Week 13 – MKE

I Persist Until I Succeed!


What a statement! I have been reading this 3 times a day for almost one month now, and can feel it vibrating in my heart chakra. I persist until I succeed! For me, it is about self-confidence, mastering my emotions, serving and giving to others, breaking through the barriers of my mind, and replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. I persist until I succeed!


This weeks webinar on the MKE was pow-er-ful! We are moving from several weeks of developing our inner selves with some of the most profound, external exercises, to executing the practices in our practical world of business. I especially enjoyed the NARC process of “Gestalting” emotions, and using the Law of Dual Thought:  “We can attach any feeling to a thought we want” in order to trick your mind into doing things that you don’t want to do, such as calling contacts for business. Yes, I am that person. I will do everything throughout the day to feed my endorphins and keep my brain in that happy space. Calling people and saying, “Oh, I am so and so, the great singer, and you need me for your next occasion!” is painful and humiliating for me. So, Mark has just given us a beautiful tool called NARC – Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning, a “Gestalt therapy” hack, if you will.  Exaggerate and amplify your negative feelings, dramatize them by throwing away your written life dreams before making your calls. Then, make your calls, and reward yourself with a positive image, or a tangible talisman from the past with feeling. Hmm… This lovely photo of my abuelita and I when I was 4 years old is just the right thing!

Angelita y Abuela

My abuelita came from Mexico every year to take care of us. She woke me up early to make tamales with her, forced me (with love) to learn to speak Spanish, and carried me into a wild world of fantasy. Once, my abuelita lit a candle and led me into the closet, where she had brought a special box. Sitting in the glow of the candle, she opened it up and said, “We came from gypsies, and these are the trinkets and scarves that were stolen from the rich!” In the candlelight, I could see the shiny objects and silky scarves. I looked into her fiery brown eyes, and asked, “Really Abuelita?!” “Yes!” she said emphatically, “We lived in a caravan with wagons and horses, stopping on the roadside to make our camp.” The stories would go on and on, and I in my naiveté, would believe every single word!


I adored my abuelita – she could do not wrong. I recently purchased the most wonderful wild rose butter from the Native American longhouse near my home. The sweet scent of roses reminds me of my abuelita’s smell, and that it came from the Native American center is another reminder. Abuelita’s photo and the rose butter are the perfect combinations for my most pleasurable experience!


I had a setback this week, where I could not rein in my emotions during a very strong reaction to someone’s words and a negative image that enveloped my mind. I really beat myself up for that, as I thought I had gone beyond that. But the jewel that came out of it was that I was able to pull myself back in after several minutes, and working hard to pulling all of the tricks out of my hat. I apologized, and asked for forgiveness. It scared me to see my mind and body take over. But, what a win that I was able to take back control after such a short time. Yes. That was a win for me, not to hold the negativity and allow it to color my mind for more than a few minutes. I persist, and I succeed!

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