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Week 5 – MKE


I sang at the Center for Spiritual Living this weekend, and Frances, the practitioner did a presentation on “our greatest fears”. I chose “fear of abandonment” as the prominent fear for me. We did a ritual around it, invoking awareness, love, healing and forgiveness. It helped me to become aware of the dominant fear in my life, and to be present when it shows up, cause it’s going to show up – this, I have not yet mastered. In the end, we learned that the greatest fear is the fear of abandonment from God. This encouraged me to amp up my spiritual practices, and my connection to the Divine – one of my PPNs.

Working this program, I have found that I am just beginning to assimilate some of the principles, and I am full of wonder and awe! I feel like a baby in the process, and trust that these practices will strengthen me, as I put more of myself into it. Mark’s tool to put “I promise” in front of the one thing you are having the most difficulty with has helped me this week. Success! I am reading GS 3xs per day, and I feel elated! And what’s more, this month I earned double what I usually take in monthly.


This week the Universe challenged me in several relationships with others. Jealousy, jealousy, anger and hurt. I found myself remembering not to react or engage as these individuals were reacting in front of me. I softened, felt and sent love, and became vulnerable in my heart and belly, coming to tears at times. I laughed, and released my own fears through an “offering” ritual. I remembered to think of something beautiful and good about the person I was angry at; and remembered that something good was going to come out of the clash – and it did every time. Thank you Universe for being you!

My comadre and Master Guide Deanna helped me through a rough spot today:  “Don’t live in the fear. Focus on what you desire, and not how it appears.” Then, a few moments of her sweet time on the phone. “Be clear about your intentions and in your communications. Don’t be afraid of the reaction. Work the Color Codes. Keep focused on your DMP manifestation.”


And then, the MKE reading – cause and effect; clash and cohesion; ebb and flow. And then, I remembered that yes, this Universe is an expression of cause and effect, Shiva and Shakti. How did I forget? I wanted everything to be Disnelandia! And then, reading The 7 Laws of the Mind. Work it! Work it! Do it now! Do it now!

Posted on my bathroom mirror:

I promise to devote 10 minutes daily to myself the development of self-confidence.
I promise to cause others to believe in me because I believe in myself.
I am a self-reliant and successful person.
I always keep my promises.  Anjali S.

I needed to write today, as I have been feeling tender and vulnerable for several days. The feelings are still there, and I have been moving through them with grace. I am grateful for this course and how I see my thoughts and actions already shifting.

Working on this beautiful song takes me to the cosmic realm:
Power Flower by Stevie Wonder

Week 4 Master Key Experience – MKE


Be careful what you ask for! Part of my DMP – Determined Master Purpose is to financially sustain myself through music work by October, 2018. This coming week, miraculously I have been booked for 6 performances, with a total of 11 performances for the month. Last year, I was happy to have had one performance a month!

Next week, I will be performing in concert with my old friend, and noted saxophone player, Norbert Stachel, and I will be opening with a set of Mexican music for award winning author and inspirational speaker Reyna Grande, at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts – a prestigious venue! Time to get to get those SMART and OATS working for me!


I appreciate going over Mark’s DMP and card samples in the workbook this week. It helps to see me see the format more clearly. I am also enjoying the new Promises cards, based on Giving and Receiving. Let’s consciously and lovingly work towards giving to others every day – a smile, a gesture, seeing their inner self, and greeting them with divinity!


This week, I have found myself thinking more positively, and projecting some of the jargon onto others – encouraging others to keep their promises with me. They might think I’m a little more crazy than usual. I am also hyper aware about starting and ending my emails with full intention of positive greetings and sign offs. This, I had been doing for years, based on my yogic teachings. Our guru encouraged us to start a greeting with “I hope this finds you well by His grace”.  And, “Please give my sweet love to baby Johnny”,  And ending with,  “In His love”, or “Sisterly yours in Him”. Using these words gives me pause to the content of my communication, makes me slow down and really “think” about what I am sending out.


“I can be what I will to be”. This is parallel to using my ista mantra – a personal mantra that is given to an individual based on their unique essence, which can be interpreted as ‘merging into the Supreme Consciousness’. In other words, uniting our small “I” with the greater “I”. I use this mantra frequently to remind me that the little “I” is not in charge.

The teachings from the MKE are familiar to me. I have assimilated them over 25 years, but reading them through the new text is exciting, deepening and affirming. I only hope to teach everyone to joyfully sing and dance the transformative, universal mantra Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan when we meet together in Kawaii!

Sisterly yours in Him <3

Week 3 Master Key Experience – MKE

Week 3, Master Key Experience – MKE

I find myself getting up earlier each day, with more energy and focus. I plan my day efficiently and feel inspired getting my “To Do” list done. I have dedicated 1/2 hour in the morning to a spiritual practice of singing and dancing kiirtan, and sitting for meditation. This sets a calm and even tone for the day, and I am grateful for these ancient lessons, along with the MKE readings. I am enjoying the Master Key reading this week – tapping into our Solar Plexus and letting our light shine!


I have been observing the Jewish Holidays at the local synagogue this year, for the first time – Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot, and it feels great! The rabbi helps us connect to our spiritual core through songs, stories, and scripture. There is always food and conversation at the end. I am finding my community.


Last week, I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was one of the places on my bucket list, and I was determined to see it. I felt at home there among the Native American and Mexican residents; the adobes, the purple mountains, and desert brush. A few mystical things happened to me while there, where Spirit lined up with my subconscious intentions. I enjoyed connecting with the Spanish speaking waiters and waitresses, and made sure to shine my light on them!


Yesterday, I attended the local Indigenous People’s Day event, which had a focus on women. One Native sister’s talk hit home. She is clean and sober, and looks to the light, facing her days with humor and joy.  I befriended her, and intend to work with her, serving the Native American community. I also bought a gorgeous turquoise and red coral necklace at the market. I had wanted a long piece with those colors, and there it was! The woman who was selling it was the daughter of a famous Native American activist – Janet McCloud. All of these things in alignment seem to be happening at a greater speed than before. I am grateful for these experiences.

I am staying open to ways of doing service every day.

Week 2 Master Key Experience – MKE

Hola Mi Gente!

I hope all are doing well.

I had a very rough weekend keeping up, and did my best. I was bringing some sunshine to my terminally ill sister in Texas, and took a wonderful road trip to Santa Fe. I finally got through the webcast yesterday, and got back on track.

The Law of Attraction – as you think, so you become. I had been exposed to this idea for many years, from my mother who was a transpersonal and gestalt therapist, to my spiritual guru, who had given many great tools to help manifest the connection to the Cosmic Mind.  This week, I’m digging deeper into the science and the functions of the subconscious and conscious mind. Reading The Master Key is helping to put together things that I had only understood before on the surface. The reading assignments in this program are challenging me to balance my meditation with practical thought.

As per my PPN – Spiritual Growth and Helping Others – that has been my focus for over 20 years. I thought I might get a break, but the Supreme Mind knows what it wants from me. This week, I continue reflecting and celebrating the Jewish High Holidays. I look forward to the remembering and serving the ancestors, as we approach el Dia de Los Muertos.

As the leaves are falling, and the weather changes, I feel as though I am shedding old patterns, leaves that no longer serve me. Saying my DMP daily is a wonderful reminder, and helps to keep my goals on the surface of my Conscious Mind. Come on Subby, time for a change!