Week 3 – Writing my DMP

Ladies and Gentlemen you are about to witness someone who is not used to open up… open up.

Two years ago I was a totally different person.

I grew a lot, like so much only one person I know believes me when I say who I was.

But maybe if it is written ad without me face to face with you, without this emotional connection, maybe this time, I will be believed.

Ok, deep breath.


I was 20 years old, insecure like crazy, I would walk into a room and feel judged, I was feeling anxious, stressed. My default mode was: “Do they like me?”

I was in BIG demand of acceptation.

And the stress… it was KILLING ME! I just felt weird all the time.

To protect myself, I would look arrogant, cold.

I would work out like crazy thinking it would help me get girls – probably my number one focus at that time in front of football. I was taking care of the outside to be noticed by them but was in need of approval so anxious. Funny when I think back about it.

So I would go out every week-end and get really, really, really, really (really) drunk. How else would I approach girls?

Everything I was doing was out of desperation and not from inspiration.

I wanted so bad to be part of the cool kids, with lots of friends, to be the guy who knows the barman and high five him, hang around people I look up to.

Don’t get me wrong I had amazing friends, I just wanted MORE like them around me. I could count my number of friends on my fingers and I personally desired more.

I wanted respect, love, happiness, crazy adventures, fun.

Poor little frustrated kid.

My default was negative feelings. Feeling unworthy, not enough, not capable of.

I wanted it ALL!

Wealth, Relationships and travels! Recognition, fame, power, pride, impacting others. I wanted to feel all that. Even unconsciously it was there. I just didn’t know what to look for.

I was Stuck.

Until one day, I got my chance.

I recognised it, I was waiting for it, I just didn’t know I was waiting for it.

A guy named Feta introduced me to a Home Based Business and I said yes.

Look he got me on the “making money” stuff. None of us knew at that time that it was a personal development course disguised as a business.

In Truth, looking back at the past 2 years, what I really got out of it was what I can call a Rebirth.

“Who looks outside Dreams. Who looks Inside, Awakens” – Carl Gustav Jung

Among other things, I got introduced to 2 men who would have a big impact on my life: Jim Rohn and another one we will call Schwarzeneger B.

The first one has this magic video where he talks about Dreams and goals. It made me dream, think, filled up my head with images of a new me, a new life, new possibilities.

The second one was Mr. Schwarzi B. who simply told me that he was reading his goals morning and night out loud to stay focused.

Actually a third man changed my life: Me.

I took a pen and paper and while listening to uncle Jim I started writing about dream places to travel to, incredible people I would meet, describe an incredible wealth, new skills and achievements that seemed impossible. I ACTED ON IT unlike hundreds around me.

But I Believed.

It was a NEW LIFE.


And it all started with me, A BETTER ME.

I had a new fire in my belly. A new sense of urgency. I was feeling focused, determined, I was more present than ever. I started to hear things differently, philosophies and “motivation talks” became more real.

The way I talked, walked and felt changed. I was feeling INCREDIBLE!

Light and fired up in the same time.

I became obsessed with growing.

I stopped caring about wht others thought of me.

I was feeling bold and taking bold actions.


I am going to the top of my own mountain.

I felt like I knew where I was going.

I felt confident. I was no longer trapped in a life I didn’t chose. I just got given the dignity of choice that we all have but we all forgot until we find it Inside. I was not anymore an actor of my life. I was the observer, the writer. I get to decide the end. ME.

Not my parents, not my teachers, not my boss, not my friends, not my loved one, not even my cats!

I suddenly became FREE.

I am  self-responsible for everything that happens to me, good or bad. I was reading morning and night and I would go around telling people to do it for a week and they would feel amazing!

Then I lost it.

I started to write it down everyday instead of saying it out loud.

And I lost it.

I started going on and off the habit. I started forgetting what brought me to that state and even forget the state itself.

I lost myself.

Until recently.

The Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience got me refocused on what matters, the Inside.

They asked me to write my Definite Major Purpose or DMP.

I heard: “Write your entire life in Under 400 words” I kind of panicked.  “And this time add Sacrifices, feelings and smart goals to the mix.”

WOOOW! I am already doing it in English (I am French) AND I am 22, it’s a bit overwhelming.

But you know what? I realise only now at the end of my 3rd week how much I lost myself.

How much I miss this feeling like crazy. How far I drifted away. And then I would let go, relax, close my eyes… and SEE IT!

I would open my eyes and WRITE IT!

I would read it aloud and FEEL IT!

The fire.

It was very small, but I felt it. It is here in me. I just need to let it out.

I will let it out. I am close I feel it.

I am starting to rememebr all those questions I got asked, all those pièces of this giant puzzle that is the life I chose for myself. 2 years falling into place. I answered all those questions, i just need to pick the answers and put them together in the right way, they will fit, like any puzzle.

I wanted to share this moment just before it happened, because I feel it pivotal, because it can inspire you.

Because I have tried dozens of time to pay it forward in the past and show you, influence you, enroll YOU into your NEW YOU.

The one you CHOSE to be.


In a World of conformity, Happiness comes from making your own trail in the sand.

And maybe, just maybe, Something I wrote will hit you.

I sincerely wish that You will be the one taking a pen and paper and start writing like I did 2 years ago.

I am about to press the button publish, I am a little bit anxious to be honest.

Maybe I got too personal, or shared too much or you won’t relate. Or worse: maybe it won’t be different, Nothing will change for YOU?

Well, in Truth.

it doesn’t matter, because leaving a LEGACY starts with little acts of courage, a little jump into the unknown, with faith.


Alexandre Tournon



Week 2 – Blue Rectangles everywhere

If you get the Inside right, the outside will fall into place. Primary reality is within; secondary reality is without.

7 option, 2 choices. Tough.

I am not sure what to pick, they all sound great. It feels like a lifetime engagement, like Something that will determine my whole future. like when you apply for University/College you know? You feel like you will never have enough informations but the decision is going to weight a lot in the balance.


Creative expression? Absolute Health? Legacy? Liberty? Spirituality?

Mark came to my rescue: “Pick two and don’t worry, by reaching them, you will automatically reach the others”

“ok, relax! Close your eyes, and empty your head, let your instinct guide you, 3, 2, 1 and PICK TWO NOW!!! DO IT!!”

I picked Liberty and Legacy. I put them as instructed on the card with a blue rectangle and a chore. And this is where it gets fun:

” You are going to spend the whole week looking for blue rectangles” What?? For real?? ok…

“It will help you stay present and you will automatically rewrite your subconscious toward the attainement of your DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE” Deep.

It is partly about the Power of Now, got it!

The past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fullfillement in whatever form. Both are illusions.


So here I am walking in the Streets looking for Blue rectangles like a maniac. Picture this I am walking and instead of looking straight forward I am scanning the place.

Guess what: There is an awful lot of blue rectangles everywhere. I realised that they were always there all around us but nobody pays attention to them. They are watching us… no I’m kidding.

But this exercise compounded for 6 months and upgraded has so much potential, I can already see myself loking for different shapes that would directly influence me to set new habits EFFORTLESSLY.

Anyway, on Saturday we got a speed reading class. I loved the idea, I read hundreds of books since my seven. And a LOT of business and personal development the past 23 months.

I even followed Tim Ferriss instructions to increase my speed, I give you the link here:

Under Jana Martinez leadership and teaching in 3h of spirituality and techniques, I doubled my speed during the class.

I got mind blown.

You see most of us read at the speed they talk at. BUT what if you were reading at the speed of thoughts? The limits are BLOWN! And I am not even CLOSE to mastery and reading has become a formality now.

This realisation is INSANE! I feel like I have a new superpower. My list of 260+ books to read is doable big time.

It reminds me that things will line up, always. I had no idea how to read all that during my lifetime, it lined up. The Human Being is LIMITLESS. I deeply believe it.

We are.


Alexandre Tournon


Week 1 – Weak one

The webinar ended.

Oh my…  I am really sick…

I suffer from modern ADD: I left my phone next to me and it was NOT on silent, the result?

If I were to be asked what was shared with us I wouldn’t have many answers. I was definitely not consciously present.

Which is sad, the Master Key experience is going to change my life. I now it, I feel it, it was sent my way.

I got seduced by Mark’s words. I have been a junkie for 20 months now. Seeing MAJOR progress in my life.

BUT I am still excited. Because my mind is weak and the daily exercise I comitted to do are going to change my life. This is why I started this blog.

Tip number one: Put your phone 3 meters away from yourself on silent.

ok, I just checked my phone now… for real… my mind is so weak! I can’t focus for more than a few seconds at a time except for reading.

SO! My guide just contacted me, yes we have a guide. They show us the road and make sure we walk the path we set for ourselves.

The Master Key is all about change from within by connecting to your purpose. To re-write your inner script.

It is about the subconscious mind. oh-ooooh!

This mysterious source that never sleeps and make you act in ways you do not comprehend.

The Masterkeys built to make you build your subconscious blueprint DAILY. We are talking about ACTION here! Walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

Perfect! I am a knowledge junkie who definitely learned more than he did. If I could take my actions up one inch! And be consistent, yes consistent, I have to. I am a pro at massive action lasting less than a month, terrible.

But this is already changing, 4 days on a crazy trip in Croatia and this is already changing!

I love it! Isn’t that exciting?

Your entire World without transformed through the World within. Living a life of purpose on purpose. Having your energy up, jumping off bed excited, loving modays as much as the other days.

The World within is the practical World in which the men and women of power generate hope, courage, enthusiasm, confidence, trust and faith, by which they are given the fine intelligence to see the vision and the practical skill to make the vision real.

Getting rid of people’s judgement, anxiety, stress, the need to comform and blend in. What if all that was possible?

Have you ever thought about what would make you weirdly Happy all the time?

Look I just got a pay it forward scholarship paid by a stranger, that allowed me to get a 2 to 3000$ website, a team dedicated to help me, weekly classes, weekly assignements for 1$, it takes serious open-mindedness to hop on this Journey.


Today my old skin has become as dust. I will walk tall among men and they will know me not, for today I am a new man with a new life.

I heard we will even have speed-reading classes.

The only thing is: it is WORK! I read a lot everyday at fixed time, sometime out loud, have to start twitter, a blog, write my Definite Major Purpose etc etc… a LOT OF WORK

But look there is one thing you need to KNOW, I am grateful to myself first.

For being open-minded, yes just for that.

Because I followed the 3 videos till the end, followed the application process not thinking: what if it was a scam?

But what if it was the greatest growth opportunty of my life so far?

Stay open-minded people to try new things and seriously listen before taking a decision. Do NOT predjudge.

Look I found a way to give 7 nights 8 days travel vouchers for free. And I know some people won’t participate in the draw thinking that it is a scam.


This World is upside down.


Talk to you next week, thanks for reading through, I promise to work on my writing, my second post will be better than my first.


I appreciate you for reading it my friend, connect with me directly, I want to hear YOUR story :)