MKE – Week 18

I embrace the lessons in my life.

Listening to the replay of the webinar brought me to tears, especially when Davene was being so forgiving of us sliding back; and Mark was urging us to see that the World’s Greatest Salesman is us selling ourselves to our own self! What?!!

Fire Explosion-preview

After that, I felt I could face my troubles with “gratitude”. I am grateful for the clash in my life, because it will bring me to clarity. I am grateful for everything, big or small, good or bad. And Universe, I love you, because whenever I need it; whatever I need – you show up! Through friends’ kind and wise words, through support, classes, rabbis, clergy people, counselors, friends, loved ones, family, and strangers. You. Show. Up!


I held space for my Native American sister whose cousin had suffered domestic abuse late one evening. It touched me so deeply, this story of tribal communities and abuse. Trafficking. My sister-friend is a survivor, an activist, and a huge advocate for Native women who have been abused, and especially in the world of Trafficking. Unimaginable. I looked up some information on the subject, and found that 83% of the perpetrators are White men. Not indigenous. This is the work that is calling to my heart.


So, I held space for her and her family. I smudged, sang kiirtan, and sat in meditation. In my meditation, I surrounded my wounded sister with Divine Love, and asked God to protect her in her pain and confusion. I gave gratitude that my sister-friend was with her, and could be the solid rock and voice that she needed. And, with my mother and grandmother looking on, I realized that this too is my life’s work – helping women who cannot help themselves.

I surrounded her in love, joy and healing all night long, and in my dream state. As I awoke in the morning, I was holding them still, and felt peace surround them…

4 thoughts on “MKE – Week 18

  1. Anjali, your blogpost moved me to tears when I read that you had come to the insight that your life’s work is to help women who cannot help themselves. It was so powerful and went straight into my heart, and I got images flashing of you doing a tremendous work for these women.
    And about the webinar: I agree, it was a kind of eye opener. I think it is the greatest gift to ourselves to sell ourselves to ourselves (LOL).
    Thank you for sharing your experinces and thoughts!

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