Anne Hames: DMP Spritual Growth and Liberty Weeks 22 and 23

I continue to marvel at the revelations in Mandino and Haanel writings and how each chapter and part apply to my situation at time of readings.  The 72-hour silence benefits are still with me:  I feel an internal strength which helped me through a difficult time.  Additionally, I feel I have made progress in the Spiritual Growth part of my DMP, which is giving me encouragement and strength to continue with the Liberty.  This course has been a revelation, and I know that I shall continue with the practices.

Anne Hames: Week 19 Blog

Late, late in submitting both Blog and DMP.  For the first time since beginning this course, I was unable to appreciate Haanel’s Part 19 and translate it into my life.  I allowed external circumstances over which I had no control to dominate my silent sits and maintain mental unrest.  It has taken other external circumstances to clear the clutter and get me back on course.  These circumstances were, not surprisingly I now realize, to be of service to others.  Wonderful revelation and confirmation of the philosophy of the past weeks in this course.  It took a while, and although I believed, it was the practical application that dealt the final blow to any subconscious doubts.  Strangely, I feel lighter, happier, and I begin to like myself.  Let’s hope I can find a hat that fits!!!!

Anne Hames Week 19: Spiritual Growth and Liberty

We are now into Week 20 and I am still contending with Week 19.  From my perspective, had the order of these two weeks been reversed, I might be in a better place.

Over the last month I have lost three friends and one acquaintance.  I have leaned heavily on the Spiritual Growth portion of my DMP, and particularly Paragraph 12 of Part 19 “We are in the presence of continual change…..the evolution of the Universal Mind.”  I recalled the wisdom of my grandmother suggesting that problems be “put in the hands of  the higher power.”  Even the silent sits did not produce the usual calming of mind and spirit.

Well, never dark without light.  Last week I was privileged to be presented with three occasions in which to help others (at their requests.)  The results on their behalf were all I had hoped for to make a constructive  difference to each of them.  These incidents eased my sorrow, and this seeming paradox has unexpectedly buoyed my spirits.  Paragraph 19 instruction on the power of thought and the mind is appropriate.  As I write this, I realize that yet again Haanel has made a timely arrival in my life, and I create another gratitude card.

Anne Hames: Week 18 DMP and PPNs Spiritual Growth and Liberty

The two questions that Mark J asked us last Sunday have had a profound effect on me.  What am I pretending not to know?  What would the person I intend to become do next?Truth to tell, neither is difficult to answer.  The difficulty lay in the admission, aloud, of personal shortcomings.  Past weeks of myriad enthusiastic repetitions spontaneously recurred in the form of succinct answers to these two questions.  What a relief!  Swift corrective actions required little effort, surprisingly.  For the last few days I have thoroughly enjoyed the personal transformation, discovering that business opportunity rejections no longer have a strong, personal, emotional impact on me.  All the weeks of grinding drudgery are knocking off the cement.  How great is that!   Now, back to what I used to consider “work” but now is a world to conquer.  Thank you, Mark and the team.

Anne Hames: Blog Week 18

Depend on Mark J to tell it like it is.  On last Sunday’s webinar he warned that he would ask two powerful questions.  Now there’s an understatement for you.   What am I pretending not to know?  It’s not the answer per se, it’s the admission that affected me.  What would the person I intend to become do next?  That one went from head to toe like a lightening bolt.  So my transition immediately began in full force.  I ask myself those two questions repeatedly, daily, and they are clearing away excuses and delays now that I have given myself permission to be myself.  This is great!

Anne Hames: Week 17 Blog

I’m enjoying the comfort of the reinforcements in Part 17.   Most of the MK System tasks are routine by now but the inevitable bumps in the road challenge their practical application, hence the comfort in Part 17.  My thoughts are attracting things and people to my life, and my confidence and sense of wonder continue to build when there are results to my mental requests, and the urge to work harder surfaces when there are no results.  I presume this is a life-long situation, but I am so grateful that there are plenty of resources at hand to contend with these situations.