Week 11 – MKE

Baby Steps


I am sick today as I write this, and have had to modify my week. After slacking off last week, I was determined to start anew, and have been doing much better. One day at a time.


My mama’s birthday was on the 4th, and it colored the events of the week. On Saturday, I attended a marvelous event at the Evergreen College, about 5 minutes from my house. It was the much awaited documentary on the life of Dolores Huerta. She would make a great MM leader, I thought, as I watched her firm determination, focus and will. She had 11 children, and no husband; and spent her life fighting for farm workers’ rights in unconventional ways. One of my favorite moments from the movie was when she spoke of sending a group of grandmothers to a political leader’s office with their knitting. “You are going to sit there knitting until you get an answer from this leader”. The idea was that they were not going to move until their need was met.

Dolores was the one who coined the phrase, “Si se puede” or “Yes, we can!” She was the other wing of the movement – the woman who “got things done”, the co-founder of the National Farmworkers Association, and the only woman on the board! It took me watching this film to even understand the depth of the work, intelligence, and drive Dolores Huerta has. She is still helping young women nationwide today.


I also saw an amazing female artist in concert this week – award winning clarinetist, Anat Cohen. With a stellar tentet of New York’s finest musicians, her music was one long stream of fascinating experiences in Klesmer, rock, jazz, Brazilian and more. As I watched her, I reflected on the 7 Laws of the Mind, particularly The Law of Practice. How many hours of practice had she put in to get to where she is today? And The Law of Dual Thought  and Subconscious – she sees something she wants to manifest, and keeps it in her mind until her subconscious makes it so. This is how she achieved greatness. It doesn’t hurt that she’s adorable and charming – the Mental Diet perhaps?

These experiences tied in neatly with the advent of my mother’s birthday. My (Chicana) mama was a labor union leader and civil rights activist in the 60s and 70s. She and my grandmother were involved with the United Farm Workers Movement at the time, and  helped with integration in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was also a classical pianist, and as a Jewish woman, would have felt connected to Anat, her music and impish spirit! No coincidences in life, only incidences..


I would really love to go to the MK Retreat in Kauai this June. I know it will help me advance in my goal to build self-confidence and eliminate fear in my life. I am manifesting confidence that I can do this, and still have enough income to sustain myself, and take another important trip in December.


The new reading is just what I needed this week. I have needed to feel motivated about moving forward. I am writing my OATS down (thanks Dan), and chipping away at my list. I like the image of taking small bites at a time, rather than getting overwhelmed with the big picture – tapas!

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I am about to take a big leap into a new paradigm, and need all the strength I can muster to do so. This week’s read comes at the right time, and is in alignment with my universe. Watching the webinar helped me get inspired again to “do my best” and not beat myself up for moving forward and backwards. It takes a lot of work to create new mental tapes – like gestating a baby. Be kind to yourselves folks, and remember how to walk like a baby again!

Be sure to click on the inspirational music link below!

Song of the week:  I Am Singing

Week 10 – MKE


I have been feeling the effects of eating turkey all week, and I’m a vegetarian! This means:  I have been slacking off, and enjoying the holiday flow. Yes, enjoying it! I am keeping up with some of the reading, and put great effort into recording and editing the 7 Laws of the Mind, but I took a break from intensely pouring myself into the MKE practices this week.


So, my enjoyment. My oldest son was home for the holidays, and we schmoozed for 3 whole days! He is brilliant, handsome, intuitive and spiritual. I shared with him what I am doing in the MKE, and he told me of his newfound love for Zen meditation. He even gave me a little tip on what to do when you feel anxious. “Just observe your thoughts instead of getting into your emotions, notice them passing by”. Schmoozing with him brings me great joy! And I cooked for him – incredibly delicious things to feed his taste buds and soul.


I also went to Seattle over the weekend, and spent quality time with a good friend. We enjoyed a concert of lively Bluegrass music, took a walk in the artsy Georgetown District, lunched at a Jewish deli, and had one of the best sandwiches and rugelachs I have ever tasted, sang a few hours of karaoke with great abandon, and went shopping for lighting at IKEA – joy of joys!


I spent more time focusing on my Spiritual Growth by singing kiirtan and meditating, which helps to ground me, and refills my spiritual reservoir. I also spent an evening at the Chabad center, meeting new people, and emerging my understanding of classical Judaic teachings and Jewish mysticism.


Today is Wednesday, and I am newly committed to getting back on the MKE bus, and so far, I have had a perfect day. I believe this has been a good week to review how much I have retained. As a former Waldorf teacher, I put much value in taking breaks from study and practices. When you can “sleep” on something, it allows your brain time to rest and to deepen teachings.

Song of the week:  For the Love of You


Week 9 – MKE

Recordings, Love, Flowers, and Master Minds.


This week, I chose to record the 7 Laws of the Mind to the background music of Clair de Lune, and Gymnopédie No.1 – two of my mother’s favorite pieces to play on the piano. I remember her, playing on the other side of the wall to our room as a child. Three girls in one room, I on the top bunk, listening to mama play, as we drifted off to sleep. Every single night. This is where I got my passion for music.

Mama’s birthday is coming up – December 4th. She is my go to when I look for strength and courage – a very good marker for positive thoughts to replace negative ones. And the music brings me back every time. What a lovely tool you have given us to explore this week Mark J.


The Seven Laws speak deeply to my soul, and hearing my voice speak them behind the music is illuminating. Such beauty and depth in these laws :


We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. If a negative thought enters your mind – try to think about Source/Universe/Higher Power/God instead. If that is too big a reach at the time, use any fond memory or other pleasant thought.


Mental effort defeats itself – It’s the exact opposite of physical effort. A relaxed, calm state of mind is the only doorway to mental progress. Relaxation of thought is the only access to Infinite Intelligence.


Practice makes perfect. The 5Ps – Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance. Our bewilderment of magnificence in others, upon further inspection we find is really just practice. With practice of the correct things, we improve on the other 6 Laws of the mind.


To access the Divine and connect the subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Creator we must forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel. There can be no connection to the Divine mind where anger or resentment against a brother or sister justified or not, exists.


Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling. We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.


 As soon as the subconscious accepts an idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24-7, to manifest that demand – accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.


Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.


Love is still flowing, and I am still remembering to love everyone that I meet. This practice is helping to smooth out some of the rough edges in my day to day life. I can love and forgive those who are in pain; who are not aware. And I have added the practice of speaking to their higher self. When we cannot reach others on this earthly plane, we can do so in the spiritual realm. And love of family, and those closest to us, especially during the beginning of the holidays, a very sweet time to be reminded to keep the river of love at the surface of our hearts.


This is the first real “Sit” that I have done. I have a long standing daily practice of singing kiirtan and meditation, and have used the MK exercises to enhance my own practices. Yes, flowers… I can visualize that! It’s nearly December, and the Christmas Cactus are in bloom. Magical, bright, colorful, pink flowers that open to my soul – the Mexican connection to mama, abuelita, and my friends around the world. In my mind’s eye, I can watch these flowers as they grow. This “Sit” is particularly tangible, relatable and enjoyable.


Master Minds! I enjoyed my first session with my MM friends. We talked about our struggles with certain things, and our successes. Mostly, we made a pact to support one another. We feel like having an MM friend is a step in the right direction, as we are in the same program, and can understand the speak-ease, and truly work towards the common good of one another. I look forward to exploring this part of the program.

Another great week of stretching, learning, clashing, loving and growing. Most grateful to be on this journey with you all!


Week 8 – MKE


This week, I was put to the test when my friend left town for several days, and I had to face the girl in the mirror. I have struggled with trust for most of my adult life, living in fear of separation. I told myself that I was going to be fine this time – no anxiety, fear or mistrust. I am shifting the blueprint to learn how to trust again.


I have had painful experiences in the past, including abuse, infidelity, and abandonment, which taught me to mistrust others. Well, now with the new blueprint builder, I am building self-confidence and self-reliance. “People believe in me because I believe in myself and in them.” Wow! Yes, I am living in trust this week, self-trust. I also made a little index card to help shift my thinking, which I read a few times each day, stating that I am secure, anchored and calm, and even experience joy when faced with separation. My friend teased me, “Well, don’t get too comfortable not thinking of me. It’s good if you miss me a little bit!”


On one of those days, I felt my anxiety building for several hours, and used my tools of thought transformation, including a mantra that I was taught years ago, that means “God is everything, and nothing more than that.” I also chose to focus on the positive images and not the negative things. Great job Anjali, you did it!


And interestingly enough, on the same day that I was feeling a psychic disconnect in the lack of communication, working so hard to transform my thoughts, the car door hit me in the head, and damn! So much pain! I cussed, and felt into the pain, and allowed myself to cry. Karma. I was working so hard to shift, shift, shift thought, that the Universe said, “No honey, you have got to feel that pain!” Feel the pain of separation, of abandonment. I allowed myself to do so, because I am a human being, striving towards perfection. And then, I was back on track again, working the program, shifting thought, finding joy, focusing on the beautiful things this friend and I had shared. And, magic! My mind was clear again! I was able to keep the higher feelings, and poof, my anxiety was gone!

Here is a beautiful reminder from this week’s webinar of how we reach our goals:




Week 7 – MKE


Namaskar, I greet the divinity within you.

What do I gleam from this week’s lessons? “Seeing love”, and “being love” is still living inside of me. Shifting fear, transforming it into power. “Concentrate on the things that you want, not on the things you do not want.” Bringing love to chaos in the most difficult situations. Listening, and not giving opinions. Work the methods chica!


Something new? Creating the movie poster has enabled me to sharpen my mind, and get clear. What are my goals? Whittle them down.

Spiritual Growth, Red Circle:  finishing strong in the MKE, 2018, kiirtan and meditation 30 minutes per day.

Helping Others, Yellow Square: the most difficult one to pin down in a tangible, measurable way. In my doing kiirtan and meditation daily, I am helping others spiritually, transforming negative energy into positive. And then, this spirit force moves with me throughout the day. Everyone I meet, is consciously being transmitted with love and well-being. I am in the flow! So, a tangible act of helping others? Holding a women’s workshop in 2018.

Health Goals, Green Triangle:  Losing 10 more pounds through Bright Line Eating. I worked hard to lose 60 pounds over 2 years, and would like to finish with 10 more.

Music Career, Blue Rectangle:  Earn $3,000 per month through performances and CD sales. Not a lot, but significant for me. Also, finishing all of the things needed for my website in order to generate more work.


A tender moment this week, where I was able to hold space for a friend who was in their emotions. I did not react, but breathed into my belly, and tried to be present for my friend to go through their feelings. Anger turned to tears, and I thanked my friend for being vulnerable with me. I was able to be the sun shining down, and the reflective moon. And gratitude was expressed for being real with one another. I feel victorious when I can be present, and not react.


And music work? This Monday was one of the best concerts of the year at Rhythm and Rye, Olympia. I was relaxed, confident, and full of joy! I took the stage, and owned it. Fear was not allowed in my space. And the audience responded in kind. They clapped for the song interpretations after I sang (before the instrumental solos.) This was a first for me, and at first, I didn’t “trust” it. “Why are they clapping – is it just out of courtesy? Then, I realized that I was touching them; that my feelings were being transmitted to them, and it felt great! The next day, I felt the power of what had happened that evening. I have re-owned my place in the world as a performer. I had left it behind several years ago to raise my children, and have only been back at it for 2 years. I am self-confident and becoming self-reliant.

Loving this work!


Week 6 – MKE

Dia de Muertos Azteca

Dia de Muertos Azteca

Celebrating Dia de Muertos – honoring those beloved who have gone before us. For me, it’s my mama, my abuelita, and my best friend, who passed last year. I clean the puja table, arrange their photos, place stones, water, candles and flowers, sing kiirtan, and remember the power and love they brought into my life and the world. 3 mujeres poderosas. Remember, and strive to be like them in my day to day life. Ritual is important in my life, and keeps me grounded.


“Don’t give Opinions” OK. Working hard on keeping my mouth zipped. And, with all of the ideation tools, I am finding it. Not as challenging. But yes, a little. Hey, I’m Latina. We love to eat, and talk.

Some interesting phenomena happening this week around all of these affirmations, and writing. In my Press Release, my fictitious interviewer is named “Camila”, a very uncommon name. In fact, so uncommon that I had never met anyone named “Camila”, until just a few days after I posted my Press Release! And. Last night, during a women’s self-development workshop, I picked a spirit card profoundly related to my life and the question I brought to the group:  What does it feel like to be Free?! One more? When I was in session with my coach, she called in the energies of “Pan”. Unbeknownst to her, I have been working on a song by Stevie Wonder that is all about Pan!

This week is the theme of love, and more on cause and effect. Don’t be attached to the outcome of emotion, either great joy or sadness because Everything Must Change…
And on the subject of Love – I love reading about love 3 times a day – my favorite subject!
How about a little mantra, sung to any tune? Baba Nam Kevalam – Love is all there is! This is my daily practice, attaching music, movement and singing to an “idea”. The results? Transformation!

Everything Must Change

Blessings and sweet love to all who have visited this page.
I, the divine “I”, love you! <3

Week 5 – MKE


I sang at the Center for Spiritual Living this weekend, and Frances, the practitioner did a presentation on “our greatest fears”. I chose “fear of abandonment” as the prominent fear for me. We did a ritual around it, invoking awareness, love, healing and forgiveness. It helped me to become aware of the dominant fear in my life, and to be present when it shows up, cause it’s going to show up – this, I have not yet mastered. In the end, we learned that the greatest fear is the fear of abandonment from God. This encouraged me to amp up my spiritual practices, and my connection to the Divine – one of my PPNs.

Working this program, I have found that I am just beginning to assimilate some of the principles, and I am full of wonder and awe! I feel like a baby in the process, and trust that these practices will strengthen me, as I put more of myself into it. Mark’s tool to put “I promise” in front of the one thing you are having the most difficulty with has helped me this week. Success! I am reading GS 3xs per day, and I feel elated! And what’s more, this month I earned double what I usually take in monthly.


This week the Universe challenged me in several relationships with others. Jealousy, jealousy, anger and hurt. I found myself remembering not to react or engage as these individuals were reacting in front of me. I softened, felt and sent love, and became vulnerable in my heart and belly, coming to tears at times. I laughed, and released my own fears through an “offering” ritual. I remembered to think of something beautiful and good about the person I was angry at; and remembered that something good was going to come out of the clash – and it did every time. Thank you Universe for being you!

My comadre and Master Guide Deanna helped me through a rough spot today:  “Don’t live in the fear. Focus on what you desire, and not how it appears.” Then, a few moments of her sweet time on the phone. “Be clear about your intentions and in your communications. Don’t be afraid of the reaction. Work the Color Codes. Keep focused on your DMP manifestation.”


And then, the MKE reading – cause and effect; clash and cohesion; ebb and flow. And then, I remembered that yes, this Universe is an expression of cause and effect, Shiva and Shakti. How did I forget? I wanted everything to be Disnelandia! And then, reading The 7 Laws of the Mind. Work it! Work it! Do it now! Do it now!

Posted on my bathroom mirror:

I promise to devote 10 minutes daily to myself the development of self-confidence.
I promise to cause others to believe in me because I believe in myself.
I am a self-reliant and successful person.
I always keep my promises.  Anjali S.

I needed to write today, as I have been feeling tender and vulnerable for several days. The feelings are still there, and I have been moving through them with grace. I am grateful for this course and how I see my thoughts and actions already shifting.

Working on this beautiful song takes me to the cosmic realm:
Power Flower by Stevie Wonder

Week 4 Master Key Experience – MKE


Be careful what you ask for! Part of my DMP – Determined Master Purpose is to financially sustain myself through music work by October, 2018. This coming week, miraculously I have been booked for 6 performances, with a total of 11 performances for the month. Last year, I was happy to have had one performance a month!

Next week, I will be performing in concert with my old friend, and noted saxophone player, Norbert Stachel, and I will be opening with a set of Mexican music for award winning author and inspirational speaker Reyna Grande, at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts – a prestigious venue! Time to get to get those SMART and OATS working for me!


I appreciate going over Mark’s DMP and card samples in the workbook this week. It helps to see me see the format more clearly. I am also enjoying the new Promises cards, based on Giving and Receiving. Let’s consciously and lovingly work towards giving to others every day – a smile, a gesture, seeing their inner self, and greeting them with divinity!


This week, I have found myself thinking more positively, and projecting some of the jargon onto others – encouraging others to keep their promises with me. They might think I’m a little more crazy than usual. I am also hyper aware about starting and ending my emails with full intention of positive greetings and sign offs. This, I had been doing for years, based on my yogic teachings. Our guru encouraged us to start a greeting with “I hope this finds you well by His grace”.  And, “Please give my sweet love to baby Johnny”,  And ending with,  “In His love”, or “Sisterly yours in Him”. Using these words gives me pause to the content of my communication, makes me slow down and really “think” about what I am sending out.


“I can be what I will to be”. This is parallel to using my ista mantra – a personal mantra that is given to an individual based on their unique essence, which can be interpreted as ‘merging into the Supreme Consciousness’. In other words, uniting our small “I” with the greater “I”. I use this mantra frequently to remind me that the little “I” is not in charge.

The teachings from the MKE are familiar to me. I have assimilated them over 25 years, but reading them through the new text is exciting, deepening and affirming. I only hope to teach everyone to joyfully sing and dance the transformative, universal mantra Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan when we meet together in Kawaii!

Sisterly yours in Him <3

Week 3 Master Key Experience – MKE

Week 3, Master Key Experience – MKE

I find myself getting up earlier each day, with more energy and focus. I plan my day efficiently and feel inspired getting my “To Do” list done. I have dedicated 1/2 hour in the morning to a spiritual practice of singing and dancing kiirtan, and sitting for meditation. This sets a calm and even tone for the day, and I am grateful for these ancient lessons, along with the MKE readings. I am enjoying the Master Key reading this week – tapping into our Solar Plexus and letting our light shine!


I have been observing the Jewish Holidays at the local synagogue this year, for the first time – Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot, and it feels great! The rabbi helps us connect to our spiritual core through songs, stories, and scripture. There is always food and conversation at the end. I am finding my community.


Last week, I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was one of the places on my bucket list, and I was determined to see it. I felt at home there among the Native American and Mexican residents; the adobes, the purple mountains, and desert brush. A few mystical things happened to me while there, where Spirit lined up with my subconscious intentions. I enjoyed connecting with the Spanish speaking waiters and waitresses, and made sure to shine my light on them!


Yesterday, I attended the local Indigenous People’s Day event, which had a focus on women. One Native sister’s talk hit home. She is clean and sober, and looks to the light, facing her days with humor and joy.  I befriended her, and intend to work with her, serving the Native American community. I also bought a gorgeous turquoise and red coral necklace at the market. I had wanted a long piece with those colors, and there it was! The woman who was selling it was the daughter of a famous Native American activist – Janet McCloud. All of these things in alignment seem to be happening at a greater speed than before. I am grateful for these experiences.

I am staying open to ways of doing service every day.

Week 2 Master Key Experience – MKE

Hola Mi Gente!

I hope all are doing well.

I had a very rough weekend keeping up, and did my best. I was bringing some sunshine to my terminally ill sister in Texas, and took a wonderful road trip to Santa Fe. I finally got through the webcast yesterday, and got back on track.

The Law of Attraction – as you think, so you become. I had been exposed to this idea for many years, from my mother who was a transpersonal and gestalt therapist, to my spiritual guru, who had given many great tools to help manifest the connection to the Cosmic Mind.  This week, I’m digging deeper into the science and the functions of the subconscious and conscious mind. Reading The Master Key is helping to put together things that I had only understood before on the surface. The reading assignments in this program are challenging me to balance my meditation with practical thought.

As per my PPN – Spiritual Growth and Helping Others – that has been my focus for over 20 years. I thought I might get a break, but the Supreme Mind knows what it wants from me. This week, I continue reflecting and celebrating the Jewish High Holidays. I look forward to the remembering and serving the ancestors, as we approach el Dia de Los Muertos.

As the leaves are falling, and the weather changes, I feel as though I am shedding old patterns, leaves that no longer serve me. Saying my DMP daily is a wonderful reminder, and helps to keep my goals on the surface of my Conscious Mind. Come on Subby, time for a change!