creator, made known through Jesus Christ.”

In Haanel Chapter 21.4, this is the live wire piece that we need to have to complete the puzzle.  Hence, when we have this piece, which only comes when we invite Christ into our hearts, we have the power of Him working in and through us which is what Haanel is saying but not getting it in the right context.  Without this piece we have NO power and we can not in any way create that piece with our minds.  Look at the two details below and you will see one is controlled by self and the other is controlled by Christ.

2018-02-25_2249 2018-02-25_2251

Look at the difference that Christ being in control makes in our lives.  There is order and NOT confusion.  There is the power that Haanel talks about, but we must have that ONE piece to make it all happen.  You see there are spiritual laws just like there are physical laws.  As Nightingale says, gravity works every time with out exception and the spiritual laws are just as fixed as the physical laws.  They work every time.  God did not create us to run our own show.  He has a wonderful plan for our lives, when He is in control there is order and power and when we are in control there is NO power and NO order.

Doesn’t it just make sense that if He created us, He knows how we work best.  It is a simple act of the will, just invite Him into our hearts and He promises to come in and straighten things out and make us  the person He created us to be.  In 21.14 Haanel says it is no easy matter to change our mental attitude.  He is right , we can’t change ourselves, only God can do that.  Nightingale says “Ask, seek, and knock (found in Mathew 7:7 and Rev. 3:20)  and amazing things will begin to happen and that is easy, not hard.  In 21.18 Haanel says, to change, do it over and over again.  Why not let God do that.  God said in Mathew 11:29-30 “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me— My yoke is easy and my burden is light”.  I can tell you many stories of totally changed lives when we walk through this door,  Letting go and letting God is the hard part, as Mark has been talking about.  We don’t want to loose control so we hold on tight.  The power is willingly delegated, as Haanel says in 21.26 by our Heavenly Father when we let Him turn on the power.  We will be favored as he says in 21.27 when we know the TRUTH as he says in 21.28, which is found in (John 14:6 “I am THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE” ) Until next time, “Let God be in control”,  you will love it and your future is secure for all eternity.

Oscar’s Blog Week #19-20

This week brought some more reality into my life as I had a spell that we don’t know what is or was yet, but for a few hours I thought this might be my last day on earth.  At this time the doctor does not know what caused the situation or if it is just a passing thing or the start of something else that is still unknown.  Very truthfully I was not scared just concerned for those who might be left behind.  My thoughts were I had a lot of unfinished business that needed to have closure on.  It is amazing how many thoughts you can have in a very short time.  I think back, how could I have thought so many thoughts?  That is an unknown to me but it is amazing what the mind has the potential to do.  In thinking of that I was brought back to what Nightingale talks about.  We are only using a very small part of our minds and too often we are not being wise with what we do with our minds.  I was raised on a farm so I understand the reap what you sow concept.  After this event in my life I want to plant a lot more and see the results.  I remember that if we did not plant something  weeds came up anyway so it was much better to plant a crop and get the results of what we had planted.  Now as I think of my mind I want to plant as many good seeds as possible.  Many things that we are learning in the MKE are Biblical thoughts and there are so many more attributes and character qualities that can be planted in our minds and will bring forth fruit.  Jesus talked about many things in the gospels and then in Paul’s letters are many more, plus we can find so many additional things in the Psalms and Proverbs.  Hence I have many,  many things  to put into my mind and consequently the last thoughts I put in my mind now are from the Bible and when I awake I go over those same things again. It is like my DMP but it is all God’s Word and nothing about my wants or desires but in reality they have become an even greater reality because my greatest desire is to be a man after God’s heart.
Next Day:      Well today we went through a number of tests and nothing jumped out that was wrong so the next step is to have a cat-scan of the brain and see what that shows us. At this point the doctor says it could have been a TIA (mini stroke); a virus that settled in my brain, cancer of the brain or an unknown to be determined.  The bottom line is, it is in God’s hands and He always knows what is best, so I am resting in Him.  I want to tighten up a few things but the bottom line is it is not about me anyway.  My life is His plan and when I am done here I will go to be with Him, so all is good.
Nothing like having an object lesson in the middle of the lesson to make it real.  Og says we can’t go back and we can not go forward, the only time we have is NOW and we need to use it as best as we can.  There are things I could have done differently and things I should have done differently but as one of my mentors says, we can’t do anything about what is behind us only we can make a better ending.  Great saying and I plan to make the best of the days I have remaining whether they be many or few.
Now I want to change topics and write about Lesson Twenty.  There is a lot of truth but then if we do not have it in the right context it can lead us astray.  At some point in time that we are not aware of Satan rebelled against God by his own choice and was kick off of God’s team and then some fallen angels went with him.  We are not robots and God wants us to choose Him but Adam and Eve did NOT choose Him and went astray and hence all mankind has to make a choice to choose God or not.  If we don’t make a decision we have already made a decision because we have NOT chosen God.  Hell is a “place” reserved for Satan and all who choose to follow him.  God does NOT live there but yes, He did create it and at some point in time there will be those who do not choose God, who will have to go there.  We make the mistake of thinking man is two part and he is three, body, soul and spirit.  The mind is in our souls and is where our thinking and will resides,  and then we can only come to know God if and when we invite Him into our hearts which is where the Spirit lives after we have personally invited Him to come reside in our lives.  Nightingale compares our lives to soil and we get to choose what we want to plant in our minds but also whether we want to choose God or not.  If we ignore this choice, we have lives out of context.  We see the difference in the time before the flood.  Man was only using his mind and body, then we have the law and man still did not get it right.  Then God sent His Son in human form to show us how to live and made it possible to have a relationship with God by His death on the cross for all mankind, but we have to choose like the thief, on one of the other crosses did, and Jesus told him, this day you will be with me in paradise.  One did and the other did not and that is the difference in life.  Some will and other will not, sad to say.
The Bible says, Jesus Speaking, “I stand at the door and knock, if any man will open the door I WILL come in…” hence He comes only by invitation.  Haanel in #1 says the spirit is you, <strong>ONLY if we have invited Him in. </strong>  He comes in and brings order and not the life of confusion as Haanel points out in #7, but we can’t feel that power that he talks about in #8 unless Christ is living in our hearts and He doesn’t live in all hearts as he says  in #11 unless we have invited Him in.  This whole lesson makes wonderful sense only if we have made the wonderful discovery of Christ living in us, otherwise it is only knowledge without understanding.  He talks about understanding and this is true but we HAVE to understand based on the Biblical understanding and not human wisdom or we go down a wrong path and it will not make any sense.  The lesson is wonderful IF we understand it from God’s point of view and not human wisdom.  Terrible decisions are made daily by very smart people apart from God’s wisdom and direction.  That is the reason we MUST think of ourselves as three part (body, soul, and spirit) and not two part (body and soul).  The Bible says that these things will seem like foolishness to the natural man because he can not see with spiritual eyes.  I have heard it said that a two legged stool is very unstable but a three legged one is very stable.  Don’t be deceived by Satan whose job it is to confuse and blind us from the truth and deceive us.  He delights in using truth from God’s Word out of context to deceive us.  Read this lesson from God’s perspective and not from us being god and it will challenge us and become a wonderful tool.
Please don’t misunderstand, this is not about me and what I know.  It is God’s plan for our lives and He knows best.  Jesus was a carpenter from Nazareth for thirty years, but He was also the Son of God born of a virgin so he truly was God’s Son, and God in human form so we could understand how to live life.  WOW!!  How neat is that?

I have two diagrams but the system will not let me insert them for which I am very sorry because they explain a lot.  I have tried for three hours to no avail, hence this will have to do.

Oscar’s Blog Week 18

I have been thinking a lot about our new chapter, “I will live this day as if it were my last”.    My views will be vastly different than many but that is OK.  I know exactly what will happen when that day comes, because I know where I am going and it will be far better than here and I have prepared for it for years.  Hence, what I would want to do, knowing this is my last day on earth, would be to tell as many people as I possibly could, that do not know Christ as their personal Savior, how excited I am to go through this door into my new home.  I think of this life as practice for the big ball game.  Practice is great, it is hard work, but then the game comes and that is the fun.  That is the way I see life.  This is the practice before the real game and the real fun.  There is hardly a day that I don’t think of going to be with Jesus, My Friend and My Lord and Savior, but He still has work and more practice for me to do here.  I love the work and the opportunities to share Christ, but I also know some of what lies ahead and that is even more exciting.  I remember playing basketball the excitement of a big game, or any game, was the reason we practiced and prepared for this moment.  Just think of the guys who played in the Super Bowl yesterday, they had sacrificed, practiced and looked forward to this for a long time and now it was here.  That is what I think of as my last day on earth.  I want there to be a celebration after I am gone that tells everyone that I have just gone home and there is rejoicing in heaven to my home-going,  AND there is rejoicing here, that I have worked hard and prepared for this event all of my life and now it is here.  So, I want to be responsible for many people going to heaven and that means sharing, living, and preparing the way for those who want to follow.  The gift I have to offer, is God’s Grace and a home for all eternity in the most wonderful world you can possibly imagine.  Please come along.  I believe with all of my heart there will be two groups of people, those that are glad they did, and those who wish they had.

It is sobering to think about our last day on earth and to read it three times a day, more or less and be reminded how mortal we are.  The one thing we do know for sure, unless the Lord comes first we will all die, hence it best to be prepared before that day arrives.  Something to think about, ARE YOU READY?

Don’t misunderstand, I am not looking forward to the process but I am ready.  This is  not meant to be threatening, just being mindful.  I have a friend who just three weeks ago had a stroke and I am reminded of my dad having a stroke to wake him up to reality before he trusted the Lord.  I hope my friend also wakes up and realizes life is very uncertain and can be gone in a heart beat.  This chapter is just a reminder to be prepared.

Oscar’s Blog Week #17

This week I have been busy working my business because we have wonderful promotions and lots of incentives (lot of money on the table) to work hard and build our business.  Hence I have not worked my MKE course as hard as my business but in a way they are all the same in the end.  I am taking the MKE course to build a better MLM business.   My goals are to Grow Spiritually, Help more people, and then to be able to give more to the Lord’s work while here on earth.  Hence they all work together.

I have made a lot of progress in my life, since I no longer have the fear of rejection of people that I have had for these so many years.  What a relief.  I kind of feel like I am starting a new life and am free to be me again.  My business has not grown yet but I feel sure that it will because I am free to talk to more people.  I have not done quite all of the exercises but I feel free and am not intimidated by thinking I will be rejected, and if I am, that is OK too.    I can’t believe I just said what I did.

Oscar’s Blog Week #16

A good week and a lot of fun.  This week we are to show kindness for our class project and also our church has us loving and showing love all week hence, a lot of fun.  I had cancer last year so I have taken on a project to pray for everyone that I know of who has cancer or is going through something like it.  Also I am sending them texts of encouragement and love.  Now I have six people with cancer two with surgeries and five others who have grave illnesses that I call and  text  twice a week and then pray for daily.  I am alive today because people prayed so I know the value of it and want to pass it on to others.

I also made a poster to put in the front of my day timer to be constantly in front of me to be my ever ready reminder of what my goals are, who my constant Friend is, and scripture to keep in my mind daily.


Oscar’s Blog Week #15

This has been a hard week because I have been sick all week and hence not able to keep up with all of the reading I needed to do.  Sorry, the body rebelled.  The spirit was willing but I could not make my body do what I wanted it to do, just too sick.

I have enjoyed listening to Earl Nightingale and his thoughts.  I really appreciate his illustration of the farmer planting two types of seed in good ground, one a good seed and the other a poisonous seed and then comparing it to our minds as to  which one will grow.  Which ever one we feed will grow as will the seeds planted in our minds.  This is a wonderful illustration and I think this should be REQUIRED READING because it is so good.  After you read my last week’s blog you are saying, what made the difference.  Everything about Nightingale is God centered and not man centered and that makes all the difference in the world.  The thirty day diet is all positive and that goes with our laws of growth, what we think about grows and we want to think about positive things all of the time and not be  looking for negative ones.  Just a slight difference but a big one I believe.  Then the other slight difference is what God has given us (our minds) and the potential they have for good or bad.  The potential we have with our mind is unlimited with God in control, but if we have man at the center we are limited and can only have limited success as Earl points out.  I have many live examples of this over the years that I have seen and in some cases been a part of.  The best example is what Jesus (who was God in human form) did with the disciples or apostles, and they changed the world and it is still going on.  I loved his illustration of the earth mover and the ship with or without someone and a plan at the controls.  When God is in control and we are using His plan we can not fail because it is the law.  We only fail when we use our own plan and don’t allow Him control of our lives, because we can not foresee the future, thus we can not completely succeed, for this is also the law.

I plan to listen to Earl every day and do his 30 day mental diet.  I believe it will be fun and yes strenuous, but well worth the effort.  Is there anybody who wants to do it with me.

Oscar’s Blog Week #14

This week’s lesson has troubled me a lot because that is NOT the way I believe and I think there are a lot of fallacies in Haanel’s thinking.  He is basing everything on man being only two part, body and soul, and I believe man is created in the “image” of God and we are three part, body, soul, and spirit.  He believes that we can become god and I believe that God is God and we will never become God.  He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient and we are not, no matter how much we develop our thinking and our minds.  The Bible says we are created in the “image” of God, and that is with the three parts as stated above, but not as God or part of God.  The third part or our spiritual being is something that we acquire through being born again, talked about in (John 3) in the Bible.  The apostle Paul was a very brilliant man but it was not until he had  an experience on the road to Damascus, (Acts 9) that he understood what was involved in being spiritually born again.  Then he went into the desert and learned how to apply the knowledge and truth he had learned and became the great apostle that he was.  It is not religion but a relationship that he developed, as we can too, but we can not do that until the spiritual seed is planted within us.  That is our choice and God will not force His will on us, but until that happens this way of life seems like foolishness to one who does not have Christ living within.  We can learn from Haanel, but we can not have a relationship with him like we can with Jesus.  I believe in a relationship, but I am not an advocate of religion because we have a lot of that, and a lot of harm and bad thinking has resulted. Wars have resulted because of religious thinking.

I have much to say and could say but anyone convinced against his will is of the same opinion still, and no good can come of me trying to convince anybody.  I wish I could but that is not my responsibility.  It is an opportunity for all of us to choose and God’s responsibility to convince.  Once again, look at (Acts 9) and see what happened to Paul.

Hence,I personally can not accept or believe some of the last two week’s teaching, but I do believe what George Mathew Adams said though, “Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view”  Please do not misunderstand, I love the course and believe much good can come to all of us, based on truth.  God is the source of all truth.  This is just my personal thoughts and beliefs based on many years of study and the facts I have learned over the years.

Oscar’s Blog Week #13

This week has been frustrating and yet rewarding as I have had a number of challenges to overcome and then the victories.  A nasty man has hacked into my Word Press account and caused a lot of havoc, but we are winning, and after tomorrow I feel confident that we will have my computer fixed so he cannot bother me any more.  I see this man who all week has spent his energy trying to destroy, and what a waste, when he could use his talents for good.  The Bible says to resist the devil and he will flee from you, which is what the law of substitution basically says.  I learned a long time ago that there are physical laws and there are spiritual laws and if we have someone to lead us through this life and define these laws for us, life is much better and smoother.  I have a personal relationship with this “Universal Mind,” to me known as God and my Savior and Lord, and my best Friend, who is the One who made these laws and everything that we are trying to learn about them.  When He lives inside of us, we have access to Him at any moment in time and I can just say “please help me” and if it is in His plan, and for my good, He does.   I tell you this for two reasons.  One is that I have had a number of victories that He has orchestrated, and that is what Mark has been telling us would happen. But let’s give credit where it belongs.  We are learning about these laws and the Lord is allowing us to learn because it is His will for us to learn.  He has so much for us to learn, and only now have we begun to expand our minds, but He says we have the Mind of Christ and hence we do have access to all that God has planned for us.  It is our choice though, and recently I have discovered that He has so much more for me to learn, but sometimes little things get in the mind and clog up this wonderful mind that God has given for our use.  My mastermind partner was able to uncover something in my life that happened over 60 years ago and has hindered me from growing to who I can become.

The first illustration that the Lord gave to me was when we were on our trip and the car started acting up for no apparent reason.  We were stuck on the side of the road and I said, “Lord, I need some help.” And really I did nothing but say that prayer, got back in the car, and it started and continued to run.  When we took it into a garage later, the mechanic told me it was just a small piece of dirt or air in the line that caused the problem.  Illustration Two was this nasty man messing with the Word Press, and once again I asked the Lord for help and He came to me through a friend who now has my computer running even better, and this man will not be able to hinder me again.  He is the loser.  Sometimes little things get into our minds and cause years of trouble, hence the reason for the mental diet.  Praise the Lord for the mental diet.  Aren’t we all so much better for this diet?

Now the lesson for me and anyone who cares to hear.  God is waiting to help us in everything we are learning, and He waits for us to ask Him into our lives and take control of our lives and minds, and then work through us in a mighty way.  Then we DO have His mind ready to work through us as He planned it years ago before we were even born.  We are discovering many things and there is so much more to learn and He wants us to do more than we ask or even think.  I for one want Him to fill my mind with ALL He wants me to learn and He is just waiting for us to give Him permission.  That is one of the things I have learned in the course and many more as God has opened my mind to see Him as He truly is.

The facts are that we are made as a three-part human being–body, soul and spirit, in the image of God.  Pascal said there is a God-shaped vacuum in each person that can only be filled with God, which happens at spiritual birth.  Nicodemus asked Jesus how He could do these miracles and Jesus said, “you must be born again.”  Jesus explained to him that he had to be born of the Spirit (John, Chapter 3).  Jesus also told John that He, (Jesus) and the Father are one, meaning He is God.  Hence, Jesus was crucified because He claimed to be God.  Many scholars have written about this and you can look up C. S. Lewis, (Mere Christianity) from years ago or Lee Strobel, (The Case for Christ) more recently.  Both of them, and many others, have done extensive research on this subject.  Jesus also said, “I am THE way, THE truth, and THE life,” hence there is only ONE way and He is ALL truth, and we can really only know Life when we know Him.  You may say, “that is not fair or right.” Well, don’t blame me–I did not set it up, God did.  (Please don’t take it from me, do your own due diligence, but (Do it NOW.)  Now in this light many things we are learning make a lot of sense, but without God in the picture it is all man’s thinking and it lacks truth.  With God in the center of the picture all of what we are learning makes perfect sense.  God wants us to learn truth, be creative and completely control and subdue the earth.  Hence all we are learning is part of the plan as long as God is in the center of everything.  All of us have unlimited potential and with Jesus as our guide He CAN bring all of what we are learning to fruition.  Haanel has very good ideas and a lot of truth, but some of what he says is out of context because God is not real to him in the spiritual way, only through the soul, and that puts man in the center of life, and that just doesn’t work.  That is NOT my idea, just what the Bible teaches.  Haanel is searching for happiness and that is fleeting, as he says, hence we need JOY that only comes through knowing Christ, because God is  LOVE.  We are just not complete without the spiritual part and we can only have that as we invite Christ to enter and control our lives.  We “come as we are,” then “become transformed” and then “we CAN make a difference.”  We will make a difference, but just think what we can do with God in control and not ourselves.  We have access to His Omniscient Mind, His Omnipotent Power, and His Omnipresent Creative Presence.

I have shared my heart and in no way am I an authority, but I have studied a lot and I know it is not the Lord’s will that any should perish.  God is so loving and He loves us so much, He lets us decide our own life choices. But He will hold me accountable if I know truth and don’t share it.  My DMP says, “I am a man after God’s heart and making a difference in people’s lives every day through encouragement and kindness . . .”  That is my one and only desire in sharing this blog.  I wish everyone would read this blog, but that is out of my control.  But God has promised His Word would not return unto Him void, so I am content to let God be God.

My guide, Ken, told me that distractions would come, and they did, but if we persist, we win, and as I have let the Lord be in total control of “ME,” He has worked all things for good.  My mother taught me a verse in the Bible as a child that I have never forgotten, “We know that in all things God works  for the good of those who love Him.” Yes, they really do, as I have experienced the past few weeks, and I hope and pray He will work in your lives, too.  The Lord is my life and my best friend, and I love Him so much.  Come along and be our friend, too.

Oscar’s Blog Week # 12

Back home and racing to make my goals before the end of the year in my MLM business plus five (5) medical appointment this week to give me a year end check up etc.  I still am a long way from reaching my MLM goals so I still have a lot of work to do.  I talked to the #4 money earner in our company on Tuesday night and he has 40 members of his family involved and he told me, (don’t worry about what they tell you, yes or no, just talk to a lot of people)  My first attempt at that and the guy said I will look at it, so let’s just see what happens today.  I have two doctors appointments today so I will see people.  (one is interested) I had hoped to have some family customers and associates after our trip but no one was interested, so they will come on board when I make it big I bet.

The exercise on Sunday was interesting and as one of the people said, it made me sweat and I did, but it was interesting and I got 52 cards to shuffle.  Kind of a fun game even though my wife thinks I have gone off the deep end. (smile)

Next Day:  I want to share something that happened today that is very humbling and even though it might not pertain to this course it does pertain to my life and I would like to share it with all that read this blog.  One year ago I was fighting for my life with cancer and at this time I had gone through four rounds of chemo and was told I was cancer free after two rounds, but I still needed to have six rounds of chemo because it was hospital protocol.  I pleaded to not do any more because I was so sick, but to no avail.  So on Dec. 19th I started my fifth round and was still in the hospital on Christmas Day and came home two days later, then I became so very sick.  I was sent back into the hospital for another three weeks because I was so close to dying.  One night a Christian lady (nurse) stayed up with me all night and told me I was not going to die on her watch.  I really did think I was going to die that night.  We prayed and she ministered to me all night and I survived but the after affects were not good and I have been all year trying to get healthy again.  The doctor told me he was very sorry because they were not killing cancer, they were killing me.  Many people were praying and I am positive that I am alive today because of their prayers.

Today two things happened that were very humbling.  I was declared cancer free, praise the Lord.  The other is I was told a good friend who has been a servant for the Lord  for many years was told he is going to die and three others are fighting for their lives, plus two other wonderful servants are in stages of Alzheimer’s.  These are all personal friends, many younger than I.  Why am I the privileged one who is getting better by the day and not dead now.  I am so humbled but grateful and thankful and want the rest of my life to continue to serve my Lord and Savior.  Three of them I have served with and they were much better leaders than I but still I am chosen to live and they are not.  My whole life has been to be a man after God’s heart and to serve as many people as I can but I am the Indian and they were the Chiefs.  I LOVE Him so much and if someone were to trust Jesus as a result of this blog then it would be worth it, but I am still very humbled.  The reason I am building this MLM business is to be able to share Christ with more people.  Thank you for letting me share my heart.