Anne Hames: Week 15 Blog

Hannel’s Part 15 is bringing home what I needed to hear, and at such an appropriate time.  With all that is hoped for in this New Year, paragraph 4:  “Growth is attained in exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better….” is particularly applicable, and personal growth is a fervent hope as is recognizing it when it arrives and putting it to good use.  My very best wishes to everyone for progress and growth in this new year.

Anne Hames: Week 15 DMP and PPNs (Spiritual Growth and Liberty)

The readings are proving to be increasingly appropriate to what is going on in my life….perhaps they are a test of my acceptance and application of the knowledge. Part 15, paragraphs 4 and 5 are a reminder to be able to accept as well as to give, and   paragraph 6 signals the work ahead to develop the ability to know what actually is required.  My guide has wisely reminded me of the importance of the silent sit.



Anne Hames: Week 14 Blog

Such encouragement and clear explanations in Master Key Part 14.  I have always believed in the power of prayer, and ongoing expressions of gratitude.  The affirmations re-energize me, and now the power of creative thought reinforces all of the foregoing.  It is an exciting prospect to visualize the impact of all this in 2018.   Happy New Year!

Anne Hames: Week 14 DMP and PPN Spiritual Growth and Liberty

“Thought is spiritual activity.”   I believe that positive, constructive thought is enhancing my Spiritual Growth part of my PPN.  This season is one of reflection, of positive anticipation for 2018, of joy and sharing.  Constant monitoring of thoughts is disciplining and correcting thought activities.   Paragraph 4:  “We get results in exact accordance with our understanding of the law and our ability to make the proper application.”  There’s still a lot of work required there, so my power to think is the source of control of negativity which means ongoing re-training of my subconscious and stamping out the old blueprint (pretty much a full-time job.)  I am concentrating on maintaining a harmonious attitude, both during and apart from the silent sit.  I am deriving encouragement and positive results from Paragraphs 25-29.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Anne Hames: Week 13 Blog

I am still amazed at how easily I am adopting the principles under study, and being able to share the positive influence of them.  This past week, unexpectedly, I was asked to listen to some difficult experiences that others were attempting to resolve.   When I asked for my thoughts, I equally unexpectedly mentioned that what is happening in a person’s outside world is a reflection of what is going on inside them,  the benefits of the 15-minute silent sit, of concentration on what is the Main Thing and not on reciprocating  situational negativities.   What a wonderful experience to see dark clouds of anger and frustration be replaced by bright smiles of optimism.   This course is spreading its positive, healing effects beyond my immediate sphere.  What joy! Merry Christmas, everyone.

Anne Hames: Week 13 DMP, PPNs Spiritual Guidance and Liberty

Part 13 is so appropriate for this pre-Christmas week, stressing the power of thought.   Increased awareness of one’s thinking is improving self-discipline and general outlook.  The daily gratitude cards creation and readings are energizing and reassuring.  I am feeling stronger in body and mind, with increased self-confidence and a more positive outlook generally.  Merry Christmas, everyone!

Anne Hames: Blog entry Week 12

The Master Key reading for this past week is still presenting a challenge for me as I am unable to reconcile paragraphs 12, 14 and 22.  I’m wondering if any others are in the same predicament.  I recognize that this roadblock is the result of very positive and vivid past experiences, and my subconscious is dredging up memories as it is wont to do, particularly at this time of year.  I had hoped that silent times would provide the resolution to my dilemma, and as that has not yet occurred I am attributing the delay to my impatience to get through this block which is weighing heavier every day.   All readings continue, and the daily affirmations are energizing.  Merry Christmas to all!

Anne Hames – Blog, Week 11

It’s good to be back on track after a computer hacking incident earlier this week.  Finally, a breakthrough in my business, most welcome if somewhat surprising.  The Scroll readings have proven to be powerful, and a strong influence in the strengthening of my self-confidence and determination to succeed.  I now have the courage of my convictions, a major step forward which will have to be encouraged and maintained.  At least I now know that it can be done, that there is resultant success not just for me but for everyone with whom I am in contact.  These eleven weeks have been something of an uphill slog, but this week’s reward is encouraging and has given me an appetite for more success.

Anne Hames: Week 11 DMP; PPNs Spiritual Growth and Liberty

Business breakthrough yesterday!  This is the start of accomplishing my DMP goal.  I believe this success is due to frequent repetition of the themes of the Scrolls, the readings of T&GR and The Master Key System.  Part 11 of The Master Key has brought together the intense activities required in Parts 1-10.  Paragraph 18 of Part 11 “We are first to believe that our desire has been fulfilled” revives imagination and suggests the accomplishment of goals that were once just wishful thinking.  I am comfortable with my PPN progress toward Spiritual Growth and Liberty, enhanced by my business breakthrough.  The daily affirmations bolster newly found self-confidence and determination…..I will persist until I succeed!