Week 17: Deciding To Be Decisive

This week my virtue for the Franklin Makeover is DECIVENESS.

For most of my life I have been extremely indecisive!  As I have gone through this MKMMA course and looking back at all of the previous self-development and self-improvement courses, material, etc… that I have taken, worked through and completed I have realized not only how important this trait is, but how much I lacked a strong decisiveness tendency.  This is the biggest reason I put it so close to the top of my list of virtues for the makeover.  I wanted to get a hold on it as quick as possible in order to work on it for most of the duration of the makeover – and beyond of course.

This Franklin makeover has been pivotal in helping me to shape and construct the character of me and my future self!  It’s amazing how having the right ‘key’ (pun intended and unintended ;) ) to the lock can open unlimited possibilities.  By this I mean I could have made the decision to be decisive, and in the past I have, but my old blueprint and frame of mind would just give me pass after pass whenever I didn’t take the note and make a decision when I should have.  The ‘next time’ method.  This was a hopeless and helpless way to try to make such an impactful change.  However, the Franklin method, along with all the other content and tasks in this course, has made the change much more simple, easier to stay the course and FUN!  I am much more anxious and excited to embark on the journey of making the changes rather than dreading and resisting the efforts to bring about the desired characteristics, which has made all the difference.

I’m so glad that I listened and trusted – again  :)  - Mark and Davene when they said to NOT make any resolutions and that they had a better and proven plan to make the desired changes.

Week 16: ‘It’s Already Done!’ and Killing With Kindness

This week has been one for my MKMMA journey and books for sure!

I don’t know if it’s the repetition, the New Year, my new blueprint growing and taking more root, the intimacy between me and my future self further developing, or just everything that this ‘kindness’ week has entailed.  Does it matter specifically? NO!  Is it a combination? YES! and I’m thoroughly enjoying all that these changes are bringing and doing to me!

A lot of thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc… have ‘clicked’ for me this week and its been amazing!  I have felt better – physically, emotionally, ‘spiritually’ (though not in a religious sense, as I am not religious.  Maybe ‘universally’ is a better word to describe what I mean, or a better sense of my future self :)) and cognitively.

As I have gone through each day I have accomplished more tasks than I normally would expect which is awesome, but the best part is they are being completed more efficiently and with A LOT LESS effort on my part!?!!??!?!?!?!


This phrase has been a game changer!  Although I have heard Mark say it numerous times over the course, the past few webinars it has resonated more and stuck with me as I have more of an understanding of what he truly means by it.  This has connected the dots for me on so many levels, the biggest being the line drawn between the dots of myself and my future self! When I think about any endeavors I have for the day, the week, or whatever, the first thought that runs across my mind, in Mark’s confident and unwavering voice is, ‘it’s already done !’  With this being at the forefront of my mind I have been unstoppable!  This has allowed me to not stress as much, to enjoy tackling my tasks at hand instead of dreading and exhausting myself physically and mentally over trying to muster up the energy and the will to begin as well as ultimately finish what I need to complete.

This week of kindness has greatly helped in creating a much more positive mindset and has increased my awareness and capacity for this trait.  I have really enjoyed upping my kindness output and performing my acts of kindness.  This week’s portion in Franklin’s Makeover has affected my mindset in a multitude of ways that I would have never thought, but I am glad that these changes are happening.  :)

Week 15: New Year, New Me with a Pleasing Personality


The holidays are over and I had to play a bit of catch up for both this week as well as last.  While I had been able to attend the webinar for week 15 I was unable to have the slide notes printed as I listened, so I did go back and watch the replay with my notes to fill in the blanks and add additional notes and was then able to submit my survey, make my PIF and get my blog for this week going :)   Catching up = check!

As the New Year approached, I found myself really thinking about the changes and goals that I wanted to make and achieve for 2018 (aside from my DMP and work within the MKMMA) - all the while waiting for this week’s webinar and not making ‘resolutions’ as we were instructed not to since they don’t work. ;)   I have found that the start of this year has brought a mental shift that I’ve needed and longed for and which made me realize I was letting the end of last year reach the end before I would commit = LAZY!  By commit, I mean fully commit.  Commit to myself, to this course and the work and effort it requires, to my business, my family, etc…  As frustrating as this was to realize, it was also very freeing and easy to let go of, as usually I would hang on and beat myself up over doing such a dumb thing.  I noticed the problem, understood the reasoning of my choice and made the connections and conclusions to move onward and upward.  No dwelling for this girl this year and beyond.

The virtue I chose for this first week of the 13 week ‘Franklin Makeover’ is pleasing personality.  I was surprised how quick I was able to choose my first trait and then fill in the rest accordingly, nearly as quick.  I totally took Mark’s advice of going with my gut and my gut seemed to be ‘speaking’ louder than usual which was a surprise as well.  I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen pleasing personality as my first week’s work, but my gut spoke to me and I knew it needed to be.  I have known that I need to have a more pleasing personality from those close to me and by recently recognizing other’s reactions to my current personality means and ways.  I have been more consciously aware of those people whose personalities I’d like to emulate and I’m anxious to really dive in and start this makeover (again, a little behind, but it’s beginning nonetheless) and become the person I truly want to be and have the ability within to be!  I will notice it and become aware in order for those pleasing personality traits that are inside me to grow and manifest outwardly!

Week 14: “Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme, Get On Up, It’s Blogging Time!”

Ok, so a bit behind (obviously), but better late than never  ;) I watched Cool Runnings for the week 14 movie/blog requirement.  With the holidays, travel and all I was unable to juggle finding a movie to watch and completing this task.  I wanted to initially watch Mully as Mark made an emphasis on the week 13 webinar in regards to it being a great one to watch, but with being unable to find how to watch it easily and affordably I landed on Cool Runnings which is a favorite, as I often quote it.  Mark mentioned as well his ‘Peace be the Journey’ affirmation came from it and so I figured a good refresher of it would be enjoyable in looking for the 4 habits of persistence.

The Definite Major Purpose for Derice Bannock and his teammates was going to the Olympics, albeit originally for track and field and the summer Olympics, but generally speaking of just the Olympics when Derice stated, ‘it’s my turn, I’m going to the Olympics’ the universe brought him, Sanka, Yul and Junior to the winter Olympics with bobsledding.

The Positive Mental Attitude that each of the Jamaican’s had was unreal!  They never once faltered in their positivity – must be an island trait ;) as Mark and Davene have that unshakable PMA as well!  ‘No problems man!’ and ‘no big deal’ were consistently the responses to any negativity, or objections they faced along their Olympic journey.  I ended up writing down so many of the positive phrases that I caught as significant for more than just positivity, but I liked these most;

‘I don’t care how fast they run, I’ll run faster.  I don’t care how bad they want it, I want it more.’

‘You said no, and that’s alright because I don’t need you anyway, everybody is going to want to be on my bobsled team’

‘Do the words give up mean anything to you?’

‘Not a thing!’

‘I’m different because I know exactly where I’m going.’

I also made the connection of the mirror and our exercise within the course from a few weeks ago and loved it!  Yul having Junior talk into the mirror, ‘I see pride, I see power, I see a badass mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody!’  and I liked when Yul told Junior that, ‘it’s not about what I see, it’s about what you see.’ This is a game changer as we can’t become what others see in us, we have to see and believe it about ourselves.

The Plan Of Action that they had was direct.  When Derice lost his chance at running in the summer Olympics he quickly found an alternative way to get to compete at an Olympics.  He got teammates together and found a coach to guide them.  They trained, practiced and learned about their new sport and followed the path that their coach led them down.  Junior says to Sanka about Yul, ’all he has to do is know what we wants and work hard for it, if he wants it bad enough, he’ll get it … the more Yul Brenner’s we got making it in this world, the better off this world will be…’  They knew what they wanted and weren’t unsure or distracted and were willing to do whatever it took to get what and where they wanted, but they never lost who they were being Jamaican or where they came from Jamaica – they made their journey authentically theirs.

The Master Mind Alliance they formed was mainly with their coach.  They relied on him to teach them what they didn’t know and how bobsledding works.  Derice utilized the Swiss team as well, through observation as opposed to direct contact, to learn from them as they were the best and the ones he felt they should emulate.  This was initially beneficial, but they ended up seeing the benefits of being their authentic selves and true to their Jamaican roots.

When Derice and Sanka are talking,

‘I didn’t come up here to forget who I am and where I come from’

‘neither did I’

I’m trying to be the best I can be

‘so am I’

‘and the best I can be is Jamaican.  If we are Jamaican then we better bobsled Jamaican’

It was great to watch this movie again as it had been quite some time since I last saw it and it was more inspiring and moving as I watched it through different eyes and a completely different mindset from this course.

So for now,

“Some people say, you know them can’t believe, Jamaica, we have a bobsled team!’

“…ya dead?”

“no man, I’m not dead”


“Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s bobsled time!”

Week 13: Where has the time gone

This week started off a bit slow and it seemed from the time the webcast ended on Sunday that it would be a great week to catch up on so many things whether course related or Christmas related, or otherwise.  By Monday midday this was not the case however.  I had an opportunity to make some extra money right before the holidays helping some friends with a 4 day job for their catering company.  This was all well and good and I believe brought on by the law of attraction

Week 12: I Always Keep My Promises

This week a quite wonderful and, honestly, unexpected phenomenon happened.

I had a great call with my Guide on Tuesday to catch up and discuss my progress, thoughts, feelings, etc… about the course.  Where I’m at, need/want to be and how to get there.  He shared some great stories and lessons from results people have had from taking this course that were really inspiring and compelling in helping me to continue my understanding of the incredible payoffs that this amazing investment in myself can have.

Near the end of the call he asked if my 5 year old daughter was intrigued by my efforts and work in the course - seeing my shapes around, hearing me read; Og, Haanel, service cards, DMP, BPB, etc… aloud and if she inquires about any of it.  I replied that I unknowingly have kept most of my endeavors ‘hidden’ from her.  I admitted that I know that I shouldn’t because of how beneficial this all is for kids, especially, but that I’ve just kept it all for times when I’m by myself.  He offered up some practical ways to have her involved in my coursework, but also ways that would help her academically.   :)

On Wednesday morning just shortly after I woke my daughter up for school the unexpected happened:  she hadn’t said but maybe 5 words since waking when she started what I could tell would be a long story of an explanation of something with the phrase, “I always keep my promises”  WHAT?!?!?!?  I felt a smile spread across my face and my mind was racing a million miles a minute in every direction and I was internally asking myself ’did she really just say that’????  I was floored, to say the least, more so because I had not yet begun to fully incorporate her into my exercises!

Just goes to show the power of these tasks and kids!  How many times have these requirements been related to assignments that elementary school kids can do?  I absolutely love that my daughter is receiving this exposure and that I will be a better person and Mama as she grows up!  I want her to have these skills now rather than later, or if ever.


Week 11: Letting Go

As far back as I can remember I have struggled with being adamant in doing things for myself and by myself.  (This recollection has created a light bulb moment of connection between this issue and my PPN of recognition for creative expression, a duh! moment as I am looking back and drawing these conclusions from past with present and reasoning it all out.)  With having a guide to utilize and recently having to create a mastermind with a fellow member(s) within the course, I have finally LET GO! of my ‘I can do it by myself’ mentality and asked both of these avenues for help.

In reflecting, I can look back in my life and remember that I was always annoyed in school when kids would ask dumb questions (yes, I absolutely believe there are such things), or would basically manipulate the teacher or other students into doing their work for them before even really attempting it for themselves.  Even at this point in my life, though unbeknownst to me until now, I wanted recognition for spending the time and figuring the assignment or task out for myself (usually as instructed), and then ‘special’ recognition on top for doing a good, or great job.  This was rarely, if ever provided to me and I think this has been a lingering personal pivotal need since.  I had been voicing this in my personal life a few months before I even realized this course existed, let alone that I would become a part of it = law of attraction and awareness……….?  ;)

Not only have I become aware of this link, but I have also mulled over the consequences that both doing things myself and needing and wanting the recognition for my creative expressions has brought.  In doing things alone I have realized how much I have struggled – and in most cases, probably too long, which ends up in wasted time, unnecessary frustrations, second guessing and over-thinking (to name a few) when letting go of my deep earning for this one PPN, my pride, my ego, etc…. and just asking and masterminding can help tremendously and will inevitably bring me fulfillment of my PPN.

Week 10: The Grey

This week has still been quite a struggle between my old blueprint and habits hanging around, or at least fighting to make it more difficult for me and the new blueprint to take more of a stronghold, but the scales are beginning to tip in favor of the new.   :)

I have really started to NOTICE the signs, reasoning and ways of the Universe speaking to, or moving me.  I have read some other blogs and posts in the ‘alliances’ area where other members have discussed this as well, which made me tune into and pay more attention to these ‘signs’ (so thanks to those who shared regarding this – it was helpful and beneficial to me).  This is progress to me!  On the webcast that Mark had on Sunday he talked about what the signs are for change and the new blueprint taking over and almost each of them I could identify or resonate with having been experiencing the ways he mentioned which filled me with relief and hopefulness that my breakthrough is on the horizon!

This week I also was personally asked to be a mastermind with Jules Brown based on my comments to one of his blog posts.  This was awesome!    This gave me confidence and truly made me feel important and recognized.  Proof in the pudding moment – I had just re-written my DMP with the new PPN’s that I had changed last week and one of the new one’s became recognition for creative expression and here in this request I had received just that!  Thanks Jules! this meant much more than just meeting the task at hand for finding another member to mastermind with.  Looking forward to our masterminding  :)

So while I haven’t made the most intentional/conscious progress this week, my subconscious has been working on what I’m thinking about = I definitely think about what I want, what I should do, or be doing, and honestly EVERYTHING more than I take action on all of those thoughts, but I’m in the grey, the in between, and moving closer and closer to the new everyday.


This week has certainly been a bit crazy as I knew Thanksgiving was on Thursday, but as usual, it has crept up and is tomorrow!  It did not click in my mind to plan ahead with some of the requirements for this week until late last night.  AHHHHHH!

I typically like to make notes throughout the week as to what’s ‘clicking’ for me in conjunction with the webcast and lessons, but something occurred almost instantly after Sunday’s webcast that really resonated with me.

As I was listening to the ‘webby’ ;) Sunday, near the end, Mark warned about the dangers, if you will, of this holiday time with friends, family and naysayer’s that we would more than likely be encountering.  I was glad that he planted the seed so that I could be more aware and prepared, but didn’t think I would have to heed this precaution as much, or as soon as I ended up needing to after the webinar.  Not even a few hours after Sunday’s webcast I had an ‘incident’ like he talked about.  I was feeling so great – physically, emotionally, and mentally, as I’m sure most of you do, and then it came to a screeching halt!  It was nothing big, or that important, but it could have been better and worse than it ended up being.  A simple bump in the road that knocked me off my MKMMA high horse!  I was THANKFUL that Mark had warned me about this possibility as it kept me more sane than I would have been in the past = progress! but I also felt a bit of disappointment and regression as I let the situation get to me and take away my good vibes instead of applying more of my MKMMA knowledge.  I felt like I had missed an opportunity to put these MKMMA lessons into practice.  This has been the biggest fault of mine within this course – old blueprint is still impatient and when great or extraordinary things don’t happen, or situations don’t change significantly after only a few days of practice I tend to think the exercise(s)  and ultimately this course doesn’t work.  Thus begins the struggle I have had for the past few years = knowing that certain protocols, tasks, duties, or what have you work! but still blaming those methods for not working even though I don’t fully precisely follow procedure.  I was so THANKFUL that Sunday’s webcast allowed us behind the curtain of the reasoning behind the exercises in relation to so many aspects of the course.

So much to be THANKFUL for here and all around!


Week 8: ‘Make Today Better than Yesterday…’

This week started out fairly focused on what I wanted to accomplish as well as what I needed to accomplish, but on Tuesday this all shifted.

On Tuesday I had an awe-inspiring call with my Guide!  My Guide, Justin, knew this call was well needed for me and it was tremendously helpful!  We talked at length about where I was in the course, how I was feeling about it all, if I was understanding the connections between all of the coursework, the activities, the requirements, etc… and he smoothly and effortlessly talked me through each topic that we covered.  He not only listened, understood and addressed my concerns or difficulties, but he shared his experiences and provided a lot of new perspectives for me.

One of the ways in which he provided me a new way to look at my journey was to break it all down from its whole, end game into its smaller, building block beginnings.  Yes, this is the same as we’ve done from the ‘get go’ in this course, but he phrased it in a way that really resonated with me.  ”Make today better than yesterday.”  I’m a blue, which he knew, so to address my perfectionist tendencies he explained to me to certainly strive for ‘perfect’ everyday, but if I fall short its ok as long as I “make today better than yesterday.”  In this way, he further went on to explain, everyday should be better than the last and this continues to build day after day after day until everyday is ‘perfect’ for me.  This completely resonated with me and instantly put me at ease and took some pressure and stress off!  (I am definitely someone who can have things ‘click’ when phrased, or put into a different frame of reference) and this did it!

This phrase has stayed with me all week and has been an unlikely source of motivation!  When I feel like I don’t want to do something, or that I can put it off until tomorrow or further, whether it be for the course, or in general, this phrase instantly runs through my head.  I am able to tell myself that if I do whatever it is I don’t feel like doing that I’ll be making my day better than the one I had before, which is progress and a feeling of a sense of accomplishment:

  • firing neurons,
  • creating new neural pathways,
  • feeding cell addiction

that becomes a challenge to myself which I willingly accept and it is easily game over for my old blueprint and is a win for the new and ME!