Week 14 – MKE

Rise Above It!


Our assignment for this week was to watch one or more inspirational films from a given list. I had already seen Coco, which wasn’t on the list, and really should have been, so I chose Cool Runnings. My son and his friend had watched this movie several times, and I wanted to understand why it was a favorite of theirs.

The story centers around three Jamaican runners vying for the Olympics, and don’t make it in, due to the mistake of one of the runners. The lead character is determined to get into the Olympics, as his father was a sprinter before him. He comes up with the idea to form a bobsled team when he hears that a friend of his father’s, an Olympic bobsledder believed that sprinters would make the best bobsledders. He seeks out this man, and asks him to coach his team.


Watch these guys move!

The Four Point Formula

Definite Major Purpose:  The DMP in this case was the young man wanting to be in the Olympics, no matter what. He was going to do it via bobsledding, even though he knew nothing about it, and lived on a tropical island!

Plan of Action:  How did they achieve their goal? Training however they could, on the dusty roads of Jamaica, using the 5 Ps – Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance. Raising money, they got to the Olympics. They acquired a training sled, trained in the cold winter of Canada, did it “their way”, and crossed the finish line!

Master Mind Alliances:  They master minded with the coach, their own team members, and the coach’s friends in Canada who helped them along the way.

Positive Mental Attitude:  Several moments stood out to me in this regard.

  • The rich kid (Junior) encourages Yule Brenner to follow his dreams after he is ridiculed by another team member.
  • In one scene, Yule is telling Junior to toughen up by using the “man in the mirror”, and this affirmation:  “Take a deep look inside. What do you see? Pride, power, a bad ass mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody. What do you see?” He makes him say it over and over again, and Junior gains strength from it.
  • The coach tells them at one point “If you are not enough with winning the gold, you won’t be enough not winning it. Be who you are. Be enough now.”
  • They call themselves “Cool Runnings” which means “Peace be the Journey”.
  • The team succeeded only when they realized that they had to be their true, authentic selves as Jamaicans.
  • Even though they crashed terribly, and were injured, the team was determined, and  walked across the finish line. Though they didn’t win, they finished.

My takeaway:  It’s not about winning, it’s about being authentic, being enough, being your best and truest self, following your dream and putting everything into it, regardless of the outcome, and holding on with firm determination!



A sweet moment in my week. I spent over 5 hours making different kinds of tamales from scratch for the holiday dinner with the help of my gorgeous and awesome son! I always feel the presence of my mama, my abuelita and my indigenous ancestors in the process of making the sauce, the masa, the filling; and steaming the tamales. The best part is the dark, rich flavor of the sauce and the sweet taste of corn in your mouth.


What did I accomplish off my DMP? I held my goals in my mind. I had two great master minding sessions with my colleagues, and came away with some sweet gems – do my best for me, scale down my goals so that I am able to realistically accomplish them, be grateful for the things I do, and find a photographer to do a “glam shoot” (thanks Bobbi!).

I have been enjoying writing and using the flash cards, bathing in a sea of gratitude and positivity this week, and looking for the Harmony in everything!

Bright Beginnings, and a Very Happy New Year to All!

“Rise Above It!”



12 thoughts on “Week 14 – MKE

  1. Great analogy of a great movie I loved Cool Runnings if that movie doesn’t inspire you then seriously get your pulse checked, Happy New Year to you.

    1. Thank you Gareth! I have some good friends from Jamaica, so it was a little closer to home for me. Happy New Year to you and your family as well!

  2. Supergreat blog Anjali! I loved reading it. You just got it all from the movie, connecting to the MKMMA and connecting to your own journey. Just wonderful!

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