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“I greet the divinity within you, with all the charms of my mind, and all the love from my heart”.

I am a mother of two, brilliant and talented young men, ages 16 and 20. I am a lover of world culture, music and languages. I am a chameleon, woman of mixed races – Andalusian musician, Azorean immigrant, Crypto Jew, Nordic explorer, Yaqui healer, and African emancipated. I am a meditator of 20+ years, following the ancient teachings and practices of India – chakra cleaning mantras, sitting still, chanting and celebrating the divine.

Music has been a part of my life since I was in womb – Brazilian music, music from the Latin American and Caribbean diaspora, African music, improvisational jazz, Rhythm and Blues, East Indian bhajans and kiirtans – and I zealously perform these genres professionally.


I am a Blue, a lover of life, of nature, of human beings, of all living things. I am passionate, sensitive and compassionate – an artist, a translator of Spanish and Portuguese songs, a spirited Latina, a lover of flavorful foods, an experimental cook, a nurturer, a curandeira – mujer fuerte y brava.

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