Monthly Archives: September 2017

Week 1 Master Key Experience – MKE


Came down with a cold over the weekend, and heading out to Texas to be with my sister (who is in hospice) for one week. On top of that, I’m learning and preparing charts for new songs for an upcoming show – what a crazy way to start! Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I know that I can do this!


Yes! I am keeping on schedule with most of the work daily. I’m finding that it enhances the spiritual practices I had already put into place the last 2o years. I had one very emotional evening, and still said The Scroll out loud, amidst tears.

I have been working on my DMP, and I’m looking forward to the process of revision – re vision, so that I can become clearer and focused on my personal goals and how to execute them. Feeling huge gratitude and connection to the larger community. <3