Week 22A – MKE

Silence and the 5 Tools


Mona Brata – Practicing Silence

Since I have work scheduled throughout the week, and have to interact with others, I have chosen to turn off the music while driving and cooking, etc. I SIT longer and deeper. I don’t talk when in a group of people – just listen. I practice Mona Brata (the Sanskrit term for this) while walking, and in public places. I take breaks throughout the day, and just rest in Silence. The mere fact of being aware of being Silent is helping tremendously.

Using the 5 Tools


Hurt Feelings – Gratitude is First

Remembering, when he snapped at me 3 times in two days, not to go to tears. Something must be going on with him. Is he hungry? Is some need not getting met? Observations:   Hurt Feelings = I care about my goals. What are my goals? Connection. To be respected, treated with respect, talked to respectfully. Speaking to this truth in my Power. The hurt little girl is taking a break this week. And I remember that I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle! Yes I am! Feeling into it. Not allowing someone else to define who I am. Light bulb!

Anger, Fear, Compassion, and Gratitude


My sister taking over my father’s estate and determining what is going to happen to it without consulting with me. She has always treated me like a child. I begin to stand up for myself. Watch anger rise. Massive energy. Channel it. What would I like to see happen? I engage in a power struggle, but really, I am communicating my personal goals. I expect to be treated like an adult. I want to be included in the decision making process. Fear – afraid of not getting my due. Action:  making sure that I have a say in the process of distributing the assets. I am Worthy.

I sit with this anger for a few minutes. Then, I surrender. What is the real goal here? To stay connected to my sister. We are about to lose our father, and another sister. We cannot afford to lose each other in the process. The house and money are just things – unimportant. Hop off the Bully Pulpit. What is more productive? “Use energy towards DMP and productivity”. I sit and read my MKE assignments. Yes!

A day goes by, and I begin to understand. She is afraid of my father dying. She wants to be in control, because she feels out of control. These feelings belong to her, not to me. What must I do? Be grateful and show compassion. Stay connected, and keep my eye on the goal.

My other sister Elizabeth calls me on the phone and tells me that Maria is calling her every day, and disturbing her peace. I tell her that Maria is scared of her and my father dying. We must give her love and compassion, and be grateful for her in our lives. “Give gratitude that she is making you feel alive in this moment!” My sister and I laugh, and laugh. She gets it. What would Jesus do? I ask her. “Oh!” she says, “You’re pulling out the big guns!” Jejejeje!

My sister is beautiful, and I tell her how grateful I am for her on this earth. After our conversation, I text Maria and thank her for keeping me in the loop, tell her I love her, and ask if she needs me to come down to help with things.

And I continue to remember:  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

3 thoughts on “Week 22A – MKE

  1. Now that is a Great question, Anjali!

    What would Jesus Do? As powerful as, What will the person I intend to become do next?

    Peace be Your Family’s Journey!

  2. Thank you for sharing your feelings, thoughts and processes so open heartedly. There are indeed many emotions when close relatives are severly sick. Love for you and your family <3

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