Week23 – That which I Focus on, GROWS!!!

Last week’s Emerson focus was on Pleasing Personality…  I thought it quite fitting to start the week with “the Law of Least Effort”.  As the week progressed and I read daily about Acceptance, Responsibility and Defenselessness, it became clear that this new tool was assisting me in being and doing.  It helped me to let go of the need to explain myself, it helped me to accept my life as it is, it helped me to take responsibility for my actions and thoughts…

In the midst of my discerning, seeking, day to day agenda, I decided to attempt the days of silence.  I set aside last Tuesday through Friday to listen.  What unfolded was quite interesting to me.  During the fast, the shared meals had become a source of struggle.  The conversation seemed limited.  However, as soon as I entered a mode of silence, the quality and depth of conversation grew tenfold.  No longer was I fishing to find topics to discuss.  They seem to unfold organically.  To point that I thought it an extremely good reason to break the silence, at meals, in order to facilitate learning and sharing from a profound level of thought.  The enriching experience created an open friendly atmosphere.  The rest of the days were filled with reading and meditating.  It has helped me tap into my inner core.  I was able to manifest a tapping session which alleviated some trapped negative energy that was bursting to be released.  At the end of the silence period I realize my need to be on social media has decreased, my need to be constantly in touch with individuals is much less.  I want to focus on the action items that bring me closer to realizing my goals.

I have much to accomplish and I have the potential…  Just to concentrate on aligning with the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, I am set!!!

Week22A – Maintaining Self Control

As I continue my fasting this week, it seemed very fitting to be focused on self control.  Very quickly I realized that not only do we require self-control by abstaining from food and drink, but when it is time to break the fast and eat, one must be cognizant of the body, in that it can no longer consume great quantities.  Over-indulging on either the beginning or the ending will manifest some discomfort within, hence there is need for self-control.

There is a saying, ‘too much of a good thing is not good’…  In the same way the body requires balance so do we in every scenario.  I find myself very reflective, to the point where I felt overly self absorbed.  Guess where that landed me?  Oh yes, depression…  My thoughts were dictating my action.  After reading Og that night, I was reminded that my strength comes through allowing my actions to lead my thoughts.  After the read I quickly drifted off to sleep enthusiastic about the next day.  I am so grateful for the tools gained through this course, for I have a better skillset to navigate this meandering walk of life.

Everyday I am faced with birth and death.  This brings another perspective of an ever changing world.  My goals are the same, my outward thinking is relatively the same, however, the ability to transcend the changes which are  taking place outwardly without loosing focus is another skill that I am grateful for learning or at least developing.  Being confident that my outer world is a reflection of my inner world.

The trend seems to be one of realizing those gems as we face head-on the thrills of life.  I haven’t found a big AHA moment but little ahaaaas continuously confirm my path.  I keep looking for the moment, the right time, the right job, the right partner, the right school, the right song, the right weight.  The AHA though is in realizing that out of all the choices in the universe there are a few within my reach.  This is my path…  Pick one…  Do it Now and keeping moving on.

The indecisiveness steps in when I don’t Do it Now…  Do what, one may ask???  But there is always something to do, even when you feel there is nothing.  I equate this to looking in the fridge for something to eat.  There is always something however we may not feel for that which is present, in that moment.  Isn’t that now choosing to control my emotions?  For sure we live in a world where I can easily go to the store or dial for delivery service however, what treasures might I be missing out on by not being creative with that which is readily available…

This thought rolls over into my choices for the week…  What am I choosing to ignore and looking outwardly for some fresh new start when I have all the pieces in my immediate vicinity…  What am I pretending not to know???

I always keep my promises!!!



Week22 – Everything with Enthusiasm!

Growing up I walk into a room and expected it to be great or dull…  Fast forward many years and I know I bring enthusiasm in with me.  Why should I depend on others to make me happy.  It just doesn’t exist.  When I embrace my life with enthusiasm and give it all I’ve got, everything I need shows up.

I found myself making wiser choices this week.  As I continue to focus on my goals and stay in tuned with Universal strength and power, I am realizing my purpose…  I love everyone and everything they can do for me.  Also, I love myself and enjoy everything I can  do for everyone.  The reciprocity that exist is mind blowing.  Living each day as if it is my last helps my thoughts focus more on the good that I can do today…

My return to Calgary was heart warming, in the -22 degC weather…  First my friends awoke at midnight to give me a ride to their home.  After a short sleep I awoke to an early breakfast with friends.  This was quickly followed by the task of digging my car out of the snow and getting a jump start from 2-random drivers passing by.  All in all, I received help from seven friends to whom I am forever grateful.

Earlier in the week marked the 4-day celebration of the Ayyami’Ha…  These are the InterCalary days prior to the yearly fast where individuals focus on acts of hospitality, charity and giving presents.  My concern at the beginning of the week was, how am I going to accomplish any of these task?

Sure enough by the end of the thought two family members, unknown to me, called to say they were stranded in the airport.  Joyfully I made preparations for their arrival and grabbed the key for the car.  Off to the airport we went, in search of two elderly women stranded for more than 24-hrs.

At first they were hesitant as to who is this stranger.  Before long I warmed their hearts and theirs mine.  It was a joy to help them settle in and provide for their needs over the next couple days.  On day four, I dropped them to the airport to board their flight successfully.  In the moment I gave no thought to the visit however, upon reflecting, this is exactly what I asked for in my thoughts.

It is real, when my thoughts align with that of the Universe, all is well with my soul!

I always keep my promises!!!


Week21 – Success leaves clues

As I continue along my life’s journey, I’m beginning to gets some “Aha moments”…  I love the Marvels movies and it brings me great delight to watch the superheroes in action.  This week I had the pleasure of seeing the latest release.  And there is was, BAM!!!  The hesitation, the questioning of worthiness, the death to self and of course the Rebirth…  Just in case I missed it, it occurred three times in the movies.  I felt it and I said “YES, I get it!!!”  It was also evident that he had a mastermind team and when the chips were down, his family and friends stuck by his side

So now what?  DO IT NOW!!!

I’ve changed my sit times and position.  I’ve started waking up 2-hrs earlier in the morning, to get my prayer, my jog and my MKE exercises done before getting into the day.  I no longer feel like I’m trying to catch up…  I feel in control, empowered and ready to achieve!  I plan my day and eliminate the distractions that no longer serve me.  There is a time and place for everything and I believe once I continue to develop my consciousness of the Universal I am living each moment, as it is intended for me.

Continuing my thought concept of continuous time, it has allowed my action energy to step in and “Do it now”…  How so, you may ask?  In the moment, I can remember my past choices, think about the person I intend to become, then think, what should I do NOW…  It works…  When the alarm clock goes off, I’m already up…  The next step is to Move.

There are many on this journey with me and I am grateful for the help, the clues, the encouragement, the empowerment that they continue to lovingly share with me.  I love my LIFE and enjoy every moment of it!

I always keep my promises


Week20 – Imagination makes it Happen!

We’ve been reflecting, sitting and visualizing…  I have hit a block…  While I have clearly written down my definite major purpose and I continue to focus on it at least three times per day, I am experiencing a block with imagining me as the woman I intend to be.  The feelings of fear, guilt, unworthiness, hurt and anger are ever present.  Today can be the last day of my life, what have I achieved?  How can I use these energies to persist until I succeed?

One major breakthrough I received while talking with my guide, ‘in the past I have trained myself not to imagine anything I assumed I could not get’…  Just another way that I have been playing it safe and living within my comfort zone.

No more waiting or hiding or conforming…  The time is now!  DO it NOW!!!  Today I schedule time to imagine everything that I want, no matter how small or how large, once I conceive it, it is.  The creative power within me is truly capable of that and so much more.  Becoming consciously one with The Universal source is imperative to my growth and imminent success.

Another theory that has been surfacing is the concept of time.  My minute understanding of the interconnectivity of chronological events as we know it, united to the Universal whole, brings an idea…  The past, the present and the future are concurrently one…  It’s a theory that is further emphasized as my consciousness aligns with the Universal.  It gives an insight to the myth of destiny.  This concept I shall continue to imbibe along my journey.  Continuing with the Franklin make over this week is specialized knowledge.  Imagination, Decisiveness, Kindness, taking Initiative are all part of my progressive journey of being the woman I am.

I always keep my promises!!!


Week19 – Courage to be Me!!!

This week I read about how debilitating fear and doubt can be…  the paralysis displayed on various levels are eye opening.  It triggers a heaviness within me  knowing that I can do way more and hence accomplish so much more.

So I started with my finding time for me to exercise and then others chimed in…  It was not long before we were going to the beach to get some exercise and fresh ocean breeze.  I love being creative and I love being me…  I realize that my thoughts, although unique, needs to be voiced for they offer change and newness from the normal and humdrum.  Holding back causes a stifling of my beautiful voice which retards my progress and the progress of those around me.

I am happy to say that my positivity and time of service here, has brought lots of joy and peace to my temporary environment.  I feel again I should be doing so much more, however, I am grateful for the ability to share the time with love ones.  I am a grateful receiver and I believe in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving knowing that reciprocity can come from anywhere.

I always keep my Promises!!!


Week18 – Discipline!!!

So how’s this for discipline…  I’m a week late in blogging about it.  Anyway, I persist until I succeed!  My week brought me back to the US to assist a family member after a heart attack.  What perspective on life this brings combined with the new scroll, “I live each day as if it’s  my last”.  Truly, each read I am almost to tears…  Thinking of those already progressed onto the next world and how they had accomplished their task to the best of their ability.  What now is expected of me? How can I carry on? What about that person I intend to become, what shall I do next?  Luckily I have a well thought out plan…

In comes the Discipline… Firstly to believe, have faith and trust the process.  Secondly, to listen and do whatever needs to be done.  It is action time!  At times, I find myself unfocused, returning to my old self, allowing the discouraging voice to take control.  However, Procrastination I replace with Action, Doubt I replace with Faith and Fear I replace with Confidence…  Do it Now, Do it Now, Do it Now!!!

A few weeks ago, in our marco polo group  the topic of purging came up…  I am definitely going through a purging, cleansing phase of my life.  Great and wonderful things are happening.  In the midst of the journey I have cause to celebrate and be grateful for all my blessings.  It is so true, what I focus on expands and I can certainly choose…  I continue to follow my path and make no excuses for my choices.  I am confidently being me.  Sometimes it feels lonely but then I find either a new friend or an old friend giving some encouraging words that are extremely uplifting.

I wish I had been more disciplined last week…   I am grateful for the moments that I was.  but What is stopping me from continuing?  As I continue to take Initiative, be Kind, Persistent, Decisive and have Discipline, my next focus was having Courage.

I always keep my Promises!!!


Week17HJ – Introducing My Hero!!!

As I look in mirror, who do I see, steering right back at me…  It is my Hero Anne-Marie!!!

This week my focus was decisiveness… and boy did I Decide.  Firstly, I am committed to the work, I am committed to my DMP.  I find myself pushing the limits and the barriers.  There is nothing stopping me…  At times it feels like an out of body experience, is it really me?  I have decided to live, to smile, to love, to release the thoughts and things that do no serve me.  The negative friends, I’ve asked, “what would you rather me do, spiral down or keep focusing on achieving?”  A resounding “focusing on achieving” followed…

Every task I completed I made a conscious decision.  Everything from waking up earlier and choosing to avoid the snooze button, to ensuring I completed my commitments of the day before going to bed at night.  This small shift has given me great courage to Think, Say and Do everything, in a timely manner.  I’ve been on time for all my appointments and I have accomplished even more than I had set out.  For example, I was instrumental in ending a contract which was not serving my business partner, with him getting a full refund and an amicable  closure.  Also, I set out to negotiate a $40 reduction in my cellphone roaming charges.  I received a $99 refund with a new plan which includes more than double my previous data plan for an additional $1…  Was this accidental, nooooooooooooo, not at all!  Another example was to carry out a payment of $240, in response, the representative asked me to pay $99…  I am so grateful for the positive confirmations of my plans.  My hero is within!  As I continue to follow my intuition and act without hesitation, there is movement, there is growth and I will succeed!

I greet each day with love in my heart, persisting until I succeed, knowing that I am nature’s greatest miracle, as I continue to achieve…  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

I always keep my promises!


Week17 – Oh how I love my spices!!!

My week was filled with many choices… My Franklin focus was persistence…  My uniqueness in the market place is screaming for purpose…  I am Ready!!!

No longer can I hide behind the shyness of normal.  Normal is long gone from my world.  I’ve lived on the fringes thinking I am recouping, however now I know I was being groomed to take on the greatest challenge of my life…  LIVING!!!

Throughout 2017 I lived in fear and disbelief of loss, then loss came and again and again until I kept wondering when will it end.  I have stripped myself of a lot, yet I have so much still to give…  As I turned within and focused on me I realize the injustice I have been experiencing is self imposed.  Everything I am releasing no longer serves me, for I am blossoming into the brand new me.  Alicia Keys song come to mind, “A brand new kind of me, a brand new kind of free”…  Who is this woman steering back at me in the mirror?  Is it really me?

I enjoy cooking, especially exploring with spices…  My pallet is expectant to embrace that which comes forth.  Now I parallel this experience to my life.  The joy, love, kindness, smiles, compassion, etc. are all spicy ingredients for my culinary work of art, me…  I love my life! I get to be me…  I get to dance to the beat of my own drum and when I get tired of that, I change to a tambourine.  But oh how I want to share this with others…  All in time, for I know Divine right purpose is taking place at all times and hence the people that have come and will come into my life will be there to enhance it.  For living on purpose is my ultimate joy!

My persistence came in each situation and choice, constantly reminding myself of my DMP and constantly allowing me to show up…  Cause the party starts when I arrive, I persist in being me!


Week16 – “I did a little Kindness”

I grew up singing the song in church, “you’ve got to try a little kindness”…  It was always a special tune with a catchy beat but I can safely say I am now beginning to understand the words and the concept of kindness.

Sometimes I am so selfish and get caught up in my own dilemmas that I miss the openings to be kind.  This week as we focused on kindness, as a group, I was conscious of the many acts of kindness around me and I even planned some random ones.  Not all of them I accomplished, as my focus can be very intermittent.  I often observe myself and my “Subby’s” reactions…  The old habits of finding reasons not to overstep my boundaries to the good ole, “it was bad timing”.

All in all I had an amazing week which culminated today with doing my random act without getting caught…  It entailed clearing the snow and ice from the doorway of some junior youth who, even thought numerous people almost fell, did not take the time to clear up the ice.  Today myself and another friend dropped by, completed the task and left before anyone realized.  It felt amazing!!!

As we continue with Idealization, Visualization and Materialization…  This week again, I had to quickly materialize cash.  Letting go and being one with the process creates miracles I cannot explain.  All I can say is, “I believe, I trust… the purpose for which I am created is real and I am in the flow!”  My heart continues to react to the enormous giving and receiving of love that I experience everyday.  Each person I meet, no matter how brief the encounter, there is enormous sharing.

I am so grateful I am still in the MKE course and I really cannot imagine my life without it.  As I continue to jump from rock to rock, I feel the support of the tribe and team members helping me balance as I progress and make the perfect next steps.

Thank you!!!

I always keep my promises!