Week 15: Subby Keeps First Things First

In week 15 we meet Alan looking for Subby, he wants to discuss the lessons of week 15 and the effect it may have had on him.

Alan: Subby…. Subby…. Subby

No reply. He tiptoes ever so gingerly, looking front and back, side to side…. he feels that Subby might be hiding from him to scare him. He peeks into Subby’s room and finds him kneeling, hands clasped together and elbows resting on the edge of his bed….

Alan: Subby! I’ve been calling you, didn’t you hear me?

Subby: Yes but, I was deep in thought keeping first things first by preparing to have a chat with the Source of All Good. So, if you don’t mind could you hold on for just a while?

Alan: OK

Subby: Dear God, so far today, I’ve done all right.
I haven’t gossiped, and I haven’t lost my temper.
I haven’t been grumpy, nasty or selfish,
and I’m really glad of that!
But I just got out of bed
and in a few minutes, God, for the rest of the day,
I’m going to need a lot of help
and Dear Lord could you do it now
Because Alan is already here.
Thank you!…

Subby: And for all my fans out there here’s a ‘lil’ something for you…

Good Feelings

Week 9: A Master Grandmother’s Mind

Thanksgiving was special this year. The evening was warm as it always is here in Trinidad & Tobago, there was a soft glow in the evening’s sky and the Gods of traffic was even kind to the thousands of commuters.

A tremendous aroma of all the foods prepared filled the air and my taste buds began salivating in anticipation for the big meal but automatically employed the law substitution and switched thoughts because I knew that there was a certain amount of socializing to get through before we actually sat for the meal.

T’was around 8.25pm when we eventually got to the table, our three MKMMA mastermind friends (Lisa, Amy & Helen) Subby and I. I was eager to get into the turkey and so was my stomach, which it was sending rude signals to Subby but Subby paid no attention to the signals.

Subby was bent on reading an excerpt from a short story he came across because he felt that Lisa, Amy & Helen may be able to associate some of the messages in the story with the MKMMA course. So here he was spoon knocking ever so gingerly on his glass to draw attention…

Subby: Ah-hem, I know that we should have started dinner earlier but I’m asking for a few more minutes for me to read you an excerpt from a short story which I know will make dinner better, it’s called Remembering Thanksgiving and its author is unknown.

Subby begins to read… Subby5 “My paternal grandmother lived with us. She would sit in the porch swing and I would stand behind her and brush her beautiful long gray hair. As I brushed her hair she would tell me her two favorite stories from the Bible. As I child, I surmised that they were just good stories but now as a mother and grandmother I realize she had an ulterior motive – she was teaching me a most valuable lesson – a lesson about kindness and thankfulness.”

“She often added to the story of the Good Samaritan, “You never pass someone in need even if their skin is not the color of yours.” And, “You should never pick and choose who you will be kind to, you just be kind,” she would recount over and over.”

“This same instruction came with Manners and Etiquette. “Know what to do so do it now. If you do the same right thing often enough it will become second nature to you.” “That way,” she would instruct, “You will always know what to do and feel confident doing it.””

“Sounded complicated as a child but as I grew older I realized what I did automatically, others my age struggled with.”

“This tutoring soon gave me the understanding that the Kindness lessons and the Manners lessons were synonymous. They both really were practicing the Golden Rule. Which is simply put, “Treat others, as you want to be treated and never forget any kindness extended to you.””

“I also learned as a child growing up that my mother always had a slip of paper fastened to the inside of a cabinet door in the kitchen. It was near the sink where mother was more apt to see it. At the top of the page were written the words, “Lest I forget.” There was never a kindness extended to her or our family that was not found listed on her paper. In November of each year, she would in some way once again let the person or persons involved know how grateful she was for their kindness. Mother often quoted the reminder to us, “Don’t remember the kindness you do for another, but never forget kindness done for you.””

“I am reminded even more of the lessons learned as a child and even some days I find myself missing that spot on grandma’s lap and the peace that came with her loving arms around me.”

“May we each give thanks and remember all kindness given to us.”

Subby: So guys what do you think?

Lisa: That was a great story, wonderful things are happening every day in my life, this is just another one. I’m so very grateful that you read that story.

Helen: Great story, so many of her teachings can be linked to what we are learning in MKMMA. I am grateful to be in the presence of positive life lessons

Subby: Amy what about you?

Amy: I wonder if grandma told those stories with E N T H U S I A S M

Laughter fills the room

Alan: And with that let me say that Subby and I are truly grateful to be part of our MKMMA Mastermind Family, we keep each other on track and go the extra mile to support each other… Thank you and happy thanksgiving… now let’s eat with
E N T H U S I A S M!

Beyond the chomping of food and gulping of drink, not another word was heard.

Week 8: No Pain No Gain

It’s week 8 and we meet Alan sitting still and thinking of how beautiful it is that Subby was learning the art of and forming the habit of giving, loving, serving and praising when suddenly a sound of Subby screaming as though in pain fills the room. He was bent over holding somewhere between his cerebellum and upper spinal chord… tears rolling down his temporal lobe, he was obviously hurting

Me: Subby what’s the matter?

Subby: I feel like my old blueprint just kicked me in the balls

Me: What on earth do you mean?

Subby: Well I was into my second week of my mental diet, having started over so many times despite my best efforts to keep a spotless mind. Today I was doing just great… I was focused, monitoring my thoughts and trying to keep it clean when at around 6.17pm (with just 21,180 sec left for a successful day on the mental diet) wifey….

Me: Wifey?

Subby: Yes YOUR WIFE…. she asked me for help on how to deal with a staff problem at her office

Me: So, what’s wrong with that?

Subby: Well nothing, but while I was helping her it brought back memories of all of the backstabbing and nasty-getting-ahead office politics I experienced in the corporate world and I began to feel bitter… that’s exactly when I felt my old blueprint kicked me in the balls

Me: And did you do anything besides cry like a ‘lil’ baby?

Subby: My first thought was to kick my old blueprint back in the balls but then I remembered my MKMMA programming… so I flipped the switch and entertained a new thought…

Subby: Then I laughed it off and gave my old blueprint some love…

Me: Oh Subby I’m so proud of you…

Subby: So proud of me? I wanted to give him a roundhouse kick him in the balls and follow up with an iron fists punch to his chest…, they don’t call me “Bruise Knee” for nothing you know…

Me: You mean Bruce Lee

Subby: Whatever… you’re such a nitpicker…
The point is, I understand what this training is all about but sometimes I like a good old fight… makes me feel good… I like a good old negative joke sometimes

OW! (I kicked Subby in the balls)

What did you do that for?

Me: Because I didn’t want to hear any more of your old blueprint crap or in the words of the Fabulous Davene “Cut the shit” and keep practicing your mental diet


Week 7: A Different Type of Post

It’s Week 7 and all of the pieces are coming together, the how’s. I know what my why and what is and now the how is revealing itself to me through my participation in the MKMMA Course.

So what’s my why and what’s my what:

I was not comfortable with the direction my life was going. All areas of my life except spiritual life was either stagnated or in decline. Now there might be some people who, aware of my public story, would say that they wish that they were in my shoes.

These are people who knew me in my past life… when I was an executive director of the country’s largest insurance company… when I was earning a decent 6figure income with 6 wks vacation, paid overseas travel, company car and entertainment allowance. Those were great days but for 2 experiences… 1) I did not appreciate that was the true purpose of having money was to grow and multiply it and 2) Life has a way of throwing you a curve ball when you’re not looking out for it.

I had tasted the “good life” and having learned lessons from these two experiences there’s now a fire burning within me to acquire the 13 riches of life effortlessly.

Well, in all honesty, I was at a loss here, I didn’t know what to do. I had been on so many courses dealing with business skills with most if not all of the top trainers in the market and it still wasn’t happening for me. Then I remembered a quotation from Dexter Yager who said that you cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it. That way an ‘ah ha’ moment for me because I realized that I needed a thinking solution or to be specific I needed a course in Transformational Development

My how is a lil more obvious… the MKMMA Course. But why this particular “how”? I thought I had found my “how” when I discovered Mark’s book “Walking Tall” and to be honest, had I not been invited to participate in the MKMMA Course I would still be satisfied that Walking Tall would lead me to the 13 riches of life effortlessly. In fact, for me, it’s the pre-cursor to the MKMMA course.

Anyway this is about the MKMMA course and my interpretation of the course so far (to week 7) is I am constantly bombarding Subby with repetitious thoughts and activities that serves to grow my unlimited potential and realize optimum results in every area of my life. In the process I am teaching Subby to think differently and to see intentions manifested step by step rather than just to see results.

Since I don’t have the luxury of another 64yrs to develop a new blueprint to achieve my objective of acquiring the 13 riches of life effortlessly, I employ as many of the 7 ways of learning and I religiously follow the various exercises of the MKMMA course.

Now sometimes Subby may drift into old patterns but I notice how quickly I am aware of it and I smile and get right back to my new blueprint state of mind.

I make no excuses, take no prisoners and I always pay attention so that I am aware of chances to serve others.

That’s it for now and in the words of the wise one “Peace be the journey”

Week 6: Subby’s Revenge

Subby OK that’s it… I ain’t investing one more second of my time trying to understand what the heck Emerson is saying in his Essay 111 – Compensation

Me: Maybe you should read it over and over and over until you get it

Subby: Yeah? And who’s going to read our DMP, BPB, Chapter 6, Scroll 2, The Guy in the Glass, The service cards, Sit still for 15mins and the other Honor Requirements? Besides if I read the essay 52 times I would just be 52 times more ignorant

Me: Stop being so negative and tell me what you going to do

Subby: Well I read it as requested…… I didn’t get any flow, I didn’t get any rhythm, all I got was confused….
Subby: Alan check Emerson… “Human labor, through all its forms, from the sharpening of a steak to the construction of a city or an epic, is one immense illustration of the perfect compensation of the universe”….
Subby: What the heck is that? What point is he making? Or in the words of the man himself “What was the import of this teaching?”….
Subby: Sounds like jibber-jabber to me… and that was only one example, the essay is loaded with this kind of language

Me: Maybe so, but the Fabulous Davene suggested that you read the essay over and over again and maybe one day you’ll get it… she did, after several readings

Subby: OK OK but let me ask you a question, Alan… Did you read the essay in full?

Me: Ahhh… ummm… welllll….. Look! It’s not about me OK! It’s about you. Anyway here’s what you can do in the meantime…. I would suggest you post questions in the General Discussions area and see if someone can help you understand the message of Essay 111 – Compensation

Subby: You didn’t read the essay, did you? So how in heavens tarnation can you understand what I’m talking about? Boy you’re so lucky I’m not giving any opinions, otherwise…

Me: Otherwise what???

Subby: Otherwise nothing… Let’s just move on…. let’s talk about the movie poster

Me: Why you did one already?

Subby: Sure… check it out

Subby's Movie Poster

Subby’s Movie Poster

Me: Oh my gosh!! Do you realize all you’re wearing is your shades? What’s wrong with you? And as for your poster?… It’s not about you, it’s supposed to be about our smart goals, PPNs, Shapes and Colors

Subby: Well I thought it was about the man in the mirror and the last I was looking, that was me! Besides isn’t this whole course about retraining me?… Changing MY blueprint so that YOU could achieve success… Me thinking positive thoughts, Energising and moving to action my thoughts that you want to manifest, Me expressing gratitude, Me giving love….
Subby: It seems to me it’s all about me

Me: It might seem so but, to achieve our smart goals we have to make the movie board about the things I told you earlier… you know? … The smart goals, PPNs, Shapes and Colors and then we get to kick it up a notch by making the story of our movie board a living force by merging the MKMMA with our life… our home… our family… our kids. How cool is that?

Subby: You know what? You’re right and…

Me: Sorry I didn’t quite hear what you said

Subby: I SAID YOU ARE RIGHT… There I said it and I said it with e n t h u s i a s m. Happy now?

Me: Yep! Now go and put on some clothes and we’ll get going on the movie board project tomorrow, OK?

Subby: No No No. That’s our problem right there… you are always putting off things that you could do immediately for some later date. You’re big fat procrastinator

Me: Hey! Hey! Hey!… No judging anyone, remember?

Subby: I’m sorry… but you’re still a big fat procrastinator Ha Ha Ha….
Subby: Anyway on a serious note, I’m going to put on my Fruit of the Loom boxers and I’ll be back to work with you on the poster. Meanwhile, you repeat 25 times… Do it now!… And I want to hear you, OK?

Me: OK! Do it now Do it now Do it now Do it now…

Subby: I can’t hear you…

Me: Do it now! Do it now! Do it now! Do it now!.

Week 5: Inside The Spotless Mind – Starring Subby……. Oh and Me

In week 5 Subby got excited when he heard that I had to create a mental picture of us being interviewed in the future for our success in network marketing and then write the press release of the actual interview although the events are yet to take place.

And what really excited him was, he got the opportunity to express his new self and tell the story of his journey of how he wills his desires into reality. I have never seen him like this before. He’s been walking around with his frontal lobe all puffed up and wearing a grin so wide, that he could eat a banana sideways, suck a snow cone with 3 flavors of syrup and whistle “I who have nothing” all at the same time… picture that 

Subby: OK so that’s the interview but what are we going to talk about for wk 5 post….

Me: Ahhhh…

Subby: How about what stood out for us in wk 5 & how we felt about it?

Me: Remember no opinions

Subby: I never said anything about giving our opinions, I said to express how we feel and as far as I am concern expressing how you feel is based in reality unlike opinions which expresses a point of view

Me: You think you’re so intelligent eh?

Subby: Hey, what can I say?… My creator, the Source Of All Good gave me “a whole ‘lotta’ brain power” Did you know that I even have brain power coming from my belly?

Me: Not your belly Subby… your solar plexus

Subby: I knew that I was just testing you. Anyway, my takeaway from wk 5 was ‘the 6-second thought’… it was frustrating trying to hold a thought for 6 seconds

Me: How so?

Subby: That darn ram goat

Me: What the heck are you talking about?

Subby: Well I was thinking about sheep jumping over a fence one at a time and around the 5th second a stinky ram goat jumped over and broke my thought pattern

Me: How so?

Subby: Because he stunk so much I forgot what I was doing and blocked my nose

Me: So what did you eventually do?

Subby: Well I decided to bathe the ram goat and I put him in sheep’s clothes… anyway what about you, what stood out for you in wk 5

Me: Well the “Living From Intention, Not Method” and the resulting formula was for me, déjà vu…. Scubby, you remember when we wanted a satellite dish really, really bad? We set a goal and I think we gave ourselves a deadline of 6mths to end on December 31st of the year. Every day we would drive around looking for homes that had a dish installed and we would stare down the dish and say “That dish is mine” remember?

Subby: Yeahhh

Me: And remember how every night before we got to bed we would look at pictures of dishes and imagine them installed in our yard?

Subby: Yeahhh… and remember how we actually got it? We were in Miami casually talking to the mother-in-law about our goal and the time was drawing near but was still short of the money to buy it…

Me: Yeah, and she lent us the money, we bought it the next day and shipped it to Trinidad.

Subby: Yeah, and it got to Trinidad around December 15th. Remember the week that followed? We dug a 5 X 5X 5 ft hole, placed the metal pole to support the dish in the hole then poured hand mixed cement into the hole.

Me: I remember every muscle in my body hurting… not to mention the blisters on my hands

Subby: It was sheer determination and adrenalin got us through. We had to wait 3 days to ensure that the concrete was properly set after which we mounted the dish, This was on Dec 24th…. man the deadline was getting close!

Me: Yeah, and to make thing worse, we couldn’t get the technician to start installing the electronics because of the Christmas holidays. He eventually came on the 30th, connected all the electronics but was getting difficulty aligning the dish to pick up the satellite signal. He was outside adjusting the dish and we were in the TV room to give him feedback and every tweak he made we would shout “NO!”

Subby: I think it was around 11pm he said he’s finished for the night and he would return tomorrow (DEADLINE DAY) to continue. I remember thinking to myself why doesn’t he stay on until we picked up the signal. I’m sure you would have agreed to that, wouldn’t you Alan?

Me: Sure, I just wanted to achieve our goal because the next day was Old Years, there are lots of parties and Trinidadians just love to party. So accepting that he was tired I impressed upon him how important it was for him to show up the next day.

Subby: Yeah, and I remember waiting for him the next day to show up was torture for us. He eventually arrived at 7pm… 7pm???? For the next 3hrs he was tweaking the dish and we were shouting “NO!”

Me: that was disheartening but at around 10.12pm… BAM! Picture followed by a hurried shout Yes! Yes! Yes!… Hold it there!… Don’t move! We were jumping up and down, hands in the air…. The Jeffersons was showing.

So Living with intention works….
Picture-ize: see it in your mind with feeling
Prayer-ize: emotionally hold the thought & offer it up
Actual-ize: move to action, no excuses

Subby: That was great Alan….. By the way, I going to ask Santa for a Holodeck, is that OK with you?

Me: Sure Subby, you’ve been a good boy… go for it.

Week 4: Invasion of the Mind Snatchers

AYS StepupIt’s week 4 and Subby and I have been on good terms recently… well that was until late Thursday afternoon when he dropped a bombshell on me. He said that he wanted to ask me a question. Now it’s not usual for Subby to tell me he wants to ask a question, normally he’ll just go right ahead and ask. So I figured he was up to some mischief.

Subby: Will I get into trouble for something I haven’t done ?

Me: Of course not, why?

Subby: Well because I haven’t done any of my MKMMA homework.

Me: WHATTT!!! WHY???

Scubby: Have you seen the amount of home work I got. I have to Read “Scroll I” 3x/day… Read The Blueprint Builder 1x/day… Oh and don’t forget, out loud with E-N-T-H-U-S-I-A-S-M… Read my DMP 1-2x/day… Read The Master Key – Part Four every day… Then I have to SIT for 15 minutes or more, completely still, every day…

Subby: Do you have any idea how difficult it is to sit for 15 minutes, completely still? That’s when a hair in your nostrils wants to tickle you or an eyelash accidentally gets caught in your eye or an itch in the middle of your back decide to test your patience… it ain’t easy you know… And I ain’t done reading yet, I still have to read BOTH sides of my SERVICE Card 3x daily and BOTH sides of my Giving and Receiving Card daily and finally I have to read the Master Keys Forward

Subby: That’s a lot of reading you know and what’s worse… with these Asian eyes you gave me I can only read one line at a time… a serious disadvantage that I’m saddled with. Besides, you told me that Mark said that we’ll just have to do a little reading.

Me: Sounds to me like you’re only making excuses for the real reason why you didn’t do your homework… so what is it? Come on Spill it!

Subby: If I told you, you are not going to believe me.

Me: Hey, we have been together for our whole life, through thick and thin, have I ever doubted you before?

Subby: Well remember the time….

Me: Oh stop it… just tell the real reason why you didn’t do your homework.

Subby: Well 4 little green men held me hostage over the last 4 days…

Me: Stupes [also known as sucking-teeth, a gesture used in West Indies, signaling frustration, disappointment, annoyance, irritation etc.]

Subby: I knew you wouldn’t believe me

Me: OK I’m sorry, please continue

Subby: As I was saying, 4 little green men held me hostage over the last 4 days. They called themselves the Mind Snatchers. There was Fear, this guy could frighten his own shadow and Doubt, he’s really frustrating to be around. He said he wasn’t sure that man really walked on the moon. Then there was Bad habits his DMP is to stick with you at all costs and never let go and the fourth little green man was called Procrastination, he’s related to Fear and left up to him nothing gets done. I remember asking him what time it was and he told me he had no time, he was busy.

These Mind Snatchers are out to get you. The sole reason for their existence is to ensure that people like me remain average so that we never amount to anything significant in life and never accomplish our dreams. Alan these are some really nasty dudes Little Green Menand trust me you don’t any part of them.

Me: So what did you do to finally get rid of them?

Subby: Well every day over the last 4 days I sat still for 15 to 20 minutes then I read my DMP and my Blueprint Builder out loud over and over again until I could no longer hear what they were saying. I think they got frustrated that they were not getting through to me and left.

Me: That’s great! Do you realize that what you did was part of the homework that Mark gave us?

Subby: Hey you’re right, I didn’t think of it… but what are we going to do about the homework items I didn’t do?

Me: We have 2 days left in week 4 to get the rest of the work done so bring those “Asian” eyes of yours and a match stick to prop them open for wider vision… we have a lot of reading to do.


As you know last week Subby and I ‘had a little conversation’ [Remember Subby can’t argue – see pg 18 Point No 4 of Part 3 MKMMA Handout] about preparing him for making some changes within and although it went well he said he didn’t know that he would have to do exercises cause “he’s not into any kind of aerobics or whatever those fitness people do.”

Subby: Nobody told me anything about doing exercises

Me: Well if you weren’t blabbing about the course only costing one dollar maybe you would have heard Mark talk about it during the launch videos

Subby: He did?

Me: Yeah… several times. He said we would have to do a little reading, writing and shouting out stuff like passionate people do

Subby: Won’t the neighbours think I’m crazy?

Me: Who cares?

Subby: Well at least I don’t have to touch my toes or jog around the block or any of those strenuous exercises…. I’m all in… Let’s get on with it!

As Subby was in such a good mood I decided to take the opportunity to turn up the heat on him, so for the last 7 days, I’ve been repeatedly soaking Subby with a verbal barrage of positive thoughts, gratitude, useful ideas, kindness and love.

I am encouraged to see that he’s beginning to enjoy every moment especially when I charge them with feeling and say them out loud with enthusiasm. It’s like he gets into a space where although I can’t reach him I know from the majestic look on his face he’s creating his highest vibrations of joy and awakening the magnificence and abundance within his environment.

I have never seen Subby like this before and I can’t put my finger on it yet, but I know something great is happening to Subby.

And as the polar cap of negative thoughts melt away and slide into the river of old bad habits Subby and I are thankful to have gained renewed strength and courage to fight on because we still have the last of Subby’s adversaries to deal with…. Fear.

And he is the most nefarious of them all, but you know what? Subby and I aren’t worried at all because we have faith in the process and we know that by diligently following the MKMMA course material fear ‘aint’ stand a chance.

Yes folks…. climate change is real… it’s happening in the “now”… Anger, impatience, negative thought patterns, poor mental habits, insecurity and limiting beliefs are all melting away from Subby’s environment. And now that Subby sees for himself that the MKMMA experience is working he wants to jump ahead of the class to learn how he can wiggle his nose and manifest stuff.

PS: Next post I’ll tell you about an idea Subby and I were discussing…. you don’t want to miss it. So look out for it.

WK 2 – Draining The Swamp

Well I survived week 1 and now scampering to complete all my reading assignments

Anyway I decided to have a chat with scubby to find out whether he is going to make it tough for me to change my blueprint or whether he’s going to co-operate with me and do his best for a win win solution

He seemed agreeable and wanted to know “what’s the plan”

I said first we gotta change the way I think [someone once told me that you can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it] and to do that I’ll have to determine my definite major purpose

“What the heck is a definite major purpose?” Scubby asked

A Definite Major Purpose (DMP) is the starting point of all achievement. All individual achievement begins with the adoption of a definite major purpose and a specific plan for its attainment. It’s like knowing precisely what you want, how you would feel getting it, how you are going to achieve it and committing yourself 100% to the process.

Scubby: “seems like a lot of work to me”

“Don’t worry” I said “we have 4 billion workers to help us”

Scubby: “That’s great but who are these 4 billion workers and you did say they’ll help us… so we don’t have to pay them.. right?”

Me: “here’s the short story Scubby, they are Synaptic connections and you are correct, we don’t have to pay them. They will work for free anytime we want them

Scubby: “Great! So what’s the nest step?”

“Well after I’m done writing out my DMP, we have to charge it with feelings of joy and satisfaction” I said

Scubby: “That’s your job. I don’t even know the difference between what’s real and what’s not real, so you handle the ‘feelings thing’ and I’ll just respond when you prompt me… OK?”

Me: “OK. Now the third step is the toughest because we have to truly believe that we will accomplish my DMP and to do that we’ll have to drain the swamp of all the swamp things that you have been giving room and board to. You know who swamp things are right?”

Scubby: “Yeah Yeah”. “Fear, Doubt, Procrastination, bad habits, negative thoughts, negative self-talk… you want me to continue or are you satisfied that I know who the swamp things are?”

Me: “Yup! These swamp things aren’t going to give up without a fight so I’ll have to place you in a new environment and bombard you with a verbal barrage of gratitude everyday and cultivate a magnificent setting that continually invites positive thoughts, helpful ideas, kindness and love. This will drain the swamp and create new beliefs that will manifest my DMP.”

Me: “There may be times when the swamp things will try to regain control of you and whenever one of them like fear, doubt or whichever one try to slip into you I use a pattern interrupt to drive them away. I say “OVERRIDE” and get you back on track.”

Scrubby: “Wow! It sounds to me like I’m getting a makeover” Am I going to feel better than before

Me: Yup! You’ll be Scubby 2.0 and I?…. Well, I still have one more step to perform. I now have to match your new thoughts with action and I will have accomplished my DMP and most importantly I will have access to life’s riches.

Since Scubby drained his swamp he no longer hangs out with his old crowd, he said that he is on a different wavelength to them, he said that they don’t contribute to his overall well being and all they do is talk other people’s business.

And me?….. Well I can be heard in the distance shouting “OVERRIDE:!