Week 15 – MKE

Words, Thoughts, and Insight


It often takes several readings in order to deepen my understanding of Haanel’s writings. By the third time, when I start highlighting the main points, that is when I finally get it, and say to myself, “Aha!”

“In order to possess vitality, thought must be impregnated with love. Love is the product of the emotions. It is therefore essential that the emotions be controlled and guided by the intellect and reason.”

Law of Relaxation – only a calm mind can receive the channels of wisdom, intellect and reason.


“If we wish our ideal to be beautiful and strong, we must see that the words out of which this temple will eventually be created are exact, that they are put together carefully, because accuracy in the building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success.”

“Words … they may contain all knowledge; in them we find the history of the past as well as the hope of the future; they are the living messengers from which every human and superhuman activity is born.”

Be careful with your words. My spiritual master said, “Think a thousand times before you speak.” Surely, we won’t think a thousand times, but the idea is to be very careful with your words. Use your intellect, reasoning and rational mind to convey your thoughts. And (Law of Substitution) change your thoughts before you speak your words. I practice this constantly. If I see my mind reacting, I keep my mouth closed, find a positive thought, and strive to speak only once I know that my words are going to be helpful.

Positive affirmation, law of attraction, Thoughts become things

“How shall we identify a vital thought? It must have principle… …there is principle in health, but none in disease; there is a principle of light, but none in darkness; there is a principle of abundance, but none in poverty.”

“…thought containing principle is vital and therefore contains life and consequently takes root, and eventually but surely and certainly displaces negative thoughts, which by their nature can contain no vitality….”

Thought must have vitality; must be alive! Think of a green plant, a flowing river, the red and orange sun! Thought must have prana – the life force! And what a great practice we are doing now combining the words, thoughts and actions through our Gratitude Flash Cards, and Franklin Makeover!


“Insight is the faculty of the mind whereby we are enabled to examine facts and conditions at long range; it enables us to understand difficulties as well as possibilities.”

“Insight enables us to be prepared for the obstacles which we shall meet.”

“Insight is a product of the world within and is developed in the Silence by concentration…”

This all ties in neatly. Meditation and contemplation help to relax our mind, use our imagination, and to develop our “Insight” or “Intuition”. Tantra Yoga talks about the different layers of the mind, the highest being the Supra Conscious layer of the mind. It is the layer of intuition, of creativity, and invokes the feeling of being one with Supreme Consciousness. Musicians often times go into this realm of consciousness while performing, which stimulates the pineal gland to release “happy hormones”. A regular practice of meditation in a rotation of 12 hours (twice a day) helps to keep ones mind in that relaxed state, or spiritual flow. I see how the practices of the MKE in a rotation of 3 plus times a day has its value in comparison, and though it is a personal challenge for me to make it a habit, I appreciate it greatly!

Mi Semana


The New Year flew in with Abundance, and I met it with Gratitude. There was Harmony all around me, and I was in the flow of Giving, which brought great Insight!

I have been asked to be the weekly Vocal Lead at the Center for Spiritual Living in Tacoma – a New Thought, Science of the Mind center! The reverend also booked me for several concerts in the city throughout the year. Hello 2018!

For New Year’s Day, I was called upon to lead the kiirtans (spiritual chants) at the Ananda Marga spiritual gathering in Puyallap. At first, I was compelled to decline, as I had too many commitments that weekend, and foresaw myself being exhausted. Well, during the MKE webinar, I received the 3rd text, begging me to come and lead the kiirtans, just as Mark J. was encouraging us to dive into our Personal Pivotal Needs. Mine are Spiritual Growth and Helping Others – how could I not lead the kiirtans for the community?! So I decided that I could catch up on my sleep during the week, and forged ahead.


There at the gathering, I was put in charge of orienting a new visitor to our Dharma Chakra – Wheel of Dharma practice. She was a recovering addict who had dabbled in meditation before, and shared with me that she always felt better when she had a spiritual practice. I closed my eyes, and tuned into the Divine Mind before talking with her. Suddenly, the Words began to flow out of me, as if someone else was speaking for me. I felt an incredible surge of spiritual energy while engaging with this woman. Tears trickled down her face as I spoke, and she apologized for being emotional. I mentally and emotionally held her throughout our Dharma Chakra, which including dancing and singing a spiritual chant for one and a half hours, and doing meditation. I felt a deep connection with her, as if I had known her for several lifetimes, and a sisterhood was planted.

So, I listened to Mark, to the Divine call to follow my Bliss, I’m in the Flow, let my Compass be the Guide.

Blessed New Year, and Sweet Love to you all!


Song of the week:  Harvest for the World, The Isley Brothers

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  1. I am so happy for you, to have this exeperiences at the new year! What a great beginning for you! Yes, you are really in the flow and it can only be better! Thank you so much for sharing! It is inspirational for me to read!

  2. Anjali, I love your blog!! The way in which you tie together our MKE teachings with your life experiences is so fluid and insightful!! ;) I feel I know You more and also how to incorporate the MKL into Life by reading your words. Congrats on all the gigs using your voice to inspire others! What blessings for yourself and everyone else, especially that woman, to have you lead the kirtan!! Happy New Year & Jai ma! <3

    1. Namaskar, Thank you for your comments Arien – I take it you are also a yogini? :)
      I have left some comments on your posts, but don’t see them. Have you checked your dashboard? Thanks again. Jai Baba! ;)

  3. PS: If you folks would like to hear some spiritual music, check my Inspirational Recordings page from time to time. I will be uploading new material regularly.

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