Week 16 – MKE

Kindness – Pay it Forward!


What a fun week this is turning out to be so far with the focus on Kindness, remembering acts of kindness, writing it in the community Alliances, and checking it off on a daily column.


My neighbors helped me solve a problem I was having with another neighbor


Writing words of encouragement for someone’s sick mother


Writing words of condolences and peace for someone who lost their mother


My sweet darling friend buying soup, flowers and chocolate for me when I was sick


Packing lunch for my son, when he told me he wasn’t able to pack enough to eat daily


Hiding notes of appreciationĀ  and affirmations for loved ones to find


Massaging my dog with loving kindness


Responding to other’s kind deeds with


I am a CSL Singer!


This was my first week at the Center for Spiritual Living where I stepped into the role of Vocal Lead, and did I ever feel Jazzed! I opened with a Yoruba welcoming song – Mamaliye, and invited the congregation to sing along with Enthusiasm! And what a rocking opening it was – they didn’t want to stop!

The night before, I had to create a program without the help of the reverend, who usually tells me what the talk is going to be about. The theme for this month is Awareness, and I had to come up with a good song to sing for the end of the program. I usually close my eyes and tap into Supreme Consciousness when I can’t think of anything. “Put music to the MKE affirmation!” was what I heard.

I am whole,
I am perfect
I am strong
I am powerful
I am loving
I am harmonious
And I am happy!

In studying a New Thought singer’s videos, I found that she used very simple melodies that people could quickly grab onto, and decided to do the same. This affirmation powerfully moved everyone into another dimension. Some members were standing up with their hands to the heavens as we sang, our full voices filling the air! After the program, the interim reverend came up to me and showed his appreciation. He asked me if I would lead workshops on spiritual music and meditation. I have also been approached by several members to do a CD recording of the affirming songs that I bring in. I am ecstatic to be serving in this new community!


Blessings on your week, and remember to show, see, and appreciate Kindness wherever you go!

28 thoughts on “Week 16 – MKE

  1. Anjali! I got goosebumps when I read your blogpost! This is nothing but divine magic! I also want to purchase a copy of your CD with affirmations songs, when it is done. So Amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  2. What a beutiful blog Anjali! Amazing how the MKE finds the way into your daily life. Great!!! Wish you all the best for this year!!

    1. Thank you Charles, I’ve been in this flow since I was a child – composed my first song at around 5 years old! :)

  3. What a great inspiring post Anjali and your CD is of course going to be fantastic how can it not be when you write the way you do

  4. You have shared such a powerfully kind message , Anjali. The real kicker is how the Master Key Experience has enabled you to feel better about yourself, being offered greater opportunities to serve and being recognized by so many people who are starting to get a glimpse of the new you. Keep on keeping on!

    1. Yes Jack, growing up around Gestalt and transpersonal therapists, having had a steady 25 years as a meditator, and now the MKE adding another dimension – I am truly blessed!

  5. I’m impressed at how you detailed so many kindnesses. It was returned to you through creativity in composing a song from the I am statement. Sweet!

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