Week16 – “I did a little Kindness”

I grew up singing the song in church, “you’ve got to try a little kindness”…  It was always a special tune with a catchy beat but I can safely say I am now beginning to understand the words and the concept of kindness.

Sometimes I am so selfish and get caught up in my own dilemmas that I miss the openings to be kind.  This week as we focused on kindness, as a group, I was conscious of the many acts of kindness around me and I even planned some random ones.  Not all of them I accomplished, as my focus can be very intermittent.  I often observe myself and my “Subby’s” reactions…  The old habits of finding reasons not to overstep my boundaries to the good ole, “it was bad timing”.

All in all I had an amazing week which culminated today with doing my random act without getting caught…  It entailed clearing the snow and ice from the doorway of some junior youth who, even thought numerous people almost fell, did not take the time to clear up the ice.  Today myself and another friend dropped by, completed the task and left before anyone realized.  It felt amazing!!!

As we continue with Idealization, Visualization and Materialization…  This week again, I had to quickly materialize cash.  Letting go and being one with the process creates miracles I cannot explain.  All I can say is, “I believe, I trust… the purpose for which I am created is real and I am in the flow!”  My heart continues to react to the enormous giving and receiving of love that I experience everyday.  Each person I meet, no matter how brief the encounter, there is enormous sharing.

I am so grateful I am still in the MKE course and I really cannot imagine my life without it.  As I continue to jump from rock to rock, I feel the support of the tribe and team members helping me balance as I progress and make the perfect next steps.

Thank you!!!

I always keep my promises!



Week15 – “Did I say that!!!”

This week my focus is on “taking initiative”…  I chose this because too many times I find myself in conversations and situations where I am trying to restrain myself in order to not offend anyone or to feel included…

Enough with the “BS”…  With love in my heart I call a spade a spade…

Reflecting on “Insight” confirmed my course of action.  Each morning I have awoken to the words, “I greet this day with love in my heart, I persist until I succeed, knowing that I am nature’s greatest miracle…”  With a smile I awake feeling joyful.

As time progresses, I am so grateful for my Faith.  My parents ensured that we were all grounded in some semblance of God.  It makes all the difference for me.  Knowing that there is something greater than myself that I can consult and depend upon…

My biggest lesson learned through taking initiative is “DO IT NOW”!!!  There is so much more we can accomplish by just forgetting all the silliness that may pop up from the moment the thought arrives to the execution of the action.

In taking action and following through on my loving words and action, I gained so much time and peace of my mind.  It is sometimes unbelievable how much time I regain, how much mental space I save and how much more I can accomplish.

I am a believer “DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW!!!

I always keep my promises


Week14 – “I am but a tiny seed”

This week, through all the ups and downs of the encounters in my life, I recognize Love, Gratitude, Peace…  Visiting with family has its highs and lows.  This week and every week going forward I only focus on the highs.  For I know, what I focus on expands…  The unity and harmony I experienced through the creating of the Christmas meal, the details of the cooking, even the understanding and recognition of different religious view points were amazing!  Sharing love for my cousins and friends and recognizing we are all part of the natural laws that govern a Universe so much bigger than we can ever imagine.

After my 5-week absence  from Calgary, I returned a couple days ago to more love and abundance…  My friends collected me from the airport.  When my car couldn’t start, my friends helped, keep me warm and well fed until it started.  When I returned home thinking I may be kicked out, I got a warm greeting followed by a cup of Tims coffee with donut.  I am so blessed!!!

There is so much uncertainty in the world and in my life but I am sure I am loved and blessed with truly amazing family and friends.  I want to thank all of you who have been a part of the fabric of my life.  The new friends and the old!  As we move into the New Year next week, I am grateful and thankful for every joy, every hurt, every kind word…  I continue to strive to be the best daughter, sister, friend, colleague, partner that I can be…

I always keep my promises!!!

Week13 – Recognizing Peptides

As I reflect on this holiday season, I am so thankfully for every moment and every heart that I was blessed to encounter.  Love and Joy are in abundance everywhere.  The spirit of giving and receiving is ever-present in most scenarios.  It is truly a time of global peace and harmony.

Then came in some realities of human interactions that I now understand as peptides…  The positive reactions were often easy however, the drama that surfaced from time to time required self confidence, strength, assertion, tact, understanding and lots of patience.  Recognizing it is part of the equation and then how do I respond?

With love…

One song I kept in my mind “Where there is Love nothing is too much trouble”  Such an amazing focus while interacting with family and friends.  With my focus grounded in love I was able to maneuver conversations, to maintain a peaceful and low stress mind set.  At times when emotions seemed to become extremely passionate, I was able to be kind in the moment and think loving, kind thoughts.

The end result being that I truly enjoy the time spent with family and friends who probably for the first time I was open and unguarded in my shares.  I am at that point in my life where the challenges seem so great yet I go to sleep at night feeling grateful for all that I accomplished.

My focus has indeed shifted!!!

I always keep my promises!


Week12- Connecting with the Universal Mind

IMG_5802 IMG_5792

This week’s blog is coming to you live from Tobago!  I embrace my journey… the joys, the ups, the zigzags.  Every where I turn, every moment I live, I am continuously grateful for my blessings.  One can say,  that is easy, look at those views, however it takes time to be able to enjoy and recognise the beauty of each moment.

One evening my dad’s car was towed.  I could have lost it and get caught up in the negativity around however, I remember the words “I persist until I succeed”.

Only patience and love can keep me on a focused, positive path where my goals are my only intention.  That which does not serve me shall have none of my attention.

I am amazed at this slight shift in view point.  How it can change so many outcomes and keep me on the right path for me.  I know not how my life will unfold however my destiny is greatness…  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

This shall govern every moment of my life!

I always keep my promises!



Week11 – I Persist until I Succeed!

This unfolding journey is exciting and scary!  I know not what tomorrow will bring however I must follow a plan…  What happens when that plan seems like it is failing and the light at the end of the meandering tunnel in not in sight???  All I have is Faith!!!  There is a tunnel and there is a light and with that light there is success…  So I persist confidently with full Faith until I succeed!

I always keep my promises!


Week10 – Giving Service is a Joy and a Blessing

As I continue the catching up process, I reflect on week 10…  As Thanksgiving ended and family and friends returned to their regular programming, I was offered opportunities to be of service.  My Miami mom broke her leg…  Because of my flexibility, I was able to accommodate the extension with ease.  Little did I know what was coming…  Everything from cleaning up after Thanksgiving and preparations for Christmas and driving to doctors appointments and marriage counselling.  Keeping the peace was my goal and I passed with flying colours!  Given my reflective, calming, loving nature, along with humour and a dash of sarcasm, I enjoyed my stay tremendously.  It gave me a glimpse into a happy married life over 65…  Being aware, I feel confident that it is possible and I shall achieve this goal.

Reflecting on the cone on the wall with a square base took a while to grasp the concept, until I got pen and paper and made a sketch.  Then the light bulbs came on and I was able to visualize.  It got me thinking of my method of learning and understanding.  When the task seems overwhelming and challenging I should get to pen and paper and draw a sketch or write a DMP with a WPOA… Duh…  Once again more confirmations that I’m on the right track for me.

I love my life and I embrace each moment as a precious gift… I connect with the Universe and understand my role more as it unfolds.  Thank you for my opportunities to love!

I always keep my promises!


Week9 – Thanksgiving 2017

Today I am catching up on all outstanding commitments…  At some point I fell behind as I got caught up in the visits and the joy of reuniting with loved ones.  My journey and disposition seems hopeless on the surface however as I reflect on my conversations I realize how far I have come.  I can choose to be sheep or lioness!!!  I choose Lioness!

The ability to choose my words and my topics and control my emotions is priceless…  For no one has permission to allow negative thoughts to prevail.  So I choose positivity!

Those around can’t help but feel optimistic and inspired (or angered) as I attempt to refrain conversations to uplift me and my surroundings.  I gratefully embrace the love and sharing which each individual intended, for I know we all love each other to the moon and back.

Visualizing the penetration of the roots from the soil and the breaking free of new branches was totally amazing.  Even now as I write the words 3-weeks later, I am energized with the endless possibilities life has to offer.  Change brings growth and newness that I love so much… I am so blessed and truly committed and I always keep my promises!



Week8 – Detachment, the mental and physical process

This week was another rollercoaster ride… I live in a time of so many uncertainties… I vow to live each day in the present and embrace each moment.  However, the mind drifts when it is not occupied.  I am constantly shifting and refocusing trying to allow my guiding compass to do its job.  Trusting that the work of the imaginary mind is real and not some idle fancy…  My week started with a bang… my posters are up, my recordings are constantly on repeat, I am aware of my mental diet…  Then came the reality of life.  My negative and doubtful thoughts have me restarting my diet daily.  Then my words, how can I clean it up after it’s already out of my mouth…  If that wasn’t enough, on came the pity party…  For joy, for joy!  One thing was certain, the strength required would come from within…  At some point a light bulb went on, as I detach myself from all which does not serve me I make room for new thoughts, new life, new experiences.  Both physical and mental detachment is required.  I looked down at my engineering ring and glanced at my Movie poster… it was time for removal.  After 14 yrs, I can now redefine myself and career.  I am a Venture Capital Advisor, I finance creative ideas to produce growth in our expansive global community…  Once I was able to wrap my head around my internal drama, I dust myself off and began anew.  Today I begin a new life…  I greet each day with love in my heart!  I awoke this morning totally energized and with great expectation for our webinar.  Mark and the team did not let down…  Another spectacular webinar with lots of tidbits for the journey.  I listened intensely, as he gave all the travel tips over and over to our American friends preparing for the Thanksgiving journey.  In my heart I wanted to be traveling too…  Experiencing the excitement of visiting with family and friends and indulging in some delicious turkey.  I picked up my phone and text my friend, “hey, where are you for thanksgiving this year?”  Almost 3-hrs later I got a response, “you coming?”…  Of course, I’m on a flight.  Tomorrow I’m headed to sunny Miami for my winter break.  I think I’m onto something here…  First, there is detachment and ridding oneself of negativity and then allowing the creative ideas to flow, leading to visualization with feeling and ultimate materialization.  My key take away this week is to stop worrying and allow for “Divine right action to take place”, trusting and knowing I am doing the necessary work…

Week7 – The world without vs the world WITHIN

Everything points in the same direction, the same purpose because it is a reflection of who I am and my purpose in my current time and space.  Today I completed my DMP, POA and BPB with music.  I procrastinated all week  with this exercise however, I totally enjoyed the time spent to create it.  In looking for the right music to use, I reconnected with some amazing uplifting and inspiring music from 6 years ago.  I’m now the right me to appreciate all the riches that has always surrounded me.  I am so grateful!!!  One of those amazing songs “Forever Love” was composed by a friend who passed away earlier this year…  I’m glad I can finally put this beautiful score to use.  It’s like everyone is giving me piece of my puzzle and I just have to put the pieces together.  The Universe is remarkable!  Thank you!!!

From our reading this week, the words resonating are: “Ernest Desire, Confident Expectation and Firm Demand”…  So where do I fall off the wagon, cause all these I already possess…  Let’s see, Mark talked about it last week…  Focus, Consistency, Persistence…  How do I develop these?  Practice, practice, practice…  The unstoppable thread that resides within me keeps me focus from step to step to be exactly who I am meant to be!

I’m fully loaded this week with the ammunition to complete fully with GUSTO!!!  With my new music along with the posters all around me, “Subby”, there is no question in which direction I’m headed…  LET’s DO IT NOW!!!