Week 1 – My Journey Begins Now!

Your “Purpose and Passion” is the driving force to achieve success. My “purpose and passion” is my driving force to achieve success!
I am working a 6 month program called MKMMA, Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  Immediately I learned the paramount importance of continued good habits in a manner I never thought of before.
This 6 month program, in my opinion, is designed to reprogram our subconscious mind, the mind that determines the world we see manifest around us. So, the subconscious mind, our inner world, drives and determines our outer world.
Mark Januszewski, Founder of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance & Best Selling Author, better known as Mark J, created this program MKMMA that is a paradigm shift program that effectively reprograms the subconscious mind, the mastermind of our lifestyle and the outer world.
Sunday came around in a thunder after days of anticipation.  Okay, it is Sunday 1pm the online webinar starts.
I was as excited as a schoolgirl on her first day of class. I was shocked like the response to the razor blade slicing the woman’s eye in the 1929 Bunuel film. It is truly happening. For once someone that really cares and is investing his time to educate, equip and empower others. I am here, I am ready and anyone else jump onboard for the ride of your life because we are writing a new blueprint of your life and our inner world is designing our outer world. Look out here we come. We are the MKMMA students of the Mark J.
You cannot take a vacation if you do not know where you are going. You cannot find the directions to arrive in New York from California if you do not know your goal is to be in New York. You see your “DMP” your definite major purpose is what will get you to the dream lifestyle. Your definite major purpose plus your new blueprint multiplied by passion equals the results you are seeking!!!!
Your Definite Major Purpose is the gas in your BMW. If you were racing Volkswagon against a Lamborghini you would probably choose the Lamborghini to win the race. However, in this situation you are wrong because we forgot to gas up the Lamborghini and the Volkswagon has a topped off tank of gas!!!
I am cleaning my closet and purging my clothes, letting go of all the old junk in my mind and mental blueprint. I am ready for writing a new story, a new script, a new film, I am writing my new blueprint for success. Included in this new blueprint is developing good, no not just good but superior magnificent HABITS. I am booting out the old bad habits that no longer serve me and I replacing them with a myriad of good positive habits that will carry me and walk with me to the success I deserve.
My journey of 1000 miles starts today and will lead me to infinity because the blueprint never stops being reappraised and tweaked to a higher good.
A thousand thank yous to Mark J and his Guides and everyone involved in making this 6 month program a reality. MKMMA

4 thoughts on “Week 1 – My Journey Begins Now!

  1. Barbara, you write with such passion.., it jumps off the page. I know you are going to be successful in the Master Key Experience, I am excited for you!

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