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MKE Live Event, 2018


MKE Live Event, 2018

The MKE Live Event took place in Kauai, Hawaii – 7 days of self-exploration, nature sensing, and making new friends! The following is a short impression written when I arrived home.


Home from this amazing experience:
Crystal clear blue waters, racing catamarans, pounding salt water, spinning dolphins, cutting loose, ocean floating, beach combing, water color sunsets, humidity kissed hair, arousing island living nostalgia in me….


Temple meditations, forest hiking, 5 hour classes of deep information, new friendships and alliances formed, old friendships renewed, Kauai Juice mornings, delicious catered food, 30 days transformation homework, creating Master Minds, shifting Blue Prints, being seen, being heard, being held with love, remembering – all beings are one, detaching from outcomes, male/female balancing, Gratitude, Answering the Call, GRIT – let’s get to work. Do it now!


All across the island we heard pop songs done to reggae – island style. Here is one of my favorites: