Week 3 – My Car

I am driving down the 99 N freeway at my normal speed of 80 mph. I am on my way to San Jose, California to take my daughter and granddaughter home. I exit onto 120 E then I-5 S and then I exit onto 205/580 toward Oakland. I am entering Tracy, just reaching Mac Arthur Boulevard exit when all of a sudden I hear “BAM” I see my engine smoking, my car is rapidly reducing speed and I see all my lights flashing on the car!!!!

Wow, I am taking my daughter, Rachael to San Jose, California with Nayelli, my 10 month old granddaughter….. Wow! Feeling totally unsafe I cross 3 lanes with no engine power trying to reach the shoulder on the right weaving through 80- 90 mph traffic.

My thoughts….”what just happened? OMG…can I make it to the shoulder, How am I going to make it to San Jose in time so my Daughter Rachael doesn’t lose her job, her housing, her everything…” the thoughts just kept flooding in ….a myriad of thoughts and fears…”what now? what do I do….I forgot to pay AAA my emergency card 2 days prior….omg ….I don’t have any money right now ….what will I do???”  And the age old negative “Habit” “why me? why me? Why always me?”

Whew….praise Jesus I made it to the shoulder safely.

Then “Por Fin” I safely got the car with it’s dead engine to the side of the road. I am safe, Rachael, my daughter is safe and her 10 month old daughter is safe…praise Jesus we are all safe!!

Now what…through a flood of hysterical tears my mind repeated says “stay in the solution, the solution, the solution, stay in the solution…….”

I know I must stay in the solution.

“Okay, who can help me??????” not all of the who can’t ….just who can!!!!

I call my ex-husband Prem….I tell him where I am and to come….his response “I can’t help you, what do you want me to do?????” then I reply, “Just come and hold my hand.” He said, “okay where are you?” with his broken Engish and a challenge to understand my English coupled with the fact that I am in a strange location. He has to go East on 205 to North on I-5 to exit and circle back on I-5 south to 205 West and if he misses where I am he will have to repeat all of this over again. You see, as the crow flies, I am only 5 minutes from him, however, the freeway puts him about 20-25 minutes away on a good day with our heavy rush hour traffic. What seems like an hour “Por Fin” he arrives……

I still have the dilemma of the AAA Emergency Road Card expiration. Prem doesn’t have one, Johanna’s husband won’t let me use theirs, money is in flow to the bank but it hasn’t arrived yet, so now what???

I call Jennifer, my dear friend Jennifer…..after repeated text messages and ringing she finally calls back. She herself was driving 80 MPH on the freeway to work…

Okay…..this is a long story…..I won’t tell you all the details….let’s sum it up quickly from this point as best as I can…however first let’s agree this is a bad day???? Or better said, most people would consider this a bad day, however, this is a splendid day!!!

And from the moment I decided to stay in the solution, I decided to take lemons and make lemonade and yes to magically turn adversity into opportunity!!!! And yes, yes, yes, I will put into process all that I have learned over the last 37 years….

Within 5 hours after the AAA Truck started driving me from Tracy to Merced, CA, a 90 minute drive, and of course my buddy Jennifer said yes, we dropped my chariot off at the Auto Repair shop….

Now remember the body and engine require repair.
It is obvious I lost my engine.
I need body work.
I still have monthly car payments for the next 5 years.
A short block is about $3000 or more…
Money is in flow yes!!!!

However, at that moment, I had no credit cards, no bank account, no savings account, no back up plan, no relatives, boyfriend, husband, etc., no 401K, no retirement plan, so at that moment it appeared to be no, no, no…..complete lack and limitation.

Or is this truly the wrong blueprint????  Or am I thinking that what I can touch is real? Or is what I can create in my mind’s eye what is truly real? I choose #2.

I know there is a God, a Higher Power, a Universal Conscious which is our true source of all provision. So, I know the magic, the power, and the omnipotent source of all that is good!

So I continue in faith focusing on the good! And my source of good!

Yes, the engine was destroyed.
Yes, I needed a new short block
Yes, a new engine/short block is expensive…
Yes, the body requires repair.


Soooo nothing is bigger than God.

So what happened and why?

At 5pm sharp the garage/car repair facility calls and tells me “there is a “HOLE”in your engine”

I said, “a hole?”,

they said “yes, there is a hole in your engine and you will need a new shortblock”….”blah, blah, blah”

Then I asked, “what caused the hole?”

Here is there reply (this was key for me to grasp!), “an object hit your engine and put a hole in it?”

“Hmmm”. I am trying to visualize this…”a hole in my engine, a hole in my engine, a hole in my engine,….an object hit my engine….an object hit my engine…” I continue to talk to myself.

“wow” I said to myself, ” what an object put a hole in my engine, what do you mean a hole in my engine?”……blah, blah, blah

I continue off the phone….”a hole in my engine? Object? A hole in my engine ….object hit it ? What?


That was the thud!!!! The Thud on the freeway!


An object from the freeway flew up hit my motor block took my engine and us off the map to the shoulder and there I am.”


Object hitting my engine meant a comprehensive claim, not collision, it meant a $250 deductible, not a $500 and it meant a shop that absorbed all of my expenses…

So, for free, I am gifted a new car, in essence, Zero mileage on a new engine, new body, in essence a new car.

I am skipping down the street singing praises and glory on high!!!!

If we but look… there is always a silver lining, however, our job is to look for it because it is always there.

BTW, my engine had 200,000 miles on it and now it is “0″ zero miles on my new engine!

Good or GOOD!!!!!


I have an abundance of money in my bank account, money comes to me hourly, a BMW is parked in my garage, a Honda Accord, fully loaded with leather seats, a Honda Fit, and a Honda CR-V and my daughter Madison is receiving her doctorate DVM, from UC Davis with Honors and Valedictorian. I am enjoying my new home with granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. Tile is on all my floors throughout my home. I swim daily in my in ground swimming pool. I enjoy the landscaping of my backyard. I travel to Mexico annually. I write ebooks, books and coach. Rosie is living with Madison, Rachael, Nayeli and me, we all live harmoniously together.  We are all a fluent bilingual family and we speak Spanish in our home.



2 thoughts on “Week 3 – My Car

  1. What an impressive story!!! I’m very glad to see that you are doing well. The skills of aligning thoughts to feelings are scary in a good way!

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