Week 2 What a week!!

What a week !!                     inner-peace-enlightenment

I want to tell you about my dream that I had 2 nights ago:

“I was on the way  bringing my husband  to his work with the car.  Just before I had to go to work in health care by people at home.

After I had brought him on his work. The car has disappeared and I had to travel by public transport . There  was only the possibility  to go with metro at home. But i could not find the entrance and my phone was also not my own phone. Panic !!!
First I walked with another woman but decided to go my own way. I attempted to find the entrance to the subway. After many detours, walking rounds and questions I finally found the entrance hidden behind a thick red curtain.  There were many control posts and redirects.

At last I’m sitting. What a relief

Then I was called on that strange Phone . With the question: “Say it honestly where are you now?”  I answer, I’m coming.  Right now I’m in the subway and I’m on the go.

On my way I realized that the metro drove very slowly and that he took another longer route.

But when I saw where I was I was extremely happy. Glad because this is a route that I know and which I prefer. Because of the rest there is. No hectic, so famous for the beautiful views.  I was pleased with my spot by the window and enjoyed the beautiful view and nature. I was going to sit back to enjoy.

I know I’m almost home”

How beautiful is this.

At this moment, I am setting up my own spiritual company. This week I decided to share my passion with the rest of the world.
Since I’ve done this I already have 2 paying customers and 2 who want a coaching course.
I do not even have a website.

I am a happy and privileged person

I am very serious about my tasks and it is already paying off

                                       Do the math.

I’m almost home and now follow a nice path. My path.images

First week Wow I started.

Wow I started.

First few days printed a lot and translated to Dutch.                                                                        Spirit Ankie

Yes, I am Dutch and the lesson offered stays better and keeps on getting better
if it’s in my native language. I was doing well no TV at night and reading my scroll, blog writing, twittering, dmp, starting ect
All nice things.

This is my 2nd time I start with MKE. The first time I thought I was ready, but what was I wrong .
Now I’m more on a level of feeling. Hope to expand this further. Have full confidence.

Follow the steps day after day, fill in my calendar and make time for my family.
Enjoy life and what’s still on my way.