Week 5 My Interview

Hello everyone …….for those of you who don’t know me I am Jerry Clark, Chief Empowerment Officer of ClubRhino.com Today I have brought on stage to have a fireside chat with a woman of many faces and multiple talents. She has shared the stage with Jeffery Combs and others ….she was one of the top income earners with Xango, and a contributing leader with every company, and created multiple cds. She is an author, trainer, coach, and networker. I would love to bring to the stage Barbara Williams from just outside the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hello Jerry, thank you so much for the magnificent introduction. Hey everyone, I desire for all of you to know that this man Jerry Clark, has been, will be and is my mentor, coach, friend and much of who I am today is a result of his motto to equip, empower, and educate the masses.

Well, Barbara I invited you today so you could share your story with our audience today. So, Barbara, what would you like the people here to hear about your story that will definitively be helpful?

Oh, thank you Jerry, that is a great question….wow…helpful….gee I know what has been helpful for me, so, hi everyone, thank you all for being here, well, Jerry, let’s see I guess I would like you to know some of my childhood experiences that have given me that courage to bounce back in the face of opportunities to grow…yeah, I said it, not my problems, not my challenges, however, my opportunities to grow and become so I am now able to do and have…….

Let’s start with my “saddle up story” or should I call it my “dust yourself off story”.

My father was my mentor. He use to say, “Barbs, don’t be a quitter, if you start something then finish it. And if you have a situation that causes you fear get right back up dust yourself off and start all over again. And, if you are riding a horse and the horse throws you make sure you do not succumb to fear, jump right back on that horse.”

So, one weekend my dad and I went to visit his friend and he had a beautiful palomino. He asked if I would like to ride the gilding and I replied an ecstatic “YES”!. So, he bridled and saddled then hiked me up. Immediately after being in the saddle for a nano second he bolted flying full speed through the pasture. I could not get control of him no matter how hard I pulled on the bit. At a gallop he arrived at a large crevice and pivoted and started back racing back toward the house and barn. This spirited horse was charging toward the barn not stopping. The closer we came I knew he was going to the barn and would knock me off on the side of the wall. So, I did the only thing I knew to do which was to jump off the galloping horse. I jumped slide across the gravel hands outstretched in front of me belly down. I stood up looked at my bloody hands, dusted myself off then said, “get that horse back out here and saddle me up.”…….

I have spent my whole life walking through fear to success. I am not a victim, I am a victorious. I do not believe in problems, I use to believe they were challenges, however, I now believe they are “opportunities”. I allow myself to be molded and to see the good in all situations.

Wow, Jerry, I am long winded…..back to you Jerry.

Interesting perspective, that does give us something to chew on. Barbara again thank you for being here today.

“If you spend five minutes complaining, you have just wasted five minutes. If you continue complaining, it won’t be long before they haul you out to a financial desert and there let you choke on the dust of your own regret.” Jim Rohn

Week 4 – I Fell….Oh yeah, all of me…

There is always a silver lining if we but look….
A year ago I fell. I am an extremely large woman so to get me off the floor is a 911 situation…anyway between my 15 year old 92 pound daughter, a 2 step ladder and and her pulling and tugging I did get off the floor.

Since 2016 I have been changing my eating habits. Yeah, I said it, Habits! Yes, I am changing my eating habits daily for the good habits of eating. Also, I am exercising weekly. Daily I remember Jim Rohn and Jeff Olson’s philosophy of the slight edge. So, things are moving along nicely and I am “getting rid of” those unwanted pounds and inches.

Well the on Monday, October 16, I fell again right onto my hard tile floor with nothing to cushion the fall but my fat. :) See, even fat is a silver lining.

Well, like a year ago, I am still large, just not as large. So this large woman like a beached whale is laying on the floor talking to herself, “okay, ha, ha, ha, how did I get down here….oh my what am I going to do at 2am in the morning…gee Madison is in bed, she needs to go to school in the morning. Oh my, I really don’t want to call 911….hummmmm”

I called through the house and woke up Madison to come help me off the floor. Fortunately, with my loud deep shouts reverberating for help throughout the house she did wake up. “mom, what are you doing down there? You knocked over the lazy boy chair, oh gosh, you knocked over a bunch of things.”

“Madison, I lost my balance and fell, would you help me up? You know the drill find the 2 step ladder.”

Madison runs off, with us both laughing about the predicament, to get the ladder. In situations like this it is awesome therapy just to laugh at yourself. So, Madison comes back with the ladder and I begin to climb the ladder with my arms pulling up my upper body so I can get my knees up under me, with us both laughing at the situation and me. “wow, Madison, that was easier than last year,” From there I was able to get my feet under me and stand up. “Wow, Madison, look I did it all by myself this year. I didn’t even need your tugging and pulling like last year. I just easily did it. Wow, that exercising and dieting has really paid off!!!!”

Madison trotted off to bed leaving me there with my thoughts….”wow, what a revelation and a blessing without this fall I may never have realized just how much progress I have made, ….hummmm!!!!”

Week 4 Blog – MKE – Today Is A New Day!

Action DecidedToday I begin a new life.
Today I start a new life.
Today I create my new life!

Today I am born anew.
Today is the first day of my life.
Today I create my new life.

Today I begin a new life!!!!
Today I am born anew!!!
Good HABITS are the Key to ALL Success!!!

Good Habits are key to Success
My good habits create my success.
I am a winner due to my Great Habits.

I awake each morning with VITALITY!!!!
My vigor increases my enthusiasm!
My vigor increases my desire to meet the world!
I am happier than ever!
Thus a new and good habit is formed!
A good HABIT is a pleasure to perform.

Today I begin a new life!!!!

Today I create a new life.
Today I design a new life.
Today I choose a new life.
winner plan prepare expect to win

Today my old skin has become as dust.
I walk tall among men.
Today I am a new man with a new Life!
Go woman go…go, go, go, …. it is go time!!!!

I got my eye on you!


I got my eye on you!

Week 3 – My Car

I am driving down the 99 N freeway at my normal speed of 80 mph. I am on my way to San Jose, California to take my daughter and granddaughter home. I exit onto 120 E then I-5 S and then I exit onto 205/580 toward Oakland. I am entering Tracy, just reaching Mac Arthur Boulevard exit when all of a sudden I hear “BAM” I see my engine smoking, my car is rapidly reducing speed and I see all my lights flashing on the car!!!!

Wow, I am taking my daughter, Rachael to San Jose, California with Nayelli, my 10 month old granddaughter….. Wow! Feeling totally unsafe I cross 3 lanes with no engine power trying to reach the shoulder on the right weaving through 80- 90 mph traffic.

My thoughts….”what just happened? OMG…can I make it to the shoulder, How am I going to make it to San Jose in time so my Daughter Rachael doesn’t lose her job, her housing, her everything…” the thoughts just kept flooding in ….a myriad of thoughts and fears…”what now? what do I do….I forgot to pay AAA my emergency card 2 days prior….omg ….I don’t have any money right now ….what will I do???”  And the age old negative “Habit” “why me? why me? Why always me?”

Whew….praise Jesus I made it to the shoulder safely.

Then “Por Fin” I safely got the car with it’s dead engine to the side of the road. I am safe, Rachael, my daughter is safe and her 10 month old daughter is safe…praise Jesus we are all safe!!

Now what…through a flood of hysterical tears my mind repeated says “stay in the solution, the solution, the solution, stay in the solution…….”

I know I must stay in the solution.

“Okay, who can help me??????” not all of the who can’t ….just who can!!!!

I call my ex-husband Prem….I tell him where I am and to come….his response “I can’t help you, what do you want me to do?????” then I reply, “Just come and hold my hand.” He said, “okay where are you?” with his broken Engish and a challenge to understand my English coupled with the fact that I am in a strange location. He has to go East on 205 to North on I-5 to exit and circle back on I-5 south to 205 West and if he misses where I am he will have to repeat all of this over again. You see, as the crow flies, I am only 5 minutes from him, however, the freeway puts him about 20-25 minutes away on a good day with our heavy rush hour traffic. What seems like an hour “Por Fin” he arrives……

I still have the dilemma of the AAA Emergency Road Card expiration. Prem doesn’t have one, Johanna’s husband won’t let me use theirs, money is in flow to the bank but it hasn’t arrived yet, so now what???

I call Jennifer, my dear friend Jennifer…..after repeated text messages and ringing she finally calls back. She herself was driving 80 MPH on the freeway to work…

Okay…..this is a long story…..I won’t tell you all the details….let’s sum it up quickly from this point as best as I can…however first let’s agree this is a bad day???? Or better said, most people would consider this a bad day, however, this is a splendid day!!!

And from the moment I decided to stay in the solution, I decided to take lemons and make lemonade and yes to magically turn adversity into opportunity!!!! And yes, yes, yes, I will put into process all that I have learned over the last 37 years….

Within 5 hours after the AAA Truck started driving me from Tracy to Merced, CA, a 90 minute drive, and of course my buddy Jennifer said yes, we dropped my chariot off at the Auto Repair shop….

Now remember the body and engine require repair.
It is obvious I lost my engine.
I need body work.
I still have monthly car payments for the next 5 years.
A short block is about $3000 or more…
Money is in flow yes!!!!

However, at that moment, I had no credit cards, no bank account, no savings account, no back up plan, no relatives, boyfriend, husband, etc., no 401K, no retirement plan, so at that moment it appeared to be no, no, no…..complete lack and limitation.

Or is this truly the wrong blueprint????  Or am I thinking that what I can touch is real? Or is what I can create in my mind’s eye what is truly real? I choose #2.

I know there is a God, a Higher Power, a Universal Conscious which is our true source of all provision. So, I know the magic, the power, and the omnipotent source of all that is good!

So I continue in faith focusing on the good! And my source of good!

Yes, the engine was destroyed.
Yes, I needed a new short block
Yes, a new engine/short block is expensive…
Yes, the body requires repair.


Soooo nothing is bigger than God.

So what happened and why?

At 5pm sharp the garage/car repair facility calls and tells me “there is a “HOLE”in your engine”

I said, “a hole?”,

they said “yes, there is a hole in your engine and you will need a new shortblock”….”blah, blah, blah”

Then I asked, “what caused the hole?”

Here is there reply (this was key for me to grasp!), “an object hit your engine and put a hole in it?”

“Hmmm”. I am trying to visualize this…”a hole in my engine, a hole in my engine, a hole in my engine,….an object hit my engine….an object hit my engine…” I continue to talk to myself.

“wow” I said to myself, ” what an object put a hole in my engine, what do you mean a hole in my engine?”……blah, blah, blah

I continue off the phone….”a hole in my engine? Object? A hole in my engine ….object hit it ? What?


That was the thud!!!! The Thud on the freeway!


An object from the freeway flew up hit my motor block took my engine and us off the map to the shoulder and there I am.”


Object hitting my engine meant a comprehensive claim, not collision, it meant a $250 deductible, not a $500 and it meant a shop that absorbed all of my expenses…

So, for free, I am gifted a new car, in essence, Zero mileage on a new engine, new body, in essence a new car.

I am skipping down the street singing praises and glory on high!!!!

If we but look… there is always a silver lining, however, our job is to look for it because it is always there.

BTW, my engine had 200,000 miles on it and now it is “0″ zero miles on my new engine!

Good or GOOD!!!!!


I have an abundance of money in my bank account, money comes to me hourly, a BMW is parked in my garage, a Honda Accord, fully loaded with leather seats, a Honda Fit, and a Honda CR-V and my daughter Madison is receiving her doctorate DVM, from UC Davis with Honors and Valedictorian. I am enjoying my new home with granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. Tile is on all my floors throughout my home. I swim daily in my in ground swimming pool. I enjoy the landscaping of my backyard. I travel to Mexico annually. I write ebooks, books and coach. Rosie is living with Madison, Rachael, Nayeli and me, we all live harmoniously together.  We are all a fluent bilingual family and we speak Spanish in our home.



Week 3 – I am clapping!

I am so hyper-focused on habits….I embrace focusing on developing new habits, good habits, great habits, as a matter of fact, I choose extraordinary, brilliant, magnificent habits that are taking me now progressively realizing and manifesting my higher good. I jump joyfully feeling the warm arms of success.


I know this program MKMMA was brought to me, by no accident! I know my God, my Higher Consciousness is now, as He always has, taken excellent care and guidance of me.


As I dance the dance of success it is possible no one will clap, however, this does not matter, because, I am clapping for me now as I am paying it forward.

Week 2 – My week is coming to an end…..

I am up in the wee hours of the morning …..I am writing my blog for the week. My daughter, Rachael,  is here with my 10 month old granddaughter Nayeli. Madison my darling special daughter lives with me. We are all embracing this journey together.

I am wrapping my head around my Dharma as I watch my manifest world  within and without changing at warp speed over the last 14 days. I sit in amazement, awe, gratitude and acceptance of my good. Thank you MKMMA, the alliance and all.

I am ready to embark on week 3. I am ready for my higher good and for my higher power to use me as He sees fit, for Him I ask please play me like a fine tuned violin for your good works. Use me as your muse, playing your music and creating with You for the Higher Good of All.

Mahalo, gracias, merci beaucoup, danwad…..





Week 1 – My Journey Begins Now!

Your “Purpose and Passion” is the driving force to achieve success. My “purpose and passion” is my driving force to achieve success!
I am working a 6 month program called MKMMA, Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  Immediately I learned the paramount importance of continued good habits in a manner I never thought of before.
This 6 month program, in my opinion, is designed to reprogram our subconscious mind, the mind that determines the world we see manifest around us. So, the subconscious mind, our inner world, drives and determines our outer world.
Mark Januszewski, Founder of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance & Best Selling Author, better known as Mark J, created this program MKMMA that is a paradigm shift program that effectively reprograms the subconscious mind, the mastermind of our lifestyle and the outer world.
Sunday came around in a thunder after days of anticipation.  Okay, it is Sunday 1pm the online webinar starts.
I was as excited as a schoolgirl on her first day of class. I was shocked like the response to the razor blade slicing the woman’s eye in the 1929 Bunuel film. It is truly happening. For once someone that really cares and is investing his time to educate, equip and empower others. I am here, I am ready and anyone else jump onboard for the ride of your life because we are writing a new blueprint of your life and our inner world is designing our outer world. Look out here we come. We are the MKMMA students of the Mark J.
You cannot take a vacation if you do not know where you are going. You cannot find the directions to arrive in New York from California if you do not know your goal is to be in New York. You see your “DMP” your definite major purpose is what will get you to the dream lifestyle. Your definite major purpose plus your new blueprint multiplied by passion equals the results you are seeking!!!!
Your Definite Major Purpose is the gas in your BMW. If you were racing Volkswagon against a Lamborghini you would probably choose the Lamborghini to win the race. However, in this situation you are wrong because we forgot to gas up the Lamborghini and the Volkswagon has a topped off tank of gas!!!
I am cleaning my closet and purging my clothes, letting go of all the old junk in my mind and mental blueprint. I am ready for writing a new story, a new script, a new film, I am writing my new blueprint for success. Included in this new blueprint is developing good, no not just good but superior magnificent HABITS. I am booting out the old bad habits that no longer serve me and I replacing them with a myriad of good positive habits that will carry me and walk with me to the success I deserve.
My journey of 1000 miles starts today and will lead me to infinity because the blueprint never stops being reappraised and tweaked to a higher good.
A thousand thank yous to Mark J and his Guides and everyone involved in making this 6 month program a reality. MKMMA