Week 19 – MKE

Striving and Thriving


I have been striving for several weeks now, and my pattern is to strive and thrive. The opening up is beautiful, and I am developing myself in so many areas. And I choose to focus on what I am doing:  I am meditating and chanting more. I am softening my mind more (7 Laws), I am listening to my POA and the 7 Laws recording. I am writing affirmative songs. I’m working on a demo of Heart Songs for other CSL spiritual centers (part of my POA). I am consciously doing my services from my Service card. And, I am reading Og, the MKE and my cards at least twice a day, and sometimes 3 times. The Blue Print Builder is my favorite read, and I strive to read it aloud every day with enthusiasm. I am noticing Kindnesses and putting them in the Alliances. I am active on Twitter. I am writing and flashing Grateful cards. I am reading and commenting on other people’s blogs. I keep up with my own blog. I am deepening my understanding of the 7 Laws of the Mind, which truly speak to my soul. I am taking a Jewish communications course that is touching on the subjects of “listening” and “right speech”. I am taking a Mindful Meditation Class, and learning to Stop, Breathe, Notice, and Choose. I see a life coach twice a month who is helping me untangle some knots on the path of Life. I attend a monthly women’s guided meditation class, and Jewish Sisterhood meetings. I attend the CSL weekly; synagogue and dharma chakra once a month.


Working on myself has become the top priority, and in doing so, I am able to show up more wholly for those in my life – I am in the flow! What changes am I noticing? I am moving towards things that are building off of the MKE. I want more of this, and the universe is providing it for me. I am learning to communicate more efficiently. I am pausing, and breathing and I am working harder every day to change my thoughts.


My goal is to work the 7 Laws, one law at a time. Would you like to take the challenge? Take the first Law, and work it for a week. Law of Substitution – we cannot think of two things at the same time. If a negative thought comes to mind, try to think of God instead, or another pleasant thought. This week, I work on the Law of Substitution by doing Madhuvidya each time a negative thought comes to mind. Honey Knowledge – whereby I silently repeat a Sanskrit mantra which means “all is God”.

Peace be on your journey!


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