Week 22 – MKE

5 Tools for Expansion

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Gosh, what a beautiful webinar this week – my favorite so far; the Crown Jewel of the MKE! These are the tools I have been searching for, and now they are here! Let’s look at them.



Fear brings intense energy and focus; converts thoughts to actions.

Today, I wanted to call an old friend/colleague of mine to ask for comp tickets to his show in April. He is on a reunion tour with a world famous band. I felt afraid of being rejected, and had feelings of being small. I took the fear as “energy to move me forward”, and called with enthusiasm and left a message. Mysteriously, his phone kept pocket dialing me, and I would hear him with the band during a photo shoot, and warming up. After the fourth time, I kept shouting his name so he would hear me. He was very friendly, inquired about my life, and told me that he was about to go onstage. I teased him about “pocket” dialing me, and he joked back. I checked the date, and this is their very first night of the tour. He called me just 20 minutes before they were about to go on?! His phone pocket dialed me one more time, and I had a fleeting thought to pick up and listen to the concert from his pocket. :)

Hurt Feelings


Hurt feelings remind us to care for our goals; the other side of “pity” is “passion”

This week, after my salsa class, I wanted to take the Afro-Cuban drumming class. The organizer said that it was a closed class for advanced drummers, insinuating that I could not join. I knew that he had invited a friend of mine (who had no drumming experience) to attend, and my feelings were hurt. Afro-Cuban drumming is one of my passions, and I was not to be deterred. I asked the instructor, if I could join his class. “Of course you can, everyone is welcome here!” he said with great enthusiasm. I joined the class, and played with passion! I had taken African drumming classes before, and have worked out of this genre of music for decades. I felt powerful in my body and mind that I had cared for my goals, and listened to my passion.



Anger is a huge surge of energy – verdad! Use it towards productivity. It’s a power tool, it’s got to be directed somewhere, so use it wisely!

The same fellow who didn’t want me in the drumming class was trying to redirect me while I was dancing in the Rueda Casino (Cuban salsa) class. He kept talking to me as if I didn’t know what I was doing, and at one point put his hands on my body to turn me. I felt the anger surging up. The next time around, I put my hand out and said, “Don’t talk!” I have been dancing salsa since I was a child, and this [hombre] was trying to undermine me. Even though I am facing this adversity, I am determined to take this class. I will send love to him, hold strong to my boundaries, and keep my eye on my goal.



Guilt is self-directed anger. It is validation that your spiritual compass is working; guilt creates a window for honesty and compassion.

I am facing some huge guilt around a personal issue. How do I behave fairly in the situation? Sit and ask myself the question, “What am I afraid of?” This is a good lesson for me this week, and something I am going to dive into deeply. First is Gratitude. Thank you Guilt.



Shift from constrictive to expansive. We are worthy of anything we want, but not everything at the same time.

When people reschedule time with me, feelings of inadequacy arrive. This week, I have been practicing turning those feelings into inquiry – what is there for me to do elsewhere? It has been very helpful. I search and search my brain to see what mental list I can come up with while waiting, and there is always something wonderful in front of me. I catch up on MKE work – the webinars, reading,etc. Or I catch up on music practice, writing charts; making phone calls, or making new lists. And then, the questions arrive:  Am I worthy of love? Am I interesting enough? Attractive enough? Etc., etc…. So, when we are feeling “unworthy”, how about this little quote for starters?

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!


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