Inspirational Recordings

Hello Friends,

One if my talents is recording voice overs and music. I ran an in-home recording studio for around a decade. I would like to offer recordings of our inspiring affirmations from time to time. The first one I was compelled to do was the 7 Laws of the Mind. Enjoy, and feel free to download it.

Baba Nam Kevalam – Love is All There Is

This isĀ  a powerful and proven mantra that we sing and dance to before doing meditation. Kiirtan is known to transform negative thought to positive thought, and has also been used during natural disasters, and to exorcise “ghosts” or stop people from doing “dark magic”. A far stretch for the imagination, but mostly it is used to bathe the world in love and inspiration!

From my CD Sweet Joy, recorded in 1998

India Kiirtan from the CD Garland of Love, 2004

Heart Song Demo

Song clips from the Center for Spiritual Living, Tacoma – 2018


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