Master Key – Week 16

Hi!  I am Aaron G. and I am a member of Anxiety Peptide Addicts Anonymous.


Through an understanding and conscious operation of spiritual laws, we can convert every seeming difficulty into a blessing.

Whatever enters the mind through the senses or the objective mind will impress the mind and result in a mental image which will become a pattern for the creative energies. These experiences are largely the result of environment, chance, past thinking and other forms of negative thought, and must be subjected to careful analysis before being entertained. On the other hand, we can form our own mental images, through our own interior processes of thought regardless of the thoughts of others, regardless of exterior conditions, regardless of environment of every kind, and it is by the exercise of this power that we can control our own destiny, body, mind and soul.

It is by the exercise of this power that we take our fate out of the hands of chance, and consciously make for ourselves the experiences which we desire, because when we consciously realize a condition, that condition will eventually manifest in our lives; it is therefore evident that in the last analysis thinking is the one great cause in life.

The Greatest Salesman:

(N)ow I know a great secret of life for I perceive, a last, that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

And nature know not defeat.  Eventually, she emerges victorious and so will I, and with each victory the next struggle becomes less difficult.


Harmony is elusive . . . .

I appreciate that getting as far as this – however imperfect it may be – has been acknowledged.  That having stayed with the process this far, means I’m on the right path and must finish.  I get that it’s already in me.   I’m exercising my will with the exercises and readings.   But the environment, chance, past thinking and other forms of negative thought seem to push back with equal effort.  These things are in me also.  These things aren’t going quietly.  These things aren’t receding.  They are fighting for their survival just as hard as I am seeking to displace them.  It’s a mess right now.

The moment is a masterpiece . . .

And when am I going to have the time to do it over . . .

Master Key – Week 15 – In process . . .

Hi!  I am Aaron G. and I am a member of Anxiety Peptide Addicts Anonymous.

This blog is late.

Reading Chapter 15 may prove to be my watershed moment in the MKE.  Only time will tell but it certain feels that way.  When I went back to highlight this chapter, it turns out it would have been more appropriate to have highlighted what I did not want to reread.

So much is both brought together and introduced in this chapter . . .   My head is swirling.  Just wanted the beautiful, exciting maelstrom within me to be documented until I refined my observations . . .


If we wish our ideal to be beautiful or strong, we must see that the words out of which this temple will eventually be created are exact, that they are put together carefully, because accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success.


Thanks to the planning and guidance of the MKMMA, my Definite Major Purpose (“DMP”) – my future self – stands ready to be merged with and into my present self.

For this, I am grateful.


(H)e who “is wise enough to understand” will readily recognize that the creative power of thought places an invincible weapon in his hands and makes him a master of destiny.  In the physical world there is a law of compensation which is that “the appearance of a given amount of energy anywhere means the disappearance of the same amount somewhere else,” and so we find that we can get only what we give; if we pledge ourselves to a certain action we must be prepared to assume the responsibility for the development of that action.

For this reason Insight must be exercised so that the thought which we entertain contains no mental, moral or physical germ which we do not wish objectified in our lives.

Insight is a faculty of the mind whereby we are enabled to examine facts and conditions at long range, a kind of human telescope; it enables us to understand the difficulties, as well as the possibilities, in any undertaking.

Insight enables us to be prepared for the obstacles which we shall meet; we can therefore overcome them before they have any opportunity of causing difficulty.

Insight enables us to plan to advantage and turn our thought and attention in the right direction, instead of into channels which can yield no possible return.

 Insight enables us to plan to advantage and turn our thought and attention in the right direction, instead of into channels which can yield no possible return.

Insight is a product of the world within and is developed in the Silence, by concentration.


Wow!  Insight . . .

  • Temper “insight” – two-edged sword
  • “must be exercised so that . . . “ – appears to be acknowledging that “insight”, like our subconscious, is always in play.  It’s how it’s in play, or being exercised, that is key.
    • Magnifying glass & compass again
    • If untamed and misdirected, feeds fear by always focusing on what could go wrong; feeds the Anxiety Peptide Addiction
  • Anticipatory – can feed anxiety (future based) peptide addiction
  • Can also provide best route to navigate to DMP – key is the compass – it directs where and on what the magnifying glass is to be focused
  • Filter – how to view the obstacles encountered – looking for the seed of equivalent benefit
  • All obstacles are for growth and good
  • “The thirteenth principles is known as The Sixth Sense, through which Infinite Intelligence may and will communicate voluntarily, without any effort from, or demands by the individual. Understanding the Sixth Sense comes only by meditation through mind development from within.”
  • When you gain insight, you are using your intuition, or sixth sense.
  • clear or deep perception of a situation
  • the clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation
  • a feeling of understanding
  • grasping the inner nature of things intuitively
  • Synonyms: sixth sense


All conditions and experiences that come to us are for our benefit; that we gain strength in proportion to the effort expended, and that our happiness is best attained through a conscious cooperation with natural laws.

All the great eternal forces act in solemn silence, but it is in our power to place ourselves in harmony with them and thus express a life of comparative peace and happiness.

Growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better; it is a conditional or reciprocal action, for each of us is a complete thought entity and this completeness makes it possible for us to receive only as we give.

We are able to consciously control our conditions as we come to sense the purpose of what we attract, and are able to extract from each experience only what we require for our further growth. Our ability to do this determines the degree of harmony or happiness we attain.

All conditions and experiences that come to us do so for our benefit. Difficulties and obstacles will continue to come until we absorb their wisdom and gather from them the essentials of further growth.


  • New floors in office & bedroom
    • Obstacles – time, theft, emotion
    • But exchange old for new
    • Insight – two edged sword
    • Magnifying glass – how focus on obstacle
    • Compass
      • fear/security based direction
      • growth direction
      • determines whether obtain benefit or detriment from obstacle/challenge or that for which the old is exchanged
  • The floor in my office . . . out with the old and in with the new
  • Napoleon Hill:  ‘Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.’
  • Horn/Music:  The challenge of the loaner horn directed me to plan/focus to most efficiently restore/grow my “chops”
  • Compass and Magnifying Glass facilitated by Insight – course corrections
  • APA is going to keep showing up until I grow out of it.
    • “Do not wait: the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”
    • Example:  Business emphasis of NWM company not where my intuition suggests (disappointment because seems to be slightly off track from the larger purpose of the Company) but my insight is that still a place to start and build to the larger vision.  (My intuition (“sixth sense”) is that our founder and CVO is of the same feeling and is pursuing this course with the same perspective.)
    • I can’t steer the ship without being in it and being a significant contributor to its momentum.

Master Key – Week 14

Hi!  I am Aaron G. and I am a member of Anxiety Peptide Addicts Anonymous.

This blog is just slightly late.


If you wish harmonious conditions in your life, you must develop an harmonious mental attitude.


Your world without will be a reflection of your world within.


“Sitting” on “Harmony” the insight came to me that this is my front-line in my MKE seeking to “Outwit the Devil.”

To give myself credit, early on in the DMP process, while I DMP seeks to replace one income producing activity with another, I realized that as long as my current source of income was critical to providing for my family, it had to be part of my DMP in a harmonious, positive, forward-looking manner.   It seemed important to me to have internal harmony between where I wanted to go and where I was going to be along the way.

What I haven’t seen until “sitting” on “Harmony” this week, is that, as an Anxiety Peptide Addict, I’m feeding my addiction by falling behind in my posts and participation in the mastermind aspects of the MKE.  I started to figure it out last week in a late blog post (see Week 6).  But in the context of Harmony, I see that the internal disharmony fostered by my addition to Anxiety Peptides must be eliminated.


Remember that the law of growth necessarily governs every manifestation in the objective, so that a denial of unsatisfactory conditions will not bring about instant change. A plant will remain visible for some time after its roots have been cut, but it will gradually fade away and eventually disappear, so the withdrawal of your thought from the contemplation of unsatisfactory conditions will gradually, but surely, terminate these conditions.


I believe my starting point to starve out my addiction to Anxiety Peptides, is adapting Wallace Wattles/Mark J’s mantra, “The world is perfect for where it has evolved but just incomplete.” as follows:

I am perfect for where I have evolved but just incomplete.

And also keep asking myself the critical 9 words:

What did I do right?  What can I improve?


If you enter into the discipline necessary to bring about a radical change in your life, you must do so deliberately, after giving the matter careful thought and full consideration, and then you must allow nothing to interfere with your decision.

This discipline, this change of thought, this mental attitude will not only bring you the material things which are necessary for your highest and best welfare, but will bring health and harmonious conditions generally.


As we’ve been told many times, awareness is the beginning of change.

Now that I plainly see the seemingly “Catch-22″ (but not really) of my Anxiety Peptide addiction, I’ll use the tools we’ve been given expressly create new associations and take greater care in exercising my will.

I am perfect . . . but incomplete.

Harmony be the journey . . .

Master Key – Week 7

Hi!  I am Aaron G. and I am a member of Anxiety Peptide Addicts Anonymous.

This blog is late.  It’s actually January 11, 2018.  I’m catching up in Week 16.  (Note a bit of foreshadowing . . . )


Chapter 7:

Visualization is the process of making mental images, and the image is the mold or model which will serve as a pattern from which your future will emerge.

Make the image clear and clean-cut, hold it firmly in the mind and you will gradually and constantly bring the thing nearer to you. You can be what “you will to be.”

You must see the picture more and more complete, see the detail, and, as the details begin to unfold the ways and means for bringing it into manifestation will develop. One thing will lead to another. Thought will lead to action, action will develop methods, methods will develop friends, and friends will bring about circumstances, and, finally, the third step, or Materialization, will have been accomplished.

If you can conscientiously follow these directions,  . . .  you will develop the power of concentration which will enable you to exclude all thoughts except the ones which are associated with your purpose.

Chapter 16:

We can only see what already exists in the objective world, but what we visualize, already exists in the spiritual world, and this visualization is a substantial token of what will one day appear in the objective world, if we are faithful to our ideal. The reason for this is not difficult; visualization is a form of imagination; this process of thinking forms impressions on the mind, and these impressions in turn form concepts and ideals, and they in turn are the plans from which the Master architect will weave the future.


One component of my DMP is re-engaging with my passion for performing music and I’m already experiencing what Hannel describes above.  Here’s the story . . .

(M)ethods will develop friends . . . 

My horn (I play tenor sax), was only limping along as I hadn’t played it much the last 14 years; pads weren’t sealing, corks were falling away, etc.  It’s a vintage horn and shouldn’t be worked on by just any instrument repair shop.  14 years ago I knew who could do the job.   He was a master instrument repairman and a master maker of custom mouthpieces – serving many of the jazz greats.   He and I had become good friends back then and he really helped me get the most out of my horns back then.  When I stopped playing, I lost touch with him.  I tried to call him to work on my horn again but he was out of business.

That lead me to wondering about switching to a newer horn.  I would randomly poke around the internet looking at the plethora (and I do mean a lot!) of horns out there.  Well, surprise!  Surprise!  I came across a new horn that listed my friend as one of the designers!

I called him.  It was like the 14 years never happened.  He remembered me immediately.  He was still practicing out of the book I wrote.  He remembered my horn.

(A)nd friends will bring about circumstances . . .

Without hesitation, I overnighted my horn to him and he sent me back one of the horns he had helped design as a loaner (and for my feedback).

It took him a while to get to my horn.  In the meantime I worked with the loaner horn because, after laying off for almost 14 years,  I had a lot of practicing to do to even just restore my previous level of proficiency.  (Knowledge does not apply itself.   Do the thing.  Get the power.  Don’t do the thing.  Lose the power.)

Well, the loaner horn was too different from my vintage horn – especially the “pinky” keys.   (Literally, the keys controlled by the “pinky” fingers.)  But, I had promised my friend that I’d give this horn a go.  That lead me to focusing on how the loaner horn challenged me the most – the lower “pinky” keys.

If you can conscientiously follow these directions,  . . .  you will develop the power of concentration which will enable you to exclude all thoughts except the ones which are associated with your purpose.

This is where it all feeds together.  As an improviser, I have to regain my familiarity and dexterity across all keys – that’s a lot to review and “re-practice”.   Also, playing a wind instrument – especially a larger one – is physical.  I have to regain my wind and endurance.  (I’m still a ways away from practicing for 2 or 3 hours without tiring at all.)

Well, the challenge of playing the “pinky” keys on the loaner horn lead me to focusing on:

  • the most challenging key that used all the pinky keys
  • working the scale mode the started on the lowest note on the horn and was the lowest octave on the horn

This lead me to that insight (more on that in Chapter 15) that:

  • focusing  lowest octave for every key would build my wind back the fastest
  • it would also build my sound back the fastest
  • by starting with the hardest key, it would only get easier as I worked backwards to the easiest keys
  • once I was done working through everything key in the lowest octave, I’d switch to working through every key in the highest octave (the middle octave of the horn is the easiest to play)

Before this insight, I was struggling with how to approach not only restoring my prior level of proficiency and dexterity – but also how to quickly clearly grow beyond it.

Out of the simple challenge of the pinky keys on the loaner horn, like the architect visualizing his building seeing his building as he wishes it to be,  clearly see how I must practice and all distracting options of practice have fallen away.  I only want to follow my plan; confidently putting off all other avenues of future practice/development until my immediate course of practice is completed.

It’s exhilarating!  And tomorrow (1/12/18), I’m meeting my friend to pick up my rebuilt horn . . . a reunion with two old friends.

Greatest Salesman:  I persisted until I succeeded. . . .   In truth, one step at a time was not too difficult. . . .   I built my castle one brick at a time for I knew that small attempts, repeated, completed any undertaking.

Master Key – Week 6

Master Key – Week 6

Hi!  I am Aaron G. and I am a member of Anxiety Peptide Addicts Anonymous.

This blog is late – as are my blog posts for Weeks 7 and 11 also.   I’m catching up . . .


This part will give you an excellent understanding of the most wonderful piece of mechanism which has ever been created.  A mechanism whereby you may create for yourself Health, Strength, Success, Prosperity or any other condition which you desire.

What is this mechanism? . . . the brain of man.

The effects which are produced in the world without are the result of the action and reaction of the individual upon the universal; that is the process which we call thinking; the brain is the organ through which this process is accomplished; think of the wonder of it all!  Do you love music, flowers, literature, or are you inspired by the thought of ancient or modern genius?  Remember, every beauty to which you respond must have its corresponding outline in your brain before you can appreciate it.

Attention or concentration is probably; the most important essential in the development of mind culture. . . . (And) is the distinguishing characteristic of every successful man or woman, and is the very highest personal accomplishment which can be acquired.

(A)nd the only way to acquire this wonderful power is by practice — practice makes perfect, in this as in anything else.

To be in tune with eternal truth we must possess poise and harmony within.


I’ve used (or failed to use) of the brain both ways – highly concentrated, timeless attention and dissipated, powerless ruminating.

As the observer and a recovering Anxiety Peptide Addict, the states behind each of these uses are now blindingly obvious.

Dissipated, powerless ruminating totally serves my Anxiety Peptide Addiction.  Whether focusing on overwhelm (work deadlines, home obligations, or unmet personal objectives), personal slights, or things I should have said but didn’t; it’s all just wallowing in what I don’t want – the perfect perpetual motion machine of anxiety creating and demanding anxiety peptides.

Because of what we’ve learned in the MKE and the tools we’ve been given, I have significantly reduced that amount of time I spend in dissipated, powerless ruminating.

Highly concentrated, timeless attention is a two-edged sword for me.   Because my profession requires concentration and thinking at a high-level under deadline pressures (M&A tax advisor to private equity), the very thing upon which I have successfully made a living feeds my Anxiety Peptide Addiction.  The nature of the circumstances in which I serve my clients sanctions my Anxiety Peptide Addiction.  I’m very capable of and, ironically, comfortable with concentrated attention in a problem/solution ASAP situation.

However, I’ve also experienced highly concentrated, timeless attention fueled by passion and lightness of being.  It’s been in the context of pursuing my passion for music.  It’s still been primarily in a problem solving mode – but it was a very different feeling experience and much more liberating experience – almost euphoric passion and lightness.  This is a strange feeling that is elusive and soon fades in the face of Anxiety Peptide Addiction.

The challenge I see for myself is that I must become more mindful of the feelings I’m generating when concentrating my attention.  I must only be concentrating when in a state of passion and lightness.   As Hannel says, “To be in tune with eternal truth we must possess poise and harmony within.”

I am thankful that I have the understanding of the Laws of the Mind and the tools to leverage those laws from the MKE.  Now, just like getting to Carnegie Hall, it’s time to practice . . .

Master Key – Week 12

Love and Waves . . . Give and Catch


The law is that thought will correlate with its object and bring forth in the material world the correspondence of the thing thought or produced in the mental world. We then discern the absolute necessity of seeing that every thought has the inherent germ of truth in order that the law of growth will bring into manifestation good, for good alone can confer any permanent power.

The principle which gives the thought the dynamic power to correlate with its object, and therefore to master every adverse human experience, is the law of attraction, which is another name for love. This is an eternal and fundamental principle, inherent in all things, in every system of Philosophy, in every Religion, and in every Science. There is no getting away from the law of love. It is feeling that imparts vitality to thought. Feeling is desire, and desire is love. Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.

The Beatles:

There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done
Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game
It’s easy

Nothing you can make that can’t be made
No one you can save that can’t be saved
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time
It’s easy

All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need

Nothing you can know that isn’t known
Nothing you can see that isn’t shown
Nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be
It’s easy

All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need

And I always thought that it was just a corny, idealistic Beatles tune . . .   Go figure.


“Knowledge does not apply itself; we as individuals must make the application, and the application consists in fertilizing the thought with a living purpose.”

“You must first have the knowledge of your power;  second, the courage to dare;  third, the faith to do.”


Like the mirror exercise . . . .  We had everything we needed in that moment . . . we just had to have the courage to dare and the faith to do.  What an amazing experience.  The clarity of mind and the silencing of the other voices was golden.  Worth the effort.  Worth repeating regularly.

I’m a mute.  Actions speak louder than words.  Today I completed 82 index cards with my accomplishments and the affirmations.  I’ve read one set today.  The other is up by my bedside.   I did 55 minutes of mirror work today.    I’m getting this post in and plan to catch up on my other posts/requirements . . .

When surfers are sitting out beyond the breaking waves, they learn to watch the water for the swells that are most likely to be big breaking, fun-riding waves that’ll carry them all the way into shore.

When they spot the swell they want to catch, they don’t just sit there expecting the wave to grab them, pop them up on their feet, and speed them into shore.

No.   When they spot the swell they want to catch, they start paddling like crazy to match the speed of the swell so that when it breaks into a wave they are right there on it as it speeds into shore . . .

After the MKMMA team revealed the full elegance of what we’ve been assembling up through this point, and hinted at what’s coming in terms of the next progression we’ll be building, I BELIEVE this next progression is going to be a HUGE WAVE . . . and I’m paddling like crazy to catch it.

Anyone who happens to read this that isn’t currently in the MKMMA . . . sorry.




Master Key – Week 10

Flossing . . .

If your thought is in harmony with the creative Principle of Nature, it is in tune with the Infinite Mind, and it will form the circuit, it will not return to you void; but it is possible for you to think thoughts that are not in tune with the Infinite, and when there is no polarity, the circuit is not formed. What, then, is the result? What is the result when a dynamo is generating electricity, the circuit is cut off and there is no outlet? The dynamo stops.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary (since 1828)
a : the complete path of an electric current including usually the source of electric energy
b : an assemblage of electronic elements : hookup
c : a two-way communication path between points (as in a computer) (AGC: or as in the connection between our subconscious mind and the universal mind)

d : a neuronal pathway of the brain along which electrical and chemical signals travel (What the Bleep?!)

This past week has been a major challenge – we scheduled the installation of new floors in two rooms of our house; naively, I didn’t realize it’s like moving with respect to those two rooms; not only didn’t we didn’t finish emptying the rooms by the end of Thanksgiving weekend – we were only finishing up as the workmen arrived – putting me way behind at work (I’ve had very little sleep since Tuesday).   This morning we realized that we were missing heirloom jewelry.  It had been hidden under furniture that we left for the workmen to move because of its size and weight.  My wife simply forgot to retrieve it when we were emptying the room to the new floor.   The circumstances are such that it is very plain that they found it when they moved the furniture and – knowing it would be our word against theirs – simply stole it.  Real larcency – tens of thousands of dollars.   As it was my wife’s mother’s heirloom jewelry, she’s devastated and we feel utterly violated and powerless – filing a report with the police only underscored the futility of extracting justice in the face of such casual evil.


So  . . . flossing?


In the middle of this crazy morning, I also had my 6 month check-up/cleaning with my dentist.  I had complained of tingling in certain teeth when I brush.

This was the x-ray check up.  He took them.  Nothing in the x-rays.

I’m not a consistent (hint) flosser. My dentist and I friends, but he read me the riot act on the need to floss (consistently and persistently – hint?).  My gums aren’t as healthy as they should be, I’m leaving debris in back of my molars, and he, I quote, said, “a cleaning every 6 months won’t keep your gums and teeth healthy.  You have to do that every day.   He can’t come and clean my teeth every night before I sleep.”  (Sound familiar:  Need a hint?  Hannel – You cannot entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts ten hours a day and expect to bring about beautiful, strong and harmonious conditions by ten minutes of strong, positive, creative thought.)

It will be exactly the same with you, if you entertain thoughts which are not in accordance with the Infinite and cannot therefore be polarized; there is no circuit, you are isolated, the thoughts cling to you, harass you, worry you . . .

So this week is the most my “circuit” has been disconnected since the beginning of the MKE.  I’ve felt the isolation of the circuit being broken.

But, thanks to the MKE (and my dentist), I have the mechanisms and the tools to purge the clinging negative, worrying thoughts and rebuild the circuit (and my gums, :) ) – at will.

I get the Law of Growth and that it working 100% of time; we can choose what it’s growing.  We just have to direct the flow.  I also truly understand how we must maintain strong, open “circuits” to that the dynamo can perform as the Universal Mind intends.  Stopping and starting needlessly consumes energy and slows the growth of our future selves.

Thanks again to the MKE team for so arming us to protect and nurture our future selves.

Master Key – Week 9

So . . .

I have a song that’s been with me (haunted me actually) since January of 1991.  It tells the tale of knowing there is more, being present to the cement (the wall) that must broken off (breached) to have more,  and the very moment of desire/decision to shatter the cement (breach the wall).

“The Wall”

I’m woven in a fantasy,
I can’t believe the things I see
The path that I have chosen now has led me to a wall
And with each passing day I feel a little more like something dear was lostIt rises now before me,
A dark and silent barrier between,
All I am, and all that I would ever want to be
It’s just a travesty,
Towering, marking off the boundaries my spirit would eraseTo pass beyond is what I seek,
I fear that I may be too weak
And those are few who’ve seen it through to glimpse the other side,
The promised land is waiting like a maiden that is soon to be a brideThe moment is a masterpiece,
The weight of indecision’s in the air
Standing there,
The symbol and the sum of all that’s me
It’s just a travesty,
Towering, blocking out the light and blinding me
I want to seeGold and diamonds cast a spell,
It’s not for me, I know it well
The riches that I seek are waiting on the other side
There’s more than I can measure in the treasures of the love that I can findAnd though it’s always been with me,
I must tear down the wall and let it be
All I am, and all that I was ever meant to be,
In harmony
Shining true and smiling back at all who wait to cross
There is no loss

At this this time of Thanksgiving here in the U.S., I am beyond grateful to Mark J and the MKMMA team that they have brought me (and us!) to the very moment described in The Wall (and I’ve longed to reach) with an amazing complement of tools that give clarity and vitality to the Hannel’s foundational proceses of visualization and affirmation;  and the unlimited power within to pulverize the cement to dust (blast the Wall to rubble).

. . . . and tools by which we may build for ourselves any condition we desire.

And why do I have the feeling that they’ve only gotten us to the intermediate level . . .   :)

Let’s roll!