Week 7 – MKE


Namaskar, I greet the divinity within you.

What do I gleam from this week’s lessons? “Seeing love”, and “being love” is still living inside of me. Shifting fear, transforming it into power. “Concentrate on the things that you want, not on the things you do not want.” Bringing love to chaos in the most difficult situations. Listening, and not giving opinions. Work the methods chica!


Something new? Creating the movie poster has enabled me to sharpen my mind, and get clear. What are my goals? Whittle them down.

Spiritual Growth, Red Circle:  finishing strong in the MKE, 2018, kiirtan and meditation 30 minutes per day.

Helping Others, Yellow Square: the most difficult one to pin down in a tangible, measurable way. In my doing kiirtan and meditation daily, I am helping others spiritually, transforming negative energy into positive. And then, this spirit force moves with me throughout the day. Everyone I meet, is consciously being transmitted with love and well-being. I am in the flow! So, a tangible act of helping others? Holding a women’s workshop in 2018.

Health Goals, Green Triangle:  Losing 10 more pounds through Bright Line Eating. I worked hard to lose 60 pounds over 2 years, and would like to finish with 10 more.

Music Career, Blue Rectangle:  Earn $3,000 per month through performances and CD sales. Not a lot, but significant for me. Also, finishing all of the things needed for my website in order to generate more work.


A tender moment this week, where I was able to hold space for a friend who was in their emotions. I did not react, but breathed into my belly, and tried to be present for my friend to go through their feelings. Anger turned to tears, and I thanked my friend for being vulnerable with me. I was able to be the sun shining down, and the reflective moon. And gratitude was expressed for being real with one another. I feel victorious when I can be present, and not react.


And music work? This Monday was one of the best concerts of the year at Rhythm and Rye, Olympia. I was relaxed, confident, and full of joy! I took the stage, and owned it. Fear was not allowed in my space. And the audience responded in kind. They clapped for the song interpretations after I sang (before the instrumental solos.) This was a first for me, and at first, I didn’t “trust” it. “Why are they clapping – is it just out of courtesy? Then, I realized that I was touching them; that my feelings were being transmitted to them, and it felt great! The next day, I felt the power of what had happened that evening. I have re-owned my place in the world as a performer. I had left it behind several years ago to raise my children, and have only been back at it for 2 years. I am self-confident and becoming self-reliant.

Loving this work!


10 thoughts on “Week 7 – MKE

  1. Great blog Anjali!
    Thank you for sharing your observations of your journey with MKE. Fabulous things happens when you give it all, when you do it with all the energy and emotions you have. You are truly on your way!
    I would also like us be friends. I think we have much to talk about.

    1. Thank you Ann. It took two years, and two different programs. I really like the Bright Line Eating program, if you or anyone is interested. It’s based on neuroscience and really works!

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