It’s The Turning Point To Self awareness-Week 5

At this point a lot of people , myself included find that they are constantly feeding their minds in different ways.  You are in charge of your subby, and you can make it see any picture or movie of your future self that you want it to project, by creating a new blueprint, by having a burning desire, and claiming this new power of being able to create a new blueprint for your mind to follow and taking possession of the thing that you desire.   It is very important starting this week that you remain faithful to the exercises, the more faithful you become the more focus you will be on obtaining that burning desire.

Every Body Quits- Week 4

This is the week where every one is stepping up and putting the petal to the metal.  It is the time that every one decides either they are all the way in or all the way out.  Although up to this point we have been find tuning the subby with the chore cards.  I think every one at this point is starting to see how all the exercises and all of the reading are starting to be linked together.  To over ride the old blue print that has guided our lives to this point and to create a new blue print to help us reach our unique purpose for our lives.

This week I think the most important thing  that I have learnt is that if you start some thing  and you don’t  finish the task you are forming the habit of failure.  For me this was a shocker because I have started that I never finished.  And to find that this Is what I have been doing to myself all these years was mind blowing.  Now that I know the truth I will start changing that old blue print to a newly formed one where I always finish what ever I start.

Don’t Worry About the other Guy- Week 3

This week one of the most important things that I’ve learnt    don’t worry about the other guy.  Do the best with what you have been given.

When you combine your work(doing a task) with enthusiasm you are building a new foundation or experience that you don’t mind reliving.  I have also found that cutting down my DMP has been a challenge, but I can see how removing “will” puts you in the present, it does increase your concentration.  This method of directing the subby is what its all about.

My problem is adding feelings to my words, but I know If I am to succeed I must master this skill.  I learned that understanding that you must use your conscious to mold your subby.  This is the control that allows us to develop our new selves.  ” I am learning to fill my mind with the things that I want to happen, and as I fill my mind these things will start to show up”.



Still Trying To Catch Up – Week-2

I have to be honest I am still trying to go over every thing In week 2′s lesion.  I feel I will have caught up with every thing by the weekend.  I do have one positive thing to say.  I had a chance to talk with my guide Chiara Capello.  What a interesting person.  Although we just talked once I can tell she is full of   enthusiasm and positivism which has seemed to have rubbed off on me.

Loving The Master Key Experience – Week 1

The Master Key Experience is nothing that I thought it would be, there’s so much to learn,  its to the point that I feel I am flying by the seat of my pants wondering what’s next, asking myself what did I miss.  I see right now that I am going to have to watch the week one webinar to see what requirements I may have over looked or did not do.  I just have the feeling that I have not completed every thing that I am suppose to do.  Ill be glad when I feel that I have caught up.  Other then that I love it, I love learning.