Week 4 – I Fell….Oh yeah, all of me…

There is always a silver lining if we but look….
A year ago I fell. I am an extremely large woman so to get me off the floor is a 911 situation…anyway between my 15 year old 92 pound daughter, a 2 step ladder and and her pulling and tugging I did get off the floor.

Since 2016 I have been changing my eating habits. Yeah, I said it, Habits! Yes, I am changing my eating habits daily for the good habits of eating. Also, I am exercising weekly. Daily I remember Jim Rohn and Jeff Olson’s philosophy of the slight edge. So, things are moving along nicely and I am “getting rid of” those unwanted pounds and inches.

Well the on Monday, October 16, I fell again right onto my hard tile floor with nothing to cushion the fall but my fat. :) See, even fat is a silver lining.

Well, like a year ago, I am still large, just not as large. So this large woman like a beached whale is laying on the floor talking to herself, “okay, ha, ha, ha, how did I get down here….oh my what am I going to do at 2am in the morning…gee Madison is in bed, she needs to go to school in the morning. Oh my, I really don’t want to call 911….hummmmm”

I called through the house and woke up Madison to come help me off the floor. Fortunately, with my loud deep shouts reverberating for help throughout the house she did wake up. “mom, what are you doing down there? You knocked over the lazy boy chair, oh gosh, you knocked over a bunch of things.”

“Madison, I lost my balance and fell, would you help me up? You know the drill find the 2 step ladder.”

Madison runs off, with us both laughing about the predicament, to get the ladder. In situations like this it is awesome therapy just to laugh at yourself. So, Madison comes back with the ladder and I begin to climb the ladder with my arms pulling up my upper body so I can get my knees up under me, with us both laughing at the situation and me. “wow, Madison, that was easier than last year,” From there I was able to get my feet under me and stand up. “Wow, Madison, look I did it all by myself this year. I didn’t even need your tugging and pulling like last year. I just easily did it. Wow, that exercising and dieting has really paid off!!!!”

Madison trotted off to bed leaving me there with my thoughts….”wow, what a revelation and a blessing without this fall I may never have realized just how much progress I have made, ….hummmm!!!!”

8 thoughts on “Week 4 – I Fell….Oh yeah, all of me…

  1. Great story, Barbara. I’m glad that you are ok, but even more glad that you could laugh and learn from it. And you are absolutely right on the money when you say that without inventory, we might not recognize progress. Wax on, wax off. You’ve got this!

  2. Happy that you are ok.
    Sometimes it takes something to happen again so we can see that we are so much better at it and have grown so much.
    Keep laughing it helps to have a sense of humour.

    1. Darlene I read you blog..It was extremely helpful for me….I am 66 years old so I am a product of the 50s things were very different then. This is all a bit challenging for me…….
      Thank you for connecting.
      Barbara Williams

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